Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking Through Emmanuel TV

‘Distance Is Not A Barrier’, the official blog of Emmanuel TV, is happy to bring you life-changing testimonies from our viewers around the world whose lives and situations have been transformed through the power and grace of God.

We believe these testimonies will strengthen your faith and encourage you to believe that truly nothing is impossible with our God. There is no need He cannot meet, no problem He cannot solve, no burden He cannot bear and no mountain He cannot move. Let these real stories inspire you to love Jesus Christ above all and make His Word the standard for your life!

James Mangiza couldn’t live without smoking. From the tender age of 12, the young South African literally lived in a state of dependency upon cigarettes and a drug he called ‘dagga’, popularly known as marijuana. It had been 20 years of addiction, consuming both time and finances as well as causing his health to spiral steadily downwards. However one day while James was watching Emmanuel TV with his family, Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for viewers around the world. It turned out to be a day he would ever remember, a day of radical change.

James Mangiza

James Mangiza - delivered from the spirit of smoking in Jesus' name

“I would like to express my gratitude to God for one of the greatest miracles which happened in my life through watching Emmanuel TV. I have been smoking cigarettes and ‘dagga’ since the age of 12 and I am now 32. I would smoke it before and after school every day. I became so addicted as I grew up that I wouldn’t do anything without fist smoking ‘dagga’ and cigarettes. Per day I would smoke ‘dagga’ 5 to 10 times and at least 20 cigarettes. I started watching Emmanuel TV with my family at the end of last year. In March this year (2011), I heard Prophet T.B. Joshua saying the viewers at home should touch the screen and that distance is not a barrier. I touched the screen as he prayed. The next morning when I tried to smoke a normal cigarette I felt like I was taking a paralyzing drug. I just couldn’t smoke it. I waited a few minutes, lit another one and this time nearly fell to the ground as I tried to smoke. From that day until now, it has been three months and I have never touched cigarettes or ‘dagga’. I am completely delivered from that spirit of smoking! Emmanuel! Thank You, Jesus!”

James Mangiza, South Africa

We thank God for delivering James from the spirit of smoking and encourage him to continue staying close to Jesus Christ so that the deliverance he has received will surely stand the test of time. As T.B. Joshua says, “It is not enough to come to Christ for deliverance alone, you must also be ready to follow Him that you may honour Him and recieve His instruction for your life.”

Please share these testimonies with others for the glory of God as, through reading them, many who are facing similar problems and difficulties can be encouraged to commit their situation into the hands of God and receive their own freedom.

If you have a testimony after viewing Emmanuel TV that you would like to be shared through this medium, please submit it via the form on our Emmanuel TV Website or send your testimony in an email to

When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Saviour and Redeemer, He will do it again and again! The best is always yet to come.

23 thoughts on “Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking Through Emmanuel TV

  1. Truly if God can deliver James even my husband can .congrats Mr James its difficult to fight against any evil spirit without using the power of God. My husband its been a long time trying to get rid of smoking but to no avail please Man of God deliver him I also want him to use the medium of Emmanuel tv of which he doesn’t show interest to watch please help me

  2. God is good,he neva say goobye,whateva u ask n his name u wil receive it in master jesus s name,we must follow him and commit to his word,

  3. Where can we go from his presence? Where can we go from his love and grace? Nowhere.
    Thank God Almighty for the life of Mr Mangiza.who was delivered from smoking. Brother Mr Mangiza God loves you and make sure you love him too because he has done a lot for you and when he created you he had a purpose, I urge you to do his will and keep glorifying him and worshiping him because he deserves it. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come

  4. We are blessed in our generation to have the anointed man of God and his Wise Men, especially in Africa. I and my family we watch emmanual TV 24 hours since the time i came from SCOAN last year, we have never slept without emmanual TV on in our home. May the Almight God continue blessing the SCOAN and Emmanual TV. I just want to request Man of God Prophert TB JOSHUA to send Anointing Water to Zambia as well, as you are sending to other countries. Man of God please remember Zambians as well. Thank you.

    mercy from Tanzania

  6. It is worthy watching, thus Emmanuel tv. Distance is indeed not a barrier as far as God is concerned. Glory and honour be to him forever more. Wongani Kings Chidumula, MALAWI

  7. God is wonderful, God is useing prophet T.B Joshua to safe people’s lives. God of T.B Joshua i thank you for the deliverance.


  8. FREEDOM! I thank God for the man who was healed through watching Emmanuel TV.Distance is not a barrier with the Holy Spirit.God of T.B. Joshua i thank you for the deliverance,healing and salvation.To God be the glory.The best is yet to come. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!

  9. distance is a barrier to me ,cause i am a man of little faith. i am in dire need of the anointing water , how do i get one without coming to Lagos?

  10. Emmanuel!!! in jesus name, Amen. I thank God for delivering you james from the spirit of smoking drugs. please james, keep on watching emmanuel tv.

  11. Emmanual,i thank God for the man of God prophet tb joshua and the three wise men.
    I taped alot of wisdom from these men of God and alot of thing have change in my life,its true distance is not the barrier just get connected and believe,u wl receive yo miracle in jesus name….amen.

  12. Emmanuel , Emmanuel God is good all the time to as The prophet say all way tha t distance is not the barrier we must just belive then He will set us free He will do it and do it and do it Amen i am very happy for your deliverance say turn and it will be permant

  13. God is with us al the time.GOD works in so many ways we can nt see and if one does nt blv he/she may think that God is nt with them.there’s no sunday service that i dnt mis and everytm theres change in would b appreciated to always indicate the date on emmanuel tv when rebroadcsting past services or footages of the past services.GOD BLESS

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  15. Emmanuel! Distance is not a barrier, belive is the connection. Just imagen he received deliverance while watching Emmanuel TV. God is soo good, where ever you are He is there for you. Lets keep on watching Emmanuel Tv.

    • i can identify with your testimony james…God did it for me too through Emmanuel TV…indeed we serve a mighty God…Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God,a deep rooted pillar of faith and strength.It is such comfort to wake up every morning to words of encouragement and strong spiritual fortification.Thank you Master Jesus and thank you Daddy T.B Joshua

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