Resist Temptation

Working in synergy with the choir, who rendered relevant tunes to buttress his points from time to time, Wise Man John Chi, in his introductory remarks, lamented the danger of turning to society and the media which are inconsistent with God for information. Christening these as danger zones of falsehood and greed, Wise Man John Chi cautioned that we ought to be under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit because all our victories over satan are derived from the power of Jesus. In his message: ‘Resist Temptation’ which was backed with 1 Peter 5:8 as a proof text, the wise man reminded his listeners that we are in perilous times because what we see every day is evil. The devil, according to him, uses evil acts to distract us from running a straight race with God. He further advised the congregation to look up to Matthew 4:1-11 where Jesus quoted the written Word to render satan demoralized and paralyzed. He however, admonished the congregants not to provoke satan so that they can win God’s support in the face of temptation. Jesus never went to the tempter; the tempter came to him, the wise man drove his point home.

Extolling the spiritual powers of the wise men, Prophet T. B. Joshua directed that some past video clips be visited for a confirmation of his view. The first clip in this regard displayed a pregnant woman whose delivery was already overdue in the reckoning of modern medicine and was recommended for operation. Inviting the woman to come forward for a prophetic message, Wise Man John Chi echoed the same view but added that she would not need to go for operation as recommended by the doctor because of her blood which was low. He clearly assured her that with the intervention of God in her situation, she would deliver her baby safely on Thursday. In her testimony after deliverance by the wise man, the woman confirmed the prophecy totally and added that she had come to The SCOAN for delivery because of her biological conditions and her recent dreams where she saw and ate with dead people. In mathematical confirmation of the wise man’s words, the woman, Mrs Ekemezie delivered at 1 am on Thursday. According to her husband, Mr John Ekemezie, the labour was without pain and never lasted as much as five minutes. The safe delivery of the child and the Thursday date, both go to celebrate the spiritual acuity of the wise men, the prophet remarked.

The scenario revealed by the next video clip was a woman, Mrs Safiegha from Delta State, who came to The SCOAN to deliver her babies because of the fear of operation recommended by her doctor. According to her, the doctor said her twin babies were in breech presentation and only a caesarean section would ensure a safe delivery. In addition, her blood pressure was 220/170. When his attention was drawn to the arrival of the pregnant woman, Prophet T. B. Joshua promptly dispatched Wise Man Harry to pray for her. As soon as the wise man did that, Mrs Safiegha delivered her babies safely in spiritual defiance of the breech presentation and her high blood pressure which came down after the delivery. In the glow of the successes of the wise men, Prophet T. B. Joshua aptly tagged them, the servants of the most high God.

The next clip displayed the case of Mrs Mercy Adedipe who had also come to The SCOAN to actualize her yearning for a safe delivery. Calling her out from the congregation, Wise Man John Chi drew her attention to the dream she had in which she ran and fell. Expatiating on that, the wise man told her that it meant either her or the baby would die in the delivery process. He quickly added however, that having come to the house of God for delivery, she would deliver her baby boy safely and proceeded to pray for her. Unlike in some cases of deliverance, Mrs Adedipe never shook or fell during her deliverance. Commenting on this phenomenon, the prophet remarked that the Holy Spirit delivers as He wills and the manner (shaking or no falling) does not detract from the efficacy. After the deliverance, the lady delivered her baby boy safely as prophesied by Wise Man John Chi.

Mrs Charity Ekakitie had journeyed all the way from Delta to pray for safety in the caesarean section that awaited her as a consequence of the wrong positioning of her baby. The doctor had hinted that she would not deliver without operation. In the prayer line, Wise Man Daniel prayed for her and she left for home. Two weeks later, she delivered her baby without operation. A clip revealed her thanking God for His mercy.

Mr and Mrs Uhobo had been barren for 12 years in marriage because of low sperm count on the part of the man. They consequently came from Delta State for prayer line in The SCOAN and also received the Anointing Water. At home, the couple met as husband and wife after praying with the Anointing Water and to God be the glory, the wife has become pregnant as confirmed in the medical report she displayed during the testimony. They made a second journey to the SCOAN to thank God for answering their prayer through the medium of the Anointing Water.

Worn down with asthma of 11 years, which also incapacitated her from walking, Esther Eliatha received the Anointing Water from a friend on May 10th 2011 and administered it as instructed. That was after many years of visiting doctors and hospitals without any relief. To her surprise, she became totally healed and free. As Esther gave her testimony, both her mother and the friend who brought the Anointing Water to her stood beside her on the platform. According to her, she can now walk and sing unlike before. In confirmation, she treated her listeners to a melodious tune in adoration of God for the miraculous healing. Asked to take a deep breath as a further confirmation of her healing, she did so without any hesitation.

The miraculous work of the Anointing Water worldwide became the subject of attraction as the video clip displayed its performance country after country. Wherever it was used was saturated with the anointing that sent people with contrary spirits reeling, falling and vomiting in deliverance. In Greece, the clip displayed a woman who vomited and fell in course of her deliverance mediated by the Anointing Water. A young woman whose hand in plaster, was slung to her neck also got her immediate healing and was able, unlike before, to flip her fingers after the healing through the Anointing Water. A lady, Helen from Zimbabwe but currently resident in the United Kingdom had a demonic attack for 15 years. The demon used to speak to her and she also had a spiritual husband. Falling under the anointing of the Anointing Water, she had her deliverance. A similar scenario was revealed in the other countries where the Anointing Water was administered. The Ghana branch has witnessed a tremendous growth in population partly because of the news of the Anointing Water. As a woman was being delivered from the spiritual husband that had been tormenting her life, the spiritual husband could be heard demanding the bride-price he paid in respect of her before he would go. That notwithstanding the anointing of the Anointing Water sent him away
The Uyo branch of the church was specially commended for the benevolence and humanitarianism of a family member that voluntarily rented the hall which they now use. Congregants throng to the church every Sunday and whatever they did was done by voluntary donation but not by taxation. In addition, he would hire a bus for himself and those who were interested in coming to the headquarters of The SCOAN in Lagos for worship. His many gestures of goodwill recommended him and his branch for the admiration and interest of the prophet. In appreciation of his zeal and commitment, the prophet has approved that they buy a large acreage of land for a cathedral to be built. The prophet advised other states to emulate the Uyo branch and equally wished all to be transparent so as to win God’s blessing.

28 thoughts on “Resist Temptation

  1. Blessed be e man of god e wisemen the emmanuel tv and partners and e church at large ,its all because of u we a able to be connected may god continue to give u more .in e name of jesus amen

  2. I thank God for the annointing water. I happen to have a terrrible skin disease called vitiligo and HIV positive. I used the anointing water only once early September last year. as we speak, the vitiligo on my neck and face is gone and my skin colour is recovering, last week i went for a cd4 count and viral load count ,after abot 12 months ago, the viral load fell from 22000 down to 226, and i know that the HI virus in my body is defeated! PRAISE THE LORD!

  3. I thank God for his mercy in sending us Men of God like the wise men and TB Joshua. We should be very thankful and not doubt. The scripture tells us plainly to “believe the Prophet, so shall you prosper”.

  4. I will continue to appreciate the wonderful work of God through the leadership of Prophet TBJ and his team, God will bless you and keep you, I will also appreciate it more if the Prophet can bless Calabar with a branch. Please Sir. thank you

  5. Dear Servant of God! i greet you in the name of Jesus Christ thank you for the powerful word press and Testimonies; they are really a good message that is delivered to me it really encourages and hence forth show the manifestations of Jesus Christ God bless u abundantly.



  6. Emmanuel , God with us. Man of God with all the Wiseman, I thank God because you are my eye opener in my life and all my family members.Through your messages and profecy as a family we are so much blessed. As a family we are what we are today because of the breakthrough received through emmanuel TV.

    Every family member believe in your prayers, everyday especially sunday and monday live services when you pray for the viewers ,every member believe that distance is not a barrier we tough the TV screen.
    Indeed God is still saying something in our life.All we ask for happens, you are our mouth, you speak for us to our father in heaven. May God richly bless you always.My testmonies we need to share to SCOAN.

  7. Emmanuel – God with us.
    Wise man Harry prayed for Mrs Safiegha and she gave birth to two health babies. I thank God Almighty for his grace and love. He deserved to be praised and worshiped. What is impossible God Almighty make it to be possible. I thank the mentor Senior Prophet T B Joshua for great work he did to the wise men, that is to mentor them so that they produce fruits which will be known all over the world.

  8. Emmanuel , God with us. Man of God with all the Wiseman, i thank God cause you are my eye opener.through your messages and profecy i am so blessed & deliver. i am who i am today because of the breakthrough i received through emanuel TV. May God reachly bless you and anoint you for the rest of your life.

    i believe in your prayers everyday when you pray for the viewers ,cause i know that distance is not a barrier.
    Indeed god is still saying something in our life.

  9. SCOAN should not wait for invitations come to Malawi or send your evangelists am sure you will appreciate the response that God will change the Nation. Look at this one serously.

  10. Thank Lord Jesus Christ for you mercy and grace . We are watching everyday how God is using prophet TB Joshua and the wise to do miraculous work of God . I’m happy and feel privileged that God has remembered our generation through his Prophet

  11. Thank u Man of God. God is so wonderful. Keep it up! I would like 2 visit. I complete the forms many times but no unswer. Pls send me the acceptance letter 4 my visit.



  14. ithank god that this happening in nigeria a conutry that have no good leadership for over fifty years,god anoited it citzens for a great job of changeing life changing country and changing the world may the teaching of the man of god change the life of nigerian leaders for the betterment of all people in jesus name,amen.

  15. Emmanuel, God is really with us. i thank the almight God for life od his sarvant, profet, T.B. Joshua. if not God useing him to saved the world, we haved been in a very terrible world today,
    even to us that is watching emmanuel tv, i pray that God will give me the opportiunity to see the man of Gof personaly, and i know my life will not remain the same. i pray that the unchengeble God contiuno to be with him, blesed him in any way. even to the wise men that the lord will use them mightily also to saved the world. EMMANUEL GOD IS WITH US.


  16. Thank you jesus for your mercy.God is still alife and he is there for us.What i saw last sunday was treuly a reflection that ,when our minds are no where to go,God will start his work which we think is impossible.

    The world should change because God is still saying something in our lives.Thank you Man of God for your great job you are doing to us.

  17. Praise to Master Lord Jesus, am appreciate, am filling so good thank you father lord for sending as Tb Joshua and all the team because we are getting healing. Man of god you are so good
    in jesus name amen

  18. Emmanuel God is with us.God is really great.after watching the sunday service it strengthens my faith and the fact that i should try at all cost to resist temptations.our God works in a miraculous and mysterious ways in everybody’s life all we need do is ask and he will do it more than we thought.please join me pray for God’s intervention on my marriage and that i should come out from debts.THANKS

  19. The message contented is uplifting and touching ,indeed distance is not a barrier, one day I will also give a testimony, that is my prayer.

  20. Emmanuel – God with us. If God is with us who can be against us. I would like to thank God Almighty for the wonderful prophecies, which are taking place at SCOAN. God Almighty is worth to be praised and worshiped.
    The gifts of Prophecy and Tongues
    Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gift especially the gift of PROPHECY. For anyone who speaks in tongues speaks to God Almighty and no-one understand him he utters with his spirit. BUT ANYONE WHO PROPHESIES SPEAKS TO MEN FOR THEIR STRENGTHENING, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND COMFORT. HE WHO PROPHECY IS GREATER THAN THE ONE WHO SPEAKS IN TONGUES.
    1 Corithians 14:1-3
    What a mighty God Almighty we serve let us all kneel and pray and praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  21. i thank God what you do to save people in Jesus name only not the other name apart from the above name. i thank you so much for spending time answering my mail and i cant wait to ask me or continue to pray for us at a family our financial status is very bad my husband has lost the job and is busy for for another one for refuse to survive please dont forget as you pray for others concerning employement

    continue doing miracle in the name of Jesus name. i cant wait to have ma mail replied
    i leave you and be blessed in Jesus name

  22. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with Prophet TB Josua and his team, may God who gives us peace keep your whole being free from danger. I thank God for what you are doing to save our lives.In all my trouble and suffering for 12 years I am encouraged by you and it was your faith that improve my situation in your union with the Lord. thank u

  23. wow it is amazing, of what God is doing in others, this increases my faith that God is doing something great in my life too, how i pray to only have even a drop of anointed water it will go a long way. God Bless his servants(wisemen) and mostly Prophet TB Joshua with scarce blessings of heaven,i pray to meet him, his a father of many like Abraham.

  24. Yes, we can only resist satan with the word of God in our in our life and mouth. I ‘m blessed by the Wiseman chi’s preaching and testimony. Emmanuel!!!

  25. Ithank God for allowing me to connect to this site to be in contact with the wise man, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I am here in Brooklyn New York asking and seeking spiritual help. I have been working for 15 years and has never gotten a promotion even though the say that I am one of the most outstanding worker. How could that be? Three marriages and all failed. Currently I have filed a divorce against the last one who is nowhere to be found. Wise man of God, please pray for me that God would answer my prayer and give me the desires of my heart to get my divorce,as well as get my promotion.Thank uou in Jesus name.

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