In full radiance for the festivities of Easter and located on a dais replete with artistic decorations that speak for the season, the choir crooned melodies to put the congregation in mood and spirit for the day’s worship after which Wise Man Christopher mounted the altar to give the message. Describing Easter as a period set aside to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who paid the supreme sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, the wise man added the Lord died, rose and reigns in power for us. Citing Romans 5:6, Wise Man Christopher asserted that Christ’s resurrection is the foundation of our Christian faith. But for His resurrection, he maintained, our faith would have been futile. In his message entitled, ‘He Has Risen’, the wise man maintained that when the eyes of our faith are opened, we see God. We know God’s opinion about ourselves and others. By his rising, death is swallowed up in victory. All our worries and troubles are swallowed up in victory. His death accomplished salvation for mankind. The death of Christ makes it unnecessary for anyone to suffer any affliction. God sees trouble as an opportunity to glorify His name. ‘What is your trouble?’ He asked.

Elaborating on specific strands of the wise man’s message, Prophet T. B. Joshua informed the congregation that there was no peace by His chastisement but by His blood shed on the Cross. He advised his listeners to follow Jesus bearing His cross, reproach and patiently submit to all His suffering. When Jesus was suffering, some of His best friends were but spectators and onlookers, the prophet added. Jesus was delivered up to be crucified and at crucifixion, He said, ‘Father, forgive them.’ Using the expression, ‘Father, forgive them’ as his foundation, the prophet urged the congregation to imbibe the virtue of ‘forgiveness’ in their daily living.

The prophet announced the arrival of two members, Messrs Sani Emmanuel and Onazi Ogenyi of My People’s Football Club from Italy where they had been after signing a contract with Lazio – a renowned football club in Italy – which was clearly impressed with the skill of the duo in the game of football after watching them in course of their trials there. In the league match with Premavera where they took part, the two were very instrumental for the victory of their team as Sani scored the first goal within ten minutes of the first half and the second goal in the second half. The other team was awarded a penalty but they lost it. However, they later scored one goal to make it 2-1. Along the line, Mr Onazi scored the third goal while a teammate scored the last goal with a penalty giving them a 4-1 win over the other team. In the last four matches where the duo featured, they constantly defeated their opponents ignominiously. According to the man of God who foresees a very bright future for the duo in their chosen career, he had decided to imbue them with an international outlook in football by sponsoring them to visit reputable clubs overseas and practice with renowned players to make them develop more confidence in themselves regarding soccer. In this regard, the duo were sponsored to Sweden where they joined Boden BK Football Club. They were also in Switzerland where they equally hobnobbed with Young Boys Club, St Gallens, Basel FC. In the same way, they visited Chelsea Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Panathinaikos FC in Athens and SS Lazio FC in Italy where they signed a contract after trials, in which they impressed their host club. After a month, Mr Onazi was privileged to join the first team and also participated in the match against Napoli FC. The prophet told his listeners that he would not count costs in ensuring that the boys’ full potentials were exploited to make them among the best in the world in the game of football. He added that they had just arrived from Italy to give thanks to God in the Synagogue for their brilliant performances and victories in the matches they played in Italy.
Thanking the man of God for his unwavering commitment to their development in football, Mr Sani Emmanuel, who by extraction hails from Edo State, re-echoed the prophet’s promises to see them through to the ‘promised land’ in their chosen career as a father and mentor. He recalled his days in My People’s FC in Lagos when, by the grace of God, he took part in the Under 17 World Cup in 2009 playing for Nigeria. It was there, according to him, that he was honoured with the title, Most Valuable Player (MVP). It is worth recalling that he was the second highest goal scorer in that tournament. Since then, he asserted, the man of God had remained indefatigable in ushering them from one football club to another in Europe to have their skills honed. In the same vein, Onazi Ogenyi, a Nigerian from Benue State, thanked the prophet as the source of the confidence for all their feats and victories in football. By the prophet’s unfathomable magnanimity, he went on, they had visited a catalogue of teams in Europe through which they had the privilege to hobnob with renowned players such as Drogba of Ivory Coast and Peter Croach of Tottenham Hotspur among others. He specially thanked God for His grace on them in their chosen career.

Regarding the new Anointing Water, the prophet intimated that prayer line would hardly be necessary if the Anointing Water were applied as directed. In endorsement of the wish of the congregation to watch the Washington DC edition of the miraculous powers of the Anointing Water, the prophet directed that the video clip be activated. The clip revealed an array of faithful who were gathered in eager anticipation of the Anointing Water about which they had gleaned much from the Emmanuel TV. Many of them said they used to worship with Emmanuel TV before they would go to their original churches of worship. In the activated video clip, they surged forward in turns to receive an administration of the Anointing water after which they thanked God for their immediate healing. Many of them with contrary spirits found themselves writhing on the floor following the spraying of the Anointing Water on them. On deliverance, they would get up and thank God. A lady among them, who confessed she had attempted to commit suicide and was consequently hospitalized, received deliverance after being sprayed with the Anointing Water and testified to her freedom from depression and other ailments after the deliverance. Another woman who complained of stomach pain was also healed with the Anointing Water. The same was true of another lady named Mary whose case was difficulty in walking. According to Mary, for five years she had consulted five doctors but her problem remained intractable until it faced the healing fire of the Anointing Water. Many others were healed from ailments of varied descriptions and all thanked God for the Anointing Water.

On the unbelieving stance of many African leaders, the prophet recalled how the past Ivorian President had responded to his prophecy regarding the recent political turmoil in Ivory Coast, telling the prophet in reaction that, of all the men of God he had consulted, only Prophet T. B. Joshua foresaw the impending crisis in his country.

The prophet took advantage of this to sound a note of warning to the incumbent president, advising him to embrace the virtue of forgiveness if he wanted to succeed as a ruler in his country. In the prophet’s words, Ouattara will succeed by forgiving and forgetting. He should solicit the support of everybody. Unless he does this, there will be trouble. It is a generational curse and only forgiveness can break it. The prophet saw a few pockets of antagonism in the country continually disturbing the peace and only a general amnesty can undo them.

Mr Ologbenga Folunronsho whose wife had been diagno-, diagno-, diagno-, diagno-, diagnOSED with multiple fibroids which rendered them barren for a long time happily came to the platform accompanied by his wife carrying their baby for a testimony. They had tried many other places for a solution to their barrenness but to no avail before they finally visited The Synagogue Church Of All Nations where their solution had been awaiting them. As soon as the wife received administration of the Anointing Water, she was compelled to make the toilet her home where she discharged the fibroid piecemeal. This over, she embraced her husband in a spousal intimacy and conceived the same month. They came to the church brimful with gratitude to God for their bouncing baby girl. The entire church got up in unison to dance in thankfulness to God for the gift of a baby to the very famous couple. In view of the continuation service scheduled for 10am Monday, the congregation conceded to the grace to bring the service to a close.


  1. Emmanuel. God with us

    The Gift Of Love
    ! Corithians 16:13-14
    13. Keep alert stand firm in your faith be courageous, be strong. !4 Let all that you do be done in love.

    The Living Word of the Great Jehova is telling us that we must be alert, stand firm in the faith and be brave and strong and do all our work in love, because God is love. When we do all our work in love it pleases God and it is a great weapon to our adversaries. We must love our enemies and pray for them. If you want your spiritual life of faith to become stronger and to grow you must love God and others because faith works by love. Without love you cannot heal, deliver, bless or redeem. You can speak in the in languages of the angels but if you do not have love you are a sounding empty tin. You may have a gift of inspired preaching, teaching and have all the knowledge and understanding all secrets and mysteries. If I have faith to move mountains but if I do not have love I am nothing. If I give all my possessions but I do not have love I gain nothing. Love is patient: love is kind, love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. Love never gives up and its faith, hope and patience never fail. Faith, hope and love will remain and the greatest of these is love.

    Keep watching with faith and watch the resurrection power of Lord Jesus Christ being demonstrated in the arena of liberty. And watch the testimonies of the powerful medium of Anointing Water.

  2. How can I get this annointing water for break through of my marrige and work, blessings,favour any where, stamble of my husband and put God always first protection of my baby giving her wisdom knoledge and prosperity.

    protection of my family from spritual attack, witchcraft,satanism and evil attack.

  3. may the Folunronsho family grow bigger and get wiser under the wings of God.We rejoice with them on the birth of their daughter..and hope God continue to diagno-diagno-diagno others as he did with them, and may they be exemplary to those in the same space, that Jesus is always here with us, and he can deal with anything and favor us ,we only have to ask.

  4. Emmanuel-God with us. If God with us who can be against us. Snr Prophet T B Joshua may the good Lord Jesus Christ hide you under his wings. Let the Lord Jesus Christ cover you with his mighty hand. When the oceans rise and thunders roar. He will soar with you above the storm. Lord Jesus Christ is the king over the flood. May your soul find rest in Christ alone. Know his power in quietness and trust.

  5. Emmanuel!
    I find the SCOAN as my window to heaven
    Each time I watch Emmanuel TV, I see God Almighty in heaven

    Everyday, iam glued to Emmanuel TV

    I thank God for His servant prophet TB Joshua
    He is my mentor
    Without him, my faith would fail

  6. Thank you Man of God for the message of forgiveness. I have learnt to forgive and forget, just like Jesus forgave all the people who mistreated him. I was blessed by the message!

  7. thank u so much prophet tb joshua 4 ur love. For u hve left everythng to do the will of God. May the Lord of tb joshua hve mercy on me im pregnant bt very sick with severe hypertension. My body is not responding 2 medication. So im so depressed & afraid.. Thank u

  8. after this easter sunday i ask the GOD OF PROPHET TBJOSHUA to see me through.i ask GOD OF SCOAN to ressuscit every areas in my life.there is delay over my situation.since three years now i’m facing a lot of difficulties into my business is collapse and i have many debts more than 50000usdollars. i wish this ressurection OF JESUS will be also manifest in my business,my marital life,in every areas in my life.i ask if it will be possible to send for the new anointing water through fedex express zambia


  10. praise our almighty God,

    Please send me annointing water, i want to use it to overcome infertility.
    My address is 22242 kampala, uganda

  11. Prohet T B Joshua a true man of God, as He advised the President of Gana it is od speaking through him, and when God speak the wise listen, may God con tiniuo to bless his child Prohet TB Joshua, Pastor John Noble /Karasburg/Namibia

  12. Emmanuel! Am full of joy for Sani Emmanuel and Onazi Ogenyi.There testimonies increased my faith and may God of Prophet TB Joshua protect them where ever they go. All the happenings at SCOAN is the Lord doing,I thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen.To God be the glory.Man of God please send some Evangelist with Anointing Water here in Malawi.

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