After the songs of praise and worship by which the day’s service commenced were over, Wise Man Daniel proceeded to give the message entitled, ‘Trusting In Christ’s Suffering’ by which he reminded the congregation that Christ died on the Cross to provide our needs which he said were healing, deliverance, blessing among others. He cited 1st Peter 2:21-24 as his proof text. Dwelling on the significance of Palm Sunday, he averred that that the Lord’s instruction regarding the donkey was characteristically not vague. Jesus is a Man of vision who says what He means and means what He says. His was instruction in boldness, certainty, righteousness and power. His rebuke was for our peace. His death was miserable and His disciples must be ready to bear His cross. By His suffering there is assurance of life for us.

After the prophet’s usual introductory remarks about the new Anointing Water, there was a surge of congregants wishing to testify to the instrumentality of the Anointing Water. The first person to enjoy the opportunity of giving a testimony was Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam of Ebonyi State, though resident in Abuja. Her problem, according to her, was the issue of blood for two years. She recounted the trouble her husband had taken to find a solution for her in hospitals and churches without hitting any success. The problem started as internal heat and generated pain all over her body making her pass through sleepless nights. While people would be sleeping at night, she would see herself restless and reeling in pain. Coming to The SCOAN on the Thursday preceding the Sunday of testimony, she said she received the Anointing Water immediately on arrival and administered it on herself in compliance with the instruction. As soon as she applied it, the bleeding stopped. She happily told the congregation that she had started enjoying her nightly sleep and comfort of body following the staunching of the blood. She seized the opportunity to advise her listeners to have faith in the Lord, their Creator who is always there for them in times of need.

The next testimony was given by the Akhere family. Mrs Akhere had been told by her doctor that she would require operation to deliver her baby because of her tight cervix. She therefore visited The SCOAN to seek the face of the Lord. She received the Anointing Water and administered it on herself in prayer for safe delivery. After this, she delivered her baby safely without operation. They named their baby Harry after Wise Man Harry. They profusely thanked God with whom, they recognized, nothing is impossible.

The omnipresent nature of God was demonstrated with the Anointing Water in many parts of the world. The video clips revealed the work of the Anointing Water in other countries of which Greece was one. The clip showed a woman, Shaze Qualli who for twelve years depended on crutches for movement. The Anointing Water dispelled all the darkness in her and delivered her from all pain and infirmity. Another man who depended on crutches for movement was also delivered in the same way. There were many who, hitherto in the throes of contrary spirits, fell down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and were delivered with the administration of the Anointing Water.

A similar feat was revealed in Ghana where a woman who had not been able to walk for years was declared free by an evangelist spraying the Anointing Water on her and she responded immediately by standing up to walk. A young man was also freed from evil spirits and he thanked God having been delivered through the medium of the Anointing Water. Mr John, a sergeant in the Ghanaian army, had for five years been incapacitated because of an injury he sustained in an accident. Spraying the new Anointing Water on him, an evangelist declared him free and he resumed walking immediately.

While the congregation was engrossed watching these miracles from other countries, an evangelist in The SCOAN had seen a young man in the church arranged in the prayer line because of a development in his head which made the head assume a very abnormal shape. The evangelist proceeded to spray the new Anointing Water on the head and, soon after, pus began to ooze from the head miraculously. In no time the head regained its normal shape after all the pus had come out. This was possibly the greatest miracle of the day as the evacuation of the pus left no mark or scar on the head after restoring the head to shape.

The next was the reconciliation of Mr and Mrs Elizabeth Aghachiebonam as hinted in the previous service. The next paragraph entitled MISUNDERSTANDING WORDS OF PROPHECY was their story in a nutshell at the end of service the week before. But to the glory of God, the couple reappeared on the platform this Sunday to thank God for their successful reconciliation and for the grace of understanding and appreciating each other the more as a couple. The very striking element of the reconciliation was the dream, Stella, the wife had in which she was told by Prophet T. B. Joshua to remove the ring and bangle on her hand. Contrary to her thinking that she never had those ornaments on her body to remove, the prophet proceeded beyond her skin into her bone to dislodge those ornaments which were an attestation to her union with a spiritual husband. The removal of these ornaments by the prophet marked a turning point in her marital relationship with IK, her earthly husband. The prophet once more appeared to her in a second dream and advised her to relate well to her husband and make ‘forgiveness’ a watchword in their marriage as there is no perfect person or relationship on earth. By the time she wanted to react to the prophet in the dream, he had vanished having laid a formidable spiritual foundation for the marriage. In his reaction, Mr Ikechukwu thanked the prophet for the effectual reconciliation. He added that they had been to the Mountain to pray in the effort to restore peace and love to their marriage. He once more thanked God and the man of God for the restored peace in their marriage.

The next video clip was among other reasons activated to correct the culpable presumptions among the congregants regarding the import of prophecies issued to them. In the said repartee between Wise Man Christopher and Mrs Ezekwelome,the latter corrected the wise man erroneously about her marital status. When Wise Man Christopher cautioned her to be careful about disappointments, the lady misinterpreted the expression and promptly told the wise man that she was already married. Making himself clearer, the wise man told her that he knew that. He was, on the contrary, simply warning her about the possible collapse of the marriage if care was not taken. Luckily for the wise man, her husband was around to add that he had sent her home the previous week because of her perceived misdemeanour. Defending herself on the last score, Mrs Ezekwelolome, a non working housewife, deprecated the repression she suffered in the hands of her husband who additionally habitually made her account for every kobo she received from him. She strongly felt that her views and wishes to engage in some private business deserved consideration by her husband. In his defence, the husband stated that apart from taking full charge of her education, he had sponsored her trips to France, Egypt and the United States of America. Her recent wish to go to Dubai for business in gold would put the entire family at risk apart from rendering him the sole caretaker of the children. Speaking on behalf of the womenfolk, about four women in the congregation expressed support for the husband and praised him for his consideration for the welfare of the entire family while advising the wife to be contented with the contributions of the husband to her well-being. The prophet, while inviting them to a reconciliation meeting, expressed the view that a marriage where both participants saw themselves as equally gifted in sophistication and intelligence and neither was ready to bow to the other was indeed a difficult one to manage but with God all things are possible.

Mr Ameni Shabani of Congo DRC mounted the platform to confirm his deliverance from impotence last Sunday during the service. He had lost his wife to a houseboy because of his inability to dose sexual gratification to her. He lost his sexual virility when he was made to drink some concoction and wash himself with the water. He said his wife accused her of not finding time for her but added that he spent all his time looking for money for his wife in order to make the home comfortable. Both his wife and the houseboy took advantage of his loss of virility to redefine their relationship and started a sexual intimacy resulting in the loss of the wife to the houseboy. Mr Shabani added that his eloped wife later told him that only one of the two children they had together was his. It was for that reason he decided to leave both children for her till when he hoped to establish his paternity by DNA. Both ex-wife and houseboy now live together in South Africa. In answering the prophet’s question, Shabani stated that it was painful to lose his wife to a houseboy but in his state of loss of manhood then, there was nothing he could do. He was however happy for his deliverance which has put him in a position to consider getting married again. He expressed the hope of coming to The SCOAN after marriage on ‘a thank you mission’ with his new wife. He thanked God and the man of God for his restoration.

The next testimony was given by a young man, Mr Jeff Katanga from Zambia who came all the way from Zambia crossing not less than seven countries in a very long, tortuous and dangerous journey to Nigeria. The young man in question lost both parents recently in quick succession and found himself the caretaker of his siblings. The only hope for him in the present situation when he suddenly became the father of his siblings was Prophet T. B. Joshua. He saw the prophet as the only man who could offer him and his siblings financial help, going by what he had gleaned from Emmanuel TV. It was for that reason that he borrowed money from a widow and travelled from Zambia through Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Chad and Cameroon to Nigeria. He particularly had challenges in Sudan which was half way between his country and Nigeria because of the civil war there. He was encouraged in his state of penury and physical exhaustion by the fact that if he could get to the Prophet, his condition would change for the better. He spent a total of thirty days on the way before getting to Nigeria on 19th January 2011. Unlike what many would do, he never wanted to shout to the man of God for help but decided to remain prayerful and fasting till God would reveal him to the prophet. He had decided not to be led by his situation because, as he learnt from Emmanuel TV, in every situation God is saying something. He deliberately took refuge in the vicinity of the church till God would reveal him in his plight to the prophet. Truly, when the prophet became aware of him, he welcomed him with the words, ‘You are in your Father’s house’ and promised him that when he would go back, he would enjoy a flight in contradistinction to the risky manner in which he had travelled to Nigeria. In response to the question on what he would have done supposing he never saw the prophet on arrival, he said he would have nigerianized rather than repeat that ordeal back to Zambia. The man of God praised him for his faith, courage and dogged will to succeed in life assuring him that he could see a bright future for him. The man of God however made it clear that his warm reception of the young man should not serve as an incentive for other young men to embark on such risky journeys. Assuring the congregation of prompt resumption of prophetic worship at 10 am the following day, he piloted the service to a close.


  1. man of God, I’m sincery asking for prayers because of christ, I’m rewriting ma Olevel exams in August so be praying for so that I may achieve big… I need distinctions in science and biology.because Of christ jesus Amen. My name is Tanazio mbewe from zambia

  2. 1. Healing of – painful heels 24/7- chestpain- stomach ache- fatigue- impotence and headache 2. Debt cancellation- I am overindebted- need a car but due to blacklisting an judgements I cannot be financed. 3. Deliverace- from bad dreams- from late submission and work either full of mistakes or not done as required- from condemnation at work.4 Anointing to do good and have Gods favour upon my life-4. To receive Gods wisdom

  3. Powerful Almighty God

    What a great and awesome God we serve. He said come to me who are heavy laden and I will give your rest. Knock on the door and it will be opened. Ask and it will be given. When you ask you must ask according to his will. He is ready to help us and see us through our situation. Which shows that with God all things are possible with him. Because he has the great power to change all the situation from bad to good, better and the best. His power has no limit. He is great in power and he is glorious and majesty. Everything in heaven and earth belongs to him. He anointed Jesus of Nazareth with Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with him.

  4. Am Damaris chepkoech from kenya. I have been watching prophet Tb Joshua through youtube & facebook updates.his prophecies & miracles has changed my life.ave gone throgh alot & i believe through Him i will receive miracles & a brighter future. All i need is a prayer for this issues:
    1.financial breakthrough
    2.a permanent Job that will sustain me & family
    3.Healing from asthma and a injured leg which has been swollen 8yrs
    4.Good health for me & my family
    5.success in everything
    6.uncommon favor. Thankyou.

  5. Man of God I would like to have anointing water and the picture this can help me walk in JESUS steps all the time and can also make up for me to have a given wife.

  6. i think this young felt the need just as much as l do. lm also zambian and l always wish l could be accorded this chance to vist the scoan or atleast receive anoiting water because l have seen that it works wonders.

  7. Hi Am miss Frances Dadzie and am 42years old l live in slough l had a spirtual problem which happen since l was a baby.Because someone had a fright with my mother
    for no reason and put a magic spell on me .by the grace of God things is a littel bit butter so far .but the main thing is that l need a support to breiak up the spell so my two children will come home from Adoption .they are Nathaniel and Abraham Obinkwu

  8. Emmanuel – God with us
    Married couple should make sure that if there is trouble in the home allow God Almighty to be in control do not rush for separration or divorce or go to which doctors or seek advise to people who will not built you. Make sure you forgive and forget unconditional and pray to God Almighty and to read the bible and do what ever the bible says, be faithful to God Almighty and be faithful to your self. It might take along time for the God Almighty to answer your prayer but one day he will answer them. The doors will be open for you if you do his will and trust him. Lord Jesus Christ will not forsake you. God’s time is the best time. Do not rush for conclusion because you will close all the doors for blessings. God Almighty said that what he has joined no men should put it assunder Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the time.

  9. i thank God for life of profet T.B. joshua, for his mercy upon him and his family. God is still saying something, thank u man of God. in deed God is with u, to saves the poeple, nation, and the whole world. i enjoy every minites of your minstry thruogh emmanuel tv. thank u man of God. God bless u.amen…..

  10. Truely God is still saying something.No doubt the SCOAN is the ARENA of liberty.My greatest dream is to be there within the shortest time God Bless me.Let your favour and mercy speak for me so that i can be able to visit the ARENA of liberty.Thank you LORD for you are good all the time

  11. Thank you Man of God for telling the world that has made further consultation on your VISION about the troubled countries.
    You also made it very clear that to forgive and forget is the only way those country can have a peaceful rule.

    I thank you for the Easter Message.

  12. On the happy Easter Holiday I want to thank you that I am fifty years old. Almighty god please restore peace and love in my marriage. TB Joshua thank very much for healing the whole nation. As l am writting l am watching live from Lagos Nigeria Emmanuel TV. In god there is nothing possible. Thank you prophet TB Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  13. Truely speaking, this youngman from Zambia has faith in god.Many thanks to Man of God for the help he gave him.Man of god may god give you more grace to continue helping the nation.

  14. My name is John Maposa I write from Zimbabwe. As of we in Zimbambwe I pray that the Anointing Water be sent to the people of this Country. Yes, I understand that we are in the Southen Region. Man of God we praying the same God, we pray with you day and night and we the belive that you are a true prophet from God.

  15. I want ot thank the Lord for all those miracles i preay that i day i will also have the anoiting water because all thinks are possible in Jesus’ name i will surely access it

  16. Emmanuel-God with us. If God be with us who can be against us.
    May the good Lord God Almighty bless Snr Prophet T B Joshua, the wise men, the SCOAN and Emmanuel tv family as they remember the crucifiction of our Lord Jesus Christ and his resurrection this Easter Holidays. We are are all covered by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    For the Lord Jesus Christ is good and his LOVE endures forever his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalms 100:5

  17. Thank you man Of God and all the Team of SCOAN.
    am lilian from Tanzania, am still have very happy
    to see other people receive the healing through anointing water, am very happy, and also I wish one day to come to collect that WATER for my deliverance
    because from now am still suffer my teeth, because i was 32 teeth but now 7 is out and another is sufee may be next week i can go to the hospital to move out. pray for me. am suffer much more my teeth

    stay blessed in Jesus Name and I WISH YOU ALL HAPPY EASTER”


  18. All things are posseble with God in did.Man of God please help my uncle he’s very very sick he’s got a throat cancer, he cant eat he vomis all the time,he’s dying, please help me man of God send me the annointing water so that my uncle can be heald please. I trust the God of snr T.B Joshua help me please. My adress is 10462 Buthelezi steet Tsakane 1550 SOUTH AFRICA. God bless u. EMMANUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I thank the Lord for the SCOAN activities, I pray that a way should be found for Annointing water to be transported to Malawi

  20. Glory to god.I would like thank god for leading the man who travelled from zambia to nigeria in 30 days.Thank god for the protection and thank god for using prophet TB Joshua.

  21. Praise be to GOd. God is great and no one will ever be like him. God bless Prophet T. B Joshua more and increase days of his life. Hallelujah! Amen!

  22. Emmanuel!

    Truly our God is a faithful God. Prophet TB Joshua, i thank you for what you are doing for orphans. May the Lord continue blessing you in every area of your life.
    On Sunday, i was really touched with the Zambian boy who travelled by road to SCOAN as if that is not enough, he stayed for 2 months on the streets until he was discovered, wow, that is great faith, the kind of faith that move mountains.
    Thank you daddy TB Joshua, you inspire a lot of people. You are a true man of God and i pray that one day, i wil come to SCOAN and receive my deliverance too.
    Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. Thank God form another wondeful service. The reconciliation that the Man of God is doing at SCOAN is wonderful. I just thank God for everything. Hope more families will be reconciled.

    Prophet T.B. Joshua pray for my family, please.

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