Every Sunday Service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations provides a unique opportunity to witness the mystery of God’s grace and the majesty of God’s power. Sunday 9th January 2011, the second service of the year 2011 divinely termed, ‘The Year Of Another Chance’, was no different.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Replete with chilling confessions of some notorious militants, remarkable testimonies of those miraculously healed from incurable diseases such as sickle cell anaemia, touching lessons of life from those whose cases were exposed through prophetic revelations and, of course, the Word of God preached with power and passion, it was certainly a day to remember!


The Gospel Of God’s Grace

As usual, the first activity of the service was the Word of God, this time preached by Wise Man Christopher. His message was simply titled, ‘The Gospel of God’s Grace’ and contained some powerful and practical truths to help believers in their daily journey of faith.

Wise Man Christopher

Expounding on the Gospel truths, he explained, “God has written us into an unprecedented and revolutionary story of reconciliation in which hostilities are destroyed and enemies become friends. Parents play with their children and place their arms around them. By God’s gospel grace, a generation of vipers can become a seed of saints, a slave can become a leader, a shepherd can become a king and a murderer can become a deliverer. God often brings good out of evil and promotes the design of His providence, even by the sin of men. The Gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges everything. To His power, nothing is impossible.” He went further to explain about the hardships we will face as Christians, and how we should respond to them. “Beautiful things happen at difficult times. No one knows by the present sign or situation what the future holds for him. Nobody knows tomorrow but God does. As children of divine grace, our troubles promote our blessings.” It was a message of both hope and enlightenment, and was gladly received by the congregation and viewers on Emmanuel TV.


Delivered On The Brink Of Death

After the message, it was time to listen to the experiences of those who were called out through words of prophecy in earlier services. First was Mr Samuel Ademilola, who received a prophecy on 2nd January 2011 that he knew the cause of his first wife’s death, and ever since she had been tormenting him in the dream, calling him to follow her to the grave.

Mr Samuel Ademilola

Mr Samuel confirmed the prophetic revelation, explaining that when the volume of contention and disagreements in the home arose to a point where he could no longer handle it, he was advised by a friend to seek a devilish solution at the hands of a witchdoctor. There he requested from the witchdoctor to be separated from his wife, and for which request he was given a charm and told to throw the charm into a flowing river. Following the instructions to the letter, his wife voluntarily packed out of the house several days later and the two separated permanently. Some time after the incident, he learned of his wife’s premature death through a sudden sickness. Visiting the same witchdoctor thereafter, the man slyly remarked that he knew the wife would die following the charm that was given for separation.


Shortly afterwards, Mr Samuel began experiencing the unimaginable – his late wife began appearing to him in the night, behaving as if they were still a couple. They would sleep, eat together and do things together as if she was still alive.  But soon she became violent. Every night was a constant war, a vicious fight that left Samuel exhausted both mentally and physically. And then the nightmare went beyond the night. Mr Ademilola began to sense the physical presence of his late wife wherever he went. He would hear her voice tormenting him, and see the random movement of objects in his room. The spirit of death was haunting him, pushing him to the point of delirious insanity to make sure he joined his wife in the grave. It was in this state that Mr Ademilola came to The SCOAN and received the life-changing prophecy. Following his sombre confession and confirmation of the prophetic revelation, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit, casting the spirit of death out. After the service, Mr Ademilola testified that peace reigned in his heart for the first time in countless years after the prayer, explaining that he felt something leave his body. The crippling fear of death and continuous torment of his late wife are now a thing of the past!


Serial Smoker

The next individual to share his experience was Elder Adolf Ezurike, who received a prophecy from Wise Man Christopher during the live Monday Service on 3rd January 2011.

Elder Adolf Ezurike

The Wise Man accurately revealed a spirit of death was pursuing Mr Ezurike, further mentioning his habit of smoking and the negative effects this addiction had on his marital home and health. Speaking to confirm the prophecy, Elder Ezurike commented that he had been a serial chain smoker for the past 30 years, smoking no less than two packets of cigarettes on a daily basis. He referred to smoking as his ‘closest friend’, an addiction he simply could not separate himself from. He smoked literally everywhere, including his own church, which allocated a small room to him within the premises so he could smoke unnoticed by the other parishioners. The addiction had taken its toll physically, as Adolf had an enlarged heart and experienced difficulty in breathing. Aside from this, he had been seeing the faces of dead people in his dreams, as well as coffins and other death-related incidents and items at night.


Remarkably, Elder Ezurike had a packet of cigarettes on him the very day he received the prophetic revelation! Sneaking out earlier during the service to smoke, he had held a cigarette in his hand and prayed for God to reveal his habitual smoking as a sign of God’s power and presence in The SCOAN. Merely hours later, his prayer was extraordinarily answered through the prophecy, attesting to the authenticity of the anointing in Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men. After confirming the prophetic revelation and asking God for deliverance from the spirit of smoking, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that Elder Ezurike would be a guest in The SCOAN premises for some days, so he would not only be delivered from the spirit of smoking but would also be in a conducive environment to maintain the deliverance, knowing that temptation would be rampant if he immediately left.


Reformed And Delivered Militants

A history-making event followed at The SCOAN. Last week, a militant commander had surrendered his life to Christ and received deliverance, promising to bring back his ‘boys’ to receive the same. He fulfilled his promise. Standing before The SCOAN arena were eight hardened and rough-looking militants, all of whom were notorious in their former lifestyles of crime.

Group of militants

Confessing their sordid past before The SCOAN congregation, the militants told of the merciless killing, raping, kidnapping, robbing and other unmentionable atrocities they had committed. T.B. Joshua did not allow them to give their full confessions, knowing that the contents would be too shocking and infuriating for the public to hear. But most importantly, they all declared their desire to surrender totally to Christ, so as to receive deliverance from their past. As in the case of their military commander who was delivered the previous week, many of the people they had killed were haunting and tormenting them in their dreams, and although they were part of the amnesty program introduced by Nigeria’s government, a spirit was still pushing them to kill, pillage and plunder.


Promising to support the repentant militants on their journey of reformation, T.B. Joshua declared that an important lesson must be learned from their confessions. Even though they had surrendered their arms in the amnesty program, they needed to be set free from the evil spirit that was propelling them to commit evil. No amount of money or human resources can provide such. It can only come through deliverance from Jesus Christ. Mr. Jerry, a worker with an oil and gas company who had co-ordinated the militants’ trip down to The SCOAN, corroborated this truth. He explained that even after the efforts of the government and the provision of monetary funding, the problems in the region still persisted, as many who had supposedly surrendered in the program eventually returned to their former lifestyles of militancy. He pledged his unwavering support to continue helping all repentant militants in his area to come to The SCOAN so they can receive their deliverance and be completely set free. Prophet T.B. Joshua commended his efforts in arranging the trip, and encouraged others to take similar steps in order to bring peace and unity to their respective communities. Following their confessions, the militants received prayer from the Wise Men during The SCOAN prayer line and were delivered.


The significance of this event lies in the fact that the world has a crucial lesson to learn. The activities of these militants have attracted worldwide media attention, as their operations in sabotaging oil pipes in the Niger-Delta region have significantly affected Nigeria’s oil production output, a source which many countries heavily rely on. The amnesty program of the government also received widespread media attention, heralded as the end to the problems facing the massive Nigerian oil industry. Commendable as the exercise was, the truths learned from these militants confession cannot be ignored. If you cater for the physical and pay no attention to the spiritual, the problems will eventually persist and even worsen. To surrender your guns is one thing, but to surrender your life to Christ for deliverance is another. Both are essential.


Curing The Incurable!

The service was filled with many wonderful testimonies of those who had been healed and delivered through their attendance at The SCOAN prayer line, their using of the Anointing Water and wearing the Anointing Wristband or simply through viewing the powerful medium of Emmanuel TV. One which stood out was the case of Miss Blessing Seikeba, who had been a victim of sickle cell anaemia, a condition she had suffered right from birth. Blessing’s sickness had seriously inhibited her academic life, the severe pain in her joints often not enabling her to even walk, let alone go to university and study. The student of UNIBEN explained how sometimes she had to be carried to her class, due to the excruciating pain she experienced. The sickness had left her body weak and caused her to look both thin and frail in appearance.


Miss Blessing Seikeba and mother

Attending The SCOAN with her mother Magdaline, Blessing was among those who received the Anointing Water. As she ministered the water, she testified that a supernatural strength entered her body. The Holy Spirit was at work! Her body rejuvenated and spirit refreshed, Blessing boldly decided to go to the hospital to test her blood, merely days after using the Anointing Water. The results were astonishing! Medical authorities confirmed Miss Seikeba’s blood type to be ‘AA’, in stark contrast to the ‘SS’ she had been tested as right from birth. Joyfully testifying, Blessing said the pains she used to experience around her joints had disappeared and she was new living with renewed vigour and zeal for life. Truly, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal!


The Anointing Wristband At Work

With the recent introduction of the ‘Anointing Wristband’, there were testimonies galore concerning its remarkable effect on the lives of those who received it. Among those who shared their testimony was Mrs Scholastica Joseph. After her husband returned from The SCOAN with the Anointing Wristband, the family came together and decided each would wear the wristband for some minutes, believing that God would use it to bring breakthrough and freedom in their lives. When it was the turn of Mrs Joseph’s eldest daughter, Wendy, to wear the wristband, it’s impact was evident!

Mrs Scholastica Joseph and daughter Wendy

She began to shake uncontrollably and was soon writhing on the floor, as an evil spirit that had used her body as a dwelling place began to manifest. Mrs Scholastica was shocked as a hoarse voice spoke out through her daughter proclaiming she was the queen of the coast sent to destroy the family and their fortunes. The evil spirit said that it had caused Wendy to be bedwetting, and given her a spirit of lust and anger even in her tender age. After the mother held the Anointing Wristband on her daughter’s arm and shouted the name of Jesus Christ, the demon shrieked that fire was coming forth from the wristband. Moments later, the girl lay still.

Wendy Joseph

The demon had gone!


Testifying in The SCOAN, Wendy reminisced that she had no awareness of all that happened to her once she wore the Anointing Wristband. She could only remember getting up from the floor to discover her body was light and a heavy burden had left her. From that point on, she stopped bedwetting and behaved calmly. Truly, God can use any medium to express Himself to others!


The Best Is Yet To Come:

The year 2011 has truly started on a triumphant note for The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. However, each new service is ended with a fresh promise from God – the best is always yet to come! Jesus Christ is the Divine drive behind our divine fortunes. It is all about Him!


Join us for our live services every Sunday and Monday only on Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier!




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    What that girl discribed is all true and I see it happening in my own life,I can’t tek it anymore but I want to stop and settle down get a job and look after my siblings.I want the Lord to use me in his own way….

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    I’m currently living in South Africa,but I come from Zimbabwe…… Lord have mercy on me and deliver from this evil life. Amen…….SCOAN is doing a good job saving souls,so many of them. May the good Lord bless them all with the right measure from our Father. Please continue the good work of God

    • Sister Michelle, don’t disrepair, the Lord God almighty has plans for our lives. He saves the best for last – dedicate your life unto him and allow him to take control in your live. look up to him – I also had a problem of settling down, but now i have left all up to him. I pray a lot, Fast more often and seek god’s intervention in my life. currently i am still single and hoping for God to present me to a man who will become my husband. The life u are living is hard and often makes you feel inadequate but depending on God’s sufficiency will give u peace: Gen:13 14 -17. Mam Good Luck and God Bless u.

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    • Woman of God
      I sincerely thank God for you healing. the word of God Said: by his stripes we are healed. it is indeed healing that comes from God.

      May the Good Lord continue to strengthen you in all the days of your life.


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  19. Emmanuel!! GOD IS WITH US.I would like to thank the mighty lord jesus christ for giving us people like Prophet TB JOSHUA who is evrything in my life he opened my eyes even though am going through a lot but i believe that one day my past will be over upon annointing of Prophet TB JOSHUA thank you man of God for what you are doing for our NATIONS MAY THE LORD GOD BLESS YOU AND YHE WISEMAN AND CONTINUE SAVE THE NATION AND CHANGE THE WORLD IN JESUS CHRIST NAME WE PRAY AMEN. every sunday am watching EMMANUEL TV church service it uplift my spirit those guys sings beautiful they make me cry am always crying when they sing they touch my heart and feel the spirit of GOD in my body. my wish is to get annointing woter and wristband i will be the happiest woman on earth.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  20. Emmanuel, God is with us. I wonder how people will doubt prooves of the power of God in action. When u cant believe what u can see, how possible then can you believe the unforeseen: GOD, Holy Spirit, Angles etc. All these are wraugth/done by the mighty power of God. To Him alone be all the Glory. And to the Man of God/Wisemen, may your cruise never run dry in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. This is real.

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    I watch emmauel tv everytime I’m home for holidays and the Word I receive everytime is so spirit uplifting. My heart cries out for people who suffers in the hands of the devil and my wish is for them to receive deliverace.

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    I pray that my request be considered. Thank you in Jesus name. God bless you more abudantly

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  24. Emmanuel (God with us will never leave, forget nor forsake us) I was in November 2009, for the first time and by the leading of the Holy Spirit from Kaduna. As soon as, the Man of God, appeared on the alter, I was the second worshipper whose case was mentioned by him as “a tall fair woman with a document in her hand” when i stepped out from the congregation, he said that there is conspiracy and false allegations against me. And requested to know the content of the document in my possession. This was a divorce summon from my runaway husband, who decided to call off the marriage for various reasons: barreness (fybriod) for 9yrs, loss of my job, with added allegations as, not trusting me, am older than him, lack of attitude and many others. Uptil date, am still alone and lonely, an applicant, have lost my gratituity to swindlers, disappointments here and there, as if i hv no hope. (JESUS IS MY HOPE) but struggling to put up a glorious temperament when all things are working against me. I have been a constant lover of Emmanuel Tv, the congregation, and the great prophet of our generation. I have seen broken hearts/marriage, sickness and deseases healed, the afflicted delivered, business breakthru here and there, unbeliveable, unimaginable, uncomprehensible, imposible cases turned around by the finger of God thru my Father-in-the-Lord, T.B. Joshua, I am totally shattered and embattered. Please Sir, come to my rescue, I need your help, am an orphan with so many liabilities and family needs to cater for, I want a parmenent solution, personal/family deliverance and reformation of my life to the glory and honour of our Lord Jesus Christ. My uncle is bedridden, my cousin (his son) is wildely mad and under chain, my friend and a sister, Cecelia Avong (barren, fybriod to be operated for the third time), my sisters are not relevant in any form to the family, my only brother and a Pastor, is experiencing hardship in his ministrial work. Let me be one of those to testify publicly, b4 the whole wide world, of the mercy of God in my life and family. Because of all these, I came again in Novermber 2011. I can see God working for me. Glory to His Name alone. Emmanuelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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  31. Emmanuel

    I listened to people testifying about the power of the anointed wrist band.Please give me information of how to order as I am in South Africa.

    Be Blessed
    Mokete Sibeko

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  33. I am a member of scoan in Ikotun. I have been attending this church since December 2009 up-to-date.I have a sister who has been suffering from MENTAL DISORDER (MADNESS) since 1992 till today.{almost 20yrs), Her name is BETTY ENARUNA and She is about 37 years old and residing at Benin City in Edo State. Even If we are given invitation today to bring her to lagos, we need the assistance of Man of God because we have been spending money since 1992 without any solution. You are the only person who can save us from this problem. I know she will be delivered and healed when she get to your church. Any type of help you can render to us will be appreciated to save the soul of this poor girl who have been suffering for almost 20 years now. May God reward you for all the assistance you have been giving to people. We are waiting for you response. Thanks. EMMANUEL.

  34. Please sir, my family have been in problem for over 20 years sir, reconcile us sir for so long no progress in family sir called my family to come and see u sir.
    my elder brother got admission but UK embassy refused him visa two times sir, and we know the people behind that delivered us sir, everything is going up side down sir help family sir, my daddy is a contractor but work is upside down we don’t know what to do sir. and my daddy and my elder brother are coming to SCOAN on Friday 23rd September, 2011 next week. there name is Mr. Martins Oloto and Kenneth Oloto Martins also my sister Rita Oloto Martins are coming on next week sir, God bless you sir. for your good work amen.

  35. My name is Oscar Jeremiah Nchemwa froma Shinynga Tanzania im among the best viewer of Emmanuel TV.
    I and my family we are blessed throuh this channel Im asking for annointed water how can i get it so that we can use it ?im looking forward to hearing from you.

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  40. I wud like you to put me in Prayers because of what we are experiencing in our families and for the lord to heal me of stomach problem and sterility.

  41. To God be the Glory. I am really blessed by the live Sunday and Monday Services that I am previledged to always watch. I am asking for you to send me the annointing water for my daughter Sandra who is yet to be married at 28 years. Please Man of God pray for her.

  42. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I want to call your prayer line for deliverance and breakthrough but am afraid. Am going to a difficult time. Pray for me please.






  44. Emmanuel…I want to testify to the power of the Lord. On sunday,29th may 2011. I and my mum paid a visit to scoan and we were priviledged to get the annointing water.
    We prayed and administered the anointing water with faith and beleive that every contrary spirit in our lives and family would be sent parking. My dear people of God ,my mum used to see dead people in her dreams before but this came to a halt after we administered the annointing water.Blessed be the name of the lord and I want to use this opportunity to thank snr prophet T.B Joshua for touching the lives of so many. May the lord continue to bless him.I like him so much and in him I have a father, even though he does not know me.

  45. Emmanuel!!!
    God is with us
    who can be against us?
    Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus christ. By the grace of God I am an alltime viewer of Emmanuel tv and I am very grateful to the man of God,snr prophet T.B Joshua because he has inspired me in so many ways by his words and deeds and may the lord bless him in every aspect of his life and i also pray for the mercy of God upon my life and my family.
    I would also miss emmanuel tv as I go back to school but i know God’s angels will alway be with and arround me throug


  47. Emmanuel- Dear man of God, i get blessed each time people get delivered and the testimonies.

    I thank God for you ( Prophet TB JOSHUA) and all the WISEMEN. Am requesting for 4 wrist bands and 4 bottles of annointing water to this addres, Brenda Maloya, c/o mrs Mlauli, P/bag 405,chichiri,bt 3. Or call +265888419123.

  48. Glory to God Almighty!!
    Thank you for Prophet TB Joshua and his fellow wisemens,I am so blessed with the works of God through Emmanuel TV.I am waiting for invitation letter and so excited knowing that I am having victory already.Another thing i wish i can get hold of the anointing water,wrist band and a sticker.My name is Neziswa Mkeme from Cape Town South Africa. My address is P/Bag x2 Roggebaai 8012-Cape Town.

  49. its a great houner to have emmanuel tv in my house.i always see how the power of GOD is working through the anointed water.pliz can u send me the anointed water for healing and deliverance.i want breakthrough for me and my family.too much setbacks.i belive distance is not a in zimbabwe,ns 40 cindrella,hwange zimbabwe


  51. I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.I ask you to send me and my family the wristband.Especialy for my two nieces who are sick,one is diabetic and another has psychological problems.I would be very happy to receive them as i believe they will bring peace and healing to my family.My address is P.O.Box 11462،Tatitown,Botswana,Southern Africa.Tel no:+26772905880 ـand +26773805880.Thanx in the name of Jesus.God bless..

  52. Emmanuel!I would like to share with you what has just happend a few hours back.My frend called to tell me that she attended the SCOAN service and has bought the annointing water for 50 pula and that so many people attended the service and bought the water.Is there any SCOAN branch in Francistown,Botswana?

  53. hi my brothers and sisters at SCOAN

    Please iam from namibia age 29 with 2 kids age 4, iam a christian and please i want to visit your church to have my deliverence. help me financialy of the ticket as also my one daughter is having a liver problem and want to come pray for her.
    i have just apply in our police force this month and want prophet t.b Joshua to pray for me to be short listed please as this will change my life . please reply to my email and let me have hope that one day i will save enought money to come visit your church as is my dream and i always wanted to be a pastor as from my childhood thats why i want to come for deliverance as maybe i mind still work for my god.

    thank you ,and please help me to bring my daughter and pray for me to get a job.

  54. Emmanuel – God with us

    Praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ because he is worth.

    Snr Pastor T B Joshua The Snr Prophet of this generation and the wise men sent by God Almighty to bring more people from their slumber to Christ Jesus, to fish more people to God’s Almighty kingdom.

    The work of the Holy Spirit

    John 16 vs 13 -15

    But when the spirit of truth comes he will guide into all truth, he will not speak on his own, he will speak only what he hears and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring Glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. All that belongs to the father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.

    The true prophet like Snr Pastor T B Joshua the Snr Prophet and the wise men will speak from what the Holy Spirit is telling them to tell the people.

  55. Please Man of God how can get wrist band and annointing water in my country Tanzania is any place in Tanzania You have a station so that I can get it becouse I am terribly in need of it becouse my marrital life is about to be broken please help me.

  56. Emmanuel! Man of God i thank u for allowing Gou to use you for the whole world. I wish I could be there in flesh but i am financially down. I need deliverence from debts that are too much for me to bear. I am a breadwinne in my family. Please man of God hep me

  57. Im Doris from South Africa,thans for all the messages i received ,i am really biggest wish for me and my family is to receive the wrist band or the annoiting water,everyday i pray for to receive them since we cant afford to fly to Lagos,stay blessed.

  58. Thanks for all the updates with regard to what is happening at the Synagogoue church,my biggest wish and my family is to receive the wrist band and the annoiting water since we cant afford to come to Lagos.Scoan has really changed my life and also my family,stay blessed.Doris-South Africa.

  59. Halleluyah!I’m very blessed by the Emanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua with his Wise Men TEAM.Glory to the Loard Jesus Christ. You are really a Prophet of God sent to the all nation. I am praying to have acceptance from God to see you face to face this year and I believe I will by the Grace of God, May God keep increasing you and the Wise Men mightily.

    Please don’t forget about me when sending the wristband to other country’s, I have 4 children plus me, my wife and my parents plus 2 friends making us 10, all the same I will be very happy if those Wristband will get to me and my family.

    Below is my contact address:-
    P.O.BOX 532,
    PHONE NO. +255(0)282520500-2, EXT 1863
    MOBILE No. +255 (0) 755 45 35 45

  60. I’m truly blessed by the all the testimonies I hear every time I watch Prophet T.B. Joshua on the screen. You are really a God sent and a blessing to the nation. I wish to see you face to face one day and I know I will by the Grace of God, May God keep increasing you and the Wise Men mightily.

    Please don’t forget about me when sending the wristband to other country’s, I have 4 children plus me and my husband making us 6, all the same I will be very happy if 1 Wristband will get to me and my family.

    Below is my address:- Blessing Nwoye, 47 Kitchener Avenue, Kensington, 2094, South Africa
    Telephone No. +27712065929

  61. Emmanuel

    I am excited about the wristband, please send me 2,
    I am faced with serious challenges, they want to repossess my house,because I am unable to pay, I also need permanent cell is (+27 82 788 9792)
    My Adress
    449 Rosslyn

  62. I’m truly blessed by the signs and wonders i see every time i watch Prophet T.B. Joshua on the screen.You are really a god sent and a blessing to the nation.I wish to see you face to face one day and I know I will.May God keep on increasing you mightily and always succeed in your good plans.

  63. I am happy to see that God is still healing people through all medias. Senior Prophet TB Joshua is mightily used Man of God in revealing the secrets of life and healing all sickness. My prayer everyday is that one day l will meet the Man of God and that in one of the service God should reveal my life to him even though l am in Zimbabwe. l have been looking for Holy Water, bracelets or any mode of God’s visitation through Senior Prophet TB Joshua. I pray for you everyday for strength, wisdom, long life and that God should take you in the next dimension of his Glory.

  64. please send me wrisband. My problem is i work so hard yet without reward, no promotion to that effect . please pry for me. i should come to nigeria but i do not have money . pls kindly use the address : P O BOX AM 70, AMASAMAN-ACCRA GHANA . OR P O BOX OF 137 , OFANKOR -ACCRA GHANA. Ibelieve if i received the wrisband with prayers my problem would be over. GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU PROPHET T B JOSHUA.

  65. Man of God Prophet T B Joshua i watch emmanuel tv throgh crystal tv in ghana every sunday especially th 2nd service. i heard the announcement that more wrisband will be send to friends please kindly send me some for my brother who drinks so much,my wife, one year old son and myself and if possible for my friends. please below is the address: P.O. Box OF 137, Ofankor-Accra Ghana. or P.O.Box AM 70, Amasaman-Ghana. thank you may God continue to increase you more in end time to save more souls for christ.

  66. please dont forget about me wen send the wristband to our country.i wil be very honoured.thank you for changing lives.may God continue blessing u

  67. Emmanuel!!!

    Really distance is not a barrier. Indeed God is still saying something, He has given us another chance so we can discover who we are in
    Christ. I watched both the Sunday and Monday services and i was happy for Blessings who was cured of sickle cell anemia and also happy for every body who was delivered through the anointing wristband.

    Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua said on Monday that many anointed wristband will be send to many country to be distributed, if it will Please Man of God I really need it for my family more especially for my husband who don’t have nothing doing but I no that with God all thing are possible.

    Below is my phone number: +27712065929 Blessing Nwoye

    God Bless you all at Scoan.

  68. Praise the Lord.We Thank Almight God for the Prophet of our Generation Tb Joshua and the wise men. Man of God How can I get the anointed wristband, anointed water and sticker? my address is Gloria Mazoko, Tanzania Federetion of Cooperatives, Box 2567 Dar es Salaam, Mnazi Mmoja Lumumba Street, Ushirika building, 9th floor. May God bless this Ministry. It has really changed the life of many people including my family.

  69. Emmanuel, people of GOD may my life b converted through ur partnership with christ. I believe the annoited water can change my hardships thru faith. Im in SWAZILAND!!


  71. Emmanuel, Emmanuel,Emmanuel in jesus name Amen. we thanks God for yesterday service, it was a wonderful service.real God has remove every garment of sin, poorverty, hopelessness from our life. please my Dear brother in christ, im in need of the annionted wrist band, i and my familly( wife, son). thanks

  72. Thank you Jesus Christ for our Amazing miracles in our lives everyday especially the emmanueltv viewers, we are not left behind as the man of God always says distance is not a barrier, believing is only our connection. Just believe in the working miracle of our Lord Jesus Christ as He do it to others He will surely do it to you. Thank you Father for Your mercy and favour that is always speaking for me, i know the best is yet to come in my life. Remain bless my daddy in-the-Lord Prophet TBJ.

  73. Emmanuel ; (GOD BE WITH US ) Is true that God is with us , only when you believe . I great you all (T.B JOSHUA , WISE MAN AND THE MINISTIERY)in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CRIST.I was so happy to hear our father announcing that they will send us the WRISTBAND all over the word ,thank you JESUS . My name is Lorraine Tendayie Sithole from SOUTH AFRICA ,my adress is 61 Motlopi street, Phase 5, Lotus Garden,Atterigdevillee,00008 in PRETORIA .Please send for me and my husband I believe with that WRISTBAND we are going to be delivered from this barrenes. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ASWERING MY PRAYERS ABOUT THE WRISTBAND.THANK YOU MAN OF GOD, GOD BLESS YOU I WILL KEEP ON PRAYING FOR YOU ,WISE MAN AND YOUR MINISTIERY IN MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN.

  74. Dear Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua. I have been watching Emmanuel TV for some time now and have been immensely blessed. Thank God for you and your team of Evangelists.I live in Kaduna, Nigeria. How can i getthe annointed water, wrist band and sticker?
    Thank you and God bless
    Hassanatu Audu

  75. Dear Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Thank God for you and your team of Evangelists. I and members of my family are blessed since we discovered Emmanuel TV. I live in Kaduna, Nigeria and would like to make my own monthly token contribution to Emmanuel TV because i appreciate and believe in what God is using you to do.
    I am a widow blessed with a beautiful daughter, though i come from a large family. How can i get the annointed water, wrist band and sticker?
    Thank you and God bless.

  76. Emmanuel. God bless you sir for all your good work also to the wise Men and all worker of the emmanuel tv and the partners as well may God blessing continues to shawer on all of you in Jesus Amen because i know this our time of Second chance and better is not Good enough because the best is yet to come in our life. Sir i need the Wrist ban and the Anoiting Water for my Family My grand mum is sick and my some are suffering from mental disorder please sir help us i beg you in the name of God and i want you be our father in prayer i beg you sir we really need deliverance i thing i generational curse thank you and God Bless in Jesus Name Amen.

  77. God bless you sir for all your good work also to the wise Men and all worker of the emmanuel tv and the partners as well may God blessing continues to shawer on all of you in Jesus Amen because i know this our time of Second chance and better is not Good enough because the best is yet to come in our life. Sir i need the Wrist ban and the Anoiting Water for my Family My grand mum is sick and my some are suffering from mental disorder please sir help us i beg you in the name of God and i want you be our father in prayer i beg you sir we really need deliverance i thing i generational curse thank you and God Bless in Jesus Name Amen.

  78. I got healed while watching Emmanuel TV on the 4th of December 2010.I had terrible pains around my waist and in the womb.As a result I had not seen my menstrual cycle for some time.If came,it was not normal.When the prophet was praying for e viewers,thats when immediately my cycle was restored.Glory be to God.

  79. Emmanuel i thank God for giving me the previlage to watch Emmanuej tv since i am not able to come to the church but i have been happy seeing the Man of God and the Wise Men healing and delivering people i dont know but i need the Anoiting Wrist ban for me and my Family. I beg you in the name of God.

  80. Dear Man of God Prophet TB Joshua, I call myself addicted to Emmanuel.TV but I think is better to be addicted to the word of God than other worldly distractive things. As I am writing my comments I am busy with my assignments but my TV is on watching Emmanuel TV. Even if the programmes are repeating it does not matter to me and my family. On sunday and Monday I was glued to my TV to watch the live broadcasting and I also watch the rebroasting on Thursday and Friday. Man of God, how can I get the annointed water, wristband and the sticker. Please prophesise on me as well. Better is not good enough the best is still to come. I will write my exams next week and I pray to the Almighty to open my mind so that I can concentrate and pass. I thank you in Jesus name. God bless.

    • Can you please send me the wrist bands for my family. My address is House No. 16538 – 2nd Circle,Sunningdale 2, Sunningdale, Harare, Zimbabwe. I am desperate for those wrist bands and please send me 8 bands for adults.

  81. happy new yea. i praise GOD that am still living. i need deliverance. am facing alot of challeges in my business. last week on land lord forced me to get out of his premises where i do business for no reason. i had to pack my stock which is in the house nw. i have failed to get space to rent. i tried to call yr prayer lines for special divine intervention in vain. i deal in handicraft business. i have a family to look after. i have no money please pray for me. thanks,

  82. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    What a Mighty God we serve.

    The Prophecy of the man whose wife died was a surprise because really this shows that Jesus Christ is alive he never said good bye. I thought also the guy was not going to come out and confess the cause of his wife’s death. This is a good example of a person who wants a forgiveness from God. Surely our Lord Jesus Christ is a loving creator of mankind and heaven and earth. We are all covered by his blood.



  84. Emmanuel. If God be with us, who can be against us?
    No body in Jesus-Christ’s Name! Halleluiah!
    I want to testify the glory of the Almighty God in my life, thought Emmanuel TV, which I keep tuned all time, day and night, in my room where I am working with the United Nations in Chad.
    I thank God for His glory through His servant, Prophet TB Joshua, (Pastor, Evangelist, Man of GOD) who has exceptional consideration for others, for the most part my country (Haiti). Prophet TB, I love you. “Prophet TB”, this is the name that I use to talk about you to my colleagues.
    I put your pic on my desktop. Each time I start my PC, with your index finger upright through the heaven, meaning…..
    I am telling you, you persuade me to continue in this way. G.O.D is so good….,
    You are really a man of GOD. Stay blessed my brother. I love you my father in the Lord.

    I would like to attend the SCOAN ARENA for my birthday on second Sunday of February. I would like to meet you and for giving praises to GOG together. Gather some anointing water and wristband to go and help other people in JESUS-CHRIST’s NAME.

    To pray for me to be anointed profusely with the Holy Ghost Spirit, Glory be to GOD. After a few years, later on, with the United Nations, I want to return to my country and continue the work of the Lord which I’ve already started. I am going to pay my ticket this afternoon.
    “Better is not good enough,
    The best is yet to come, indeed”

  85. Praise the Lord!!

    I am patiently waiting for another chance in 2011 in Jesus’ name. I can’t be spared from giving my own testimony as others are doing. I know through Him nothing is impossible. My case can’t be different. Hallelujah!!

  86. God is really doing wonders.i wantd 2 ask hw sumone outside nigeria can get the wristband or sticker.if only i cud afford a plan ticket bt i knw my lord is able

  87. Realy distance is not a barrier.
    Indeed God is still saying something,He has given us
    another chance so we can discover who we are in

  88. I am glad I can e mail you. I would like to testify that each time I watch Emmanuel Tv, I can just feel the presence of the Lord. It is so amazing that God continues to re-veal Himself among his children. I was shocked by the visit (Ancient of Times) I was watching from Zimbabwe and all I could say was ” Glory be to God” Pray for me as I battle with Diabetes and High blood pressure. I know that at God’s time I will receive my Healing, Distance is not a barrier. My wish is to get Anoiting water and the bracelet. Pray for me.

  89. EMMANUEL : Happy New Year as it is in the begining of the year I great all of you in the name of the MIGTHY JESUS NAME . I would like to thank GOD who protect THE MAN OF GOD (T B JOSHUA) and the WISE MAN my name is Lorraine Tendayie Sithole from SOUTH AFRICA I am still watching your live service sunday and monday I even pray with you and praying for you guys . I am also happy for all those people who have been recieved the deliverence through the WRISTBAND and for those people was from my country they were at SCOAN ARENA .PLEASE I AM STILL ASKING FOR YOU TO SEND ME THE ANNOINTING WATER FOR THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB AND THE WRISTBAND FOR ME AND MY HUSBAND ,my contact number are (082 342 8414 )and please pray for us for the fruit of the womb I KNOW THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE BEFORE THE EYES OF GOD . IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN.

  90. I watched both the sunday and monday services and i was particulary happy for Blessings who was cured of sickle cell anemia and i was also happy for every body who was deliverd through the anoiting wristband .I am based in zambia and my wife and i are eagerly waiting our invitation letter so that we travel to Nigeria for our problem.Please pray for us so that my wife becomes pregnant.our problem is infertility.

  91. Thank you God for showing your still with us through the SCOAN. May God continue bless you all as you continue inviting people from different countires to witness the presents of the Lord.

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