Hope To Mankind
In the joyous spirit of Christmas, Wise Man Daniel encouraged all present (including the viewers) to greet their neighbour “Happy Christmas” in honour of the birth of the Saviour. “Happy Christmas! Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! Love was born at Christmas. This child born at Christmas our eternal hope became the son of God, in whom God invested much honour and power so that we might be happy in His presence.” And judging by the smiles on their faces, the congregants were indeed happy to be in the presence of The Ancient of Days – the Saviour of the world – Jesus Christ! Wise Man Daniel encouraged all to let their minds rise and seek the things that are above because as a Christian whose life comes from Christ we are from above and at all times should long to be there. In his message titled, Hope To Mankind, Wise man Daniel emphasised that as love’s products – the sons and daughters of love, we should act love, do love, follow in the light of love and let love lead. He concluded, “As we go about celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ – let us see it as an opportunity to love our neighbours as ourselves, forgive those who offended us and share what we have with others. Love and be loved; forgive and be forgiven; show kindness and receive kindness. This is the reason for the Christmas”. T.B. Joshua also echoed the importance of love stating that where the love of God dwells in a man, there is healing, deliverance and redemption and encouraged all who wanted to receive from God, to get into His Word.“Make sure your heart is in perfect fellowship with this living Word. In It, there is healing, salvation and redemption”, he said.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Wise Man Daniel

A Murderer Receives Forgiveness

A clear demonstration of God’s love was clearly evident in the case of Captain Godwin Amorighoye Kumani who was present with his family. During the Monday newcomer’s service, the previous week T.B. Joshua had given him a prophecy that he (Captain Godwin) was a murderer and that he had poured petrol on one of his children.

Captain Godwin And Family

He had confirmed the prophecy to be true. Captain Godwin confessed that after his son had confessed to him that he had initiated his siblings (Captain Godwin’s other children), he then tied him up, poured petrol on him and with Captain Godwin’s ‘seal of approval’, another relative (a cousin) set him alight and his son was burnt to death. After leading the congregation in prayer during the Monday service, T.B. Joshua had said that everyone had received forgiveness from God Almighty, even captain Godwin. The congregation learned that Captain Godwin Amorighoye had previously sent all his children out of his house after killing his late son as he had believed that they had all been initiated into witchcraft and wizardry by the late son who had confessed this.

Captain Godwin Amorighoye Kumani

It was a touching story listening to the children of Captain Godwin Amorighoye Kumani during the Sunday service of how a happy family had been torn apart by the devils wicked scheme to destroy them. Bawo Kumani, one of Captain Godwin’s daughters confessed that after her father accused her of being a witch, she ran away from the home and when life offered her no hope, she eventually resorted to prostitution. Bawo ended up having two children by two different fathers through prostitution and both of her children are fatherless. Another of Captain Godwin’s daughters said that after her father accused her of being a witch, she also ran away. Helen Kumani, another daughter said that she dropped out of school and felt as if she had wanted to run mental after being sent out of the family home.

When asked about the role of the mother in this tragedy, one of Captain Godwin’s sons, Michael Kumani, a university student studying engineering said with bitterness that his mother was the cause of their problems and that he believed if his father had a brother, the brother would have justifiably sent her out of the home. He confessed that he had previously chased his mother with a cutlass and also beat her up. It was a tragic story but T.B. Joshua promised the family that he would personally get involved in the reconciliation after their deliverance. He also said that he would deliver the father, Captain Godwin because he was the cause of the family’s problems.

After introducing the ‘Anointed Wristband’, T.B. Joshua called forward a newcomer to demonstrate the power of God and Captain Godwin was instantly delivered through the wristband. It was proof that God can use any medium to express Himself.

Captain Godwin was instantly delivered through the wristband.

Leg Ulcer Healed

Mrs Aduke was miraculously healed of a severe leg ulcer. Her leg was in such a terrible condition that it had warranted amputation. Showing the ‘before’ clips, the world watched in horror at the devastation that had been done to her flesh and skin through the terrible ulcer.

Mrs Aduke was miraculously healed of a severe leg ulcer.

Showing the ‘after’ clip, they joined her to rejoice, amazed at the healing that Jesus Christ had provided – a present state of restored flesh and skin. It was a reason to celebrate!

Mrs Aduke's leg - a present state of restored flesh and skin


A video was shown of the miraculous birth that took place during the Monday newcomers’ service. A baby was born immediately after T.B. Joshua prayed for the mother, Mrs Chinyere Gbani who became the proud mother of a beautiful bouncing baby girl. She delivered her baby in The SCOAN safely and without any complications.

Mrs Chinyere Gbani And Her New Born Baby

Testimony Time


10 Years of Barrenness and Shame Removed After Touching the Screen

32 year old Sharon Jones gave her awesome testimony of deliverance from 10 years of barrenness and shame. She stated that when she was watching Emmanuel TV’s live service one Sunday, T.B. Joshua told the viewers to touch the screen of their television and pray along with him. She did just that and shortly after, she and her husband made love and to the glory of God, she conceived. Needless to say, she was over the moon. What made the miracle even more amazing was the fact that she had the problems of fibroid, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst for which she had an operation and a spiritual husband making conception medically impossible. She related that how as the eldest of six siblings, she was the only one who was unable to conceive. She said that in her desperation to have a child, she had even consulted witchdoctors and when that didn’t work, she contemplated having IVF treatment. Her healthy and adorable 1 year and 11 months old son, Goolam Mohammed, sat on Sharon’s lap rolling his big brown eyes. He is a product of ‘touch your screen’. That is, distance is not a barrier.

Mrs Sharon Jones And Child

Sharon was indeed quick to advise viewers that distance is not a barrier to receive as she had experienced first hand that it’s no hoax. She had spent a lot of money trying different avenues all to no avail and was delighted that her answer came with just a touch of her television screen coupled with a belief that Jesus Christ can do the impossible!


Watch out for the Anointed ‘Let love lead’ wristband!

Anointed Wristband


  1. man of God i want a wrist band because im not geting married and in our family we die prematurely.please help me and my address is forestry deparment p.o box 710069, MANSA. Laupula Province. ZAMBIA

  2. Congratulations to Emmanuel TV; it truly have had impact in my family and life. We have been encompassed by Miracle and Testimonies.

    May the Grace of God continually increase.

  3. Man of God you have changed my life through your preaching and standard of life. I now understand words of God more clearly. I am always glued to the television to hear and learn more. The five wisemen are also great. We thank God for people like you.Emmanuel

  4. God is really working mighty things through proghet T.B Joshoua I believe my time is not far .This is the year of another chance and my is coming soon .I am still waiting for my invitation letter to come and get my own Blessings.

  5. may the almighty jehova continue to anoint senior pastor tb joshua give hime some many more days to leave till we all meet him personnally or til all our requests are met ie the anointing wrist band and or anointing water in jesus name amen

  6. Emmanuel

    Viewers all over the world how was the candle light?

    I enjoyed it so much I could feel that this is the day our lord Jesus Christ was born. I also did my candle light at home together with Snr Pastor T B Joshua and other worshipers, when it was taking place in SCOAN.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ deserved to be worshiped and praised for what he is and for anointing Snr Pastor T B Joshua to be one of his greatest servants.

  7. Thank you man of God, You are really blessing me with the miracles the Lord is doing through you. How do I get the Wristbank. Can it be ordered. I am from South Africa.

  8. Indeed God is working wonders through the man of God T.B Joshua, we a blessed in our family. Since we were able to watch the channel Emmanuel TV we enjoy the life of prayer.I personally believe the times of Paul and Peter are now, God used different medium to heal and deliver people, the wristband is a divine instrument from God, I wish to have one.

    From Botswana with love be blessed.

  9. we need love and love others than we can love our God thank u man of God you have helped me alot in life.i can even forgive others.

  10. God is the auther and the finisher. May God continue to give long life to Wise Man Daniel and use him the more and more, like wise all the other wise men.
    Can i be delievered and being healed without coming to SCOAN? if yes, how can i do.thanks.

  11. Emmanuel God with us

    The gift of Love

    All man of God who does not love read: 1 Corithians 13

    I quote the last verse which says:

    Verse 13 “And now these three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them all is Love”

    Pastors be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit every second. Practice and know the present’s of the Holy Spirit.

    Do not stop Jesus to search your heart so that you know where you belong. Once you know your mistake you will ask the Jesus Christ to correct it by praying in the Spirit and be a true servant of God, who love’s others

    Wow the anointed Wristband has been introduced by the servant of God Snr Pastor T B Joshua. I know the Wristband will do wonders to those who believe in Christ Jesus

    I wish I could have the Anointed Wristband as soon as possible, and also, the ambrella and the anointing water

    I wish all the Emmanuel tv and the SCOAN family a happy NEW YEAR

    Smile all of you God love’s you

    In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

  12. Thank uyou again Man of God, God is still doing great miracles through his servants. May God continue blessing his servants, because i believe through them we recieve God’s love and miracles.How can i get the anointed wristband?can it be sent by post?

  13. Every time you see signs and wonders,just know that God is present.The virtue in the wristband is from God,the virtue carrier.distance is not a barrier,i receive my own,whatever has been a stumbling block on my way,by the power and the anointing in the wristband it shall be moved and every red sea shall dry in the precious name of Jesus,Amen!

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