In his characteristic suffusion with admiration and adoration for the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua lifted the faith of all congregants by reminding them of the abiding presence of the Lord in their lives, by which fact their past was over. Citing Hebrews 1:3, he assured the congregation that where there is the Word of God, there is power. To know God’s presence, is to know His power. God does everything with power. To speak His name is one thing and quite another to speak His name in faith. Satan does not have power over us, as long as we keep the Word of God. Speaking in the same vein, Wise Man John Chi wondered aloud who can be against you, if God is with you. In his words, you are included in God’s plan of creation. The Ancient Of Days is about to walk in your midst and when He does that, healing will happen. Referring to Colossians, he told his listeners that the essence of the true church is the Christ in them. God expects a lifestyle of positive faith from us. The real man is just fine. How I feel has nothing to do with how I am. It is well with my soul. Adopting ‘It is Well’ as the title of his message, he chose 2nd Kings 4:8-27 as his proof text. In it, he drew attention to the Shunammite woman who looked beyond her present situation and saw hope. The happenings to us on the outside are an affliction that kills our happiness and zeal to move forward, but to the people of God, these serve as a tonic to move us forward and closer to God. Your situation is redeemable through Christ. All you need do is to be proud of it for God’s sake to feel the redemption. No one is healed or blessed without faith. Be bold to say, ‘It is well’, even in the face of trouble. Daniel in 6:10 thanked God even when there was no cause for that. As a Christian, your condition does not affect your relationship with God. Don’t let your situation mislead you. If you handle your bad times with care, they will turn to good times. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. Always say, ‘It is well’, with my soul. Jesus will not leave you without solving your problems, he assured the congregation as he rounded off his message. THE ANOINTING WATER Thereafter, Prophet T.B. Joshua showed new video footage of the healing and deliverance performance of the Anointing Water in the Ukraine, Capetown and worldwide. In Ukraine, after watching the footage and the miracles associated with The Anointing Water, people brought out handkerchiefs and bottles to collect the Anointing Water for themselves. Among the many miracles on the footage were the healing of a man of thyroid cancer and tumour, that of a man who was deaf from the age of five and two women, one with a spine problem and the other, breast cancer. In Cape Town South Africa, equally startling revelations were displayed on the footage. After taking the Anointing Water, a woman depleted her bloated stomach by continuous vomiting of the poison that caused the swelling, becoming relieved in the ensuing healing. Another woman from Congo using a walker because of rheumatism and other ailments, rose to her feet and walked after taking the Anointing Water. A woman with copious bleeding right from October last year found healing in the Anointing Water causing the fibroid to drop. Delivered From the Spirit Of Lust One of those on whom the wise men laid hands last Monday was Mr Mmadubuko Nkenna Charles, a Nigerian living in South Africa. A man in the throes of congenital lust, who had enjoyed many illicit relationships with other women including his wife’s cousin causing his wife to desert him. He had sought deliverance in the hands of many pastors but all to no avail. His wife, believing only Prophet T.B. Joshua could deliver him effectually, advised him to come to The SCOAN for same. He passionately pleaded with the prophet for deliverance saying, ‘When things are hard, the only solution is you and that is why I am here.’ He fell down in deliverance as the prophet shouted, ‘Jesus’. Asked to shout Jesus himself by the prophet, he fell down again as he shouted the name. The prophet had earlier promised to assist him with a flight ticket to bring his wife from South Africa to The SCOAN for their reconciliation after his deliverance. A young man by name Oseni Yakubu from Cameroon who had been plagued by the spirit of anger and who consequently had stabbed many people, both in his home country and in Algeria during his illegal transit to Spain, as the prophecy to him by Wise Man John Chi revealed, was delivered by the prophet by merely shouting the mighty name, Jesus. He was accompanied to the church by his twin sister, Mary who too had suffered aggression much in his cursed hands. Another interesting deliverance was that of the daughter of a pastor resident in Ghana but whose daughter, in focus, travelled to Aba in Nigeria where he prayed for somebody and the evil spirit from the person entered her causing abnormality in her. Subjected to deliverance by Prophet T.B. Joshua, she resorted to meaningless mumble ‘til the evil spirit was finally exorcised from her being. World Champion Wrestlers World Champion Wrestlers who had come for a tournament to be held in Lagos and were staying as guests at The Synagogue Church of All Nations attended the Sunday service.  The American UPWF/ WWE Wrestlers included Shelton Benjamin – The Gold Standard, Barbarian and Warlord – The Powers of Pain, Mrs Seini Vailahi – UPWF CEO, Rhaka Khan, Lindsay Hayward a 6’9 wrestler, Jeff Lewis, Mike Mondo, Tatanka and Chavo Guerrerro. Ultimate Commander of Nigeria was also present who seemed to get cold feet concerning the planned fight with Benjamin Shelton and to the amazement of the congregation threw himself on the floor in front of the Prophet pleading for God to favour him concerning the fight. T.B. Joshua however said that he would prefer to steer clear as both Commander and Benjamin Shelton were ‘under his roof’.

19 thoughts on “IT IS WELL

  1. Im touched humbled and in tears l just chose this month to read after l e-mailed 2minutes ago about my problem and came across a story of the South African woman who left her husband because he had congenital lust and how he was delivered really God is saying something about my mariage.

  2. Thank God for pastor T.B Joshua, he is the only true man of God i know so far and if others should learn from him the world would have been a better place for all. May God give him more power to continue helping the world. Amen

  3. Emmanuel,Im one of the regular views of emmanual tv I always watch and pray wth prophet Tb joshua and the wise men,i have now learnt that the spirit of God is within me and the resurection power of jesus christ.I want to thank God for the divine grace put on tb joshua,scoan is a trigger point for the holy spirit. pls send me the wristband,i want to have breakthrough in financial problems,am in debts help me come out of this,I want to serve my God diligently.

  4. Even though he and many of his compatriots had laid down their arms and surrendered to the Federal Government they were yet to enjoy the ease of conscience as only their physical being was catered for in the accord with the Federal Government. As they put it they were in constant confrontation both in the day and in dream with the spirits of those they had exterminated as the latter were implacable in their quest for vengeance. According to the Prophet the militants had been tormented both night and day by the spirits of those they had killed and no amount of reconciliation with the Federal Government could assuage these spirits.

  5. I want to continue thanking the man of God prophet tb joshua,i say spirit of Jesus christ in him and the wise men this is awesome,glory be to the most high God who has anointed the prophet with this of God pls send me wristbands for my family and i,we are 4 in my family and one nice who is 4 address:A41 mine township,chililabombwe,zambia.

  6. Emmanuel (God with us)

    Snr Pastor T B Joshua and Mrs E Joshua the Lord God Almighty is able to carry you through. Be strong in Christ our prayers are with you.

    I want you to be one of the candidates of Heaven because you are a really servant of Almighty God When Jesus Christ comes to take the ones who were obeying his word the Bible your name should be on the register

    The devil is a looser and a lair he knows that his days are numbered so he is trying to get many people to join him as much as he can


  7. IThank God for what wonderful things happening at scoan.Actually i attended the service on sunday and monday 26 and 27.May God Prophent T.B. joshua,five wise men and all synagogue members for the very very wonderful ministry.more on others and less on ourselves.

  8. JESUS……I AM WELL, because i have a GOD WHO NEVER FAILS.
    how WONDERFUL, and GREATFUL…..because our God the father always keep his promises i will never carry my problems with me, as i hope in the LORD…I AM WELL, EVERYTHING IS OK in JESUS name
    PRAISE THE LORD…. ( bafedile in Botswana)

  9. Emmanuel God with us

    If the Almighty God is with us who can be against us.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for directing the wrestlers to visit SCOAN. By the Grace of God I am sure the wrestlers will spread the word of God to other stars to come to SCOAN to hear the word of the Living God from the Snr Pastor T B Joshua and the Wise man. I know that they heard a great experience.
    Praise God

  10. Thank you man of God.I have learnt and I am living a practical christian life through your ministry.may God bless and contnue to use you mightyly to save the souls of men.Amen

  11. ‘It is well !! ‘

    My heart goes out to you all, for the sterling
    work you are doing.Through your efforts some
    people like me are growing spiritually everyday.

    In Jesus’ name.Remain Blessed


  12. its amazing what God can do.this has given me hope.l’ve been feeling very low.wondering if my life is worth much shame.But because he lives,l can face tomorrow.

  13. Emmanuel!!! Indeed SCOAN accommodates all kind of
    people, i was so encouraged even seeing the wrestlers
    in the church.I thank God for the gift of love that
    has put in you. May God bless you man of God and
    all family of SCOAN.

    Sis Derby.

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