Emmanuel TV has changed frequency!

Attention all Emmanuel TV Viewers:
Emmanuel TV has moved from frequency 12682, symbol rate 26657 to frequency 12722, symbol rate 26657 – where you are watching us now. Please share this message with others. God bless you!

Press “Menu”
Press “Installation”
Press “Auto Scan” or “Auto Search” or “Scan All” or “OK”
Scroll down the list of channels for “Emmanuel TV” or “Emman”


Press “Menu”
Press “Installation”
Press “Manual Scan”
Select: Satellite Name – IS7/10
Select: Frequency: 12722
Select: FEC: ½
Select: Symbol Rate: 26657
Select: Polarisation: Vertical
Press “Scan” or “Search” or “OK”
Scroll down the list of channels for “Emmanuel TV” or “Emman”

Press “menu”
Press advanced option
Press code: 9949
Select network 2-change to DSTV Pas 7
Select LNB ON
Select LNB mode: dual frequency
Frequency: 11170
Symbol rate: 26652
FEC: 5/6
Polarisation: vertical
Enter “OK”
Scan all networks
Wait for scan to finish
Push TV button on remote
Select public PAS 7/10

117 thoughts on “Emmanuel TV has changed frequency!

  1. I do watch emmanuel tv on DSTv Decoder but now I am moving to HD Decoder I just can’t access Emmanuel tv on it what must I do? Please help

  2. Please pray for me and my family, for restoration, my marriege is fall a party, pray for my husband to came back to me, pray for my boss to permanent me, to increase my salary. Pray for financial breakthrough amen.

  3. Due to the changes that DStv is going through you will not be able to access free channels from IS7/10 since DStv is now using IS20.

    But there is a way to access some of the public channels Hotbird / IS20.
    All that you need to do is to adjust your LNB Hi frequency from 10700 to 10600, then you will be able to pick-up some of the public channel or email me at tumelobaloyi2014@gmail.com

  4. Pleas multi choice i mean the bosses of multi choice we as the world at large cant suvive without the christian channels that u have blocked pleas like me alone i want my emmanuel tv back to my screen i can even pay for it pleas do something for the glory of god

  5. Can’t live without Emmanuel TV, Thank u so much for the new settings didn’t know what to do as it was off for 4 days bcoz of change in frequency

  6. Please help I’m trying to get Emmanuel tv on my dstv. I’ve tried these settings but im not winning. It says is20 this is really upsetting

    Please help anyone

    • The best way of watching Emmanuel TV is to use a free to air decoder.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

    • Hi my name is aubrey from soweto here are my numbers send me your numbers I will send you the settings which decoder are you using 0825980627

  7. People of GOD please help me to set Emmanuel tv on my dstv decoder ive tried all kind of settings still i cant find it. I am using DSD3u decoder and its extra view

  8. Man of GOD. I appreciate all you do for GOD. Please pray for my boyfriend John Havlik to marry me. That I can get my ‘Green Card’.
    Please pray for my brother Emmanuel Sentanda. He was bewitched. Please pray for my brother to respect my Parents again.
    Thank you. And GOD bless you.

  9. I am stil strugling to find emanuel Tv I am staying in Pretoria South Africa can you pls assist me to get hold of this channel since it change I can’t find it any more

  10. plz assist me with the new emmanuel tv fregquencis where i can be able to watch The channel on my DSTV DISH, i am unable to watch the emmanuel tv at all. thanks i am in namibia.

  11. Keep watching Emmanule .tv and see what the Lord has done into peoples lives, testimonies after testimonies are being said everyday. Many people have been healed, delivered, blessed through praying along with the Man of GOD touching the screen of their television with faith and they received more of good things and their lives was transformed.
    Become an Emmanuel tv Partner and change the lives, change the nations and change the world by transforming lives of people into a better life so that the world will be a better place to live. So that they know that Lord Jesus Christ cares for them he is a compassionate king, he loves them and he never said goodbye.

  12. man of God i just want to tell u that am so much happy about the work of God ur doing, my God will always bless u,also i need ur help please i want u to heal me man of God sickness want to pull me down please come to my rescue iam Ubah Johnson by name thanks

  13. Hi
    I’m using a PVR decoder,may you please advise me in how to access Emmanuel TV because I’m strugling.

  14. Iv tried all those settings but emmanuel jst doesn’t show,so stressd and disappointed coz l have been trying for a long time to no avail


    Dear Man of GOD ,
    How do we, in the UK be opportune to lay
    hand on the New Anointing water ?.

  16. I wanna know if it possible for me to access Emmanuel Tv on my HD PVR Decoder.
    If it possible I’m humbly requesting you to send me the settings because I really wanna watch Emmanuel Tv

  17. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ , My name is Dumisani Hamilton Duma I love the Lord so much I’m pastor but the church that I’m pastoring is not growing
    Spiritual and in numbers Please I need prayers to preache Gospel by Power and Fire. God Bless you and the prayer Team

    From: Hamilton Duma at South Africa KZN 0824835166

  18. pray with me man of God for favour at my working place and increase in wisdom more grace with high skill and interligence at work.

  19. I love Emmanuel TV I can’t live without it.Pls pray for us to be obidient to our father in heaven and to do his will.we love u man of God and the wise men stay blessed

    • Pretty which decorder are you using ,and which country?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

  20. Thank you for your prayer, I thank God for his wonderful gift He gave me through your prayer, I was looking for the baby for about three years since I got married, When I saw the channel of God i started touching the screen one day God answered me. He blessed me with a baby Boy. Now he is one year old. I thank God for His kindness. May God Bless you. I need to get Annointing Water and Sticker. Please can you send me.
    God Bless You T. B. Joshua and all wise Men.

  21. lm in the uk my family they are in Zimbabwe l have recently bought a satelite dish but its not yet installed lm wondering whether is gona be possible to have Emanuel tv on our sets if yes how to switch on to the program pls help ,lam a strong believer of the men of God ‘s work through Jesus christ .thanx

    • Which decoder have you bought ? The best decoder for Emmanuel Tv is free to air decoder.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

  22. Emmanuel! For the last 2 weeks I hv been without Emmanuel TV such that I am now seeing negative impact in my life! Kindly advise via email steps to follow to connect the channel! I’m in South africa and I am dstv decoder subscriber. Many thanks and stay blessed!

    • Buy a free to air , decoder Emmanuel Tv is permanent.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

  23. Emmanuel, thank you for wonderful news. How can we live without emmanuel tv,is like living without air you cann’t survire. This is because the preaching,prayer and the testimonies,are our source of survival. Thank you and may God bless you for you are doing for us. Amen.

  24. King of kings Lord Jesus Christ thank you so much for healing, and delivering, the people you created. What you say is what you will do. Let your name be glorified.

    • The best decoder is free to air for Emmanuel Tv.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

  25. By divine intervention!Multichoice Sa.decided to enable hdpvr,owners to tune in community channels where we can excess Emmanuel tv.from 1October,2012.Keep praying ,we need it on mobile tv.The living word,express in and among His children,through the Holy spirit!Amen!

  26. Scoan you rock we are delivered! I wish to come to nigeria for total deliverance thank God for this chanel praise God!

  27. In South Africa we are having a huge problem with reinstalling the Emmanuel channel as it is the only chanel that never comes on when we upgrade to the new smart cards and going on PVR or even extra view. This is totally uncalled for because how can we have all the channels and not Emmanuel TV.

    Please do help where possible.

  28. Im using PVR decoder is about a month now im not see emmanuel tv.It dissappeared even on channel list.Please help in dar tanzania

  29. Please help. The frequencies above ar not workin i.e. 12722, 26657. I have a Dstv IS7. Im in zimbabwe.

    Thank u fo the assistance in advance.

  30. i love emmanuel tv but am unable to watch on my dstv w4.please help on how to watch it on my DSTV W4. Decoder no 1110

    • what problem do you have watching T.B. Joshua and Irene? please expand. if you cannot tune in follow instructions on how to get to the channels properly. watch Emmanuel tv it will change your life if you believe.

  31. I greet you all in the name of God , can someone assist me with how to tune in to emmanuel tv on a wiztech decoder in zimbabwe

  32. Emmanuel – God is with us. I congratulate Emmanuel tv it is now 5 years. May the good Lord Jesus Christ keep anointing the founder Snr Pastor T B Joshua and the Emmanuel tv family for this wonderful tv channel which is building people and nations.
    Thank Lord Jesus Christ

  33. Emmanuel! I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ , as im , im a product of Emmanuel , partner of Emmanuel tv. Zambians in Lusaka , Emmanuel tv channel is difficult for you call me. Its free, free of charge. Evangelist Evans Mwansa. +260977649790 or evans.mwansa@yahoo.com.

  34. Immanuel Television, Thank you very much for the good information because sometime your channel went off here in Namibia, than we struggle to go and look the person who will come a put back the channel, why sometimes is very hard to do it, because this peoples charging us N$290 to N$300.00 to put back the channels. Now we know how to put back if all channel went offline. Praise God for your information. I love you Immanuel TV. May His blessed you all……

    Yours in Namibia
    Martha-Hilya Namupala

  35. I kept on thinking for a whole night about the fate of Emmanuel TV when i tuned in for 2 days and the channel was off the air. I am excited i can now watch the channel also on DSTV. Kudos to the man of God, Pht T.B Joshua and Emman. TV crew.

  36. Thanks for the information. I can now watch my favourite tv channel again. Yes, Better is not good enough, the Best is yet to come.

  37. Thank you very much for the information.The past two days i could not watch Emmanuel tv, and feel so
    down and worried. I asked my collegue and they got the same problem. Now we can view again.I cannot without Emmanuel tv.Be blessed
    in Jesus name.

  38. Thank you Emmanuel TV Team for broadcasting the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide and also winning souls for Christ. Wishing you compliment of the season in advance. HEAVEN IS OUR TARGET!!!

  39. Thank you for informing us, at first we didnot know we just recognised that the beloved channel is missing among the list so we were busy shouting to our usual enemy (devil).Thanks

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