As soon as the adoration music which had been enjoyed for some time was over, Prophet T.B. Joshua, bubbling with admiration for the Lord’s willingness and readiness to act now for His people, spoke spiritedly in praise of the Lord. In his words, Jesus blesses now, acts now, saves now and Jesus is NOW.

Prophet T.B Joshua

He reminded the Church of the need to focus on the future in order to conquer the past. However bad or unfavourable the past must have been, focusing on the future is the best way to overcome it. A situation of persecution, hatred and failure in the past can be overcome by focusing on the future with its blessings. ‘My past is over’, he asked the congregants to repeat after him. If your past is not considered, then you have no problem. He cited the case of the adulterous woman who was to be stoned by the mob and how Jesus diffused the tension in them by asking any of them who had not committed a similar sin in the past to cast the first stone. As the congregation rose to their feet, he led them in confessions of faith: ‘I am justified. I am no longer condemned. Defeat and failure are things of the past. Thank You, Jesus.’ “The life of struggle, disappointment, failure, sickness, hatred and isolation is over. Take it, believe it and act on it. Your prayers of the past are not lost”, he assured his listeners. “You are here to reap your fruit. The day of payment is one on which all pressures and tensions are diffused because it is a day of reward”, he concluded.

Mounting the altar in succession to the prophet, Wiseman Harry in giving his message titled, DISCOVER YOUR REAL VALUE acknowledged and celebrated the omnipotence of the Lord.

Wise Man Harry

In his words, “If God is with us, nobody can be against us”. He recognised the day as the time for God to deliver, heal and save all His people. Jesus is the Word by whom God speaks to us. According to Hebrews 13:8 he maintained, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. This means, he explained, whatever is rooted in the Lord is stable, incontestable and untouchable. He reminded the Church that in life, we are in a situation everyday where we make decisions. When insulted, we decide whether to forgive them or insult them back. The question therefore is: are you making the right decisions or not? Are your decisions rooted in God’s Word? Whatever is rooted in God’s Word is permanent. Unless your decisions are rooted in God’s Word, they cannot stand at the time of great need. Whatever decisions you are making determine who you are before God. What is the greatest decision in life? To put your trust in Christ Jesus is the most important decision you can make in life. Life’s greatest decision is what you do with Jesus Christ. You should see life as Jesus does. You should see yourself as the way Jesus sees you to see your real value and the purpose of God.
Citing Gen.37:5 and 9-11, he reminded the Church of Joseph and his dream. Joseph told his dream to his brothers and they hated him for it. Amplifying his point, he added: if you say you are too young or too old to succeed in life, consider the case of Joseph or Moses. Moses was called to be a deliverer at the age of 80. Nobody is too young or too old to succeed in life. The photograph of everyone’s future is planted in everyone by the Holy Spirit and it becomes a seed within everyone. It must be watered before it produces its harvest. This means, he exhorted the congregation, we have a role to play. The role is to believe that photograph. Joseph believed his dream and it came to pass. We want to remain in the warm arms of our parents, relations and country. We are afraid to venture into the cold arms of society. What many people are to be in life may not be situated in their parents’ house or country. That is why many people who are supposed to be leaders are still followers. Many of us wait for parents and society to agree with us before we can boldly step out. Man cannot discover a new ocean if he does not lose sight of the shore. When you believe your dream, you can become a man of vision. To a man of vision, there is always a future. This is why Joseph, in the dry pit, says, I know where I belong. Even in the face of temptation he says, this is not where I belong. I know my real value. Discover your real value by seeing whatever you are doing as an assignment from God. You cannot afford to disappoint Him because one day you will go back to Him. Life is too short to waste time on things that are evanescent, he concluded.

Many of the physically challenged trooped into the auditorium to give testimonies of the prophet’s charitable works for them in the past and hopefully looking forward for their school fees for the current session. Prophet T. B. Joshua admonished the assembly on the need to show concern for the needy and always help them.
The first physically challenged recipient was one Mr Salami Lukeman, a blind man who came out 2nd Class Upper in Law in the University of Lagos.

Mr Salami Lukeman

He said he had battled with much financial stress in course of his first degree programme before he met Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had come at the end of the first degree programme to seek further assistance to do the MA degree in Law. For that, according to him, he required a special computer costing about half a million naira. The man of God assured him of his readiness to sponsor him even to a Ph. D level. He gave him the sum of N500,000.

Mr Salami Lukeman recieves the sum of N500,000

The second physically challenged recipient was Mrs Esther Oyema of Edo State. She had just come back from India with a gold medal that she won in the Common Wealth games.

Mrs Esther Oyema

She recalled her frustrations as an athlete before she became a member of the SCOAN. She attributed most of her successes to the Anointing Water. She would use the Anointing Water any time she was out for one kind of selection or the other and, to God be the glory, she had always been successful. Her classification as being perfect for the Common Wealth games, she attributed to her prayer and the Anointing Water. It was in the Common Wealth games that she won the gold medal. She thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua as a catalyst for her success in sports. She complained about her crutches which inflicted physical pain on her and would opt for a wheelchair, if the man of God would be so kind. In his surprising reaction, the man of God gave her an automatic car – a Honda Acura car.

Mrs Esther recieves the sum of N1,000,000 and a Honda Acura car

He additionally gave her the sum of one million naira to open an account, promising her a ticket to spend her holiday in any part of the world.Saying that he was acting for Nigeria, the prophet seized the opportunity to appeal to companies and other profit making establishments to come to the aid of the physically challenged and more especially the athletes among them. Government, according to him, cannot do everything.The next was Mrs Onyinyechi, a physically challenged lady who enjoyed sponsorship in her first degree and a gift of a wheelchair from the man of God. She, now blessed with a husband, came, according to her, to ask the man of God for sponsorship in her second degree.

Mrs Onyinyechi receives the sum of N200,000

Surprisingly again, the prophet, in addition to acceding to her plea, gave her a gift of a car.

Mrs Onyinyechi and her husband receives the sum of N200,000 and a car

She was also given the sum of N200,000 to fuel the car. In thanking the man of God, the husband said he was not only flabbergasted and overwhelmed, but he was truly ‘flabberwhelmed’. The rest of the physically challenged were offered gifts of money and wheelchairs. The man of God sermonised on the benefits of doing charity works rather than heaping one’s wealth in banks. He advised that there is more blessing in works of charity and almsgiving than in piling wealth in banks. The best bank to put money in is charity work, he said. Money, he maintained, is not the right will for children because it brings trouble to them. The right will is to point them to success and leave your money for the needy. A total sum of eighteen million naira was spent on these gifts and scholarships.

A video clip of the last Monday meeting was played concerning a mother and her son. In a prophecy in the said clip, Prophet T. B. Joshua said he saw a knife and blood and that the son would kill his mother by the following week if he was allowed to go without deliverance.

Yaye Zamgbo

The prophecy was about a lady and her son, by name Yaye Zamgbo both from Cameroon. In his testimony, Yaye Zamgbo confirmed the prophecy and admitted that he had a spirit of anger. He added that whenever he was angry, he would not want anybody to be close to him, especially his mother. He ended, pleading with the man of God for deliverance.

Yaye Zamgbo and mother

His mother, Juliet confirmed both the prophecy and her son’s testimony. In his comments, the prophet maintained that revelations always come with deliverance. It is the role of the pastor to preach and that of Christ to make it happen, he affirmed.
The second video clip relates to a man and his fiancée. The clip revealed how, in course of the mass prayer, the fiancée fell to the ground and confessed she was a demon who used her evil power to destroy her fiancé. She also confessed to being a snake and had used her powers to get her husband sacked from work. She revealed that as soon as she entered the auditorium, she felt pain in her back and had been uncomfortable all along. In his reaction, the man introduced her as his fiancée and added that he was flabbergasted to see her fall in course of the mass prayer. The prophet however, opined that he regarded the two of them as disparate individuals in the Church and he would ask God, after her deliverance, whether their matching as a couple was by providence or not. Reacting to the video clip as played, the man of God announced that it was no use reminding the Church of their ugly past and that after the deliverance they were well matched in the eyes of God for the planned matrimony and encouraged them to follow the due process for connubial consummation.

The third video clip relates to a woman who called herself a prophetess in error. Reacting to her testimony and dream, the man of God told her that the snake that bit her in the dream was meant to kill her and that neither she nor the prophet who christened her prophetess was one. Delivered, she and her husband, Pastor Uche of Redeem Church of God thanked the man of God profusely, both calling him the best Daddy. Pastor Uche bemoaned his life as a person who, after working very hard as a pastor and planting many branches of his church, realised that he had not achieved much as a person.

Pastor Uche and wife

He further revealed that his coming to The SCOAN was partly prompted by a dream in which he saw Prophet T. B. Joshua. He told the congregation and the whole world that there is God in this Church and that since his stay in the Church, he had not had any nightmares.

The next testimony came from Mrs Mary Matthew, a witchdoctor who, among many atrocities committed by her, revealed that she caused the deaths of a couple because of a land case.

Prophet T.B. Joshua gives a word of prophecy to Mrs Mary Matthew that she is a witch doctor.

Her powers were shrouded in her dreadlocks which had remained unshaven and unkempt for fourteen years. Of all her nine children, according to her daughter who accompanied her, she had killed eight leaving only her.

Mrs Mary Matthew and daughter

The man of God never encouraged much revelation of her atrocities as they as were awful.

Mrs Mary Matthew

He however, assured the only surviving daughter of her security in the Lord saying that her meat would not be palatable to the demon.

A video clip of Mrs Florence Ajuonuma with her leg ulcer was activated. It showed how much for nine years the ulcer had threatened the whole leg; so much that amputation became advisable.

Mrs Florence Ajuonuma at The SCOAN with the problem of leg ulcer

She had been to hospitals without a solution. She came to The SCOAN for prayer and it was given her by the prophet.

Prophet T.B. Joshua prays for Mrs Florence at The SCOAN prayer line.

Mrs Florence comes back to The SCOAN a few weeks later to share her testimony.

Soon after the prayer, the ulcer closed up in healing. She, accompanied by her husband, came forward in the service to glorify the Lord.

The next was a cancer case which affected one Mr Soda from Togo. It was cancer of the arm which threatened the arm with amputation. It was one of the Wise Men, Harry that prayed for him to usher in the healing. He came forward to glorify God for His mercy.

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  1. Emmanuel!!

    I love and admire your works so much Man of God.  May God continue shinng upon you always. You inspire and as well bless me. May you live longer.

    Man of God I saw myself with a letter in my dream after seeing you but I couldn’t read the contents. Thank you for the revelation if ever it means a new level in my life.

    Praised be the Lord!!!

  2. I LOVE this ministry and the minister T.B. Joshua.See the truth about the Bible in display each time i have the opportunity to watch on TV.Indeed this man of God has faced more persecution than any one i can think of in resent times.I thank God that He kept him during his worst moments and he did not quit.Now,we can see why it all happened in the first place.To God be the Glory.

  3. ALL those miracles are truth now me i can believe 80% and the 20% remains.i m thomas i wish my own testimony so i can start to believe 100%.i wish the GOD OF scoan to overcome me out of this bondage i m facing into my life since 23 months now.business shut down.a lot debts,financial crisis,bankruptcy,business failure,lost of money most of time,no customer to deal with them

  4. greetings in the name of Jesus,I am Wendy Muthaki from South Africa Johannesburg I would like to know when Prophet T.B will be coming to the branch that is in Cape town. If at all you know please notify me +27(0) 730 550 7550 / wendytendani03@gamail.com

  5. EMMANUEL!!!!
    Please Prophet T.B.Joshua continue with the work of
    GOD you are doing and may GOD bless you in JESUS name,you are realy changing the souls.I whatch you
    nearly every day on the TV and I get blessed of what I see you doing,I love you man of GOD.I need
    healing I have gastric hernia ,high blooo/p please pray for me my family my work and my finance too.How can I get hearing water from you for my family please help me.


  6. oh man of god thank for re-send to me the picture of
    mirracle, i wish it could be me and my family, so please, i think you are continue to pray for me and my family also. and you are thinking about sending me the ANOINTED WATER THROGH MY ADDRESS.
    All the Team of SCOAN pray agaist me and my family, also do not forget to send to me anointed water.And stey blessed in Jesus Name Amen

  7. wow,God keeps on doing wonders for his people. I thanks Him for using His power through his servant Prophet T.B Joshua ma u be blessed now and for ever more we appreciate God for your life.

  8. man of God i just want to thank you for many many works you are doing….man of God bless am begging you please remember me in your prayers,my problems are just to many to mention…God be with you always


  10. God is a miracle worker, he shows himself strong were pipo have lost hope . He is the same today,yesterday and forever.amen

  11. I can see the signs and wonder doings of the Lord. May the name of the Lord alnoe be exalted now and forever in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Distance is not a barrier I beleive that one day God of T.B joshua will visit and locate my problems despite the distance.

    I have faith in God because he is the Author and the finisher of my faith.

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