Jesus Christ wanted His resurrection power to flow through His believers. This desire was fulfilled on Sunday the 3rd October 2010 as Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men ministered healing to the sick, liberation to the oppressed, and God’s blessing to those in need in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, through God’s Word and by His Spirit. Truly, the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power is available to the one who believes.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The amazing, power-packed service started with a parable:

In a certain province, a king whose only son was about to get married sent his two servants to the market to buy good fruit for the wedding ceremony. One of the two servants took along with him a sample of the good fruit to the market, while the other servant hurriedly forgot to go with the sample of good fruit. When they got to the market individually, each of them saw two sets of fruit:
1. The good fruit and
2. The bad fruit
The servant with the sample of the good fruit identified it, bought it and quickly brought the good fruit to the king for his only son’s wedding ceremony. The other servant who forgot to go with the sample of the good fruit delayed, bought and brought the bad fruit to the king. The king received the servant with the good fruit and ushered him in to the banquet hall to eat and dine with the bride and the bridegroom, while the servant with his bad fruit was thrown out.

This is a parable. Let’s open this parable and discover the truth in it.

Here, the two servants represent two sets of people in the world today who are given an equal opportunity to hear, believe and obey the Word of God. To the wise in heart, this parable shows that there are those who hear but do not believe and obey the Word of God and there are those who hear, believe and obey the Word of God. By their fruit you will know them.

God always rewards the obedient. He does not necessarily reward good, smart or wealthy people; He rewards the obedient. When God the Almighty comes to reward mankind, the question will not be, “Who comes from the North, South, East or West?”, “Who can read and quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation?”, “Who can preach and teach powerful sermons?”, “Who can fast and pray all day?” but this very question will be, “Who is a doer of the Word of God?” because it is the doer of the Word of God that receives things from God.

Proof text: James 1:22-25
“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it—he will be blessed in what he does.”

Today, we study the Word. We know all about the Word, but we do not do it. We fail to know that knowing God is not only seeing His works but also learning His way. It is the will of God to bless you, to prosper you, to heal you, to deliver you and to save you but you have a role to play. The great Gospel duty is to believe. Do you believe? Remember that in life, everything has theory and practical. Your life is full of theory and practical. Christianity is two-sided – theory and practical. For us to enter the practical side of Christianity, we must understand that what God wants from us is far more than just saying, “Thank You, Lord for healing me”, “Thank You, Lord for delivering me”. It is as much about listening as it is about speaking – I mean, how we respond in the dialogue.

Christ is the Word by whom God speaks to us. When you know that the Word is God speaking to you now, it is not difficult to obey it – to act upon it. How do we act on the Word of God? The Bible says in the book of Romans 10:8-10, for with the heart man acts on God’s Word. The heart acts and drives the mouth to confess. We are called to God’s kind of lifestyle based on positive faith, thinking, talking and acting. Mankind is designed to think, talk, act and plan with God. When you act with God, you will know God’s opinion about yourself and others. But this can only happen through His Word, by His Spirit – when His Word and His Spirit become an integral part of our being. For it is only the doer of the Word that receives things from God. Ask Solomon – the wisest man in the Bible – in the book of Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and he will tell you that those who are rich in the true sense of the word act on the Word of God. . The doers of the Word of God receive at their obedience a gift from God – the gift of the Holy Spirit. I do not say a part of the Holy Spirit, a measure or a manifestation. What I mean is the gift of God.

Wise Man Christopher

The reason why many Christians cannot get the Holy Spirit after graduating from theological school is because they commit the Word into memory alone. When you commit the word into memory alone, It will not influence your conduct and behaviour. One thing I want you to know is that you cannot build one up spiritually on philosophy and theory of the Word. Everyone is born-again ordinarily, but not everyone is born-again spiritually. We are only made spiritual by living in the Word and by the Word living in us. Therefore, we must embrace the wonderful Word of God as the most effective instrument for change. So, read your Bible regularly, attentively and repeatedly so that you become familiar in the way and manner God speaks and the way and manner we answer Him with our lives. This powerful message by Wise Man Christopher challenges all to take God’s Word to heart, truly make it part of us so that it will, by its very nature change us – and when it does we will be called to act, act with God.

Before the Wise Men entered the prayer line to minister to the hundreds who had come from across Nigeria and from countries around the world, Mrs Falaiye Ekosanmi came forward to bring a message of encouragement to those waiting to receive. A video playing in the church showed that Mrs Falaiye was previously not the joyful, healthy person the congregation saw in their midst.

Having come for healing from a severe leg ulcer which had decayed her entire leg, Mrs Falaiye, sitting in the same seats as the afflicted that Sunday, had received the power of Christ’s resurrection throughout her entire system, resurrecting all that had been dead. The once decaying leg, flesh, muscle, oozing with poison, was now fully restored, closed and glowing. Running through the prayer line tapping her healed leg, Mrs Falaiye increased the faith of all to receive their own promised miracle. She stood as living proof that the Miracle Worker, Jesus Christ, is still alive – and that He was just a moment away from them.

Mrs Grace Boza, a woman living in the United States originally from Sudan, later came forward to present her own story. She had been brought to The SCOAN by her sister-in-law in the previous week, as they were seeking divine healing for Mrs Grace.They had taken Mrs Grace to many places in search of a solution to her problem of Multiple Sclerosis and Inability to Walk, all to no avail. The two women had been watching the live Sunday services in The SCOAN for some time on Emmanuel TV in the United States with a large group of friends and family. They had witnessed with their own eyes the healings of others who had come to the church and their faith was lifted up that God would provide Mrs Grace’s healing in the same manner. When the opportunity to come to Nigeria arose, the two women did not hesitate, even as one left a daughter in the hospital who had just delivered a newborn baby. They believed they could not afford to miss this life-changing opportunity.

As God would have it, the two women were seated outside the church auditorium in the Overflow Congregation when the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, passed. Calling out for help, Mrs Grace’s sister-in-law caught the attention of the man of God. He spoke to her for some minutes as he awaited instruction from the Holy Spirit on what to do next. Suddenly, he instructed the sister-in-law to bring Mrs Grace forward and then began to pray for her in the power of the Holy Spirit. Immediately, Mrs Grace stood up from her chair and began running – something that had been impossible for her for many years. The scourge of Multiple Sclerosis was wiped away as Mrs Grace began to walk in the light of God’s miracle working power.

As she came inside the auditorium to share her testimony, her expression and laughter reflected that truly, she was now walking in the light of God. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause to the Miracle Working Jesus Christ as Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the reason for the delay in calling Mrs Grace. He stated that there are two prayers, Spirit prayer and practicing prayer.

Spirit prayer is prayer that is led by the Holy Spirit. Practicing prayer is conventional prayer, prayer that comes from memorizing words in a book. As Prophet T.B. Joshua waited for the Holy Spirit to instruct him in prayer he taught all a valuable lesson – when the Holy Spirit leads you to prayer, you will pray as if He is the One praying – and you will see His result! Glory be to God!

Going now towards deliverance, the church was astounded with the Goddey Eromosele family’s tale. Each member came forward to explain how their lives had been destroyed by the family’s only daughter.

The man of God then called the daughter, 20 year old Edose, forward to ask her side of the story. To everyone’s surprise, the young girl confirmed that she was the one responsible for the family’s destruction as she is a witch, an agent of satan. The man of God nodded in confirmation that yes, the girl truly possessed the spirit of a demon that had caused the destruction of the family.

But how did such a young girl come to have such a huge problem? Prophet T.B. Joshua told the parents that they were the cause. They had been given a child from God, a child without a demon.

It is the upbringing that had allowed her to be possessed of the devil.
He advised parents, our children are gifts from God – not to be spoiled, to be given all they ask for – but to be trained in the way of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

The congregation also welcomed a ‘local champion’ as a popular Yoruba movie actor, Charles Olumo, known as “Agbako” (meaning Misfortune) came forward to share his story. Mr Olumo is a 54 year movie veteran in Nollywood, Nigeria’s popular movie industry.

The 84 year old actor has spent a life time portraying mischievous and evil characters in a wide variety of movies. His visit to the church today was, however, not to promote a movie but to seek assistance from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Several years ago he developed a sickness that refused to be cured. He underwent two major operations and suffered a stroke after the second operation which left him paralysed. Because of his negative role in the movies, he began to be associated with those characters which caused people to shy away from him. At one point, a man died and he was arrested for his murder, simply because of the character he played. Members of the acting community had to bail him out and explain that though his character may commit such an atrocity, Mr Olumo could not. After 6 months on the sick bed, he started moving from place to place, seeking solution, all to no avail. To pay for the medical bills, he had to sell his property, including the house he was building for N300,000. Summing up his narrative, he told the man of God that he was coming to him for help as all hope was lost.

Appreciating the man for his boldness in coming forward and sharing his story and respecting the great age of the man, at 84 years, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that the man is at a stage in life where he should enjoy his last years on earth. He had seen so much and done so much but now, with two surgeries and a stroke in his background, he needed time to rest. He brought a gift of N500, 000 for Mr Olumo and encouraged others to take up his case as well.

Receiving the gift, Mr Olumo was stunned, removing the money from the gift bag and laughing heartily in the congregation. He then immediately began to pray for the man of God, that God would continue to pour His mercy and favour upon Prophet T.B. Joshua for the good work he had done in his life. Truly, ‘Misfortune’ had been transformed in the light of God!

Apart from Mr Olumo, 4million naira was distributed in scholarships for several needy students who had come to The SCOAN seeking assistance to finish their educations. Giving their testimony one by one, each expressed their sincere gratitude at receiving the gift from God and promised to fulfil their educational requirements and even surpass the expectations of the man of God – in appreciation for the undeserved gift.

In one of the most exciting parts of the live Sunday service, the church received a telephone call from evangelists currently inside the Macedonia Crusade with Wise Man Harry in Macedonia and Greece. The evangelists described the events as they were happening inside the crusade. The church heard how the blind began to see, the lame began to walk and the possessed were set free as Wise Man Harry offered Spirit prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. During the prayer line, one woman came forward and tried to attack the Wise Man, attempting to strike his face several times – only to be defeated by the mighty Word of God. Proof that God’s Word is power and fire that makes satan and his agents tremble and flee! Later during the crusade, a woman came out shouting that she possessed the spirit of satan. As she shouted, “I am satan” the Holy Spirit’s fire fell upon her, consumed every negative power within her, and she rose liberated from the unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ! These were just a few of the miraculous happenings that were taking place live and direct from the Macedonia Crusade with Wise Man Harry as Prophet T.B. Joshua and the other Wise Men were busy ministering to those in The SCOAN and the viewers across Emmanuel TV. As we look forward to the wonders God will work in our midst and abroad next week, we remember the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua – the best is yet to come!!!


  1. God sent T.B Joshua to increase our faith to let people know that the word of God is true and God lives in it.

  2. am a Pastor in kenya.i have been watching emmanuel tv for some years now. I need your prayers that my church may grow.right now the growth is very minimal.
    Please advice and pray for me.

  3. Emmanuel!!

    Praised be the Lord. Jesus is my Redeemer whether redeemed or not. Whether he answers my prayers or not He remains my Saviour. Halowed be His name.

    The Man of God is uncommon on this Earth. My life has never been the same since knowing Him. Hallelujah!!

  4. TB Joshua remains the best gift to our country Nigeria but as typical of the country, it fails to realise this. God bless you more abundantly to the shame of the devil and his co-detractors.

  5. God is great, please am in Ghana and i want to meet the Man of God can you please assist me?

    God bless you all the Praise and honor be to Prophet TB and the Almighty Lord, i never missed him on TV.

    Bye bye from Ghana.


  7. What a miracle! there is nothing impossible to God.
    God bless Prophet Tb Joshua and let His hands up on him and bless his marvelous gift.
    I earnestly ask Tb Joshua to pray for me.I don’t have a peace of mind I believe that God can do any thing He wants.I and my husband are suffering from an illness which doctors say that have no cure.
    Just pray for me and I am sure that God can cure us.I will witness for you when I confirm it with laboratory tests.Thank you very much for serving the nation wold wide. God bless you and ministry.

  8. Halelujah, Jesus is yesterday,today and forever!
    Things hapenning at SCOAN are amazing.
    We are really serving a miracle working God, Glory be to thee forever and ever!!

  9. we thank god for T B Joshua and his church, he has saved lives he could not imagine only god will continue to keep him and bless him for us. viewers all over the world pls lets have faith and be doers of his word amen. for me am one of his canidates, ARE YOU ONE ALSO? if not be one god bless us all.

  10. hi i love the message and i pray that may the good lord begin to bless the men of God and their good works the lord almighty is doing to them and i am writing from cameroon and i always watch the program and it is very interesting this day and time and i thank you people in nigeria for the mail and i pray for more grace to their elbow .thanks for the blessing and the breakthrought

  11. Praise the Lord, Praise the living Jesus, what blessed times we are living in to be wittness to these miracles. Every week we see that truely Jesus is alive, what a mighty God we serve, every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Praise the Lord for Emmanuel TV and for the SCOAN, we are so blessed to be able to see all these wonderful miracles taking place on live tv what a blessing. Emmanuel, God is truely with us. Thank you to Prophet TB Joshua, the Wise Men and Emmanuel TV partners for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to the world. Praise the Lord. A million thanks is not enough for all that you do.

  12. Emmanuel!Every event that takes place every sundays at the SCOAN always leaves me speechless and in awesome wonder,the madam who had a very terrible leg ulcer getting healed in the name of Jesus? wow!what a God we have to serve.

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