The service on Sunday 30th May 2010 was more than a crusade! What is even more astonishing is that each service day at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN) comes with something new to learn. The long hours of service are justified by the number of events, none of which you would want to miss. It is reminiscent of what the Bible tells us about the Acts of the Apostles. Indeed, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Book of Acts are not mere history books but the pattern of what the church should be today – because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. His Power and effectiveness have not changed because He is no longer visible in our midst, but are even greater today (Hebrews 13:8, John 14:12).

By the time the man of God, TB Joshua came into the service at about 9:15 am, the atmosphere was already charged with beautiful renditions from the choir. The Prophet preached a sermon titled: ‘Only At Externals’, with a proof text from the book of Romans 1:3-4. The man of God noted from this passage that Jesus was both human and divine. That is, He had two natures in one person. As to His human nature, He was born a descendant of David but as to His Divine holiness, He was declared with great Power to be the Son of God by being raised from the dead.

“Today, when we are looking for a friend, someone to lead a church, or a partner, we are tempted only to look at externals,” noted the prophet. “We are concerned with such things as speaking skills, ability to inspire, friendliness, educational background and talent.” When we base our assessment on such – what is heard, what we read, what we feel or what our circumstances look like, we are controlled by the forces or power on the outside. “When you are controlled by the power on the outside, you can never be constant in your doings,” he said. So if anyone says he is a Christian and is controlled by these external forces, such a man may be a Christian yet controlled by satanic devices. The prophet then referred to Mark 6:4-6 where Jesus’ countrymen judged Him on the outside. “They only saw Jesus as the Son of a carpenter, the Son of Mary, a Boy who grew up in their presence. This was what constituted the atmosphere of unbelief”, T.B. Joshua explained. “Under such an atmosphere of disregard, unbelief, it was difficult for Jesus to be at His best.”

After the sermon, the prophet made reference to his prophecy concerning the country of India. On Sunday 11th April 2010. “A train – I am seeing it in India,” the prophet had declared. “A thousand people were inside. A train move out of the rail and the whole people – trapped…This is not even the modern one but the old one.” True to the prophecy, this week international news media reported the incidence of a tragic train crash in West Bengal, India which claimed scores of lives after it derailed. Indeed, God is still saying something.

The testimony session was also faith-building as Mr Anthony Ejike explained that he came to The SCOAN with the problem of abject poverty and sickness for over 10 years. After he prayed with the Anointing Water he received from T.B. Joshua, the breakthrough he long desired started rolling in. Not only was he healed of his sickness, someone blessed him with an 80-seater commuter bus, which he christened, ‘Bus of All Nations’. The many years of begging money from people before he could eat is now history and the man of God prophesied that greater blessings were on the way, provided he stayed true to Jesus Christ.

To God’s power, nothing is impossible. The testimony of Mrs Ngozi Nwokolo would be better appreciated by women who have been suffering from breast cancer and believed that there was no remedy. Mrs Nwokolo had breast cancer and was already booked for an operation before she came to The SCOAN.After using the Anointing Water given to her by the man of God, she went back to the same hospital where it was initially confirmed that she had the disease and two separate tests carried out proved an astonishing miracle had occurred: The cancer in her breast had disappeared!

Mrs Patience Odo who suffered an overdue pregnancy for eleven months, did not have to go through the Caesarian section recommended by her doctors because after using the Anointing Water, she delivered her baby naturally and safely. As T.B. Joshua explained, “It is not the water that heals, but Jesus Himself – since the anointing is done in His Name.” All glory be to God!

Most spectacular of the day’s testimonies was that of Mr Cuthbert Elkana Dube. As the president of Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), Chairman of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, John West Publishing Company and Board Chairman of 22 other groups located in Zimbabwe and other neighboring countries, he could no longer function in his official duties nor his private assignments because of the debilitating sickness. The problem of inability to walk due to a severe spinal cord disease and acute vein disease had confined Mr Dube to the wheelchair since July 2009. After two unsuccessful operations in India and South Africa, his condition only became worse. Convinced by the miracles he saw on Emmanuel TV in Zimbabwe, he had no choice than to board a plane and head for The SCOAN even without an official invitation. Mr Cuthbert Dube received his healing on Sunday 23rd of May, 2010 after his wife ministered the Anointing Water, as instructed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. The entire SCOAN congregation were agog as Mr Dube stood up from the wheelchair and started walking. He expressed his confidence that he would walk before his healing took place and that his testimony would turn many souls in Zimbabwe to Christ because he is a man of influence in the country.

After the testimony session, ‘The three wise men’ as christened by the Senior Prophet during the service, ministered healing at the prayer line where thousands of people from different countries were in attendance as usual. And as the Scripture says that Apostle Paul’s ministry was accompanied by miracles, signs and exorcism, similarly there was great manifestation of God’s Power when the three men recently anointed prayed for the sick and oppressed. Some prophetic messages were also given to the people and those who possessed demonic powers were delivered in the name of Jesus. At the end of it all, everyone was healed. As they finished the healing session, they went into the church to lead the mass prayer which also witnessed a lot of healing, deliverance and more astonishing prophecies.

The Gospel of God’s grace challenges and changes everything. During the Broken home and reconciliation time, Mr Daniel Ejeh, a retired civil servant form Benue State, Nigeria, came with his wife Agnes and four children. Mr Ejeh pathetically narrated his ordeal since his wife and four children labelled him as a wizard after he lost two of his children in mysterious circumstances. The third had severe burns on her body also in a mysterious way and one of the two sons left was warned that he would soon be killed. All fingers pointing to Mr Ejeh. As his last son died, the boy claimed that some unseen beings were strangling him. The eldest daughter, who was a university graduate, also died of a mysterious illness and when Mrs Ejeh consulterd a witchdoctor it was revealed that Mr Ejeh was responsible for the deaths. Later the whole family went to a church where the head pastor told Mr Ejeh to his face that he was a great wizard and he inherited this wizardry from his father. The pastor added that Mr Ejeh had a demonic python under his bed which has been killing his children. Still, Mr Ejeh denied being a wizard. The crisis in the family continued until they all agreed to come to The SCOAN because they believed only T.B. Joshua could unravel this mystery. Mrs Ejeh and her children were all bewildered hearing from the prophet of God that their father, Mr Ejeh was not a wizard and that those lies told against him were an affliction. Mrs Ejeh and all the children wept and remorsefully embraced their father and apologized for all the pain they had inflicted on him for over the past eight years.

Mr Afam Osifo who hails from Delta State, Nigeria also confessed how he had physically assaulted his aged mother and abandoned her with sickness in their village. It all happened when Mr Afam’s 18 years of marriage failed to produce a child. His business also suffered setback and he lost his job as a Central Executive Officer of a major Aluminium company in Nigeria. Frustrated, he consulted six witchdoctors and all of whom said the that his mother was a witch and was responsible for his woes. After narrating other inhuman treatment he put his mother through, Mr Osifo was told by the man of God that the condition for his deliverance was for him to go to his village and fetch his aged mother, since she is still alive.

One of the people who received deliverance from demonic possession also confessed her evil activity including her mission to The SCOAN before she was arrested and delivered. Miss Jennifer, a 20 year old Cameroonian lady, said in her confession that she was a princess in the satanic kingdom with two demonic powers. One in her eyes with which she seduced men who eventually took her to a night club and after having an affair with her, they would be destroyed. If the victim was a married man, his marriage would collapse. She also said that while dancing with men in a club, as she rubbed their body, they would appear spiritually in her kingdom, dancing and entertaining her queen. By so doing, many men have been initiated. The second power lied in her stomach which was the spirit of snake. With this power, if any man that made love to her, she would collect their sperm and take it to her kingdom to be used as a raw material for manufacturing footwear which would be physically distributed in markets. Anyone who bought such footwear would be automatically initiated into her kingdom. She also said that her queen sent her from the kingdom with evil power in her hands to rush at Prophet T.B. Joshua and strangle him to death. She said what provoked this mission was the failure to kill her mother as she was ordered by the queen. Her mother, who had been hospitalized, always watched Emmanuel TV and prayed along with the man of God even inside the hospital. This connection served to protect her from the evil intentions of her daughter. Miss Jennifer explained that anytime she wanted to attack her mother, the fire of the Holy Ghost would begin to fall upon her and with this, she was not able to complete her mission. So, the queen sent her to destroy the source of that protection but during the mass prayer she was arrested and delivered by the power of God.

Before the mass prayer started, the man of God called out those who were delivered from their fetish pasts in recent weeks. Mr Segun Maku, an ex-witchdoctor who was exposed when Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that after bringing some of his charms to the church, he had left the most powerful one, including a demonic pigeon, in his house and he was sent home to go and bring the charm and pigeon. After bringing all the charms to the church as instructed, he confessed his operations for the past 5 years as a strong witchdoctor and was delivered in the power of the Holy Spirit along with the pigeon.

His deliverance and reformation complete, the prophet gave Mr Maku the sum of 300,000 naira along with a copy of the Holy Bible, three bags of rice and scholarships for his three children, to establish himself so that he may continue to serve the Lord in spirit and truth.

Mr Frank who came with his wife, three children and other relatives also carried a gallon of raw acid with which he wanted to kill two of his children because they had confessed that they possessed witchcraft spirits and were responsible for their family’s downfall. Also, they claimed to be the cause of the many years of barrenness of their aunt and uncle and further accused their grandparents of being part of the kingdom of darkness. Prophet T.B. Joshua then declared that no member of the family was in any way connected to the kingdom of satan; neither the children nor the grandparents were witches, wizards or possessed with any kind of contrary spirit. Having been reconciled, the man of God also gave them the sum of 300,000 naira along with a copy of the Holy Bible, four bags of rice and scholarships for the children who had not attended school since their accusation.

Also, not left out was Mr Adebisi, an ex-wizard. Adebisi had received deliverance from 7 demonic powers which had been used to wreak havoc in his community. He was given the sum of 200,000, a copy of the Holy Bible and two bags of rice to start on his spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each of them expressed a hearty gratitude for the gifts.

The mass prayer was power packed witnessing many healings, deliverances and astonishing prophecies given by the three wise men and rounded off by T.B. Joshua.

12 thoughts on “ONLY AT EXTERNALS

  1. May the good Lord continue to bless and guide prophet Tb Joshua,emmanuel partners and the SCOAN for always praying for us the viewers.AMEN

  2. Emmanuel – God with us
    May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless the anointed man of God Snr Prophet T B Joshua, may he give him more wisdom, knowledge and wisdom. Amen

  3. may God continue to Bless the man of God for the many break through in the lives of the children of God who were suffering from demonic bondages .Man ofGod please pray for my husband and I We got married in MAY 1999 and in 2000 we had a set of twinsboy and girl.In 2002 we had a girl .After sometimes there was no more understanding no dialogue until now .when l watch emmanuel TV I saw couples have their break through i give God the glory for his miracles and continue to pray that one day God will also see me through.I have sent many prayer request for breakthrough in my marriage to God be the Glory amen amen.

  4. What a breaktheough that I wacth and thank you for the updates on SCOAN services, I so wish I could one day feloowship with you. Plaese continue to pray for me I have my eldest sister who is affeected by Epilesy from birth, but this time its traumatizind her. I affects her twice per week and it makes her loose her mind, not understand when you speak to her. She is saved and loves the Lord I end up not knowing what to do for her and as for my mom I see she does not know what to do at her age of 68

  5. i would like to thank T.B.Joshua for the great work he is doing. I also like to ask him to pray for me and my children, im a single mom of seven from south africa. my first born is 23 he is drinking alcohol, the sec. is out of school since october 2009 because he believes where they don’t teach about God is not important but he is a christian. the third is not doing well at school and the others are still young.

  6. I am so blessed for what is posted!!.Pray for me the man of God to get a very good position which I was interviewed yesterday.I believe and trust Jesus!.
    Joel Mwanga – Tanzania, East Africa


  8. I have watched emmannuel tv on the internet and am a witness of what is written on article posted to me on my e-mail. What makes me happy is that the word of God is manifested in the world as it is written in the holy bible. The reconciliation of the families was most striking, that makes me to think “if only the rulers through out the world could believe God today, the wisdom of God should be passing wise judgements and the world would be different” This world needs our God!! R.Khanye

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