God, the Almighty continues to manifest Himself in the life of the well known Prophet of God, T.B. Joshua as every service day in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is a day to behold. Many lives continue to be touched through healing, deliverance and salvation and above all many broken homes are restored.
May 3rd 2010 was a day indeed to thank God for His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua as he started the service by delivering a life changing and inspiring message that left many wondering about the incomparable knowledge God Almighty has bestowed on His servant.
The title of the Prophet’s message was: BROKEN HOME AND RECONCILIATION. He explained this as a new ministry which has come to stay; among the many other ministries in which God uses him to meet the needs of the world at large.

The proof text of his message was taken from the book of Isaiah chapter 11 where he demonstrated the biblical precedence for reconciliation. He said that there are things that just don’t belong together – a good example – a son would never call his father’s murderer, ‘Dear friend’. Likewise light and darkness do not belong together. One thing is clear; the gospel of grace challenges and changes everything. To His power, nothing is impossible. The right knowledge of God settles peace. He made the congregation aware of the fact that without the gospel of God’s grace, the wolf cannot dwell with the lamb.
He went further to quote the book of Mark 11:25-26 where Jesus clearly linked faith to forgiveness. Forgiveness thus is important in the sense that a relationship does not involve two perfect people. There is no such thing as, ‘a perfect person’ because those perfect people don’t exist in this planet, on this earth. T.B. Joshua pointed out that people make mistakes. He said that even if you are a Christian, a pastor, a prophet or a bishop, you are bound to make mistakes. Rather than focusing on the mistakes of others, TB Joshua guided a moment of self reflection when he said “Our response to a person who makes mistakes can also be a mistake if care is not taken! Our concern must be twofold: not only what we do that is in error but also how we respond. I need to forgive and I also need to be forgiven. For if you are spiritual, when someone falls, don’t rejoice but rather restore” (Galatians 6:1). Explaining further, the prophet said that this means love does not discuss sin; love does not draw attention to sin. This message was truly a salve for a hurting world as the prophet’s words opened up the scriptures and the people’s understanding that it is possible to forgive and reconcile even the most hostile of enemies.

After this inspiring message came the opportunity for some of those who themselves were suffering from broken homes for one reason or another to share their experiences and receive deliverance. Many that came out were from different countries and had travelled to The SCOAN specifically for the reconciliation of their families. The most pathetic of all was the case of Mrs. Beatrice Mbomp and her friend who came all the way from Cameroon seeking her vindication as she had been accused by her family and community of being a witch and killing people in her family. Five years ago, she was accused of killing her sister. Later, when her brother died, she was accused again and when her niece died, she was accused a third time. The height of it all was when an 11 month old baby died and she was accused. In reaction, the family and community decided that enough was enough, that she needed to be executed. They therefore planned to lock her in a room, pour petrol on her and set her on fire. But as fate would have it, when she was locked in the room, waiting to be covered with petrol and set on fire, her friend and some boys came through the back door set her free and kept her in hiding. The God sent friend told her the only thing that could clear her reputation in the eyes of people and their community was for them to come to Nigeria to Prophet T.B. Joshua in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations who would ascertain whether she was a witch or not and thus vindicate her in the eyes of the whole world.

Upon hearing her plight, Prophet T.B. Joshua told the whole world and most especially Cameroonians watching the Sunday Service Live Broadcast on Emmanuel TV, that they should remember his message – ‘Our response to a person who makes mistakes can also be a mistake if care is not taken’. He said what is important is to know the position of God concerning these unprecedented happenings in the family of Mrs Beatrice. Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed that it was an inherited idol worshipped right from the time of her forefathers that was fighting the family of Beatrice and the community causing the misfortunes and not Mrs. Beatrice herself. This prophetic message vindicated Mrs Beatrice in the eyes of the whole world. The whole congregation applauded the God given wisdom and knowledge of Prophet T.B Joshua in digging into the root cause of the exceptional occurrences in Beatrice’ family.
The woman in question cried with joy and thanked God, the Almighty as the burden of being called a witch which she had carried for so many years was finally lifted off her shoulders by the intervention of God through His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. TB Joshua did not stop there; he delivered the woman from the inherited bondage she was under with the anointing water for deliverance. He further promised to send her home with the anointing water, saying, ‘the idol will run because they are only looking for a scape goat – that is why they continue using Mrs Beatrice’s appearance to perpetrate evil in killing people’. The prophet prayed for Mrs Beatrice’s family and community in Cameroon that God should forgive them all.

This was just one out of many of the people who came out for the divine intervention of God through the ‘ministry of Broken Home and Reconciliation’. Many others came out and shared their experience of how they called their family member a witch or wizard and they were equally delivered with the anointing water for deliverance and healing.

The prayer line was another sight to behold and various people from around the globe came with their problems ranging from cancer, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis, deafness, difficulty in walking to mention a few and they were all met by God at the point of their needs. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them all in the name of Jesus Christ, they continued to fall under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as their trouble left them.

Such was the case of 51 year old Mrs Olufunke Osatimehin who came in a vehicle with the problem of inability to walk due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was a thing of joy to see her come out of the vehicle and begin to walk after Prophet T.B Joshua gave her sister the anointing water to minister by herself to her sister. Mrs Olufunke immediately rose up unaided and began to walk and do the things she could not do before. This event received a loud ovation from the congregation and

Another case was 52 year old Mrs Anthony who came all the way from Togo with the problem of difficulty in walking for 22 years. She was using a lumbar corset and walking stick; but after a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, she stood up and threw away her lumbar corset and walking stick and began to walk unaided to the glory of God Almighty.

Testimonies were not left out as many came out to testify of having been touched by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua in their respective areas of need. A most touching testimony which left everyone in amazement was that of Mrs Anthonio Dimande who last Sunday was called out by a prophecy from Prophet TB Joshua with the words ‘there was a woman – every night a big dog would come and sleep with her and this had become a stigma in her life. Rejoicing that this dreadful secret was exposed, she came out to confirm the prophecy that the evil spirit had been tormenting her for years – where both in the dream and physically, a dog would come and sleep with her. She was subsequently delivered and prayed for by the prophet. This Sunday, she came out to give her testimony of not having that evil experience anymore since the day she was prayed for and delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Her past was indeed over!

Many distinguished visitors around the world continue to come to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for their spiritual growth because they realise that as leaders, they cannot do without the guidance of God in administering and carrying out their leadership roles. Among the leaders that came to worship on Sunday was the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Services, Honourable Tracy Mutinhiri of Zimbabwe. Overwhelmed with joy, she gave thanks to God for giving her the opportunity to worship in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, saying, “It has been a beautiful day!” Sharing her joy at seeing people being set free from their bondages, she said, “If we believe in God, He can bring blessing, salvation, healing, deliverance and peace to the world”.

She explained that having only discovered Emmanuel TV a few months ago, she had soon ‘got addicted’ to it. The Honourable Minister went on to tell the people searching for inner peace that they can get it at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations as she herself had experienced it there. She equally emphasized the need, as a leader, to put God first in everything. She enjoined all leaders to allow God to work in them, that if they give God a chance, the whole world will be a peaceful world to live in. She concluded by expressing her view concerning Prophet T.B. Joshua. “He is a humble person, committed to helping the poor and under privileged. God should continue to bless him”, she said.

Mr. Kirsten Nemathenda, President of South African Football Association was also present in the service. He explained how he had been watching Emmanuel TV and his dream of one day having the privilege to attend the church. “Today is a time I was exposed to this high level of service. I must say I am blessed and touched by what I have witnessed and experienced in the service today. I am highly motivated and of course my spiritual level has gone high”. Commenting on the message of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he said, “I learnt something very interesting here today, that if I need to be forgiven, I must also forgive others. It is very critical for a leader to have the heart to forgive” he said. He further emphasized that the impact of Emmanuel TV on the lives of people throughout the world is amazing!

Attesting to the importance of having the presence of God in one’s life as a leader, he said, “You need the assistance of God to be effective as a leader because you were put there by God”. He enjoined everyone to keep watching Emmanuel TV and that they won’t regret it. ‘Prophet T.B. Joshua is highly anointed!’ he concluded.

9 thoughts on “A DAY OF JOY!

  1. I bless the name of the Lord for what he has done to you. Our faithful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is worthy. He blesses, he heals, he loves us, he redeems and he delivers for the salvation of our soul. Let his name be glorified. I encourage you to make the word of God standard for life so that what you have received may remain permanent in Jesus Christ

  2. jesus does wanders.only satan can say pastor is not a man of GOD.i will like to be a prayer partner.i am a cameroonian in douala.may Jesus give to pastor TB more power to help the need in this world.pleas do all pray for me , tht God should guid and protect me.for succes in all i do.prograce at my job.for blessings in my family.i will be happy if pastor TB can be my friend who will always call me, build me up.my number;+237 77 27 79 08. email;nibameh@yahoo.com.may God bless pastor TB.AMEN.

  3. Iam a very interesed person who watches this emmanuel TV weekly.But my worry is i really want to recieve the annointed water because i have alot of problems social and health wise please help me.Zambia

  4. Thank you somuch for posting all the events that are taking place at the Synagogue church of all nations to me; I’m very grateful and very happy because they are inspiring and so touching.
    I just believe that one day God will take there to witness everything with my own eyes.
    Keep up the good work that you are doing to the whole Universe.
    From the posting “A DAY OF JOY”, I learnt to love and forgive in the light of God’s word and that we should not focus on someone’s mistakes but rather on restoring that person in the way of the Lord.

    To the Man of God, I would like to say I love you so much and the lord will continue to bless you abuntantly because of the Good and Holy work that you are doing.
    Since I start watching you station, I have witnessed everything that happened during the life of our lord and jesus christ! “You are one with a difference”.
    I love you so much…….

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  6. What a previledged generation of faith we are to have witnessed Christ in His Real Nature.Prophet T B Joshua we are blessed for you.All what God is using you to perform has increased our faith as well has caused somany to have salvation.May God continue with such love for mankind as such holds you jeaslously as usual.With You and your SCOAN&Emmanuel TV God is indeed with us- our everyday hope and assurance.God we thank you for Your love (T B JOSHUA)for us.

  7. What a preveledged generation of faith we are to have witnessed Christ in His Real Nature.Prophet TB Joshua we are blessed for you.All what God is using you to perform has increased our faith as well has caused somany to have salvation.May God continue with such love for manking as such holds you jeaslously as usual.With You and your SCOAN&Emmanuel TV God is indeed with us- our everyday hope and assurance.God we thank you for Your love (T B JOSHUA)for us.

  8. Emmanuel! Truely those are wonderful and pwerful testimonies that God is using the Senior Prophet to bless us with. I am daily encounrage by the messages you preach daddy! May God increase you more and more

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