Over the past few weeks, Prophet TB Joshua has read LIVE to the world some of the prophecies that God has revealed to him for the year 2010, and one by one, they are coming to pass.

Former US President, Bill Clinton

Prophet TB Joshua prophesied that an ex- President of a great nation would be taken to hospital for a surgical operation. On Thursday 11th February, 2010, IT HAPPENED! Former President Bill Clinton was rushed to Hospital and underwent a surgical operation.

Niger's President Mamadou Tandja seized in violent coup

Prophet TB Joshua also gave a prophetic message about a coup in one of the French speaking African countries, and an assassination attempt on her leader. On Thursday 18th February 2010, IT HAPPENED!!! Soldiers stormed the Presidential Palace, captured the President and Cabinet Ministers and seized power in a violent coup in the French speaking republic of Niger.

IRS Office Building Austin Texas, USA on fire after Joe Stack crashed his plane into it

Prophet TB Joshua revealed a prophetic warning for the USA, saying that America should be security conscious particularly in a gathering of people and should take care of their air space. Referring to President Obama as “Big Brother”, Prophet TB Joshua gave a call to pray for the US President and warned the USA to take more cognizance of internal security ’til March. Again on Thursday 18th February 2010, IT HAPPENED!!!

US citizen pilot and software engineer, Joseph Stack committed suicide by deliberately crashing his plane into an IRS office building in Austin, Texas, USA in a violent protest against the US Government tax and legal systems. In his suicide note, posted on the Internet, Stack ranted against the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and against President Obama, referring to him as “Big Brother”.
“I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at “big brother” while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough…Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”
After the incident, internal security was heightened as the North American Aerospace Defense Command launched two F-16 aircraft from Houston’s Ellington Field, and conducted an air patrol over the crash area.
On the same day, United Airlines Flight 741 with 193 passengers on board that took off from Denver, Colorado, USA was diverted and had to make an emergency landing at Salt Lake City International Airport after a bomb scare, when a note was discovered with a bomb threat.



  1. Pls sir i want u to pray 4 me i hv been looking 4 admision 4 d past few yrs nw and d last result of the one i applied 4 wil be cuming out btwn monday and friday, sir pls help me cos i dnt wnt to loss out my admission dis month

  2. Prophet T.B JOSHUA
    your message has really a big time blessing to me and my entire family. May our good God continue to empower for greater tasks ahead .please i need prayers from and my family for to usher us to 2014 Samuel Takere from Cameroon


    • This is what the LORD says…… “blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:5-8). to Man of God Prophet TBJ, The God Almighty chose you to serve Him, let His Will be done.

    • May the almighty bless you beyond measure,i was lost but now i am found,i longed to see a true man of God and i have found one in you prophet,since God revealed you to me,my live has seen a great change,please pray for me that my family gets out of inherited curses,untimely death,and poverty,let the devil be defeated,i need a financial breakthrough and deliverance.blessed be SCOAN AND EMANNUEL TV

  4. Emmanuel!
    I will like to register my immearsurable indebtedness with profound gratittude to God almighty for bringing this greatprophet in our time. Thank you jesus.
    Personally I believed in the ministry of our Dady, senior prophe T B. Joshua.most interetingly, I was there live and direct at scoan on the 27 october 2O12.where I saw miracle flowing like fountain of spring water. My advice to the people especially believers is that We should not heed to the rumour from the people about the prophet. Saying all sort of evil and nagative things about him though there are confessing there weakness knowing there no linked with God.Even jesus himself face the same accusation. Satan has caged people thus holding them to ransom poluting their minds agaist the word of God and his people.
    Jesus promised us that we will do a greater things than He has done after his deperture. If there is no such prophet like T B joshua then WHO? May God opene our eye to see clearly in jesus name. AMEN. SAMUEL AHMED. FROM KOGI STATE. IGALA BY TRIBE. ONE LOVE.


  6. God time is aways the best. Trust in Him and see the difference in your life. No matter how bad the situation is nothing is impossible with God. mariam

  7. Emmanuel

    Glory be to the Most High God!

    Thank you Master Jesus for the life of your true servant Prophet T.B Joshua, the Wiseman, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV and Partners. I pray that the Almighty would show him wonderful ways and reveal Himself through Prophet T.B Joshua, in teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and wonders of the salvation of souls as It was promised by the Heavenly Father in a vision given to him. Man of God I need your prayers for myself, family, and my Ministry, not forgetting the whole World, the needy and those who seek your Holy touch. I thank God for giving me a chance to visit SCOAN – Lagos (Nigeria) 19 Sepatember 2011. I was looking for a home for more than a period of 6 years, applying to all kind of banks for a home loan but all in vain, just receiving regret letters, applications always unsucessful. At the moment by the grace of God I own a home of atleast 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a double garage. People of God for those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, the best is always yet to come. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  8. i have no doubt about what this man does..ever sinc i started watching Emmanuel tv my life has transformed in so many ways especially spiritually

  9. Where can we go from his presence? Nowhere. How great is the love, the father lavished to the leaders all over the world, that they should be called children of GOD and that is what there are. The reason why the world does not know it, it is because that it did not know that, GOD loves them and. GOD IS LOVE.

  10. Lord Jesus Christ you reign fore ever and ever your throne endures from generation to generation. All authority in heaven and on earth were given to you, so that we may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive our sins.
    1 John 3:9
    No-one who is born of GOD will continue to sin because GODS seed remain in him, he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of GOD.

  11. Dear man of God
    I’m a young living with my mother who had a stroke in 2011. My fathers last born child and I are fighting. I have financial lack. I have shoulder pains from when I was a child. I need a God fearing man to marry me.

  12. pastor please pray with me, to get my body back and my family together. Give me power to do god work..

    • Thank you man of God prophet T B Joshua and Wise men’s for wonderful job you are doing in our society and entire world I pray Almighty God will continue to bless you and give you long life to continue your marvelous work.
      Please man of God remember I and my entire family in your daily prayer, a lot of things has happened premature death, none progressing, hatred, curses here and there , I know with your prayer all the curses in my family will wipe away and new life will begin. In Jesus name Amen.
      Chidiebele Okeke.

  13. Oh Our almighty father of love, father of mercy in heaven, all glory and honor be given to you for sending to us another great man of God senior prophet TB Joshua to fortify the ministry of Jesus Christ. I have been praying with him through Emmanuel TV all the times and I belief all my problems have been solved through his prayer.I hope God will soon let it possible for me to move to Lagos for testimony and divine worship. May God increases his blessings on our dear prophet and the impressive five wise men.

  14. God of Abraham,Issac,Jacob,David and T.B Joshua.You God of Moses,Paul and all that lived before us- open our eyes in these days to acknowledge and accept the truth.Give your servants more energy to help the lost flock back in the kraal.
    be with us always and help us o Lord to love our friends as we love ourserves. Amen

  15. Emmanuel, God with us.Thanx alots TB Joshua for revealing the truth to us, for sure this increases our faith toward God everyday, may the Lord continue to bless you even more, so that you continue fishing his people. I have been watching your television channel for sure i have been touched. Please man of God pray for me for i have so many problems that toucher my life so much especially on the side of accademics and relationship, i believe through you my past will be over. And i hope one day i will get the chance to come to nigeria to receive my healing physically. Be blessed always

  16. Thank you man of God prophet TB JOSHUA for wonders you are doing. I pray God will give you long life and prosperities to over come your enemies because I know enemies are at work but with God grace we children’s of God will overcome and win the battle. God bless Prophet TB JOSHUA.
    Chidiebele Okeke.

  17. Prophit TB Joshua is one of the prophits that God has given to the world for showing direction and forecasting our future. He minisstry is not one seded but multisided using holistic approach. I am praying for his misnistry and life. His misnitry has brought a great leap in my life. I hope i shall more than this.Amen

  18. He is a truly blessing to the whole nation,may our Lord Almighty keep blessing him more and more,I have been watching Emmanuel TV and all I can say is indeed GOD is great.I would also love to know if SCOAN is also around South Africa in gauteng?

  19. Its my hope that one day I’ll get access to emmanuel tv. Currently am waiting fir my final results (advance level) & I believe with your prayers in Jesus’name I have my success.Because joy is what am looking for in my life where God is my provider.

  20. man of God prophet TB Joshua God sent you and you did not just rushed to go to minister but you were wise like Moses you aske Him signs and wonders that will prove to us that He sent you like Moses those who say negative words about you prophet they didn’t waited for the sign that way they speak empt words continue man of God to give warning to us that want to go to Heaven by the time they will wakeup when there before their jug ement man of God we Love you

  21. The man of God is really doing a great work. In line with Isaiah44:26 & 2chronicles20:20 that says; “believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his Prophets, so shall ye prosper,” I hereby believe in divine prophetic instructions & agree with your servant Prophet T.B Joshua concerning your wills.

  22. Man of God, I salute you in the mighty name of our lord Jesus christ.
    Over 4 years now i have been watching Immanuel tv and being very much blessed.
    I’m a born again tanzanian and i would like to get a copy of a mirror book.
    Please let me know how can i get it.

  23. Hi Pastor TB Joshua
    My name is Charles Teffo I’ leaving in S.A and I’m waching your program every day and I’ll healed and I’m delivered. And I’ve learn that let the past be the past. And I planing to to help some other people for those who need my help. Pray for me so that I can be to share what ever I’ve with the children.

    God bless you sir.
    Charles from SA

  24. I thank God for loving the world.he reveiled to us things to come throgh prophet tb joshua.May God bless u prophet TB JOSHUA.

  25. prophecy will never come by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
    prophet T.B Joshua is holy man of God of our generation may God of Heaven and Earth bless you the with more anointing and long to pray for our children the third generation .
    in Jesus’ name Emen.

  26. Man of God, please pray for Malawi. People are living in acute poverty in remote areas. Food prices are going higher and higher each day and very few people get rich who are close to the president. Our leaders do not serve the interest of the people.

  27. Man of God it will be a pleasure to meet You if only it will be possible i can’t wait to see it happen, prophet T B Joshua may the almighty God whom you have humble yourself to as an instrument to him to be use greatly continue to fill you with more and greater FIRE, GRACE AND JOY for salvation of mankind and to the glory of his Name Amen. Sir it will be a pleasure to speak to you. thanks

  28. To God be the Glory! I thank and Praise God Almighty for giving me this great opportunity of experiencing His greatnes through prophet TB Joshua.may God bless you and protect against the calamity of this earth. Keep praying for the world and its leaders that they remember and respect God who has put them in the position they are. This ministry made me understand what is being born again ,I gained confindence in my faith and trust God more also tell everyone about His goodness and advise others that He is the only hope. I was a religious person baptised after eight days.bieng born. But Got touched me at 59 years after just 3 days started watching emmanuel tv I THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FOR BLESSING ME AND IKNOW ALL MY NEEDS ARE GOING TO BE MET BY HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN!

  29. We thank God for using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men. May the Almighty God continue using them mightily, more wisdom, more understanding and more revelation of his word. I praise God for what is happening, never seen this in my entire life, JESUS IS ALIVE.

    Odile L Chelemu, Lusaka, Zambia.

  30. i have lived all my life up until now , i have never seen such power and amazing events taking place in peoples lives ,TB JOSHUA you are indeed a blessing to mankind ,together with the five wise men. may GOD continue to protect,strengthen and bless you to continue being a blessing to others.Am forever impressed with your marvelous works.Finally i humbly ask you man of GOD to pray for me and my family to b blessed in every aspect of our lives

  31. Prophet T.B Joshua,

    Your too amazing and trully man of God, Your lessons makes me look and admire how God so wonderfully to us, God use in many ways to assist HIS people, and you take most of the time to help,I mostly agreed with you and being happier when you taught about LOVE as part and parcel of the root to faith and other things.God Bless You, Your so charming to everybody.
    Prophet My Name is Eden Thomas, I’m Christian, Married and have two children all boys, My Farther passed away on 21st june 2011 after having diabetic and thumbrolisis however during that time, I feel so sorrow, I have Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance,however I worked hard in our office but no any issue.

    Prophet please I beg you and the wise men to Pray for me as God will Open another Room for me to success in life. I need to care my family and to pay any obligations left with my dad




  32. Man of God and the 5 wise men,

    Let God bless you and the people receiving your service. if you can get this message, please pray for me once for a minute.

  33. Dear Man of GOD, Snr Prophet TB Joshua

    Let me take this opportunity to say “GOD the Almighty, I thank YOU much more and more”. I wished so hard within my heart to be able to get a chance and visit Lagos, Nigeria, SCOAN, so to meet the Man of God and Pray with Him. I am happy to say now GOD has answered my Prayers, thank you JESUS. GOD’s time is the best.

    On the 15 September 2011 I will be flying to SCOAN, Glory be to the Almighty GOD in JESUS’ name. I do believe that my life will change and everything about me will change. GOD will enter my Soul in JESUS’ name.

    Man of GOD, may our Father in Heaven keep you and bless you in a very special way, in JESUS’ name.

    Yours with Blessings and Best Wishes of the LORD
    Bishop Obakeng Petrus Dithipe (Republic of South Africa)

    • Praise the Lord!
      Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and your wise men, you are really doing a great job in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Sure Jesus is Lord!

      I wish I could get the opportunity of visiting the SCOAN so that I might be able to witness all that is happening there. I do believe in Jesus Christ and have no doubt about the miracles that are taking place there. Man of God you are a blessing from God and Nigerians should be proud of having such a person in their country!

      Myself have had a number of setbacks and disappointments in life. I have visited different Churches for prayers and deliverance to no avail. The major problem is about my children. They need to go colleges but I have no money to send them to school and I have no help because I am widower. I always pray to God to enable them to achieve their goals. Man of God, I plead to you to include my children Grasiana, Grayson and Gladness in your prayers so that this mountain should be removed in their life. I also have my proposal that needs sponsorship for implementation; please man of God pray for me.

      I love you and wish all the best. Grace Kemilembe from Tanzania, East Africa.

  34. I like watching your services & blessed what wonderful! My father is suffering from cancer as the result of swelling emerged near his left ear in the beginning of FY`11 & is still very much suffering. In fact we have tried to undergoes operation, rays therapy & traditional to bring him to normal. These all became futile & his health becoming so deteriorated & we are simply looking what God is going to intervene. His name is Kassa Aichew & I here by request to pray for him.

    • Praise the Lord!
      Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and your wise men, you are really doing a great job in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Sure Jesus is Lord!

      I wish I could get the opportunity of visiting the SCOAN so that I might be able to witness all that is happening. I do believe in Jesus Christ and have no doubt about the miracles that are taking place there. Man of God you are a blessing from God and Nigerians should be proud of having such a person in their country!

      Myself have had a number of setbacks and disappointments in life. I have visited different Churches for prayers and deliverance to no avail. The major problem is about my children. They need to go colleges but I have no money to send them to school and I have no help because I am widower. I always pray to God to enable them to achieve their goals. Man of God, I plead to you to include my children Grasiana, Grayson and Gladness in your prayers so that this mountain should be removed in their life. I also have my proposal that needs sponsorship for implementation; please man of God pray for me.

      I love you and wish all the best. Grace Kemilembe from Tanzania, East Africa.

  35. Dear Prophet TB Josua and the 5 wisemen of GOD! May GOD continue to bless you and continue without tired. I have a child in grade 12 who use to pass very well before entering secondary school. He suddenly start to do poor, no concentration, bullyied by class mates. Please pray for him to pass now his grade 12 this year with good marks.Pray for his younger brother who failed not to fail this year. Help him to pass math.help my husband to find new job where were are staying in the capital. he has only 7 years left to retire and we never been together. he always work far and stay alone that side. Please pray for my sister as someone or evil spirit is tormenting her and his son. Please pray for the whole nation of Namibia as there are evil works going on: husbands or boyfriends killing their wives or girlfriends, raping of kids, stealing, whitch doctors and its witchgrafts.

  36. Emmanuel,T.B Joshua pliz pray for me,im looking for a job.i want breakthrough in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.I also request everyday prayer.Amen

  37. Man of God pray for me for a financial breakthrough. It has always been my desire to visit the Synagogue church of all the Nations and see the miracles that happen there with my own naked eyes but am financially handcapped. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for me. Also pray for protection and healing for my mum who has a problem of ulcers and general body pains. Also pray for my two kids and sisters and brothers and their families for a protection and financial breakthrough. I want God to surprise me with a lot of good things in this year. If God can do it for others why not me? I trust in him.

  38. May the Almighty God always satisfy the needs of your heart. My name is Patricia from Malawi and would like you the man of God to pray for me. I have never been married before and want a life partner. I know with your help in prayers I will get the love of my life before this year ends. Pray for me please.


  40. Man of God, prophet TB Joshua, you are anointed. You made me know Jesus Christ as my saviour in the year 2009 and up to now, the Holy spirit is working wonders in my life.

    I met another man who is to invest in Zimbabwe mining and he promised me a better job (national security manager) and it was beyond my narration on how I met him. I was by then serving in the Zimbabwe Republic Police and had now resigned and now in the pvt sector.

    Through the grace of God, that job remains mine. Currently the man is out of the country. His name is Zikhali Bekizela.

    Pray for me for a career breakthrough. God is so wanderful and am planning one day I will visit SCOAN and receive the anoited touch from the man of God.

    Again, God bless TBJ for the wonderful work you are doing. I now understand the bible in a srititual manner.

    With God, ‘All things are possible. When HE says YES, no-one, absolutely no-one will say no’.

    In Jesus Christ’s name. AMEN.

  41. Kezias Newa,
    H2/15 Kafue Road,
    Mine Township,
    Cell: +260 955 003751/+260 977 454869
    E-mail: n.kezias@yahoo.com

    Date: 15th July, 2011

    Synagogue Church of all Nations
    Prophet T.B. Joshua
    Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Dear Prophet T.B Joshua.

    I am a married Zambian citizen aged 26 years old, a Ngoni by tribe with two children, a girl and a boy and was born in a family of seven, two girls and five boys. I completed my grade 12 in 2006 at Milemu High School in Ndola city of Copperbelt Zambia. I am an Orphan, my father died in 2006 when I just completed my grade 12 and my mother died also in 2008 when she went to see her mother’s sister in the Village in Lusaka Luangwa.

    Since, I completed my grade 12 in 2006, I have never been to the college to further my education, due to lack of sponsorship and in our family, we are all poor and no one to sponsor or help each other and hence we are all failures in almost everything and were to find help, is no where to be found. Instead we always face one problem to the other and at last no developments. Abilities are there but what to push us forward is no where to be found and that hits me very much to see my grade 12 school certificate rotting in the house without being used and to see my family leaving in this situation. As for now our first born and the second born are all sick and we do not know the cause of the sickness they are suffering from, because they react as though they are mentally disturbed sometime, especially our second born who has been sick for one year and half now and he is currently leaving with our mother’s elder sister who is currently taking care of him when he is sick.

    We have walked and gone in different churches here in Zambia seeking for the solutions and also the elder sister to our mother has tried to find the solution but nothing has been done up to this time. In all places we have go, we always get the same information saying we have been witched by either our father’s family or our mother family and we do not know who, why and for what? When our father died all things we expected in our live changed and became sour and again when our mother got sick and died in Luangwa our first born elder brother followed her until her death and buried her, but immediately they buried her, in the night our brother sow two lions (male and female) chasing him and he ran into the funeral house. It is from this moment when sickness and hardship started in our family.

    However, above all I have talked about in this letter; I am requesting for your help in any ways for our restoration, braking through, healing, achievements and putting us all in your prayers. Lastly, I am looking for education sponsorship; if you could please sponsor me or find someone to sponsor me at Cambridge International College in UK and I will be very grateful to the Almighty God and abundance blessings of God, shall follow him or her forever who so ever is going to take the challenge in sponsoring me (attached college application and enrolment form). I again ask for holy water, because I believe only faith and believing in Jesus can change everything in our lives. I can be contacted on the above address and phone numbers at any time. Please I need your help.

    Note: Below are the names and list of my family.

    1. Christopher Newa (First Born) – Elder Brother.
    2. Lameck Newa (Second Born) – Elder Brother.
    3. Kennedy Newa (Third Born) – Elder Brother.
    4. Kezias Newa (Fourth Born) – My Self.
    5. Masautso Newa (Firth Born) – Young Brother.
    6. Rosemary Newa (Sixth Born) – Young Sister and
    7. Naomi Newa (Last Born) – Young Sister.
    8. Patience Mukosha Newa – Wife.
    9. Mutinta Kay Newa – Daughter and
    10. Kezias (Jnr) Chikonjiwe Newa – Son

    Thanking you in advance and God Bless you always abundantly. (Awaiting for your response) REPLY

    Yours Faithfully,


  42. my coment to tbjoshua you doing a big job for us people who are outside as you say distance is not a barrier that is true man of god i wish god may speak to you and open another branch of scoan here with as in canada im healed though watching prayers and testmonies to my sickness for long years ago with no solution but now im feeling better from the lumps of cancer all over my body what is left is tobe dellivered and cancelled in the might name of jesus christ by sithembile moyo july 14 2011 at 4;16 pm

  43. Please man of God I have been watching Emmanuel TV and it really helped me as you always said distance is not a barrier

  44. indeed T.B. Joshua is a man of God. But I would wish him to pray for my beloved Country Malawi for all we are stuck and dont know what to do, we need peace, freedom and unity AMEN

    From Kettie

  45. Prophet T.B .Joshua you are real man of God i wish one day to meet you , i am sure my dreams will become .

  46. Emmanuel – God with us
    Let us all pray to God Almighty for Snr Prophet T B Joshua a jewel of people so that God Almighty keep giving him and showing him all the spiritual gifts, which he promised him and all of us, if we do his will. Amen

  47. Dear TB Joshua,
    i have been married for 17yrs and fear that its my last year am in a marriage.There is no sexual contact with my husband for the last 8yrs.I have been pleading and now i want to let go.He has unfaithful for so long an fathered two children from 2 different women.He revealed to his frien that he does not see me as wife but as a man and therefore it’s difficult fo him to have a relationship.I have written but am sure by the time you read this there will be no marriage.Am ready to let go coz i have had too much emotionl stress.Irequest that you help him realise what is wrong with him through prayer and deliverance.

  48. I really honored the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua because it is obvious God is using him to salvage the human race of our time.May God give him long life to continue the good work God has entrusted him.

  49. God bless you man of God you are a blessing to us,I hope one day you will visit our country Sout Africa, and Im looking forward to see/visit SCOAN one day.

  50. thanks god for having a profet like tb joshua he is man of god am in botswana and wish to meet the man of god but due to finicial problems i dont have money to go to lagos can you please come to our country and heal us and pray for us.y

  51. i’m new to this website, but i want to learn more on how to live a holy life. i hope it will benefit my spirit and my life will change.

  52. Man of God, may I ask your prayer for me I have a problem since 2005. Man of God please help me. And I ask if possible to send for me the annointed wristband through posting.

  53. Only those without faith can doubt such a man of God.
    But from the experiences i hav had with my God I believe TB Joshua to be a true servant of God. One of the reasons being he doznt want (he is very conscious) of pipo who want to like honor him 4 their healing/deliverance instead he is quick to tel them that they should give credit to Jehovah through his son Jesus Christ.

    Personally i hav no doubts about him.
    If his mission was to steal from the poor I could hav seen this already instead he helps a lot of pipo, ensures families are joined 2gather…honestly pipo what mo can u ask 4???
    REMEMBER to Jehovah God there is nothing like a mentor-this is not an academic career were you need to write a thesis that Professor or Doctor somthng must approve, this is about God en his grace dear.
    He can use who ever he wants. Its by His grace not because of how nice one looks, the kind of family one comes from or how one presents himself no! Its by grace
    Stop this spirit of murmuring Satan is using you.
    Man of God continue with this good work.
    In this world pipo are caged en they think its normal- now i believe many hav had their destines blocked becoz of lack of knowledge en at times they are just loyal to church doctrines otho they complain inside. Eg single men and women are tormented by spiritual wives/hubbies without knowing they just find that they are too selective/ proud of who to date/marry until they grow old and the beauty they bragged about fades.
    Wake up pipo there is a lot happening in the spiritual realm than yo eyes can see.

    But I know each one of us has a day wen we meet God en we admit that Jesus is real and alive and still using his servants in our day.

    Its my prayer that i met you(TB Joshua) one day in life becoz i Know peace, lov en confort comes from God only.
    Dont 4get me in your prayers. you r a blessing to this generation and me personally.
    In this troubled world we need the word of God to overcome. (Read Ephesians 6v 10-18
    Enjoy your day to the Glory of God.

  54. Emmanuel, God with us.Thanx alots TB Joshua for revealing the truth to us, for sure this increases our faith toward God everyday, may the Lord continue to bless you even more, so that you continue fishing his people. I live in Tanzania, man of God is there any way i can get the annointing water without coming to nigeria,beecause i have no means of coming to nigeria, i have been watching how the annointed water works, i trully belive it will work on me too especially on the side of my accademics. Please man of God helps me, be blessed.

  55. GOD BLESS TB JOSHUA.Iam watching Emmanuel TV requlary praise HIS name.We requested him to please acquire for us Anointed water and the Wrist band as from SCOAN as we unable to visit LAGOS yet due to financial constraints.living in NAmibia.my addres PO BOX20156 Windhoek Namibia.Kind regards.Getrud.Goagoses


  57. May the Almighty God Continue to Bless you and uplift you Spirtually.I ask prayer for my daugther to give normal birth,because doctors have plan to operate.Praise the Lord Emmanuel!she got the healthy baby girl by normal birth.on 27 September 2010.It has brought blessings into our lives by Gods grace.Halleluya PRAISE THE LORD.

  58. Greetings in de name Jesus the son of a Living God.im pressed b the things ur doing in Jesus name may the love of God grow migthly i nHis name.Help me i want to do partner ship with SinaGogou church yours in His Vineyard
    Netili A

  59. During 2010 I send my request to your good office,about my brother who need help, but did not received my aswear and man of God i need your advise about my brother healing,because even Drs had declare him unfit for the government work he is mad please help him to recover again.

  60. Dear Snr Prophet T.B.Joshua

    A very good friend of mine and a colleague, introduced me to Emmanuel TV. My family and I have been watching this wonderful channel ever since. It has brought blessings into our lives by GOD’s Grace. He will be coming to SCOAN, leaving South Africa from 28 February 2011. We requested him to please acquire for us the Anointed water and the Wrist band from the SCOAN as we unable to visit Lagos yet due to financial constraints. We shall also give him our prayer request and the family photos. Please Man of God kindly pray for us as per the prayer request. In Jesus Christ name.

    Kind Regards,

    Rev Obakeng Dithipe (Republic Of South Africa)

  61. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and worship him because he is worth.

    Let us pray to the God of all creation including LOVE. The one who created Snr Pastor T B Joshua the Snr Prophet and the wise men to be fishers of men. Let us pray let the prayer from Snr Pastor T B Joshua the Prophet and the wise men pierce the darkness to rearrange the world around for our Lord Jesus Christ

  62. may god add more power to you, so that through you we can be able to be save,bless,and be born again christan.

  63. Man of God I have read and head about the devine things you have served in this ailing world.Please include me in your prays so dat i discover myself and overcome the trappings of this life and succeed in my endeavours(Education and righteousness).May our almighty lord bless you with more wisdom and good health so that you continue to deliver the wonderful gospel to the masses.In jesus name, Amen

  64. Praise Jesus
    Dear Respected Pastor Joshua,
    My name is Letty. please pray for the healing of my mind and body. i am 40 years of age, please pray for my new job and God fearing life partner in my life.
    Please pray for my cousin his name is Kunjumon. he and his wife are living separately. Please pray God Jesus joins them back as one family and they serve the Lord. He and his family members are going through lot of problems physically and financially. Please pray for my cousin. I am writng this letter with a broken heart. Please remember us all in your prayers.

    In Christ,

    Mr.Letty Eapen Mathai
    Erattakulangara House
    Kunnamthanam P.O
    Pamala, Tiruvalla
    Pin Code: 689581


  66. thank you prophet TB JOSHUA for allowing GOD to use you.Keep the fire burning,GOD IS WITH US.HOLY GHOST FIRE.Keep on working for GOD BECAUSE YOUR REWARD IS IN HEAVEN.SPIRIT OF GOD IS UPON YOU.HOLY GHOST FIRE!!!!!

  67. Dear Man of God You said the 2011 is a year of blessing,year of change , year of miracles i see theu my TV all the great deeds you do for people like me and other. please Man of Godyou said ask and the Lord can grant please see me through these rough days ahead , my pay check can not cover my bills,am a widow with three kids times are so hard I dont know what to do but with u I know all things are possible and u will not give me more than I can handle, please i need to take care of my family and thank u for all u have done please pray for us so we can be blessed and i can take care of my kids and help me get school fees and food to feed my kids i pray for health them and safety too,amen

  68. Emmanuel!!! (Matthew 1:23)

    Glory be to the Almighty God!

    Thank you all, Prophet TB Joshua, Mrs Joshua, the Wiseman, The Emmanuel TV, the SCOAN Choir and all those who contribute positively to the success of the Church. May God bless you all in Jesus Christ name Amen.


    Rev. Obakeng Dithipe

  69. May God e praised through the works of his annointed. Africa is blessed to have men like TB Joshua, God has done us a very great favour by making him be born in our continent. I thank God for that. may his mercy continue to shine the world.

  70. Hi TB J. we are so blessed with your ministry. Pls pray for Ethiopia, we are now at extreem poverty and abuse by the goverment of Ethiopia. Satan is blocking our development and God has recently said that situation seems like the King David time in search for the kingdom. I expect Dr. Berhanu Nega as our future President. Pls play for us. We are in danger

  71. i would like to get contack with to Father TB Joshua please, how will i get hold of him, i want to submit my prayer request, as well as to find out how to come to his country cause i am from Namibia.

  72. May the Great Lord our Father in Heaven through His Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour,continue to bless you more and more.Any weapon fashioned against you can never prosper in Jesus name i pray.Amen

  73. Dear Man of GOD, TB Joshua
    Since I started watching Emmanuel Tv last month December 2010, I see a difference in me as a single mother. Man of GOD, I believe in what you said that this is the year of change and that good is not enough the best is still to come. Man of God pray for me, my children and classmates to focus on our studies. My son is misbehaving and I believe that is only through prayers that Almighty GOD will deliver him. Man of GOD pray for my forster daughter to focus on her studies and to believe that is only the Almighty GOD who will deliver her. Man of God I wish you a Happy 2011 in Jesus Name.

  74. God has been gracious to us, by showing us what will take place very early in the year. We are blessed to have a modern day prophet in our midst. Halleluyah

  75. Hi am hanna and am the forgoten of God child am 22 years old hopless person. I hate my life and everything around me I don’t know how to ask/pray pls pray for me i want i better life i want to get out from my strees i want change in my life

  76. Dear Prophet T.B Joshua

    I wish to the fullest be a true servant of the Almighty God, in order for me to achieve this, an appropriate guidance is deemed necessary. There is only one living person to help me achieve this, and that is Prophet T.B Joshua. From the true point of my heart am asking the man of God to pray and lead me, to chase all the evil spirits away from me. Deep down am also praying for you Prophet, may the good LORD bless you and keep you (Num 6: 24-26).

    Kind regards

    Rev Obakeng Dithipe

    Cell: +27 82 888 2356
    Fax: +27 86 566 2683
    Email: obakengd@statssa.gov.za

    Romans 8:28-31; If God is for us, who can be against us?

  77. I know and believe that God is Able and can do everyhing.
    I want everybody reading this to pray for me, i am deep trapped in a bussiness not mine intrests, to leave it and return to Nigeria with out cash will be a shame.
    I need to get married to my country woman and i need to get cash to do this.
    Please help me God…in Jusus name Amen…

    • Dear Man of God I really thank God for your life because in times like this we need someone who will advocate for us and intercede on our-behalf. God richly bless and straightens you. Man of God Please my younger brother is seriously under attack from the enemy pls. remember me in PRAYERS.

    • Dear man of God and all servants in synagogue church of all nation, man of God in a simply way I have two vision about you and in one of them you healed me and in the other one you said to me answer the question of one of the wise man ask me to donate money for a widow. thank you for the spirit of the holy Ghost and I believed the distance is not the barrier one day I will meet you one on one, but now you are with me in spirit which I am so Thankful to lord Jesus Christ, AMEN,
      Robert Talang, USA

    • Pls pray for Ethiopia. God is saying something positive about Ethiopia these days, but the people are currently are under absolute poverty and abuse. I expect Dr. Berhanu Nega as our future President. Pray for him as well. God bless you more.

  78. Dear T.B Joshua
    We need you in Malawi or send one of the wisemen either for a crusade or anointing water administering. All your prophecies are coming to pass we believe God is still saying something.

  79. igreet you in the wonderful name of Jesus thank you man of for being obdient to GODS word .the past two months i have been sending sms for my sister rose healing ‘i just want to thank you for the prayers may GOD really bless you plez continue praying for her .

  80. Dear TB Joshua
    Warm greetings and good wishess. Paster F.Thomas
    I want want to contact you I sense the calling of the lord upon me but I still need to confirm it, my full name is Festus Thomas I need you to pray for me and reply me on this email (saintministries@gmail.com thank for your good help and God bless I will be looking forward and expecting your good reply

  81. To God be the Glory for the manifestation of His manifold wisdom upon man.May He continue revealing His ways unto the prophet T B Joshua.And may God give him abundant grace to reach and bring hope to multitudes throughout the world.May God manifest unique anointing to continue touching unique cases.May God help the Prophet touch the leaders of this world and learn to believe God.

  82. May the Almighty Lord, in His marvelous grace out-pour more blessings and favor in your prophetic ministry. Man of God find time and visit Kenya also.

  83. We thank god for sending us tb joshua i can testify that all my prayer request i send have been answered.You really serve a mighty god.Pray for Malawi and its leadership.

  84. Dear, man of God TB joshua,please pray for Ethiopia people are suffering because of bad governance in the church and in Gov position. We are praying as , and I am praying too as aweeping mothers .Please and please pray for Ethiopia.


  85. im touched by anythn the works of prophet tb joshua especially al the confirmed prophecies. the first time i watched emmanuel tv i met the broadcasting of his lifes documentary it real touched me to how far the man of God came to be where he is now i learnt that christianity is not a bed of roses all my life i have been strugglin to live for God and let him guide me please pray for me and with me i believe that the prayer of a righteous man is effective and powerfull

  86. Dear Servant of God!
    am about to start serving God in the ministry near future.
    but i have things i would like you to help me, advising as well as praying for me.
    1. i want to serve God in spirit, power and annointing, not as people used to know, but as God USE ME POWERFUL.
    2. MY MIND ALWAYS FORGET THINGS EASILY, Iam afraid i might even forget, i dont like this.
    3. my ordinary capability of solving issues is so do, i want GOD to take it up and to sharpen
    4. i want to have a conversion to HIM, i want to hear HIM speaking and walk with me.
    5. i want to have answers to peoples problems
    6. and many many more that The Spirit will tell u .
    7. i also ask for close communication for sharing and advising as a spiritual son.
    waiting to hear a lot, in JESUS name.

  87. May the Lord our God keep blessing you in all that you do, may the power keep on being revealed in you and through you so that the name of God- Jesus be confessed by many.Amen

  88. I Thank GOD, for the work that he is doing in your ministry, glory to him alone, continue prying for our country Tanzania in this period of election

  89. Emannuel ?

    I thank God for you Man of God, We real thank God for you and the whole team of Emannuel Tv.
    We are blessed.
    Man of God we are having election on 31st October 2010.
    What do you prophecise about this Election?
    Please Man of God we need your prayer now.
    Thank you and may God bless you always.

  90. I am Tanzanian (East Africa) a good follower of MAn of God thru Emanuel tv. We are having general election on 31st October,2010. What do you prophecise about our general election and please pray for us.

  91. I am a Tanzanian from East Africa. I am glad for the service we receive through Emanuel tv. We are thankful for this man of God T.B Joshua. Please man of God what do you prophecize about Tanzanian General Election 2010 and please pray for our lovely Nation as we all love you.

  92. pastor Joshua God give you eternal life we love you so much keep on doing the good work that the lord our god said you must do. please how can i get the fruit of the womb anoiting water i am in polokwane.

    God bless you

  93. Emmanuel: God is with us. I thank God for using TB Joshua to heal and deliver people through the name of Jesus. Instead of enjoying life with your family like many other so called pastors. May God give u more keeps on blessing you so that you don’t give up. May God give u more and more blessings. Really man of God you are the bleesing to so many nations.

    From Molly: South Africa

  94. Man of God you are really doing what God sent you to do. I thanks God for your life and the wonderful things that you are doing. I am excited by the Gospel and please pray for me that one day God will one day give me the grace,use me in the spreading of the Gospel give me his power to preach/sing his word arround my envirnoment and country because of need of serving my great Father.

  95. I thank GOD for d life of d highest/senior prophet T.B. JOSHUA. I’m so happy 2 be in d generation of ”GODS ANNOITED SERVANT” I believe in jesus christ and his instructions, I pray that GOD will use is highest and ANNOITED servant TB. JOSHUA to deliver my family. May GOD continue to strengthing him for us. we love u sir.

  96. People will always be the same yesterday, today and forever they persecuted Jesus and they will do the same to T B Joshua and to any Man or Woman of God. To T B Joshua continue the work of the Lord and may the Lord continue to use you, you are the Lord’s vessel.

    Joyce Mubvumba from Zimbabwe

  97. God is wonderfull, i just pray for those who still doubt, to give their lives to Jesus, if you say the man of GOD Prophet TB Joshua is fake, it make’s me laugh because i’m sure u will search for him one day. we are bless in this our generation having Prophet like him. let’s give thanks to GOD, Prophet TB Joshua is healing many without asking for money, or praise, he gives food to many, while some of us who are good in gossiping his name, we boast around in big jeeps, we splash water on poor ones, we eat until our stomach can’t take more, we live in duplex, all that is good but, please let’s joined prophet Tb Joshua, and may he teach us through Jesus Christ how to give without pain…. how to repent from our sins and go back no more… how to leave without envy….

    Man of God May you leave long, and may God prosper you in all you do through Jesus Christ our Savior, our redeemer our deliverer, Amen

    I’m Hilda from Cameroon

  98. The bible makes us uderstand that ears have not yet heard nor eyes seen nor the heart of man conceive what God…2Cor 2:8&9. I believe rigt deep in my heart that this is one of the tools that God is using to draw humankind to Himself.I’m so thankful to God for bestoring in His servant Prophet T.B Joshua such a wonderful gift and i’ll also like appreciate to thank Prophet T.B JOSHUA for being such a good example and model to me as an individual Christian and to the entire Christian.”T.B JOSHUA PERSECUTION IS YOUR MEAL”.

  99. peace be to you man of GOD and all there .
    this is a previlege to write to you that i would like to leave the comment that ,bro tb joshua has became the vessel to the lord to reveal his work to this generation, and i thank the lord for his real humbelness.and i want to find the book, the mirror by TB JOSHA and i want his e mail addres please.

  100. My own testimony is great and l praise lord for that. l didn’t beleive that l will be called back for work after 2years on Special leave without Pay. l used to pray with TB Joshua on TV since we don’t have a branch in Zambia.
    l wrote my prayer request, placed it by TV as he was praying to views all over the world.
    The follwing week l sent my CV and was called for online interview ( skype), 2 days letter l received an appointment letter for a Job offer in Haiti. Currently lam working in Haiti with UN.
    Praise the Lord. Man of God you are too great through Jesus christ.
    Really dinstance is not a barrier. l wish to visit SCOAN one day and feel the presence of GOD.

  101. Thanks Jesus,

    We have eyes we can’t see and ears we can’t hear. All these is happening in our period, it is like living in the times of Jesus christ everything that is happening now is true. We thank you Lord Jesus for giving us one like him in your position. May u guide him always.


  102. thank you man of God for your concern towards the wellbeing of the world. you do not limit yourself only to africa even though you are african. it is a big lesson to the world.thank you for everything and may God almighty continue to use you as an agent of pease and unity for the world in Jesus’s name i’ve prayed Amen

  103. Man of God you are really doing what God sent you to do. We thank God for your life and the wonderful things that you are doing. I am excited by the Gospel and please pray for me that one day God will one day give me the grace and use me in the spreading of the Gospel especially in the work place as the environment we are operating in needs God’s intervention.

  104. i thank God for giving us his servant like Musa Elia in the today world it happen people act as TB Joshua sending us mail and ask us send them money so as the can send to me annoiting water he said he is working in annoiting water depertment is it true man of GOD?

    • Emmanuel! The Anointing Water is free and only given out at The SCOAN Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria presently. Any person who asks for money or claims to be in a position to send you the water is fraudulent and should be immediately reported to the church authorities. Remember, the Bible instructs us to watch and pray because we live in a generation without faith and hope.

  105. you are send by God i confirm . I pray God will make it possible for me to reach logos with all my family member my past is over . from the touch of my TV screen some great happen in my life . i must share my testimony to the glory of God . more annoiting in jesus Name

  106. Emmanuel, man of God your teaching is great and please continue with your work and as usual keep on praying for the viewers for we will be with you, distance is not a barrier—-. You have actual changed my life and image. May od bless you

  107. sir ,may GOD continue to prosper you and bless you in all your endevours and may his hands guide you all the way.

  108. Hi the man of God prophet TB JOSHUA and members of Synagogue Church of All Nations.I am from Zimbabwe.I watch God’s miracles that are happening at the church on sundays. Please pray for me i am praying everyday for a breakthrough and better job . I love u all God bless you

  109. Hi the man of God probet TB JOSHUA and members of Synagogue Church of All Nations.I am from ethiopia.I watch God’s miracles and phropecies through emmanuel tv channel specially sunday live program.i want to be annointed in deliverane service,I want to have boldness in faith like you. so please a man of God pray for me.My dreams are two. The first one is to attend the sunday live program in synagougue church.I hope you will invite me when the will of God is done. The second one is your service in my country. a man of God please please pray to my country ethiopia.I love you all. God Bless you all.

    Blessed God for you.You are the man of God. God bless you.
    Pastor i want to pray and attending with your Spritual Confrance. But the Jorny is long.
    But i know this, Every thing is Posible to God. So pray me within may place.
    please i want to be comminicate with you through this email every day.this is very important to me,for my Life.

  111. T B Joshua is truely a man of god as each day pass iam always thirsty to listen to any of his service- iam from Zimbabwe . I pray one day he will come to our country and lead the nation a prayer .

  112. God gave us all the powers, even to move mountains but most people doesn’t realise that, TB Joshua is doing it, lets all take that example, all we need to have is faith, remember will faith takes us to places that we know nothing about,,, infact in the past people like moses, Jeremiah and many others God could speak with them, why not us, lets all ask ourselves ???????and take action, satan is at work always , lets not tolarate his stupidity, enough is enough, don’t ever let satan rule you,,,,,,,,,AMEN!

  113. When are we having a slice of the cake in London. I can’t wait to you visit us and bless us with some of those wonderful gifts of yours. jane


    • Hello Megerssa.
      AS one of christian brother I appreciate your courage to serve the lord almighty.
      But, as a student of higher level University, you should have been read and check your message before sending and exposing your distorted English grammatically and others.
      I personally as University student shame for your English. Did you really completed 12 grade? or you are cadre of EPRDF?
      Your university mate from AA

      • Hello Abebe
        Did u read what u wrote before posting?This is a clear situation of a pot calling a kettle black.We are quick to criticize others without checking ourselves.Why not take the log out of your eye so that your vision will be clear enough to see the mole in another persons eye.
        “I personally as a university student shame for your English. Did u really completed 12 grade?” Is that English or broken English?
        As Christians,we should not find fault in others .Nobody is
        perfect .God bless u.

  115. no matter how im tempted in this world, the anointed one from my god is the first priority in my life, thank u jesus to send our father Phophet T.B Joshua to utter the deep things of god .Amen may God bless him more.

  116. Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I will always pray for Pastor T B Joshua for what he is doing for the people. I want to be one of the future Pastors who will be able to work for Christ like Pastor T B Joshua

  117. Thank Man Of God for first, saying yes to your calling. Secondly, thank you for being so humble yet the bearer of great hiden things of God. It is not by human design that you are living in our generation but God’s. This is not for you but for us to join you in the race. May God Bless you and extent the days of your life.

    Masters Mahlalela (South Afric)

  118. May good Lord continue to bless you man of God. You are source of my inspiration.Thank you so much for the live service of every suday.Pray for my country R.S.A.

  119. I am always Uplifted in the Split when I see on the TV what Prophet TB Joshua is doing in helping the World, May God Please help him

  120. Truely God is working throuhgh you. May the Lord forgives those that are in their usual behavious Criticizing you.

  121. You are a gift to the people of the world and we thank God for your life and through watching and listening to your programs we have grown from strength to strength and from faith to faith and see you when you come to Zimbabwe

  122. Emmanuel, it is a time we have to believe wise words from man of God that Satan has children, son , daughters grandsons,etc. so we must be brave not to listen to his lies. People sending blasphemic reports the anti christs have their purpose to steal our grace we are offered free by our true GOD , THEY WANT US TO STOP BELIEVINGTO PROPHECIES FROM GOD,S MESSAGE.

  123. hi
    i m thankful to God Almighty for prophet TB Joshua and his life.i continue to thank God for sending us this man in our generation.i wish i would have an encounter of him telling me about God’s opinion about my life and the things we are going through that is my husband and my self.
    but i believe that God’s time is the best.

    may God continue to use you more and more.
    thank you

  124. Dear brother T,B Joshua,

    May the grace and power and abundace of God allmighty remain with you forever. Thank you so much for the live service of every suday. Pls pray for Ethiopia and Churches in Ethiopia. I hope GOD will give you time to come to Ethiopia and pray for us. Kindly pray for my family and ministery too.
    I thank GOD for having a brother like you.
    Very sincerely and best regards

  125. Emanuel, Man of God, may the king of kings, the lord of lords & the only creator of all thing God almighty continue to bless u & your every thing. Its really wonderful blessing to hear your ur voice through gift of God (Chanel), God is great
    P/s, I need u to pray for our country Eritrea, East Africa & the church in our country
    Secondly, I need u to pray for me & my family to get breakthrough in our christian life and every thing.
    I believe every thing will be Best through.
    nothing is impossible in front of God. Amen

  126. Emanuel, Man of God, may the king of kings, the lord of lords & the only creator of all thing God almighty continue to bless u & your every thing. Its really wonderful blessing to hear your Chanel, God is great
    P/s, I need u to pray for our country Eritrea, East Africa & the church in our country
    Secondly, I need u to pray for me & my family to get breakthrough in our christian life and every thing.
    I believe every thing will be Best through.
    nothing is impossible in front of God. Amen

  127. I thank you prophet for the prophesies that you have been giving to us. atleased I am privilage to be a member of a world with a man like yourself. Please prophet pray for my country Cameroon for the upcomming ellections in 2011

  128. Emanuel” Man of God, May Jesus of Nazareth continue using you. I am a widow, sending to my request for prayer to my family especially to my doughter who is residing in London. She is married for the last eight year. Since then she has no piece in her marriage starting by her sister-in-laws,mother-in-law and she has not yet manage to get employment, no child and the rules of her husband has been tough day by day to the extent that she want separate. Man of god help. Amen

  129. thank yu prophet T.B yu are awesome and inspiring. i am bellesed to watch yu every weekend my dream and hope is to visit ” Arena of Liberty ” i beleive it will be an unforgetable experience my the Lord continue to bless and strethen yu please pray for Zimbabwe its high time her children are released from bondage or visit it one day

    i know by grace of tyhe lord it is possible

  130. Thank God for giving us a prophet like TB Joshua in our time I wish every home could afford to buy MY TV seing is beliving . prophet TB Joshua restore my hope in the power of our lord Jesus I ask for the grace to reach Logos soon and see the prophet of God

  131. Truely u re man of GOD .I wonder how do i see u face to face . Hopefully i will see u one .
    Emmanuel tv. is for world to change lives
    Thank u .
    Chkebo & Family

  132. I’ve been richly blessed watching and listening to the prophet teach,heal&prophesy on emmanuel tv.wish to find time to be there one day

  133. i waz asking if it is possible to get those prophecy before they do happen on our wall via facebook so that we cn pray together coz right now am in a place where i dont get acess to watch emmanuel tv..be blessed

  134. This man prophet Tb Joshua proceeds from God the almighty, the messiah is coming, the earthquakes, the temple in jerusalem, the peace treaty,the guillotine in texas,the pope (babylon) do not bow to any images absolutely no images,the king Jesus christ will come from the clouds to get his people..!!!! God bless you

  135. i dont know how to contact you i sense the calling of the lord upon me but i still need to confirm it my full name is taiwo adesina i dont know if you can pray with me and reply me on this email taiwooddy@yahoo.com .thanks and god bless i will be expecting your reply

  136. God bless u man of God i am so happy wit wat u re doing in d life of d poor nd d needy, i pray 2 b cheerful lyk u. More greese 2 ur elbo. Luv u sir

  137. Hola saaludos en nombre de xto ntr salvador. Doy gracias al man of Good por el bien de salvar a muchisimos hijos de Dios y le pido que siga pidiendo por mi fe de pais y mi salud. Muchisimas gracias

  138. Does God speak to the prophet in a still small voice, or in emotional superlatives? Do the brethern have daily periods of quiet meditation? What good topics for meditation would the prophet recommend?

  139. I really, thank God for Prophet TB Joshua’s life.
    By God’s grace I am a changed person, full of courage, growing fast, Strong in my desire and determination towards Jesus Christ.

    May the Lord God keep Emmanuel TV, His servant Prophet TB Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.


  140. Prophet Joshua, you are a blessing to this generation!!! The spirit of humility and humbleness in you as bless my life so much,your generosity is incredible.You have made an indelible impart in this generation May the Lord help you to go from strength to strength,may your anointing never dry! but your words says better is not good enough the best is yet to come! may the Lord empower you to give more for this generation. I WISHE THE SYNAGUOGE OF ALL THE VERY BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  141. I really like to thank pastor TB JOSHUA for his works.
    am form zambia i had a disease and feel that am healed in JESUS CHRIST.I prayed last sunday like i have never prayed and felt the disaese has left me.

    Thanks GOD

  142. Man of God let God protect u let him lay his big hand 2 u mine is 2 small,be blessed,i always send prayer request im thankful dat my God is not a delayer always after sending within 5 minutes im answered,please pray with me i am promised a job i wl start monday.U SHALL LIVE LONG 4 UR GUD THINGS!!

  143. Thank you Prophet T B Joshua for the prophecies which build my faith more and more everyday.I am from Zimbabwe and I know God’s time is coming for us.

    yours faithfully

    mrs R E Mawire

  144. I am from Zimbabwe and I really thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Wish to know about prophecies about Zimbabwe.

    • Emmanuel, God with us.Thanx alots TB Joshua for revealing the truth to us, for sure this increases our faith toward God everyday, may the Lord continue to bless you even more, so that you continue fishing his people. I have been watching your television channel for sure i have been touched. Please man of God pray for me for i have so many problems that toucher my life so much especially on the side of accademics and relationship, i believe through you my past will be over. And i hope one day i will get the chance to come to nigeria to receive my healing physically. Be blessed always

  145. I am from Ethiopia I give Glory to God almightly for using the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua to reveal to world what will happen and this will help us to grow in faith and believe that Jesus is alive, I pray to God to continue to use him for our generation.

    I will give to man of God payer reqest to pray for Ethiopia for Ellection and to see our nation God’s Glory


  146. May God continue to bless you abundantly! Please pray for our nation of Tanzania. Pray for our government, revival. Also we need Fear of God in a mighty way, we also ask God for his wonderful wisdom among leaders,civil workers, business men and investors. Pray for women and children. Break spirit of ignorance and poverty, replace it with knowldge of word of God.

  147. Man of God!!!May Jesus Christ of Nazareth Continue using you.I am interested into geeting all the anointing the Lord has deposited to you,because most of the South African Pastors you lay hands to assist us comes and play when they reach South Africa.The Gospel of Jesus has not been introduced to Mandela as yet,which is unfair for he might die sooner than we think.I am at the University of Zululand-distance is no barrier.My name as in an ID book,Sizwe Richard Zulu,prefarable Sizwesamazulu(given by the Lord)my na,e means Zulu nation.Sizwesamazulu Zulu

  148. thankyou pastor TB Joshua for letting God move thru you so mightily. if we could all yield to God so much being fully submitted how different our lives & the world alltogether would be. GLORY TO GOD & JESUS HIS SON IN THE HIGHEST..

  149. Pastor
    Thanks for the work you r doing.Praise the Lord!Please pray for me that I overcome the forces of darkness that aim to control my life.Im unemployed with a family for about a year now.Im faithful and a prayer warrior.But those I love are losing hope and faith.Help me rebuke and undo the spell that has bound me and that mine enemies forget me and whats mine.Eph 6:12.
    Thanks for keeping the Christian Fire Burning!
    Thank You Jesus


  150. pastor please i want to be comminicate with you through this e-mail every day.please is very inportant to me. because i have a very big fanacial break donw\problem.and also pray that the bad spirit in me will go out.

    • Thank you lord for giving us T B Joshua , i want to communicate with you on this email i have a serious problem a financial breakdown and a career downturn, please help me through your wonderful prayers i know its a bad spell from the dark world .i know my might God wont let me down this evil spirit will go away for good

  151. I’m requesting more, like books,videos etc of TB Joshua. I’m touched by what God is doing through his life to touch many peoples life’s and his passion on changing others life’s regardless of their tribes,country etc.This is exactly the heart that Jesus had!

  152. Anything big start small, whatever TBJ is doing says today is not new for I know from experience that he is an embordiment of the holy spirit.He has done more than his father, like peter and other apostles did more than the lord. He might not parade chains of degrees and titles, but the funtain of blessing emanating from this small but GIANT VESSEL of the lord is a reliable reference authority in the vinyard of the lord. I am proud to have learn directly under the leadership of Prophet TB Joshua. Daddy, keep the flag flying, I know TB Joshua is General that will not leads solders to war without casuality. +1 973 900 6323

  153. The World is blessed.My Prayer is that God help the world to be involved in this vision with Prophet T B Joshua.That let our leaders get involve and the traces of evils will be erased.God receive Glory for loving us by giving Prophet T B Joshua He is a True Servant of Yours for us.God thank you.

    • Emmanuel! No such prophecy concerning Arsenal was ever made. All prophecies revealed by God to Prophet TB Joshua are shown on Emmanuel TV. Everything else attributed to TB Joshua is purely rumour.

  154. It is always like reading the news before it happens when TB Joshua takes the platform.

    I have seen, known, and listened to him for 9 years. The healings, the deliverance ministry, and the personal prophecy times are absolutely stunning. I have never stopped being more and more amazed at what happens in the live services. But the international prophetic insight he has been given crosses a barrier into the truly awesome. And what is the pinnacle of my amazement, is that the anointing which was tangible and breath taking IS STILL OBVIOUSLY INCREASING. There is a true prophet in the earth. A wild, giant, dangerous prophet. Folks neeed to know this.

  155. man of God pray for Zimbabwe and its people.i want Zimbabwe to be a God fearing nation.i do believe in all your prophecies because they come to pass and this makes me closer to God.May the Lord almighty richly bless you.Emannuel

  156. I give Glory to God almightly for using the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua to reveal to us what will happen and this will help us to grow in faith and believe that Jesus is alive, I pray to God to continue to use him for our generation.

  157. we r God’s children and He loves us. He will always send us these prophecies. Only those with holy and heavenly ears will take heed. Thank you Prophet for being our ears and letting us know all this beforehand

    • Tank very very much senior prophet tb joshua, ever sinc i started watching emmanuel tv, my life has change, i never believ i could stop mastubation, i was tinking is a normal ting 2 do but after laying ma hand on my television screen and pray along with the man of God, i stop masturbating and 2day is making 2years praise the lord, tank u the God of senior prohet tb joshua. I hav series of testimonies ever sinc i started watching emmanuel tv. Tank u man of God. I am healed, jesus is ma healer, i am delivered jesus is ma deliverer, i am save jesus is ma saviour, emmauellllllllllllllllll

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