The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the island of Haiti, Tuesday 12th January, 2010, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, destroyed thousands of homes and left thousands injured, homeless and in desperation, needing to reconstruct their lives.

In response to the disaster, an Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team comprising a doctor, nurses, a midwife, evangelists, and humanitarian workers travelled from the UK and the USA to Haiti. With the generous support of Emmanuel TV partners and friends, a cargo plane was chartered and stocked full of medical supplies and foodstuffs. The plane landed in Cap Haitien Airport in the north of Haiti. The team then travelled in convoy with the UN down to Arcahaie, a town just half an hour drive north of Port-au-Prince, where thousands of earthquake victims had fled to and where there was no hospital. Upon arrival, the team unloaded the supplies in the town hall. Welcomed warmly by the people of Arcahaie, many of whom were viewers of Emmanuel TV, they set off for the site by the sea that had been given to them by the Mayor of Arcahaie, where the field hospital would be built.

The team immediately began pitching tents and preparing the site for the field hospital, which was to be called Clinique Emmanuel. The building still under construction, patients began to arrive. Clinique Emmanuel was now in operation. Soon, an expectant mother in labour arrived and the first baby was delivered. Her parents, rejoicing at the birth and in gratitude to God, named their daughter, Emmanuella. Each day, the Emmanuel TV Relief Team give their love, their time, their care to the people of Arcahaie. Facing challenges such as no sewage system, no clean water and no power gave the team a glimpse of what life is like for the Haitian people on a daily basis.

As news of Clinique Emmanuel spread, people came from far and wide and many children soon gathered. With the local schools closed after the earthquake, the ETV site provides a safe and stimulating environment to learn in. With the devastation in Haiti, Emmanuel TV aims not just to establish a primary care medical clinic but also an orphanage to care for orphans, many of whom lost their parents in the devastating earthquake.

Twenty four hours a day in Clinique Emmanuel, there is a need that needs to met, a problem that needs to be solved, a situation that demands immediate attention.

Since the setting up of Clinique Emmanuel, more nurses have travelled from South Africa to join the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team with plans in place for still more to come from different parts of the world.

In the wake of such a horrific devastation of a nation, a shadow of its former self, one has to ask the question, what can I do to help? As Prophet TB Joshua says, whatever you have in your hand today is a solution to someone with a problem. God has designed it in such a way that everyone has some strength to contribute. Your contribution can and will change lives.

Your strength may be in the area of money. Your strength may be in the area of wisdom. Your strength may be in the area of knowledge, talent or skills such as medical expertise. Whichever area you are strong in you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother. The people of Haiti are in need of what you have to give.

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  1. greetings to the man of God; senior prophet TB Joshua nd the emmanuel tv name is Blessing Paul iam 24yrs old iam an orphan; i have been watching emmanuel tv seeing what God is using the man of God in the life of is my late parents are tormenting me and my younger ones for the past even my immediate younger brother is mental help us deliver us and save our lives.thank you God bless you and your family in Jesus name .amen

  2. Oh man of God my name is heart ayo vaughan, how are you, and all the team of scoan?God be with you all,please pray for my chilren name is Destiny, beatrice, jesse and maryjena. I need your help man of God you can help me out of this problem l am face in 2year now. This problem is about my children were taking from me by the Goverment of Ireland beause of my help I gave to a child.Ineed my childen back home. Please. Prayer for my husband he is sick he has leg pain for many years ago.thank you

  3. my contibution is endless prayers God of abraham Isaak and Jacod do good in your good pleasure to prophet TB Joshua and build the wall of SCOAN and EMMNUEL TV then you shall be pleased with the scrifice of rightiousness with burnt offering and awhole burnt offerings then they shall offer buls on your alter in Jesus’name

  4. Glory to the living God,we really thank the man of God and the wisemen about the wonderful,awesome work they do.Members of distance is not a barrier can you pls come to my rescue i apply for SCOAN vIsit last year for my husband but still no rsponse is there any other way to find out about my application.

  5. I do not have a reply.I have a need.I am a diabetic and it seems to be affecting almost every part of my body..My eye has been hardly hit.In fact I underwent a cataract operation in July 2011 on my left eye and it is gradually getting better but it is taking too long.My teeth are developing more cavities.I cannot sleep at night or if i sleep at all I wake up between 2 and 3am.I am irritable and easily get angry I have also lost my manhood.
    I need Pastor Joshua and his prayer worriors to pray for me so that I will get well I need help.
    I am George Attoh
    My e-mail address is
    My phone number is00220 9942908

  6. watching emmanuel tv 4 six yrs has changed my life.prophet please my life is imprisoned by barrenness 8 yrs and also hiv.we applied to come in nov 2011but no feedback and our health is wasting away by the day.we know that once we come our marriege will take a new leaf.thankyou and god bless you and your team.

  7. i travelled to nigeria recently from usa and visited the scoan .i attended the sunday service 12/11/11. two months prior my monthly period has ceased. the holy spirit placed in my heart to visit the scoan. during the morning service the wisemen lay hands on me. i also prayed with the anointed water . three days after returning to the usa, my period has started flowing. thank you lord jesus. glory to GOD. amen.
    may GOD continue to bless scoan and his staff . thank you.

  8. Where can we go from his presence? Nowhere. I will always thank Snr Prophet T B Joshua and Emmanuel tv for keeping the whole world informed of what is happening in Haiti. May the good Lord Jesus Christ keep decorating you with all his spiritual benefits man of God.
    The people of Haiti remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ do not lose hope our God is good be his friend and trust him and follow his ways. Lord Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. distance id not a barrier.
    2 Corithians 5:17
    So if anyone is in Christ , there is a new creation: everything has become new.

    Be blessed the Wise Men, the SCOAN and Emanuel tv family

  9. I thank God the father, son and the holy spirit for blessing mankind through his annointed Prophet T.B Joshua and the Scoan/ Emmanuel TV. Thank God for all the blessings ETV has brought to the lives of my mum Martha Njweng Elango,my sibblings Evangeline Esie Ngum Elango and Otto Chiangong Elango and me Patience Fule-Buang Elango. I continue to beg you to pray for our deliverance spiritually,healthwise,physically, academically, employmentment wise(employment for my sibblings),financially, maritally(no to this prolonged celibacy), fruit of the womb wise, for peace and joy in our lives, for progress to the glory of the Lord. Please mighty man of God, break the bondage of stress, depression and manic tendencies in our lives and for the bondage of witch craft in our lives and family. wE PRAY FOR AND CLAIM A NEW DAWN IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES AS WE CONFESS OUR SINS AND REPENT OF THEM. Man of God, distance is not a barrier and while we pray God makes a way for my sister Evangeline’s prayer to come face to face with you, the prayer warfare is in your hands and that of the wise men. It is well I know. Amen.
    please what can we do with my elder sister (Evangeline) who has undertaken for over 6 day an extreme dry fast and refuses any advice especially as she is frail, weak and has lost so many kilos. She has been very sick in the past and God intervened and she was delivered.

  10. Thank you Senior Prophet TB Johua for Emmanuel TV. it is a great blessing i watch it everyday and there is not a day that passes without watching it. My faith in God has been elevated and i want to hold on until He comes.

    • we all thank the man about what he did to the people of Haiti,honestly i feel each and every christian is got a duty to carry because the word of God has been preached but we dont show the fruit of the spirit,this is what the man of God is teaching,may the Lord give us strength,wisdom and love.Thank so much man of God u are really a blessing to the whole world.

  11. Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus.

    We are gratefull by watching emanuel tv and even doing miracles for us.We had an accident on the 12 June 2011,we were from the funeral of our extended family at a village called Serowe,then just about 30kms away,the car overturned and there was no one killed only minor injuries.Thank God we are both alive.Kindly man of God pray with us and curse those evil sprits that are tomenting our lives,even the spirits of disapointmen,distruction,spirit of death and darkness.Let Love lead in our family and let there be prosperity.
    Halleluya in Juses Name.AMEN

  12. je veux que vous me conformez ma venue à SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATION que j’ai arreté pour le 17 au 20 décembre 2011.
    je vous remercie d’avance mon nom est : MICHODJEHOUN YEMALO denis

  13. j’aimerai venir à la synagogue church of all nation et je souhaiterai avoir un rendez-vous pour le 09 ou 10 decembre 2011 . que dieu vous benisse homme de dieu

  14. I thank God for his power and authority upon Prophet TB JOSHUA. May God bless him more abundantly as he is blessing us through him. And I have hope that one day God will bring him to Namibia at the north Ongwediva and Oshakati town. Love u, your family and the whole church of the nation with the love of God. Amen!!!!!!!!!

  15. Greetings in Jesus name Prophet TB Joshua, i really want to thank God for your life today. it is not easy to find a God fearing person in this troubled world today since almost everyone is after money and riches. your humility indeed is an encouragement to me. you really are my mentor. may God continue to bless the people through you man of God. greetings from Zambia in Jesus name. kangwa kasonde Zambia.

    • Really where can we go from His presence no where.Im really blessed each and everyday when watching Emmanuel TV,the love you get, caring,honest and the commitment.The Lord is good all the time,when watching the student collecting their schoolership fees i always pray that as christian let us not talk too much but let the work we do talk for themselves.BETTER IS NOT ENOUGH THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

  16. Man of God I am to weak to control. My abuse man.he make my so unsave.Man of God pray for me and help now he is drink,i spray anoiting water in his face.i did not pray strong on it and he went drinking and he come to my house for coroling.please help me Man of God.I cannot take it anymore.

  17. May the name of Jesus Christ be glorified for sending the prophet of this generation.I saw in a vision man of God T.B Joshua on three different occasions ,and once wiseman John Chi praying for me.Eventhough my back pain is still there i believe what man of God has been saying and i quote, God’s time is the best, my time will come when i wll say my past is over,it will be over indeed in Jesus Christ name.Man of God pray for me and my family,i believe your prayer can change my life in Christ name.God bless you all.

  18. May the Almighty continue to reveal the deep things of this unshakable Kngdom to the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua and the wisemen.Im really blessed each and every day and i get inspired and long to know Him more and more.

  19. Good mor/day/afternoòn prophet tb joshua and the team my name is jane from south africa.i just need ur anointing 2 break my family curse (death) unemployment,divorse,not been educated@poverty

  20. Where can we go from his presence. Where can we go from his Holy Spirit. I would like to thank the Emmanuel tv and SCOAN and the entire ministry for the wonderful work you are doing for the world. May the good Lord Jesus Christ who was given to us by God Almighty continue to lead and guide you to all corners of the earth where the word of God Almighty is not yet known.
    I ask you to enjoy to be used by the Holy Spirit and keep asking God Almighty to keep supplying you with is his Holy Spirit and be desperate for it and do what it says. I also God Almighty to give you the fruit of the Holy Spirit. AMEN Love you all. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come.

  21. how are prophet tb joshua i am so gratefull about watching emmanuel tv chanel i now know how to seperate the light and darkness i learn many different things from this chanel and if i miss a day without watching emmanuel tv i feel so lonly and now i want god to guide me from zimbabwe to scoan and how long does it take to be replyed or to recieve an invitation before idie i don,t want to die man of god because this sickness of asthmatic that i have is now too high but i hope that this is the year of another chance and god will hear my prayer iam afraid to come to scoan without an invitation because there are many fraudsters at nigeria people of nigeria are blessed to have a man of god like you prophet tb joshua there are enjoying a lot thank you

  22. good day man of God

    I am suffering from piles and i believe that your annoiting water will heal me as one believer was healed by it to. Please man of God i suffered long enough 5years now i believe in faith that your water will bring an end to my pain and suffering. Please man of God were can i get the annoiting water.



  23. prophet tb joshua how can i get anoited water if i can get it iwant pleanty of it there are many people that need diliverance in our country i want to help them too by the anoited water which you give it to me but i will be happy if i meet you face to face i love daddy i want you to be the part of my family

  24. Hie tb joshua l am happy for the work that you are doing to the whole world and me too i wish to visit scoan i am still waiting for the invitation since last year 2010 trying to come to scoan for healing and in my families there are many problems that need diliverance have mercy on me prophet t b joshua i will be happay the day i will recieve the invitation thank you by lumbidzani moyo i am a zimbabwean

  25. Man of God! we thank u 4 every performed miracles as we watch Emmanuel TV. I sent a prayer request but did not receive a reply. Is it possible 4 u 2 send anointing water because we have no money 2 travel 2 Nigeria 2 receive our miracle. We have so many pressing issues in our family as well as sickness. could u kindly sent us anointing water 2 change our situation. May the good lord continue 2 bless u in Jesus’s name.

  26. Greetings to the man of God senior prophet tb joshua and the wise men, man of God plz pray 4 me,there is something moving behind my back,deliver me man God from every evil attack,also pray 4 my family 4 deliverance.

  27. Man of God please deliver me i have spiritual husband and many evil spirits everything i touch do not prosper and now i am in debts please helpritual husband and many evil spirits everything i touch do not prosper and now i am in debts please help

  28. i am a constant viewer of emmanuel tv since 2007 i truly believe prophet t.b joshua is a man God send to save mankind i pray that God should bless him and continue to use him so that satan should be put to shame for eight years satan has succeeded in destroying my life with hiv curses depression poverty poor vision pile as an orphan life has been a dilema to me especially as a graduate

  29. I see you for my fist time in my television here in
    Gabon were you are teaching the words of GOD I call my wife and tell her that you are a realy man of GOD she ask me how can i just see a pastor for my fist time anddeclare him as a realy one how do i knomn you then i ask her can you see that you are diffrent from otherpastors? so the nest sunday we watch you healing poeplein china there she say that i was rigt from that time she started calling you my GOD father, and like you since, that was on the year 2002. so i thank GOD for giving we Nigerians a man of GOD like you, sir, remain
    blesse in JESUS name AMEN,.

  30. Praise be to the Almight God. Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua and the wise men, thank you so much for being in prayer with my family. like you always mention distance is not a be. We are blessed and through your prayers we have seen and experienced the power of God working in the family and the problems we experienced to a point of death are thing of the past.

    We have sent a good number of emails requesting to visit SCOAN but no response if recieved yet. Please have time to read this comments and send us an email, we are very much in need of visiting SCAON as a couple.

    Osbert Mutale

  31. shalom,Man of God, I always being blessed by you Emanuel Tv, I used to watch every time ,really I see GOD In my life.
    stay blesses Pastor.
    Lucy phillip

  32. man of God your office has errased my is not here anymore but it is ok except to say i love your channel me and my family we are always blessed we are learning alot day by day may Our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ Blessed the entire WORLD

  33. Man of GOD, i believe that distance is not barrier and my request to God is a husband and the fruit of the womb. Pray for my brother Charles who has gone astray and restore peace and love in our family. Help please Man of God.

  34. Sir, how can i visit you in person with my family to gate anionting water i send a letter to you people befor but i can gate reply i plan by October 2011.

    Adejo Gabriel from Benue State Makurdi – Nigeria

  35. prophet TB JOSHUA you are a blessing to this generation. I cant wait to come to SCOAN. God bless you and your ministry.

  36. i thank God for your wondefull ministry where healing,deliverence and miracles are happenning even through i cannot come to the scoan i believe i wil be blessed with a wonderfull husband by pray and connecting with the scoan on Emmanuel tv because i believe destance is not a barrier Amen. Thank you man of God may the lord continue to bless your work and your ministry

  37. Greetings to you Man of God,i really thank God for Emmanuel Tv as we are able to watch the life changing miracles performed by Senior Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men. Even the doubting Thomas is divinely convinced. May God continue using you mightily. Is it possible to receive Anointing Water through mail? I believe this water is a must have for each and every believer.
    Kangwa Kasonde from Zambia.

  38. Dear Man of God,indeed you are such a blessing to this troubled world where hatred is the order of the day.I really thank the Almighty God for your life in our generation and wish you a long long long life on earth.Let God continue blessing His children through you.May God richly bless you.

  39. Happy blessed live Sunday and Monday service and I ask God Almighty to continue to bless many more Sunday services and Monday services, which are to come May the God Almighty continue to pour his Holy Spirit and his Glory to the SCOAN. I ask God Almighty continue to give wisdom and power to Snr Prophet T B Joshua the wise men as they will be doing what God Almighty has called them to do. Our Lord Jesus Christ said in: Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets, but I have come to fulfill them.

  40. in the mighty name of jesus i greet u all.thank u man of god and your wonderful wise men for the good work u are doing,by touching all the troubled through emmanuel tv.i pray that u help me in all the troubbles that are hindering my to remove the root cause of my problems.i believe through prayers all this will come to an end.i thank jesus for keeipning me and my family through this trying times of my life.and through your prayers man of god all this will come to an end.

  41. goodday im so inspired by man of god and wisemen i want to visit scoan i know holy spirit will guide me my daughter is pregnant i would like man of god to pray for her to deliver the baby natural god bless

  42. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with as you continue to open the eyes of people to see the Lord Jesus in sitting and alive at the right hand of the Father in heaven. May God richily bless you man of God. Pray for me that God reachily blesses me through his precious word.

  43. I and my family always watch Emmanuel TV and I always feel blessed and each time I watch the channel It is like the Man of God is talking to me.Thanks for your wonderfull teachings man of God.I believe distance is not a barrier. has a family, we experience a lot of problems in 2008 and 2009 but with your teaching and miracles, we recieved our own and life improved. we are living very fine.I am on an acting job but without qualifications, the training am undergoing seems to make be fail because i couldnt source money and continue. Man of God, i need ur help.

  44. in the name of jesus i greet u man of god.i had sent emails in the past asking u to pray for me man of god.i really need u in my life,i ask u to pray for me and deliver me from all the evils that are hindering my life.i watch emmanuel tv n pray every day n wish u could see through me the hardship that im in.plese man of god pray for me.i lost evrything that mattrs to including my family

  45. man of GOD Greetings in the name of jesus can u pliz send annoiting water to ZIMBABWE here pple need it but they dont know how to get it since they dont have money to travel i know GOD WIL give u a way to send it by tarisai from zimbabwe

  46. please pray my car which I make order in japan since january this year there is no answer also pray for my work and my family

  47. Man of god we feel blesd to have you in this world,we realy apreciate the work u are doing for th poor,th sick nd others may god bless u nd giv u many more years to live.I nid the anointing water for my family hw can I get it


  49. i greet you in the name of jesus christ of nazereth i want the man of god to prophecy in my christian life cos i am not going foward

  50. Annointing water worked wonder in my dream and my issue became thing of the past. I thank God in advance because he will still do greater things in my life before the end of the year(AMEN)

  51. Man of God thankyou very much for the good work you are doing and may the good Lord Almight bless you. Please man of God consider opening a branch in Zambia please we are suffering we need you.My family loves you man of God and on daily basis we watch emmanuel TV.However, pray for my family we have mental disorder for now 42 years.we love you all.
    Raphael from Zambia-Livingstone.

  52. hi man of god!my name is tumisang tshegofatso all the way from botswana.truly i dont know i can express myself concerning how grtfulim of what you are doing in the lives of so many of god i am always watching your telecast emmanuel tv,each time i watch it i fill that sprital uplift,and as i am writing this email now i can fill the power of god all over me.sir may our living god continue to use you to save peoples lives and mayulive forever.i am willing to be part of the scoan atleast by contributing to help the not earning much but i am willing.pls respond and tell me what i can or where i can send the money to.

  53. Good day, how are u doing?I am one of those who came from Libya recently without a penny, my intention is to travel Europe from Libya. But now am back home(NIGERIA) Please I am a single parent I need your assistance for me to travel to Europe.Please I need #600.000,for me to travel so I can take care of children. As you do this may the good GOD bless u and u will be greater than your equals……

  54. Dear Pastor,I am Ruben from South Africa.My brother Ivan has neurofibromitosis(lumps on his body caused by the build up of nerve cells.The doctors have diagonised a cancerous growth in his bladder and is at an advanced stage. They want to remove his bladder by the 8/3/2011.I watched Emmanuel TV where Pr. Joshua prayed for a similar case thereby not allowing any operation or the use of a lifelong plastic bag.I filled in a questionaire for him to visit Nigeria but have no reply yet.Should we postpone the operation till he comes to Nigeria or since distance is no barrier,can you and the wise men pray for him. I hAVE FAITH to believe.Kindly check out filled forms.Thank you.

  55. How are you.?myrequest is to have information as to how long we are to wait for the response for our visit there because we are getting worse.
    need healing and deliverance Man of God .

  56. man of God,u are a blesing to this generation.l pray that u get my prayer request for fruit of the womb.pliz man of God pray for l hav sufferd. Mable,Zambia

  57. Hello ppl of scoan ,pls i want to ask if one can send a prayer request to senior prophet T.B joshua and receive responses.

  58. Man of God thanx for being there for the nation. My friend Innocent Chitatariso is sick and nw blind due to his sickness. We have been watching Emmanuel Tv since he got sick and having seen all amazing miracle change in those who cum to u, we knew the prophet TB was truely son of man. We are bringing our friend to synagogue and we have faith that ur touch and word wil do a miracle. I thank u to be there for us. U are amazing may God grant u a long lyfe on earth so that ur teachings cn touch every corner of the world. We are livin in the world of real sin.we love u Prophet Tb

  59. Each time I watch the Channel I feel blessed. Is it possible that the bands we see on TV can also be posted to all since I for one cannot afford to travel and I believe that the band are a miracle which is required by all May God bless the scoan team for the job of spreading the good news.

    Loyce from Zambia

  60. I always watch Emmanuel TV and I always feel blessed and each time I watch the channel It is like the Man of God is talking to me. My 32 year old daughter dreamed of being delivered by the man of God and I know this happened because my daughter told me immediately she work up (18th January 2011). I do encourage her to watch because she is HIV positive but not yet on ART and I know that she will be healed by prayers of the Emmanuel prayer warriors

  61. Kindly include me and my family on New years candle light prayers (31.12.2010)We will be together like last year on Emmanuel TV.My left eye has gone completely blind due to Epsoster. My son went for surgical operation and my daughter has been operated with abdominal problems (KIDNEYS). Man of God we have multiple of different diseases. We depend on you and the Emmanuel TV. God bless you all


  63. I have requested the prophet an anointing water, or any piece of closth that could be help for salvation and evrything as a medium of the holy spririt.But,you could not reply even negatively.
    I am blessed with the Emmanuel TV programs and pray for the man of God that he can continue to serve more people outside Nigeria.
    Kindie, From Ethioipa

  64. Thanks for your wonderfull teachings man of God.I believe distance is not a barrier.Getting closer to your frame,is my belief to end my years of bareness.I am very confident the Lord will grant i and my wife THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB before the end of the year 2010 AMEN

  65. Its a previledge to watch emmanuel tv..I have learnt alot and am still learning alot each and everyday..watchin emmanuel tv its one of the things I miss..every sunday I look forward to watchin emmanuel tv..I thank God for Prophet T.B Joshua and may God always guide and protect him..

  66. oh David he said He is so good (God)thank you so much the people from Emanuel Clinique not only on that Department but in every Department that our man of God is working on. To say the truth man of God TB Joshua we have not seen a man who humbles himself like u by helping,stretching your hand to reach & touch the unreachable. I can’t say I’ve not seen but am saying we have not seen meaning the whole world those who likes you or not the truth is they have not seen anyone in this world who is touched about everybody all over the world. Ah man of God I know that u r not worried about what people they are saying about you,the truth is u r bigger, greater than the whole world. I know Pastor Prophet Healer Teacher Helper Comforter lover of the lost souls and many more press on man, keep me doing what God has said you hv to do. Don’t worry about anybody they are not a factal, the devil is defeated, they can’t even do what u r doing never, they can’t even take a slice of expired bread & give to someone passing by their house so what good are you expecting from them?The ans is nothing. Absolutely nothing & for sure the devil is defeated as am talking to u he has tried different ways to bring u down even the real anointed Pastors, different ministers holding higher postions, filled with the holy spirit, speaking in other tougues yet they turn their back on you by mocking @ u, critisizing u, all sorts of what the devil cheated them at a short time they lose the power of God, Why? Because you have to know and understand what God said that the battle is not yours but His, so the truth is they are not fighting with you, they are not intimidating u but they are against the God who anointed them.I understoood very well that if you come to God with your qualifications you have already failed because u r there to be qualified with his results of Jesus and His qualifications.So God has qualified u with His qualification, so move on.Continue to do bigger things. I pray for TB Joshua & your members in every department u r fuctioning that God will continue to multiply you, no any other form of weapon functions against you shall prosper, they shall come one way but they shall free seven ways,I pray day you will all live until Jesus come, no one of you is going to die no in Jesus mighty name. I pray for all saints especially those who r born again to follow your good example by starting today to help you in different projects. Nations will continue to donate. It is possible.Amen.God bless u. I love u all & our man of Go TB Joshua

  67. Hallo Brother

    I pray always that God will keep you humble so that you can remain the wonderfull blessing that you are.
    I was at your church in 2001 and God realy meet with me there.

    We watch Emanuel TV and we saw how God use the anointed water. My daugter has insomnia and she gets dipresed a lot. She is 25 and no husband although she is very beatifull. My whole family loves the Lord but we need a brake through, a touch of God because I see that he is not there all in all. If you love someone you always talk about Him. Not so here.

    Pray for us as we pray for you.
    If you can send us some of that water, by faith I know that God will bless us and draw us closer to Him so that we too can be a blessing to others.

    in the name of

    Hendrik and family
    Po Box
    960,Ifafi, Broederstroom,Hartebeespoort, South Africa.
    Postak Code 0260

  68. many thanx to the teachings of the man of god tb joshua.may i please have the annoited water for prosperity.this i need lord jesus so as to be able to educate my children and afford them a comfortable life and those around me in need.thank you so much for the wonderful teachings of testmony is that im blessed to feel,hear and dwell in his love.may all the family of scoan ,prayer warriors.the wise men and the man of god tb joshua and his family stay blessed and have a wonderful and prosperous new year.i love the teaching of giving and forgiving.thank you lord jesus.amen

  69. man of god all i need is annointing water we need itman of god i need mercies and fever apon my life in jesus name i dont want to be opareted again pls helpme

  70. i want to be delivered so is my husband shadreck ,sons kudzaishe and daughters felistas and kudakwashe .my homes and bussiness need sister maggie and her family .my brother bob and his family.i want to dwel in the house of the lord all the time.i need total deliverance.i pray for breakthrough in my nursing profession,bussiness health,marriage ,health and my financies all the time with u on the screen.the truth is through u i have known and understood christ of god please pray for my daughter kudakwashe to make pass like the other three kids.thank u for your prayers they have brouhgt me to christ.stay blessed with your faily too.amen

  71. thank god who made all these miracles to be taken place in nigeria.God will always bless you pastor T.b joshua for us. Am a nigerian base in london but will soon come as to take part in the blessing. god bless all of you.

    • oh man of god am Lilian how are you, and all the
      team of scoan? God be with you all, please pray
      for my children Ibrahim, Hilary, and Faith, am
      need you to come Tanzania, youre wellcome in my country Tanzania, i always see your true mirracle

      and also am need you to send to THE ANOINTING WATER



      • Prased the lord Jesus, thank you man of God
        for continue to pray for my family, thank you
        all the team of Emmanuel Tv, I know that every
        thing is inpossible in Jessus name Amen.

      • Oh! trully man of God Tb Joshua, thank you for
        your true miracle, from my heart i wish one day
        you can send to me the ANOINTING WATER FOR salvation
        for my family, and when do you come Tanzania?

        am lilian again, man of god your trully, youre excelent, Lord Jesus made you for reason i know. thank you for every thing you did, because i see your mirracle, am very happy, to watch Emanuel Tv. and am continue to watch every evening stay blessed.

  72. U r truely da son of God. U are here on this planet 4 a purpose. May da Almight bless u wit many more years, so that ur spiritual word of god can make a change in our lives. Thanx much Prophet TB joshua. We luv u. I know n got faith dat my friend Innocent wil recover n god wil return his eyesight. In Jesus name.

  73. i am Tanzanian i have 21 years old am first year at sauit university of Tanzania i have the problem of skin ratious for the long time.i am real love church and your miracles.GOD bless you for every thing about your servise.THANKS

  74. God is good all the time. God used pastor TB. Joshua to deliver me from family curse. There was a night that God used pastor TB.Joshua, he gave me anointing water where i spray it in my father compound and immediately fire started burning everywhere and one old man came out and fight with me i also spray the anointing water all over his body and fire started burning him also. I believe that God is still saying something about me emmanuel God with us

  75. Man of God i feel good anytime i watch emmanuel Tv, even in the meet night if there is light i will wake up and watch emmanuel tv

  76. i am Constance Joseph. i just finished my computer training. i have no job.
    Hi my Daddy in the Lord Senoir prophet TB JOSHUA. my nmae is CONSTANCE JOSEPH from Nigeria. i am a regular viewer of Emmanuel Tv. Daddy migh the lord God almighty bless you with the work of your hand. may God shawer his blessing upon you.
    you see i have been seeing you on on your Tv station i believe one day i will be in Lagos to see you ficically to recieve my breakthrough. Daddy Joshua, always pray for the viewers.

  77. Man of God how can i get a anointed water?i need aunt is paralysed for more than 5 years now.pls pray for her and me.

  78. hi man of god T.B JOSHUA MY NAME IS MR SINVULA kennedy from namibia iam aregular viewer of emmanuel tv i used to see signs and wonders of god through you and your wise men iam hiv positive and in need of anointing water please man of god am poor icould vist personnally my postal adress private bag 2011 omaruru Namibia thank you god bless you and your familly thank you looking forward to receive the anointing water for deliverance,healind and break through

  79. prophet tb joshua i personally dont know how to thank the lord by such a person like jus believing that one day you will put your feet in my hand cz thats the best u can do for me man of god.i luv u man of god

    • ive learnt a lot from the emmanuel tv and may the grace of god be with always.we luv u guys chris;annete;anne;ruth;catherine;edward;aa the wiseman and the prophet whom i support with all humility

  80. the lord bless you prophet,i seen how awesomely the heavens are backing your ministry.l would love to buy your materials and your dish.lm from kenya,pls advise.cell.:+2540721623471

  81. I am Princess a student of, University of Nigeria Nsukka Enugu State and a picture Advert MODEL whom my father early this year was revived from COMA situation back to sound life till this moment by;- HIS GRACE MOST PROPHET TB.JOSHAU THE FOUNDER OF SCOAN, a dynamic prophet of the world with tolerance, hospitality, gentility, kindness, wonderful miraclous servant of God. An epitome of grace filled with uncompromised faith in God, in terms of humility u are next to never, Your powerful commanding words of faith that gives life to death and calls into existance things that does not exist. just what u did for my father, i ever remain greatful to God that used u;-whole heartedly grateful to u man of God; His Grace Most Prophet TB. Joshua, also greatful to your wife;great mummy a woman of virtuous valour Evangelist Evelyn Joshua and your Children, the SCOAN-Workers in the vineyard of God as well and The entire Church SCOAN at large. May God Almighty bless all immeasurablely with longlife, double power of anointing and maximum God protection Amen. I STILL HAVE ANOTHER TESTIMONY IN OUR FAMILY PERFORMED BY THE MAN OF GOD SCOAN TO SHARE AND TO THANK GOD FOR, BUT I HAVE WRITTEN TO THE CHURCH THROUGH MY EMAIL ADDRESS NOW WAITING FOR THE CHURCH REPLY. THANKS BE TO GOD. From- Princess[UNN-Campus].

  82. man of God here in zambia we need you and the wise men,we need deliverance,there are people without television or satelite dishes they are missing alot of your blessing,we need you here in zambia tell us what we should in order for for your team to come.we beg you man of God prophet TB Joshua come to our one here in zambia lusaka.

  83. man of god thank you for the time you have for one churvh herein Zambia.our nation needs deliverance.God less you man of God as you bless us .

  84. man of god i pray that god will give you more power and pray for our beloved country namibia for peace and stability long lived man of god long lived

  85. men of god my wish is to come to nigeria at the scoan this coming december to meet you. iam from Namibia. pls pray for my visa. amen

  86. my nameis elizabeth man of god ihave been pleased and irean alot throug emmanuel tv now im starting to find those who need me the most so that i can do as u teach us as our life is the solution to another ppl proplem pls help us annointing water we diewith hiv pls helpus and high blood preasure

  87. Hey man of God u are such a wonderfull person indeed i’v always been touched by the word of God that comes through u ichanged my ways and i want u to pray for me in other that i should be the same that soo many things should also change in my live thanks my God bless u again an again

  88. man of God, i believed that the Grace that have follow on the wiseman can follow on my life too, for 5years watching you i have changed a lot. Its my prayer that i should came their and have new life. God’s time is the best, the best time is the breakthrough of finational. God bless you and have long breath in the world of living.

    • Dear man of God I greet u in the name of jesus.may God continue to bless u en ur ministry I applied bt av not gotten response over my two brothers mental problem I believe they will be ok my number 260977827885

  89. man of GOd i would to thank GOD for the thinks that are happening im my life , i now understand that we have the power from GOd to make things happen in our lives . i know GOD is still bringing some better in my life . i love GOD and the ministry . Amen

  90. I gave a prayer request with no answer so I don’t know why.i want God to give me promotion in my company and give me the wisdom on how to work.

  91. I m blessed to be linked to the synagogue church of all Nations.I look forward to coming to Nigeria for a be in the presence of God as well as fellowship with Believers and witness the power of God at work.

  92. Praise be to the Almighty God. Man of God,thank u for being a vessel of God. May the Almighty God bless you and increase your life span. Amen

  93. Man of God, little did I know that I Corintians 14:39 would be so practical when the Aspotle Paul said “Therefore, my brothers, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in in tongues”.

    I have witnessed through wacthing Emmanuel TV God raising prophets under your mentorship and I asked myself a question, Can God use anyone by HIS grace including myself to be of service to others and glorify HIS name?

    They were three Wise men now they are Five wise men. To God Almighty be the Glory. I am more than eager to do HIS will and be deaply involved in the ministry He so chooses for me according to His will.

    Masters Mahlalela
    South Africa

  94. Iam really touched by what you people are doing at emmanuel tv by reaching out to every corner of the world. It is only those who the devil uses that can not whatch emmanuel tv and appreciate God`s miracles. May God`s wisdom and holy spirit continue to protect you in Jesus name.

  95. My prayers go with the man of God that God gives him the strength to carry on in his ministry. I strive as each day goes by to get closer to God and your teachings are of great help to me.Distance is not really a barrier.God Bless the man oe God and the emmanuel T.V Team

  96. Good Morning Man of God
    Ii´s a pleasure and an opportunity of hearing or watching your minitries on dish and reading it on internet its really a great thing for us who have many problems in life,I pray that the lord almigth be with you forever and ever and I need to pray for me becouse I´m a pacient I would like to me Propert JB.Joshua

  97. Sir—-Ms.please do your a fax no.reason i am trieing to send request for prayer and support
    but cannot get through.resently sent one but did not receive a reply,a friend of mine want t o join me in my project bur he is very sick lives on about
    thousand rands a month medicatin also on oxygen tank
    nibilazzer and asthma pump.please make contact so i could send all details.
    much thanks for caring,
    on behalf of my friend george,

  98. Hello,Iam Expart of Landscap Adama university from Ethiopia.Thank you for your contact.Ihave been Study with your website ministries.We have asmall bible study group at University (student fello ship group) but unfortunately we lack bibles and Difreant type of literature materials.If you posable Please help us.Our groups students,consists of orphans,widows,our Address is 1888 Ethiopia,Adama University. Adama.Tel;+251 911 87 00 13,
    AndTel;+2519 11 38 53 10. Mr.Alemayehu Jambi.God bless you.

  99. Dear Man of God,
    We call it a blessing to be born in this generation where God the almighty has been confirming bibilical miracles as in apostolic days of pentecotal!

    Davies Musonda, Zambia.

  100. Dear Man of God,
    We call it a blessing to be born in this generation where God the almighty has been confirming bibilical miracles as in apostolic days of pentecotal!

  101. Thank you for your contact.We have been touched with your website ministries.Iam francis mangera ombogo from kenya.We have asmall bible study group at home but unfortunately we lack bibles and literature materials.Please can you help us.Our groups consists of orphans,widows,widowers and old.My address is 298 ogembo gucha kenya.Tel;+254729043006.God bless you.

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