Hope For Haiti

In line with the principle, ‘Spend more on others and less on yourselves,’ an Emmanuel TV relief team has been dispatched to Haiti with foodstuffs, medical supplies and personnel.

Synagogue opens field hospital in Haiti
•Plans to adopt 500 orphans

To give medical attention and succour to the wounded and children turned orphans by the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, the Synagogue church last Sunday flew in a plane -load of medical and food supplies.


A Haitian Child

In partnership with some foreign charity organizations, the church with headquarters at Ikotun, a suburb in Lagos earlier dispatched an advance team last Saturday to the Caribbean Island. As reported by the church’s satellite television, Emmanuel tv, the advance team and the plane, a chattered cargo plane took off from Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

The cargo plane with registration number N587 and Emmanuel TV boldly emblazoned on it in blue letters also had on board a team of doctors, nurses and sundry humanitarian workers.

Haiti Child Rescue

Haiti Child Rescue

Reporting live for Emmanuel TV, Gary Tange showed viewers the warehouse where the medical and food supplies were stock piled before being loaded aboard the cargo plane.

The owner of the plane who also pilots it, Tito Menedez was full of praise for Synagogue and the General Overseer of the church, pastor T.B. Joshua. As televised live last Sunday afternoon before the plane took off, Tito said: “I’m happy to be part of this private effort. Prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel TV are great.”

During the church service on Sunday afternoon, prophet Joshua explained why Synagogue is in Haiti, saying: “Haiti has given me sleepless nights. If it means selling my clothes, I’ll do it. We are going to take care of the wounded, the sick, the hungry. We will also adopt at least 500 orphans and take care of them there.”


Haiti Earthquake Rescue

Speaking to Sunday Sun on the corridor of the church immediately after the service, prophet Joshua further said, “I’m looking at a convenient time to join our team in Haiti. We and our partners want to help.” He put the cost of the project at $3 million.

By Jossy Idam
Sunday, January 31, 2010

SOURCE: Sunday Sun

One thought on “Hope For Haiti

  1. man of God your blessed moses Nsubuga what I ask God of prphet TB Joshua to grant me aheart that gives and cares like you prphet pray for me i also am rady to healp them am asking God for abig breakthrough to reach them all because am alrady started to give to the nedy orphans widows but as am talking there many i can’t reach them all financially man of God i ask your prayers help me so that i to help others God will show you my heart

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