Emmanuel TV Pays Tribute To Oral Roberts

An article on ‘All Voices’:

Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua has joined those paying tribute to the life and legacy of the late American evangelist, Oral Roberts, describing him as one of ‘God’s Generals’.

Oral Roberts

Evangelist Oral Roberts in his early years

Thanking God for Robert’s peaceful passing on Tuesday 15th December, a special message was broadcast on Emmanuel TV, Joshua’s Christian television station which enjoys a growing fervent following, particularly across Africa. “The legacy of Evangelist Oral Roberts will live on forever in the hearts of believers worldwide and the millions who came to the knowledge of saving grace through his ministry,” read the message.

Recalling Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4:6-8, the statement further said that Roberts ran his race well and fought the good fight of faith. “Like Apostle Paul, his warfare was accomplished. His race was run well. He has fought a good fight, the course is good, the victory is sure. Oral Roberts can now say, “I have kept the faith. I have kept the doctrine of the Gospel and the grace of faith. I never betrayed any of them.” To be able to speak in this manner towards the end of our days – what comfort, what unspeakable comfort would it afford!”

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts - Preaching the Word

Oral Roberts will be remembered as one of the fathers of modern Pentecostalism, a minister at the forefront of spreading the Gospel in the 20st century through his fiery preaching, massive crusades, healing services and powerful television ministry.

His rise from stifling poverty and a nearly fatal case of tuberculosis as a teenager to one of the leading faith-healers and televangelists of the 20th century serves as a powerful testimony to his whole-hearted devotion to God and diligent pursuit of His calling. His mission was, in his own words, to “put Jesus into my focus at the center of all my thoughts, my dreams, my plans, my accomplishments, my destiny and any legacy I might leave behind.” It was a mission he passionately pursued even unto death.

Oral Roberts

Thousands gather to hear the Gospel preached

Mere months before his passing, Roberts said, “After I’m gone, others will have to judge how well I’ve obeyed God’s command not to be an echo but to be a voice like Jesus. As far as my own conviction is concerned, I’ve tried to be that voice with every fibre of my being, regardless of the cost.”

Emmanuel TV’s statement opined that death to a Christian should be perceived as a blessing. “Death to a good man is his release from the imprisonment of this world and his departure to the enjoyment of another world,” it read.

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts praying for the sick

It concluded with a word of encouragement to viewers worldwide, a message Roberts himself literally lived and died for: “We need no more to make us happy than to have the Lord Jesus Christ with our spirit; for in Him, all spiritual blessings are summed up.”

Since the news of Oral Robert’s death hit the public domain, tributes have poured in from people worldwide who have been impacted by his ministry. Responding to news of Roberts’ death, renowned American evangelist Billy Graham said: “Just three weeks ago, I was privileged to talk to Oral on the telephone. During the short conversation, he said to me that he was near the end of his life’s journey. I look forward to the day that I will see Oral and Evelyn Roberts again in heaven — our eternal home.”

Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts in his older years

Following in Robert’s footsteps, T.B. Joshua is one of the few ministers of God to broadcast his healing services on live television for the world to see. His station, Emmanuel TV, has become increasingly popular due to the accurate prophetic pronouncements, touching charitable activities and powerful healing testimonies broadcast daily.

SOURCE: All Voices

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