TB Joshua Is Like Every Other Man On The Street…

Earlier this year in an interview with The Guardian Newspapers, the presitigious and renowned Nigerian newspaper, TB Joshua spoke on a range of intriguing issues…

TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was recently mentioned among the world’s leading faith healers by America’s TIME Magazine. He was also awarded the National Honour of Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the government in recognition of his humanitarian activities. He spoke to TOPE TEMPLER OLAIYA at his church’s headquarters in Ikotun, Lagos on what the award means to him and why his church attracts high-profile visitors.
“If not for the grace of God, I would be like any other man on the street…” TB Joshua

First, how do you feel with the National Honour bestowed on you by Mr. President?

Honour where? You mean the one that was given to me in January. Well, that is not new to me and is not something special to me. As you can see for yourself, a lot of people, organisations, government, home and abroad and even foreign missions have been honouring the grace of God upon my life. Just last week, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) presented me with an award. But then, the honour is not meant for me, it belongs to God. I am just a vessel God is using.

First, it was your meeting with the Governor General of the State of Bahamas in the early 90s, followed by the visit of President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia, a few years later. Since then, other world leaders have come to visit you, most recently, was the new President of Ghana, Prof. John Atta Mills and you are preparing to receive a South African leader in the next few days, what do you think is the source of attraction?
It is a simple answer; it is because their needs are met. People will always be attracted to wherever their needs will be met; and the needs of men vary. What I want and like might be different from what you want; so, you will always go to where your needs are met. It is not in my power, it is God, who is answering the needs of his people. Even in the Bible, people travel far and wide to where their needs will be met. Also, the work of God is like honey. Wherever honey is, insects seek and find it. When God is doing a new thing in a place, people are attracted there. So, these presidents and other foreign nationals come to the church, because of what God is doing here.

Despite this, most Nigerians have still not acknowledged what God is using you to do. Why is it so?
You see, every man of God has his gift. This is my own area. In the academic world, we have professors of English, Chemistry, and Mathematics. If some people do not need my gift, this does not mean that it is not needed somewhere. If what you have is not needed now, that does not mean that it will not be needed tomorrow. So, it would be too soon to begin to say this and it would be too soon to praise or come to the conclusion you have drawn now. God’s time is the best. Sometimes, what you need at the end might be the most important thing to you. Let me give you a good example: a friend you discover later in life may be the most important friend you would cherish more than the friend you have had from the beginning of your life.

Apart from the headquarters’ church in Lagos, which has become a tourist attraction, do you have other branches of the church?
Branches everywhere is not the issue, what is the issue now is making disciples of Christ out of men, making another T.B. Joshua. If this could be possible in the life of Elisha and Elisha came out of Elijah even more powerful than his master, why not also in our time, so that after I am gone, there will be men who God would raise up to achieve His purpose in the world. That is the biggest reward God can give to his servant. Like they always say, there is no success without a good successor. The greatest honour will be to make disciples who will do better than what we are presently doing.

Do you see your children taking after your ministry in the Synagogue?
The ministry is not a will; it is not a property you can will to your children. It is a spiritual inheritance and the Bible talks about the inheritance of saints. You must meet God’s condition and no human hand can be employed to do the work of God, neither can the mouth do the work of God. It is not a matter of ‘I can speak good grammar’, it is only God that will choose who He wants. It is predestined, as it should be by divine will. I cannot force my children to follow in my footsteps, they have to decide on their own, and I can only point them to the way we also have followed. I cannot give them the power because I am not the owner of the power. I can only do my best to train them in the way of the Lord and if they are ready to follow and make a difference, it is their choice, not mine.

Who is T.B. Joshua?
Joshua is a man like you. I am like anybody else on the street; the only difference in my life is the grace of God. That is the difference and that is what separates me from the man on the street. But with that, because I am a man who has known what it is to lack, I do not close my eyes to the needy. Because I am somebody who has experienced what it is to be poor and without money, I give of what I have to help the poor, because I am a man who knows what it is to be hungry, I give food to feed the poor and those who are hungry, as a way of appreciating the grace of God upon my life because if not for the grace of God, I would be like any other man on the street.

SOURCE: The Guardian, Nigeria

11 thoughts on “TB Joshua Is Like Every Other Man On The Street…

  1. After a careful reading of the life of the man chosen and dedicated by God; I feel very inspired; very moved; very convinced that God has promisse and a will for every one. Man of God I will not like to say that it is getting too late for my life to change. I believe my contact with you and your message will change my life to what God want it to be. Man of God, I am a man who has suffered alot; I am a teacher by proffession; and have been teaching for the past 15years. After every three years I find self begginning from nothing. I have tried to pray over it. I created a school for the poor children in our community; but has encountered lots and lots of blockages. I need a breakthrough in my life; I need a breakthrough in my career; and I do believe that with your prayers my prayers will be heard. I long to come to the SCOAN; for prayers and deliverance; because of financial difficulty now I cannot make it. I therefore trust that with joining the man of God through the TV and this medium my prayers will be heard and breakthrough will be granted to me in my life and in my career in Jesus name.

  2. Pastor I am Faith from South Africa I also need prayers with regards to my family, I do not know what is going on. my mom was Hiv posetive for many years now but ever since we recieved and accepted the lord Jesus Christ our pator the man of God told my Mom to go on a three days dry fasting and she did and through the man of God, God answerd that she is heald by the power of Jesus. ok she stopped her madication believing shes is healed and she was even giving testimony to the people about what God has done by now she is changing physically her body condition is getting worse like now her skin is becoming black in colour and she is coming out sores that are very itchy. Is God testing her or is it projections from the kindom of darkness because now its difficult to tell people that she is healed due to the condition she is in. Pastor what is happening?

  3. I need prayers,want God to change me and do a new thing in my life.am also looking for a job,and need God’s answer.

  4. prayer request please i,m suffering right now
    i,m asking help from man of god to pray for me i,m suffering all my life they nothing is working for all the time ple3ase help man of god i urgently need help right now
    yours isaac gumbo Ph,d

  5. Emmanuel, Awesome God on this sunday 1 – 10 – 2010 when i say instantly miracle in the second service. Whooo God is wonderful in the life of prophet TB JOSHUA the woman rised on her feet, with strange man God perform miracle in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Prophet TB what God did that day is great in SCOAN i never saw that in any church, with God all things are possible. I love CHRIST in You PROPHET TB JOSHUA. May God bless you the more.

  6. my name is edythe i have tried to send and email trough your info scoan mail adress but it was sent back thatis the reason i passing trough this mail box for help i once ask for prayer request and GOD has answered it but ther is still a stumbling block on how to get 120 usd to withraw my payement there in nigeria for an america&n lottery i won i am begging for help so that i can come out of this miserable life and please also check the issue wheither it is tru or fault and please man of God i really need your help….

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  8. On why most Nigerians have still not acknowledged what God is using you? The bible says Prophet is not respected by his own! But thank you God the all World appreciates, respects and acknowledges you immesely.

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