Inside TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations

A report in the famous Nigerian Tribune newspaper regarding a visit to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, home of Emmanuel TV…

OLU OSUNDE was in Synagogue Church of All Nations last week on interactive session with Prophet TB Joshua. There, he was conducted round the entire synagogue. His reports:

THE radiant peace which pervades Ikotun area where the Synagogue Church of All Nations is located can only be compared to probably the Vatican city. Few meters to the state-of-the-art edifice, which has what looks like an eolithic wall, a man of about 40 atop a motorbike on the other side of the runway who appeared fascinated by the beauty of the synagogue was noticed by this writer just as the edifice came to view. The man with his crash helmet on, raised up his clenched fist, shook his head and with his eyes fixed on the church’s direction nodded gently apparently in appreciation of The Synagogue. As we turned towards the large gate of the church, he smiled wryly and later dropped his head in prayer posture on the handle of his stationary bike.

He probably must be expressing the feelings of joy most other people around the area often express for having such a man of God as their neighbour. Within the Synagogue and its environs is constant illumination courtesy of the church and unending movement of human traffic which gives a boost to the economic activities of the area. Around the church, selling and buying is a common feature while some of the foreign members (whites) add colour to the spectacle enunciating the significance of the name Synagogue, Church of All Nations.

Within the vicinity of the church are people of diverse skills from from all walks of life working in unison. Their attitudes to to one another as they walk in twos, threes and more exchanging pleasantries in their common slogan ‘Emmanuel’-meaning ‘God with us’ reminds one of the spiritual assertion as contained in the bible of a ‘new Jerusalem coming down from heaven’. Without exageration, the spiritual blending of diverse races that throng the church across the globe tends to further explain the significance of the prefix “All Nations” attached to the name Synagogue Church. It appears a fulfilment of an earlier vision of what the church would be.

Inside The SCOAN

Inside The SCOAN

One significant thing that marks the church out is the freedom of access to any part of the Synagogue despite the controversies that the place has generated within the christendom. While the economic activities around the Synagogue which include petty trading, supermarkets, most of them owned by non- christians give the place out as a community in itself, the ever expansionist policy of the church’s authority keeps the innovative members of the church busy on daily basis.

It’s like, once an idea of what a place within the structure should be is mooted and the authority gives an approval, the members with structural minds and skills set to work. One of such recently mooted idea is the gigantic fish pond that is being constructed including skills development centre.

The auditorium where the worship takes place is a radiance of heavenly beauty. According to a Synagogue spokesman, Evangelist Chris a Briton, “why we are so much concerned about the beauty of The Synagogue is the fact that, we want it to keep us in rememberance of our relationship with God. Anyone who comes in here, no matter his or her condition, should see here as a place of comfort. He or she should be comforted by the beauty of this place and with the words of wisdom inscribed everywhere in the sactuary.”

Outside The SCOAN

Outside The SCOAN

“The beauty is a reflection of the glory of God,” adding that “Prophet TB Joshua himself believes in excellence, because what is half done is not done at all.” Within the Synagogue are a world class television studio and transmission centre from where the activitiies of the church are beamed across the globe through a cable named Emmanuel TV.

One unique aspect of the studio is the staff composition which despite the superiority of their productions does not follow the standard requirements of the secular studio in Nigeria. It’s like they rely more on spiritual direction for what they do as most of the staff before embarking on the job had no pre-knowledge of TV productions. “They are simply members who showed interest and were picked and trained within the system,” said Evangelist Chris.

In the sanctuary around the altar are various sizes of lighting systems which are centrally controlled from the technical control room few metres away. Also, with the high resolution camera composition built around the altar, every service is beamed live through the cable network to the outside world; perhaps that explains why there is usually an attraction of people from all walks of life to the Synagogue.

For comfort, accommodation which is being expanded according to availability of fund as explained by the spokesman are usually available for first timers and the Synagogue important visitors. Because of non-restriction policy of the Synagogue authority, the visitors cut across religion, race and ethnicity while the auditorium according to the spokesman is however open to Christian ministers of God irrespective of their denominations. “We don’t keep the auditorium to ourselves,” he emphasised.

According to him, many of those working in the Synagogue were not initially members of the church.” “Most of them” he said “just came looking for help and the prophet empowered them making them.” The Synagogue auditorium which takes more than 30,000 people is well equipped with modern electronic gadgets comparable to anyone in the world. The idea, Chris said, is to portray the glory of God trying to capture the unimaginative beauty of heaven, on earth.

An entrepot attached to the Synagogue is an expansive hall large enough to accommodate consignments of goods and well equipped with factory machinery. Inside, rice and some other products often meant for the needy are repackaged before distribution. The simplicity of the prophet finds expression in his sparsely furnished seating room where the Tribune Church crew had to wait for about four hours watching numerous spiritual activities of the prophet on Emmanuel TV.

One common phenomenon about the synagogue is the seeming abhorrence or distaste for secular TV programmes. All over the place, what is commonly watched on the TV screens scattered at every strategic corners of the church were programmes that have bearings with the synagogue. Before the appearance of the man of God to Tribune Church crew, various clips of the prophet’s charitable activities including his family reconciliation efforts in line with the church’s policy on giving were aired.

While the crew watched with rapt attention, Pastor T.B. Joshua came in in a black knicker with a T-shirt to match. “This is simplicity carried too far, why do you always prefer stoic appearance? Tribune Church queried. “What do you expect? he retorted, “TB Joshua with golden wrist watch and shoes that are different from yours – distractive wears that do not glorify God?” he asked rhetorically adding that “I feel what other people feel.” Whatever that means, what could be deducted from that statement has its answers in his down-to-earth attitudes to God’s work which he said dictates the good relationship he always tries to maintain with all men irrespective of their conditions.

“Who mentored you?” Tribune Church fired in apparent bid to get an answer to few of the numerous questions of his critics within the Christendom. “Our God is awesome,” he exclaimed stressing that “as there is a university here on earth, there is also a university of God. He may choose to train you in his own university. He may decide not to send you to Theology School he said adding that in God’s university, every trial serves a purpose because, according to him, each course has a purpose. “God,” he said “can choose to train you with invisible hands and even choose to use foolish things.”

Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua

Emphasising the spiritual essence of giving, he said it is when we give and stick to doing so that our destiny can be reshaped. Explaining how he had to at a time spend about N37 million on rice and cash gifts to the less privileged, he said it is in doing so that one can experience continued flow of more money because, according to him, God is always aware of the danger of cutting off the flow on those the money is meant for.

He warned against criticising a man of God saying they should be left for God to judge. On why he keeps no bodyguards or other security men around himself, the man of God explained that he has never been scared of leaving this world anytime as according to him, the comfort of heaven cannot be compared to what obtains on earth. “We are suffering here on earth,” he emphasised.

He said, “no matter the praises, adoration, joy and the popularity you have here, they cannot be compared to what we have over there.” While reacting to his critics, he said “today, many people are found of saying TB Joshua is not a man of God, TB Joshua is this or that, but you cannot fight for God,” he said adding that if God does not call you and make you fit into a role, you cannot play the role.

SOURCE: Sunday Tribune

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    228-9951 8643

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    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
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  69. My names are Friday T. Kangamba married with one child living in Zambia. Am real in need of the hand of God in my life my one year old daughters was found to have sickle cell anemia from the age of 8 months to now her weight has never changed it 9kg just yesterday we went to the hospital and if it continues to be like this she might end up having st rock.within this short time i have lived with her it has been difficult for me and my wife we have been in and out of the hospital. i know the distance is not a barrier am asking for you prayers and if possible send me the anointed water. I know with God anything is possible. I am really facing hard times even in terms of finances.

  70. man of god, am in china please pray for me to have something doing,favour and financial support, even to feed here in china is hard for me, please i need your assistance as the spirit of god will direct you sir

  71. I bless the name of d Lord for making me to know the Man of God Prophet T. B.Joshua,He is a man whom God has choosing to manifest Himself in this end time so that the world would belive in jesus.After visiting the synagouge twice, my past is over. But I still need to have an appointment with the man of God so I can be completely free indeed. I’m from Imo state Nigeria. Tank you Jesus I am saved.

  72. I bless the name of d Lord for making me to know the Man of God Prophet T. B.Joshua,He is a man whom God has choosing to to manifest Himself in this end time so that the world would belive in jesus.After visiting the synagouge twice, my past is over. But I still need to have an appointment with the man of God so I can be completely free indeed. Tank you. Jesus I am saved.

  73. Pls. I am in my third yr in the university in Ghana and wish to visit the man of God but i have never been to Nigeria. Can u help me with direction?

  74. I would like to make an appointment also to come and meet with the man of God, T B Joshua and/or anyone of his wisemen. I am a resident of Botswana, but a Zambian by Nationality. Kindly, tell me the procedure. My contact is below. God bless you.

  75. Since last 2 Sunday church service with senior prophet TB jousha, my life have never been the Same. On Monday I was opportunity to meet man of God the laying his hand has cost my life a change again, Glory be. To God 4 using him.

  76. thank you Senior Prophet TB Joshua. We salute the anoiting that is upon you i and my family.Thank you.
    by one Montsho

  77. Pliz man of god help to work for god and have faith on me to have the power to pray.and god to protect my of my relative is admetad at hospital, pliz pray for he to receive healing in the name of jesus christ.his name is UNAMI KGHUPE.

  78. I just want to thank TB Joshua and Emmauel TV for the wonderfull work. I connected through this programme, Everytime when i wash i feel so blessed and grow spiritual. Many bed dreams that i used to exprience in the past is over and best is stil to come indeed

  79. People who does not no god are not people who will said anything and u answer them 4 if god is with u who can be against u no body

  80. pastor. if i were in nigeria i could be with u at your church but bcouse am far away pray for sinner like me for deliverance. AMEN

  81. I love what d man of god is doing ,he is so hum,me my family wish him more strenght from d lord and d wife l love her so mush .hw wish i will see soproud of her.pls mum pray for me iwant god to me dlievered my family.u are my mantory.

  82. Sir am from nigeria God will continue to bless u and your ministry,i and my family are lovers of emanuel tv,honestly me and my brother is having setback,disaopointment,hatred and failure in our lives,personally,i eat in d dream,sex in the dream,and most times dog,ghost and mascurade poshue me in my dream,i have lost of memory,weakness of the body,infact am living a worthless life now,pls help me sir,i really believe that my healing would come from synagogue.

  83. I thank God for what he is using the man of God prophet T.B. Joshua to do in the livies of people. May the name of our God be praised forever in Jesus name. Amen. I also want to use this opportunity to take a date to see the prophet. I stay at minna, works with central bank of nigeria. Married. Thanks and God bless you all for your good works.

  84. every thing about our humble prophet is wonderfull;really i am in love with his ministry and i pray dat GOD will send him 4 a program in cameroon for we are desperate to see him.may of our LORD JESUS continue to duel with him.


  86. i love prophet TB a leader in d xtian faith,he leads by examples..his wrks of charity,simplicity n oda gud virtues he demonstrate stands him out among oda people who parade themselvs as men of God yet do not knw wat their church members eat,hw they clothe n tak shelter…TB joshua is a blesin 2 dis generatn..God bles him n bles me too

  87. Prophet T B Joshua, thank you for allowing God to use you to save the lost souls; to heal the sick, to help many for a breakthroughs and helping the communities for financial help – schools and others.

  88. I have first hand information of SCOAN after attending 2nd service in the State of Art Auditorium on the 15th April. Wise man John Chi prayed for me and felt something leaving my body, it left me weak, I held photos of my relatives but they grew heavier than before. I mumbled ‘ Thank you Jesus for healing me of HIV, Immediately I took a seat. T B Joshua is so compassionate, he never allows people leave the Synagogue unhappy, believe me Monday 16th April he gathered us for another touch & I got healed of HIV that troubled me for sometime due to fornication. Thank you Jesus Christ. I m humbled AMEN. I still expect much more as I received Anointing Water & Sticker. Malawian


  90. dSenior Prophet TB JOshua you are a truelly man God sent to deliver this our generation. Since my total deliverance in 14th November 2009. My life came back and everything come back to normal in my life. I love you Daddy because you are really a mentor to me. I wish you and all your followers Heaven at Last in Jesus Name. Amen

  91. A prophet is without regard in his own country. I thank God always for your been a Nigerian.I thank Him because if 2000years ago is very far and our Lord Jesus miracle are like stories, you have come to let the world know that it is TRUE I thank you for cooperating with God. God bless you in Jesus name amen.

  92. you have really changed my life by just watching Emmanuel tv,surely distance is not a barriers,God bless you prophet!

  93. May God continue to use you because you are really changing the world,my life would never be the same again!

  94. Well the way they say all sort of negative things about profet T.B joshua does not surprise me at all because human beings cannot be satisfied and that is why if Jesus christ come today people will still crucified him.Pls profet continue with your good work and God will continue to reward you abundantly.

  95. please I want to come with my mummy how do I get the visiting day for us to see papa TB joshua. Thank u send me a reply so as to know when to see him.

  96. i need the man of God to pray for me, prophet T.B Joshua, my family is having attack from the evil ones, no progress in the family, everything we put our hand always failed. please, i need your prayers. I would have love to come to the church myself but i have no transport to come am in Abuja, I don’t no if the church can help me with transportation. Thanks

  97. Prophet T.B Joshua only God knows how much you have opened our minds and how our faith has been growing.Because your teachings are simple and striaght forward. so encouraging to many of us who had lost hope. You have helped us to understand the for sure God can do any thing beyound human understanding.May God bless you as you are a blessing to countless people giving them hope you are a rare Prophet . Pray for me and my family that God may be our refuge that and bring an end to sickness which leads to deaths comes to a stop .To God be the Glory. linda

  98. Prophet,

    I thank God for you for the good work you are doing. I heard you healed a boy who was demon possesed and I would like to ask you to pray for me and my family as follows:-
    There is a demon which drinks blood from us i.e. Nancy, Fiona, Kimanzi and Geoffrey, I believe this came about when I visited a witchdoctor and I believe he is the one who put those demons in us, I am a born again christian, I love Jesus and I would like to enjoy my salvation to the fullest with my family. Please man of God pray for the demons to come out of us and go completely for we are a strong christian family and we love God so much.
    2nd Pray for my nephew Mumo Nzioka who has had problems with his limbs i.e. he is unable to walk and he is only 7years old, he has not gone to school for one month now.
    3rd I want you to pray for my businesses which I have started for God to open doors and windows of heaven and pour out a blessing and teach me and my husband how to profit for my promise is that we shall give 10% of the profits will go to his work.
    4th There are snakes in my compound I pray for them to die or go completely and they should never bite anyone or the chicken,cats or dogs in the compound.
    5th I pray that God remembers his people at cb and rescue them from opression.
    6th I pray that God makes a way for you come to Nairobi and also make a way for me to visit your church in Nigerian.
    7th We need your station in our family TV, we want to be able to watch you and receive those blessings. Please talk to TBN so that you can be incorporated for you are such a blessing.
    7th Pray for spiritual growth in me and my family that we may serve God fully in our days here on earth.

    May God Bless and Keep You Man of God.

  99. prophet TB Joshua, indeed you are truely a man of God, i watch emmanuel tv every sunday, and my christian life has really changed. I thank God for his grace.for real distance is nota barrier, please man of GOd my prayer request is to pray for my children and my husband, please deliver us in the name of jesus christ, we need Gods guidance , i have faith that we wil receive every blessing from God through jesus christ. may God bless you man of God

  100. It is a great for God to raise at a time such as these, where sickness is killing a lot of people. The question I keep asking is that God had not raise at this prevailing moment, what would have been state of all numerous people who has been plagued with cancers, ulcer. HIV etc. and deliverance people are receiving. I just want to thank God for the life of the senior prophet T.B. Joshua. I indeed admire your grace. I also admire your simplistic way of doing thing. I am a pastor, trying my best in ministry. I just need your backing. Notwithstanding, when are you going to organize pastors’ conference again. Some of us can’t wait until you organize a pastors conference. My ministry is in Ghana, Aflao. I there something I love so much about you. Every prophecy you given or events that you have predicted have all come to pass one after the other. I love it too well. May God increase the anointing. I LOVE YOU GREAT MAN OF GOD. See you in JESUS name.

  101. Emmanuel. TB joshua the man of God am one of the people who is blessed and happy with what God gave me i have a beautiful wife, kids, a house and now he brought me to university, man of God pray for me for break through plz i want to be the best student at my graduation, and the last is plz am always crying to come to synagogue for Gods words from you and am looking for anointing water am in Namibia and my address is Simataa J S box 1363 Katima Mulilo, my wife has a monthly period iregular attending and to minister my families plz man of of God have mercy on me.

  102. Man of God, you are a great encouragement to me. May the Lord, God Almighty, grant you a very long time on earth to, beyond measure, impart the entire globe for His glory. I love you very much. Please, sir, bless my dreams of living for God alone, my great need for employment at Globacom Nigeria and marriage plans, and I indeed I will be blessed. You have made me know that distance is not a barrier.

  103. No matter what people say God choose T.B Joshua and he is using him to heal his people all over the world.millions life changed with his ministry let God bless him more and more. Can any one tell me how I can visit scoan ?


  105. God will richly continue to bless you for the good work that you are doing through the power of the Holy Ghost. Even the whole world are withnessing the Gift of giving that is in you to help the needy. Please remember me in your prayers that God should lead my life for my dreams surely come to pass so that i can also help the needy and serve Him forever. God bless you

  106. Mine is not a comment but, I want to be saved on my problem I have had of this Man of God. I have also head that distance is not a barrier. Please may I be helped on my health problems and others That I can not disclosed in public. or can Man of God be in a position to get me either on face book or using my Email

  107. dear prophet T B Joshua. please pray for me i need to remove this spiritual husband that i have. every time when i meet with a prosperous guy, bad luck befalls him. i face bad luck when i look for jobs. please pray that God may give me a good husband who is going to be prosperous in future.i also need prayers to break the walls of failure around me.p[lease pray for me man of God i have faith that you can do it.

  108. “prophet T.B JOSHUA is indeed a factual man 4rm GOD, each time i hear him speak i feel EXHILARATED cos his words are “wisdom” all i need to say is thank u JESUS COS cos u sent a redeemer to the wORld.

  109. Tribune and other media houses should intensify this kind of visit especially during sunday service, and report exactly what they have seen and heared from the man of God, which will go a long way to change lives out there. The action of the Sameritan woman who went into the city to pronounce her encounter with Jesus made a lot of people to believe the gosple. Yes visit synagogue more often and tell the world your findings without, addition or subtraction. EMMANUEL!! EMMANUEL!! EMMANUEL!!

  110. The prophecy made the man of God, T B Joshua on before the game between Zambia and Ivory Coast was so precise that it leaves one to stop doubting he is real used of God. Prophet T. B. Joshua is a special vessel use of God. I have never heard like that from anyone else. May the Lord continue using you, man of God and may He continue blessing you daily.

  111. How are you man of God and how is God bless your life
    iam fine but i have a problem which needs an agency attention
    man of God please help i know i have alot of faith through the of life which you preaching the problem is like this one man of God sent me to go and buy for him red mercury and he gave 8000 usd but the people who were saling this mercury the have eaten the money now am no cofferteble with this situation plaese need Gods intevetion in order for this people to pay barck the pastor money plaese can pray for me to be deliverd from this boadeg bless my life if their is aneed to plant a seed please give me the account so that i bleve GOD for a miracle and a break through my name is teddy sinkamba thax.


  113. Sir,may God continue 2 lift u up more, nd bless u more, in Jesus name Amen.pls pray for me i need God’s favour nd delivarance

  114. Pastor, I always pray for God to make me the head and who my family and well wisher will look into for help. But things are not going well with me when i was in Nigeria and I decide to travel down to South Africa but the Problem here is there is No job… If you don’t do hard thing or Crime you can’t survive. Please, I need a change and divine connections in my life, I want to proceed from this country to any country but I need to seek first the mind of God in my life…

    I believe in God everything is possible, Please Pastor i need your help.

  115. Man of God, I just love watching you and seeing your miracles. The bible says, when you get near to God, you will feel his presence in your life. may the lord almighty continue granting u the grace to do what u do. we bless u in jesus’s name.

  116. Praise be to GOD, for it is written that people will do more if they believe.Prophet T.B is real due to all the help he has done for poeple.I pray that mercy and grace of GOD be with me as i see via this year in JESUS name AMEN.

  117. Praise be to GOD, for it is written that people will more if they believe.Prophet T.B is real due to all the help he has done for poeple.I pray that mercy and grace of GOD be with me as i see via this year in JESUS name AMEN.

  118. Please Man Of God my husband and I have been married for almost 5 years but nothing we do prospers. Every business we starts collapses. We have been working from hand to mouth things are so difficult for us. We have been watching your programme and the power of the Annointing Water. We desperately need one. How can we get one to turn things around in our lives. Please we need your urgent reply. Thank you. Joyce of Ghana, Accra

  119. Pastor pls i dont no if i can see you face to face and i need life a good life to be honest pastor i lust my faith i need your help and i dont no if you can link me with some biulding contractors mens pls i no you we help me pls my name is segun giwa i leave at no23,asofinyan street mushin pls pastor i need your help and i no you we help me by god grace cos you have all the power to help as a real man of god so pls help me sir am runing window blind business and my company name is
    tobest 001 interior decor pls you are my god sent only hope pls i have that feeling and my phon numb is 08028521314 sir am expecting from god true you prophet t,b joshua pls with all due respect sir thanks

  120. Pastor TB Joshua, may God continue using you as a Prophet of this era Indeed all the things that you’ve been prophesying are those that are on line with Gods word.You really bless me.

    Steven Halala
    Malawi C Africa

  121. Praise the Lord Dear Elder Brother T.B.Joshua, Love you from the deep of my heart because there is mercy of our lord Jesus upon you.
    remember me front of Lord.

  122. Pastor, please intercede for me. I know l am a sinner and l ask God to forgive me.May God keep on blessing you,i just thank the Almighty God for giving us a Prophet in this World.

  123. Pastor, please intercede for me. I know l am a sinner and l ask God to forgive me.I just thank God for giving us a Prophet in the World.May God keep on using you in His Ministry

  124. I love the pastor, though I’ve never met him but someday I will and be able to touch his cloth.. The reason is if God can do so much for a man and yet he remains so humble, then HE can do for me as well.

  125. The Word of God says:
    “Him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.” – John 6:37
    These Words come from The Very Lips of the Son of The Living God.

    Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner!
    Lord Jesus, show me what to do to receive deliverance, healing and eternal salvation for myself and my entire family.
    I confess all my sins.
    Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!

    Lord Jesus, I ask You and believe I will receive from Your Anointed Minister, brother TB Joshua my deliverance, healing and eternal salvation. Amen.

    Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!
    I give you ALL the praise and the honor and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

    Also, I pledge to consecrate my life to You, Lord Jesus.
    I pledge to dedicate my life to You, Lord Jesus.
    To be a living Sacrifice for You and crucify the flesh.

    To help others and be a Force for good.
    A vessel for You, Lord Jesus, Mighty King Of Kings!
    Show me Your Will for my life, please.
    In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Thank You.
    Thank You.
    Thank You!!!

  126. Lord Jesus, Have mercy on us, we pray!
    Son of David, have mercy on us, please!

    Dear Man of God,
    I humbly ask you and beg you to deliver me and my family and my ancestors (parents and grand parents) from the curse.

    Man of God, please I ask you, beg you, to speak LIFE to us in Jesus’ Mighty and Powerful Name. Amen.

    And please, Anointed and Holy Man of God, tell us what, what, what? is the root of all these curses (Is it generational curses? Which sin or sins are the cause?). Lord Jesus, with ALL my Adoration, Honor, Praise, Respect and Worship, Thank You!

    Thank You Father God, Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Dear Anointed Man of God!!!

    With ALL my appreciation, gratitude, praise and thanksgiving.
    Please speak LIFE to us!

  127. Snr prophet T.B Joshua is a mouth piece of God in our generation, He is a humble man of God, a light to his followers who live by the word of the bible. When Christ live among men, He got the same rejection treatment from those who called themselves Men of God,
    My advice is that Other preachers should learn to accept that Powers are given by God, if you use it for Good, you are his, if you decide to use it for evil or populate Hell and propagate the devil, you are not of God. Learn to accept powers given to other men of God, God gave Satan powers but he decided at some time to change from using it for God and for good and started to use it for evil, God did not take it from him but rather wait for judgment where He Satan and his deciples on earth will be confined to Hell.
    Synagogue and T.B Joshua are Real and of God. I received my healing despite my initial doubts when my wife took me there for her visit, May God continue to Bless the man of God T.B Joshua and I advice all in doubt to visit the place and re-access their beliefs. I am a Catholic but I am a believer of what T.B Joshua and Synagogue stand for..

  128. Pastor, please intercede for me. I know l am a sinner and l ask God to forgive me my sins and heal me of my sickness body and spirit. I have faith in God that l shall be healed by the blood of Jesus the lamb. Amen. Pray for me pastor.

  129. People should leave prophet TB Joshua alone,He is a man sent by God to do expoit. I pray God to strengthen him. There is presence of God in that church.prophet thousands of people loves you and are praying for you. Emmanel.

  130. Man of God. we admire the way the Lord Jesus uses you. You are great. We are in need of the anointing water but we dont know hw we can get it, please make a way how we can get it. my details ars as follows: Mr WONDER LUBISI, P. O. BOX 571,NGODWANA,MPUMALANGA, SOUTH AFRICA 1209

    i have also logged an email around September/October of which i am not sure whether you received it yet. it was about my problems and sicknesses we are facing as a family.

  131. prophecy never come by the will of man,but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost..
    2peter 1:21.
    prophet TB Joshua your holy man of God, you were sent by God to let the world the opinion of God upon our lives, live long man of God in Jesus’might name!!!!.
    Emmanuel God with us.
    Better is not good enough the best is yet to come for us believers.
    moses Nsubuga say”Humudity and fear of the Lord is my strength”
    man of you have opened the eyes of christians that love of God truely is so much and it express it’s self through giving by helbing the needy orphans widows and physical challenge .
    True Love of God uncontroleble love of God He have for us that He sent His only beggoten Son whoever believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life we have to give some thing we depend on . 3:16 of john.
    Man of god pray for me me also to so and to have enough to give the ministry aready I started it and it is growing ever since i started watching Emmanuel tv and whatever i get make sure I give .
    I my money comes from God I give cheerfuly.
    I ablessing is from God I bless athers cheerfuly.
    Anointing is from God I will preach teach the word of God cheerfuly .
    In Jesus’ might name

  132. God is good all the time, all time God is good
    Emmanuel God with us
    Better is not good enough the best is yet to come for us believer.
    Moses Nsubuga say Humudity and fear of God is my strength proverbs22:4 .
    prophet TB Joshua showed us agood example of agood smaritan by put love of God into reality by helping the needy, widows, physical challenged it was somuch Love God send is only beggoten son whoever believe in Him not perish but have everlasting life we christians we should love one another that is the greatest commandment anew commandment that will alow us to embless the ten commandmets love express it’s self into giving we beggin to succeed in life when the problems of athers matter to us the wound of one is the wound of all prophet TB Joshua pray for me also to join you were iam to help people of kind like what you prophet together we can stop stan for killing. Stealing and destroying God’s people aready I have aministry at the age 24yrs is growing eversince I started watching Emmanuel tv.

  133. Hello pastor TB,very happy to be connecting with you for a first time; I did not know before but now I know trought my brother who live in SA ,please Pray Your God to deliver me from sex and give me a splendid job, from DRC.JOE BETETI

  134. greetings in the mighty name of our LORD jesus christ, im asking for prayers for ma nucle he s very sick at d moment.Devil s a liar. i know evrythn is posible in d house of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.. , my cell no +26772379996. my uncle’s no. +26772262884

  135. It is a blessing to be associated with SCOAN and particularly with Prophet T.B. Joshua. A man who has allowed to be used of God in special way. When watching Prophet T.B. Joshua, one feels and sees a man who is always in the presence of God. A simple man, but very powerful. May God continue using you, sir for the sake of winning souls.

  136. I met TB in his office by Gods grace without an invitation all the way from Malawi. He never said anything to me it was a silent meeting fotsr about 5 to 10 imnutes. He signed my bible, gave me annointing water and his portrait. that was enough for me and my wife.Just meeting the man withuot any appointment was a miracle on ts own.

    • I am also eager to see him but I know one day God will fulfill my desire. My father say I am addicted to T.B Joshua’s channel. trully i cant spent a day without watching him. Please man of God just make a prayer that I see you, I know the moment I see you I going to be blessed and everything my faith is going to be raised just by seeing you man of God.When I see you I would like to wipe your shoes on my knees, and this day is going to come

  137. my family and I are viewers of Emmanuel tv and my faith grows daily.When it happens that I face a challenge I pray along with the man of God and the problem just disappear.In winter this year our electricity cable ontop of the house got burnt and the fire was so big so much that the asbestos would have fallen inside the house. we managed to get out,I had no anoiting water from Prophet TB Joshua but,I prayed sprinkling the anoiting water by faith, immediately the fire ceased and our house was not damaged. Recently I lost my cellphone in the rain when discovering that I lost it I thought of the ecouraging word the man of God always speak which says, “when the going is good Jesus is Lord and when the going is rough Jesus is Lord. I began to praise and worshiping and the Holy laughter came. soon after prayer the landline phone rang, and a voice on the line said, ‘I found a cellphone and searched inside and found the number saved as home which I called,are you the owner,I replied yes Thank you Jesus
    So, I thank God who uses Prophet TB Joshua to teach, prophesy and preach the word with Power!

    yes, I still need your prayers in my carrier, marital life., if I only have one bottle of annointing water my friends and relative who have sickness and problems would be delivered amen
    sent the annointing water to:
    MISS collen Mandhlazi
    National social security authority
    p o box 195
    thank you Lord Jesus for the anointing water. Amen!

    • with the recent message from Prophet T B Joshua-“works of faith… faith is a heart that believes God”, whatever you ask in Jesus’s name shall be fullfiled, you shall get the annointing water/ sticker in Jesus name. emmanuel!

  138. May God continues to use Prophet TB Joshua, he his a true man of God who is not manipulating the people but helping the needs getting dressed. Halleluya, Glory be to God.

  139. In 2009, I got admission (pre degree) in Imo state university and I couldn’t pay d fees. Now I have gotten admission to study Economics & Education in UNN Nsugbe campus and d total fee is #101800. Pls prophet I need ur help. GOD bless.

  140. Dearest brother,I would like to thank you before Everything I say,I live in a small town in Ziway some 160 km south of addis abeba,the capital city of ethiopia,here one of my family sick in case of Cancer i wish you can send annotied water throug my address stated below. Girma setu 22,Ziway ,Ethiopia. I will pay all the nessary payment..

  141. Ibelieve that God can cure AIDS by working throght man. God created the doctors and scientists to assist him with his work here on earth. Believe in God and continue taking your HIV medication.

  142. I thank God for what he is using snr prophet TB Joshua to in the life of many. I am a pastor who has a great passion for being used of God to save people in my area. I would like to come for fasting and prayer for week at your place so that you can be imparting me. I have been longing to receive an impartation from the man of God. Please pray for me that the lord gives me money to come.

  143. Dear people of God there is a great need to know God and his true servant senior prophet.Joshua,whom the lord have used to perform so many wonders in the life of people,i was a living witness,i am coming soon to share my testimony;Becos the lord who has started a journey in my life shall see me to the end,my prophet may u live long for us,i am blessed becos i know u dady,more blessing to all wise men,

  144. May Almighty GOD bless u more and more for every Nation earth!! Prophet TB.Joshua,i am from Ethiopia me&my family watching Emmanuel tv with trust in GOD When touch screen time we glade even though my baby son also . i want to say please pray for my sister mhiret alemu she is so sick waiting Almighty GOD . &my brother ashenafi alemu he don’t have job he is big person i thought in my family has Genration curs please help us pray for us .GOD bless u in Juses name.

  145. pls man of God, help me seek the salvation of god in Jesus’ name. Pray for me & my family to prosper in life, deliverance is needed in this soul of mine, pls help me lord in jesus’ name…….AMEN.

  146. man of God i believe dat distance is nt a barrier.pls pray For my family expecially my dad.jimmy .i .silas he was attacked wit partial stroke n i bless his destiny somtin is wrong in d family.tnk u

  147. Prophet T.B Joshua, in fact words cannot explain the blessing and inspirations we having each minutes and day from u. Thank God for sending such a prophet in our mist to deliver we the captive. Amen

  148. He never got time to fight or speak negative against those who condemed him bcos those they are not link with God. what a gentle prophet………

  149. I always watch Emmanuel TV @ home ,TB Joshua you are the man of God.Please pray for me {Shineon} so that i can receive the healing ,i always have the pain which come time and again in my chest and i would like you to dedicate my child {Rhandzu} to God and lastly please pray for my brother {Anani }he always go for the interview after that they will be no feedback to say how did he go or they will cancell every thing please help him

  150. TB Joshua is a true man of GOD. I am inspired through his teaching. I am one person who never thought we must thank GOD even when we are in trouble or difficulties. He said must thank HIM because everything happens for a purpose.
    Because I could not understand, I did not thank HIM. But now and for rest of my life I will thank HIM. Praise be to our living GOD!!!

  151. would love to invite TB Joshua in my house for a cup tea, but he is too great to come to my house. I pray for more protection for him.

  152. Prophet T. B. Joshua is my mentor, my father in the Lord, my teacher, my friend, my brother and my guide! Listening to him preaching the Word of God is like listening to God Himself. Prophet has taught me a lot about being obedient to God’s instruction! You will never achieve anything in life if you do not obey God’s instruction! And this instruction is to LOVE one another as we love ourselves. To be cheerful givers. Just like our Father, Jesus Christ, we should be humble; we should be fathers to the fatherless; benefactors to the needy; husbandsmen to the widows;Wow, prophet Sir, you have made me see life in a new way – the way of God! And I thank you Sir.

  153. my son has epilepsy and has seizure every time pliz man of god pray for him his name is Admire Takunda Mabuba and is 3 years old this started when he was just over 1 year we are in Zimbabwe

  154. my son has epilepsy and has seizure every time pliz man of god pray for him his name is Admire Takunda Mabuba and is 3 years old this started when he was just over 1 year

  155. I am really shocked because I was going through peoples` comments to find out if I can see any critical remark, but to my amazement, none.Fine, if that is the case, that means people can really picture you pastor T.B.Joshua as divinely ordained by God and I am pleased that after all these years of criticism, your ministry has come out even and clean; this is eventually assigned to every one walking in the footsteps of Christ to ignore the critics and acknowledge God`s presence at all times.

  156. I really enjoy watching Emmanuel TV very much. I have learned so much from it. Its a blessing to many people and also trasformed my life. I pray to God that he may bless man of God Prophet TB Joshua and wise men in Jesus name. Amen

  157. I watch Emmanuel TV through out my stay at home as well as at my work place. One day I was driving on the road and saw a young lady with a young girl of about four yrs walking alongside the road. The lady put the young girl on the road side where cars were passing. I slowed down with hazard lights flashing and instructed the young lady to keep the young girl away from the road, she was very thankful but behind my car was another car that over took me and insulted me. Oh I got angry but my wife calmed me down.
    Later on I remembered what man of God Prophet T.B Joshua teaches us that I man who doesn’t love or who fails to forgive others cannot be entrusted with power of God like to heal, deliver etc because he may misappropriate it. He may use it to harm others or himself.

    Forgive me Lord for my failure to forgive.

    We have a humble man of God Prophet TB Joshua, glory be to God

  158. can anyone give me reasons why God will not continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua everyday. his is a blessed man indeed.Emmanuel!!!

  159. prophet TB joshua, you are a blessing to this generation we thank GOD for blessing our generation with you

  160. Its God who blesses.let no man judge.even the son of God faced accusations.prophet just continue ur work.since they couldn’t get the position u are now,its had for them to support u.they then choose to use words to bring u down.just look up to God.He is the only one u must please.God bless u

  161. thanks to all the wise man and prophet t b joshua. i feel great when watching their live service and even their rebroadcast to god be the glory

  162. Am always watching emmanuel tv and i want the man of GOD to pray for me in areas of prosperity, deliverance and good health. At preset am jobless but i know as the man of GOD is busy praying for viewers all over the world my job is coming now-now. I wish you long life so that many people can know GOD.

  163. In His Name… Emmanuel!!!

    Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua, may God the Almighty continue to guide you through even in the presence of your adversaries. God has given you these gifts to make this world a better one! Through your Ministry you have transformed many millions of families of this world, mine being one of such.

    You are a complete menor from God. Since i statreted watching Emmanuel TV, my life has transformed tremendously. i advise othres to continue saying, ” All is well…” even if signs of sickness, poverty, disappointment are still there. Your prayers may be delayed but they are NOT denied. Let’s not beat the GUN!! lets continue praying and praising Himalways….

    The whole world will sing,…




  166. ohh what can i say but God be blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a gift to my generation and my family in particular………….coming home soon to see you my dear men of God and to receive all that God has lined up for me. love all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Daddy T. B, JOSHUA,

    May the lord be with you and all the members of Synagogue Church of All Nations, in JESUS name amen.

    My name is Ugonna Best Obi, i from IMO state Nigeria but i livening in Cote D’ Ivoire,

    P/s Sir, i need to be in Synagogue Church of All Nations this July as you told us that DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER, i believed so but i want to be there in Nigeria this July, P/s i need help for me to be there because some problem in life i hope as i notify by enter my comment to Synagogue Church of All Nations now you will see all in my life.

    P/s, Sir, T. B, JOSHUA, , see me as one of your international visitors this July. Sir, i need your reply this week for me to come over therein Synagogue Church of All Nation.

    here is my number here is number +22507602093 / E-mail

    P/s, Sir, T. B, JOSHUA, Help, and believed that you will help
    GOD bless you and be with you amen.

  168. The world should be pleased to have such a wonderfl man of God. I recently sent a prayer request on my new business that I have just started and I had a response that the man of God was praying for my success. Immediately am already seeing some tremendous success and I thank God for that.

    May God bless you man of God and the ministry. I always watch Emmanuel TV.

  169. THE PEOPLE IN NIGERIA PLIZ DON’T MISS THIS.T.B JOSHUA is a man from matter what u think,no matter your age,education,money,u may know him from childwood to high school,his parents,what ever u know about.u are blessed coz u are close to him what a chance.techinology did us a good job coz we can only see him through emmanuel tv,and in spirit.

  170. T.B JOSHUA you are from god.this is the real power not to be practiced with any man withouth JESUS,i thank u for this,now you are giving us light to everthing to discover our streight and stand up for jesus.thank u.


    Linly Martha Sukali

  172. Prophet T.B.Joshua is simply a gift for the world. Let us work with him through prayers and enjoy the miracles. God bless you and your ministry.

  173. I am a professional Engineer working in one of the oil services company in Port Harcourt. I always watch Emmanuel TV in my hotel room after work. The Tv telecast have improved my live drastically. Please I want the man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua to pray alongside with me to overcome the spirit of fornication and lust also to deliver my wife from given birth through Casereans section (CS)We have our first baby through it and now she is pregnant again, I want God to have mercy upon me and my family and for my wife to deliver safely and without operation. Also for breakthrough in my work and protections. How do I receive the anointed water, since I can be able to come to synagogue for now. Please I want to know the process. Warmest regards, Okey (Port Harcout)

  174. Emmanuel – God with us
    God Almighty is making great wonders at SCOAN. Snr Prophet T B Joshua prayed for the two beautiful women last Sunday who were over due pregnant and he said the beautiful women will deliver boys. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come. Let the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be magnified in what ever way. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ let your name be glorified. Our God Almighty is great, you he has so much power.

  175. Prophet TB Joshua I need you to pray for me and my family for deliverance,free from satans,evil spirits,bondage,lucifers and let the holy Spirit come into my life. I need help me and my family.In Jesus name we ask..Amen

  176. What a monderful gift we have in this generation. Prophet T. B Joshua is a great man of God and he blesses our lives evryday through Emmanuel TV. Be blessed man of God, we’ll keep on praying for u.

  177. i thank God for you man of God for the work you are doing inthe kingdom of God.I really admire yourhumbleness and generosity. It really buffles me why those who criticise you cant see it.the answer that you give those who try to find out whether you are a man of God or not reminds of the answer Jesus gave when John the Baptist asked about who he really was.Pliz dont mind the critics just know your employer who is the almighty God.May God bless you, give you more anointing and add more years to your life. Continue being a blessing to the world in Jesus name Amen

  178. I thank you prophet TB Joshua for the work you are doing of saving many souls and helping the needy. Im a young man aged 30 who needs a prayer so i can be healed of (hiv) i believe God can do something in my life through you. i realy need your help.

    Namibia 19-05-2011

  179. Man of God Prophet T B Joshua. Daddy I have been an Emmanuel TV Partner since 2009, (Partnership No. BW 003503) supporting your vision and mission of helping those who are less privileged. In January 2010 till 2011 I have been filling Application Form to visit SCOAN, but up to-date, I have not received any response from SCOAN. I have seen many of my friends applying to visit SCOAN and their applications were successful, they are not even Partners with Emmanuel TV. What should I do in order to receive a positive reply to visit SCOAN. I need a breakthrough for my business. I am running a construction business. There is no where I would get contracts without breakthrough. Where will I get money if I dont have a contract Please Man of God, have mercy on me and let me visit SCOAN. Dineo BOTSWANA 00267 71761429

  180. Hello dad,

    I like you very much because you are the solution which God has send to the world today, thank you for the lives which were transformed thanks to you, for the patients who were cured, for your predictions which revolutionized the world, there are many things that I can say about you, thank you for everything in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
    I am a faithful televiewer of Emmanuel TV, since I get you on this channel, my life is totally transformed, I realized full of change in my life, I had a stable job with a salary which I have never won before not because of the lake of experience or skills, but because of satan manipulations, I became a disciple of Jesus.
    At the moment my financial situation knew a very big change, yes I confirm, ” the distance is not a barrier “.
    May our Lord bless you, and your family as well as all those who work with you in this wonderful work.
    I ask you to pray for me so that I find the father of my daughter who has 24 years old today and has never known his father. He abandoned me when I was pregnant and until today, I never saw him again, it is not that he takes care of us but just that my daughter knows who his father is for her good balance.
    Thank you, in Jesus name.


  182. I truly believe that Prophet T.B. Joshua is the man of God, sent by God to restore this torn world of today. As of myself, I always watch Emmanuel TV and am always being blessed and encouraged by the words the Holy Spirit speaks through Prophet T.B. Joshua. I will keep on praying that through Emmanuel TV, the Anointing of God set me free from all things that satan might have used to connect himself with me. And I pray that God will bring Prophet T.B Joshua in Tanzania so that He can use Him to heal our land. Amen!

  183. Prophect TBjoshua,i strongly believe in your ministry.sir i want you to pray for my mother,s heath,she has been suffering from high BP,myopia and sleeplessness for 9mths.thank you sir and God bless you sir.

  184. prophect TB joshua is a real prophect sent by GOD to set the captives free.his miracles are real and i pray that the almighty God will increase you from strength to strength.

  185. T.B Joshua is a true man of God,for those who doubt think again and doubt no more,I have watch Immanuel TV and I have seen, heard great miracle and I know for sure God is busy using this man of God. Please help me I need the annointing water and annointing wrist band please man of God help me.


  187. man of god thank you for helping me grow spiritually . i watch emmanual tv almost every day .please help me my brothers nd sisters need ur help we a lonely .

  188. papa TB Joshua,you are more than what normal eyes can see.i love u soooooomuch and i know u are GOD sent because nobody can do what u are doing eccept GOD is with him.

  189. I just want to say thank u LORD for Prophet T B Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Since I started watching Emmanuel TV the whole family changed to God fearing family. May God keep and bless him more and more for being a shining light in the darkness

  190. Ihave been watching and worshiping with you on Emmanuel tv every sunday and always got involved ,YOU and the WISE MEN DID SAY distance is not a barrier.AM ALWAYS BLESSED .Please i will be very happy if YOU can give me one of the WISE MEN’s phone number to call and SHARE MY PROBLEMS WITH HIM for him to pray for me since i cannot come to Nigeria church.Last time senoir Prophet said we can have the Wise men as our friends so that they guide us and pray with us any time we want help and quardance.THANKS in advance and hope to hear from you soon.God Richly Bless you for the GOOD WORK YOU ARE DOING .

  191. Prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God sent on these world to set it free,i really appreciate the good work he is doing.

  192. Emmanuel – God with us

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ

    All men of God should unity in the body of Christ

    Then I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle, be patient bearing with one another in LOVE. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit just as you were called. One Lord Jesus Christ one faith one baptism one God Almighty and father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

    EPHESIANS 4 VS 1-6

  193. Dear Prophetic

    I thank God for you, you are really a blessed man of God sent to us for a purpose. Your works are just so marvellous. I only pray for the time when God will allow you to visit my country.

    Continue doing the wonderful work.

  194. Its a blessing to have T.B Joshua amongst us. He is really anointed man of God, his works are unbelievable they can only come from above. THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR SENDING US THIS ANGEL RIGHT HERE IN AFRICA!!!!!

  195. please man of God,can you please make a provision through DHL,for the partners to get their wristband and anionting water without comming to lagos. thanks, my partnership number is hoping to hear from you.

  196. i brought anointed water from Nigeria and use it for learners in school, what a wonderful result for 2010 Matric in south Africa, Firstly, the school move from religation zone to pass level and the my learners achieved 100% in Physics which are known to be a killer subject in south africa.
    Praise God.

  197. PAPA JOSHUA change my life, spilitualy, Socialy, Econimically through his prayer and preaching. That’s why my finger, my mouth will never stop writing & talking about papa Joshua. Wow,.. the miracle still happening in the BLESSED LAND NIGERIA, FROM THE HOUSE CALLED : SYNANGUOGA CHURCH OF ALL NATION, PRAISE THE LIVING GOD.

    Papa, I ‘m always listen from your “slogan” saying” DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER” but is true Man of GOD”



    Yours in Namibia
    Martha-Hilya Namupala
    +264 813490411

  198. It can take more than words to comment on the happennings at the SCOAN.I think the Emmanuel team are the luckiest people in this world, i wish i had that oppotunity. continue the good work and God should continue to grant you all the stregth in jesus name

  199. Dear Prophet TB Joshua the HOLY SPIRIT in you is so amazing,the words you speek are out of this world.GLORY to GOD this is from HEAVEN ABOVE i love it continual Touching many more lives in JESUS’name.

  200. Dear Sir , Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, Synagogue Church of all Nation Lagos,
    I am a regular viewer of Emmanuel T.V and I discovered that you are a real man of God that you are second to none in the the whole universe that you have solve millions of problems of many people all over the world that my own case cannot be exceptional and I believe that notting is impossible before our lord to review beore you.
    Sir this is my case
    I serve under NEPA since 1978 till 1991 as a trainee to rank of snr artisan till my retirement in 1991 when I was retired after putting 14 yrs of service I was paid gratuity only but the condition of service stipulated that under section 132.8.1 says until I attained the age of 45yrs before my pension will commence I was 38 yrs when I was retired in 1991 my pension suppose to commerce in 1997 in 2009 April I was advised to go to my last service station and apply which I did I went to Benin zonal office and met with the head of Human resources and Admin service in Benin City who wrote to the HQ in Abuja requesting for the commencement of the pension but until now no reply has been made about it, Sir I want you to pray for me and seek God view point about it any time I intended to come to Lagos money becomes barrier I know that distance is not a barrier that notting is impossible before God Sir please help me for my enemies has done this to me
    May God our lord continue to strengthen you for millions of solutions you has been doing to many nations and people all over the world in Jesus name
    Thanks. Millions times in anticipation of your speedy response in Jesus name Amen

    From Felix Mordi
    c/o PHCN Robert rd. warri

    phone no: 08072111947

  201. Dear sir,
    Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, Synagogue Church of all Nation of Emmanuel T.V and I discovered that you are a real man of God that you’re second to none in the whole universe that you’re solve millions of problems of many people all over the world, that my own case cannot be exceptional and I believe that noting is impossible before our lord to review before you.
    Sir, this is my case.
    I serve under N.E.P.A since 1978 till 1991 as a trainee to rank of senior Artisan till my retirement in 1991 when I was retired after putting 14yrs of service ,I was paid gratuity
    Only but the condition of service stipulates that under section 132.8.1says until I attained the age of 45yrs before my pension will commence, I was 38yrs when I was retired in 1991 my pension suppose to commence in 1997 in 2009 April I was advised to go to my last service station and apply which I did I went Benin Zonal Office and met with the head of Human Resources and Admin service in Benin city who wrote to the H.Q in Abuja requesting for the commencement of the pension but up till now no reply has been made about it sir I want to seek God view point about it any time I intended to come to Lagos money becomes barrier I know that distance is not a barrier that noting is impossible before God, sir please help me for my enemies has done this to me may God our Lord continue to strengthen you for millions of solution you have been doing to many nations and the people all the world in Jesus name Amen
    Thanks millions times in anticipation of your speedy response in Jesus name Amen
    C/O P.H.C.N , Robert Road Warri

  202. i have too much failure this year 2010 on all i do in life so i will be a responsible man,i have been praying for break through on the situation and i need your assistant t.b joshua,please help me and i need connection in my life and money so i will use it to solve my financial problem and also help me pray for the thife that attack me and took my money and phone on 27 september 2010 thanks and GOD BLESS U………………..

  203. good evening Pastor TB.Man of God you are my mentor,your sermons cure me emotionally.You are trully the Healer of my tormented soul.Iwish to visit the SCOAN if the Almighty GOD ALLOWS ME. God bless you

  204. I really appreciate Senoir Prophet T.B Joshua for he is a blessing to not only me, but the whole world. He has accerated a change in my life, spritualy, socialy and economicaly through his prayers at Emmanuel TV. I’ve seen the power of the Holy Spirit manifesting through him. may you live longer so that manypeople should be touched and derivered through you.

  205. lam born again christiam lwould like pray for me.l been have wound in leg for the four year and have sent for you the pictice of wound lam request good church can if l can come for pray l will pay for my ticket. l hope to hear from my god bless you.

  206. The answer to the questions of so many people around the world about prophet T.B. Joshua is simple. Those who have GOD in them will see GOD in his Prophets.May the light of GOD continues to shine in his faithful servant prophet T. B. Joshua in our lord Jesus Christ.For me and my family we have come closer to GOD almighty in the name of Jesus through the man of GOD and Emmanuel TV and by the special Grace Of GOD we have been blessed tremendousely. We have also,by the special Grace of GOD have been blessed to visit the man of GOD and what we saw was simply devine and we give glory to GOD ALMIGHTY the creator of heaven and earth in JESUS name.AMEN.

  207. Pls prophet TB Joshua,pray 4 me,i hav multiple uterine fibroid for 9yrs & iam told is evil atack,dat if i go 4 operation i wil die. My num 08063362736

  208. i want to thank him for blessing my home and exposing the evil world power in Emmanuel T. V. changing lives from nothing to something daddy may u live long for us amen and I no that one day i will meet u face to face amen.

  209. What a friend i have in Jesus who brought me a brother Prophet T.B.Joshua. The Emmaneul tv brought me a brother who is changing our lives in our house. I learnt things about God through the
    prophet which i never knew. I did not know God at all. But now I learnt alot and I am still learning from the Prophet. When ever i listen to anything he says about our Lord, i understand and these brought us near to our Creator. Thank u Prophet T.B.Joshua for enlighting our lives with the Holy word.

  210. please i want to have relationship with god so that all my prayer will rech god as i pray i have problems in my life i dont know what to do right now i pray daily for god to hear my prayer when i call him i,m suffering may god help me urgently
    yours isaac gumbo Ph,D

  211. i am really happy i could send my mail here, after server times i attempted to send my mails here and no answer was giving back if my mail finally reach.

    well i am kem Kingsly from Cameroon, a Cameroonian. i will like first to thank the man of God for hes good work. i really have a problem i don’t know the man of God or any one could help me out. i was living in Germany for about 3 years so tried to have my document to live there as a normal person, from the beginning thing started working out positive when it was about to give me my visa i was asked to come back to my country and i apply for it and i did it, i came back to my country on the 23/12/08 and i was told maximum of time for me to my visa should be 4 month but right now is 8 months all my document are ready but the is one more document the don’t want to sign it. i am worry about it because i want to go back i don’t like the condition of my family, i mean when i was over there i take of my family, i send my brothers and sister to school, take care of others and right now my family is worry about my staying here because no one to take care of my family i was the only hope to my poor family. i don’t know how the man of God could help me out of this condition. hope hear soon, may God bless you all.

  212. we are waiting for you in Botswana again, please visit us Seniour Prophet T.B.Joshua. i really really love you. your channel transformed me to a better person. i was darkness until i started watching your channel.

  213. I firmly believe that Prophet T B Joshua has been commisioned by God to glorify the gospel of Jesus Christ especially through the gift of healing.I however want help on how l can access his annointed water in Zimbabwe for my wife who is battling with complications arising from diabetis.Please help.

  214. i thank God for the life of prophet t.b joshua for being a blessing to all nations of the world. i have been watching emmanuel tv and i am truely blessed and strengthened. please prophet joshua pray for the east african nation ERITREA.we truely need God’s intervention.and pray for me. i love the word you say ” for those whom God has called them for a service He will make them fit for it” amen. God bless you and annoint you to the extent that your cup runneth over.

  215. I always watch Emmanuel every sunday and im blessed by how the pastor conducts his service.Each and every time with my family we feel the presence of God as the man of God conducts.Our wish and hopes are to be in the SCOAN but we are very far,All the same distance is not a barrier.I dreamt of the man of God praying for me,touching my head and the next day i felt the presence of God in my life after the pastor said “whoever dreamt of me or met me through vision is saved.Thanks be to God i got saved.May God richly bless Pastor TB Joshua and give him more years to help and save the nation world wide.Zimbabwe needs you Lord

  216. I always watch Emmanuel every sunday and im blessed by how the pastor conducts his service.Each and every time with my family we feel the presence of God as the man of God conducts.Our wish and hopes are to be in the SCOAN but we are very far,All the same distance is not a barrier.I dreamt of the man of God praying for me,touching my head and the next day i felt the presence of God in my life after the pastor said “whoever dreamt of me or met me through vision is saved.Thanks be to God i got saved.

  217. I am a disable girl from my youth and i need help from you.I always watch Immanuel TV and i see that God is useing you, so i know that in my case God will also use you to do something in my life.Please sir, am helpless l need your assistanc.

  218. Greetings from Ethiopia in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I sincerly believe that God our heavenly father through his son Jesus Christ has blessed Prophet TB Josoua to serve the purpose of God and humanity though deliverance and excellence of chritian life. I believe that I would be delivered of my personal worries by just watching his preachings of Emmanuel Tv. He is immensly blessed to serve the destitute and those with unimaginable health and social problems.
    May God Bless Him even more!!

  219. my our Almighty God continue to use you for the betterment of his people. May the man of God one day one time come to Kenya to help deliver Gods children and provide anoiting water to the people who are in need like me. Thanks God bless you. Beline from Kenya

  220. It’s not any man duity to jurged or blasmay only God almighty can jurged.christ apostel sulfer same,so don’t let that stop your cloosness with God. From sunday edo state nigeria.08053165238

  221. when ever i hear the prophet T.B.Joshua preaching the gospel i hear i see Jesus Christ in action and what i use to see to be impossible has become very possible if i am save it thanks to the grace of God in the prophet.s live if i am succeeding today its thanks to him let GOD bless him

  222. greetings in the mighty name of our LORD jesus christ,I NEED PRAYER FOR

    I always watch Immanuel TV. God bless you more and more.Help me achieve my dream come true.God Bless.

    everyday every minute. please i need your prayer that God should cancelled every sprit of failure in my life.from ABIDJAN IN
    COTE cell no +22545194

  223. I thank almighty God for what is using senior Prophet TB JOHUA to do in the life of our family, ever since we have being washing the emmanuel tv our life have change.

    Pray for me and family,

  224. Ihave read all the wonder full letter that have send to you all though ihave just got your name to day from canada one look at you i know you are a man of god anfd this is no luck or chance by getting to you the time has come for god to let me get intouch with you keep up the good work that god as giving to you, ialso send you an email.god bless

  225. je vous salue dans le nom de jesus christ.
    cher homme de DIEU j suis une jeune fille de 25ans passionné de votre tv. A TRAVERS CECI JE VOUDRAIS VOUS passer mon témoignage a force de suivre votre chaine de tv le seigneur fais des merveille ds ma vie et celle de ma famille malgré les tentation de l’énémie mais beaucoup de chose change. j fais parfois des songe que l’homme de DIEU m’administre l’eau beni et je commence a vomir des plaquette de chocolat. depuis ce temps la tv a la maison ne fonctionne plus normalement j crois que c’est l’éffet du diable mais je rend grace a dieu pour tout car passant par vous j sais que je serais délivré svp homme aidé moi car j’ai beaucoup de problemes j’ai vraiment besoins de vos priere.


    A M E N

  226. I thank almighty God for what is using senior Prophet TB JOHUA to do in the life of our family, ever since we have being washing the emmanuel tv our life have change.

    i pray that God should strenten him more and more GOD SHOULD GIVE HIM MORE WISDOM, KNOWLEGE TO BE ABLE TO DO HIS WORK.
    NUM 08138866371, 07055428836

  227. I thank almighty God for what is using senior Prophet TB JOHUA to do in the life of our family, ever since we have being washing the emmanuel tv our life have change.

    i pray that god should strenten him more and more GOD SHOULD GIVE HIM MORE WISDOM TO BE ABLE TO DO HIS WORK.
    NUM 08138866371, 07055428836

  228. The very first time I heard about the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua I know that God Himself has come down to show Himself to us through him.
    No matter what the critics are saying,The Lord is your strength,What you are doing is directly from God. God will continue to strengthen you the more

  229. He is Apostle Paul. Father we thank you for fulfiling your promise as usual. you said you will not leave us alone you will leave us with a comforter, a helper. yes we have him. we thank you Jesus. Amen

  230. Man of God Prophet TB Joshua, we love you very much.
    May the God Almighty bless you abudently, cause through the Emmanuel tv. i sleep, eat, work,emmanuel tv. Everytime i listened and watch you
    i have inner peace.

    i adore you prophet TB Joshua, i cannot wait to meet you in person soon. God bless

  231. Hi Am call Julius writing from Cameroon am very happy to given a change to say something, well as the matter of fact i don’t have nothing to say 4 now apart from say am bless by reading the message on the net.

  232. Emmanuel.

    Thank you Jesus for the Man of God. Am one person who has benefited from the anointing water. I used to have sleepless nights, but when one of my friends who had traveled to synagogue church of all nations helped me pray and anointed my house aah, it was a thing of the past we are now able to sleep well under God’s care and am able to see angles surrounding me and my family during the night. I thank God for Bishop T.B Joshua. The devil is a losses Lets put him to shame. Amen

  233. Hello prophet T.B Joshua

    Thanks God for He did miracles in your hands’ Really you are the man of God, Be Blessed again and again.

    I am Dereje Shiferaw who serves the Lord here in Ethiopia during more than 15 years gone experienced 4th Churches Planted in the Denomination full gospel Church while difference local area

    Before three months past some disagreement was raise with in the church elders .even if many people are there fine through miniature are in quarrel one another. For that I tack my decision to leave out and PLANT THE CHURCH like you did before .I haven’t money and supporter people but by faith God can do with me, for I looking on Him

    During this time of I wait before Him some body called me from Nigeria in your name prophet T.B Joshua with good words while said “I have good news fore you” then I cried before God fore some days may be he got my address from internet, after deal what his purpose with him I got who he is he false T.B Joshua look what he want in the name of you word by word politle news asked me 500–5000 USA dolaar

    Until that time I did not knew the synagogue church at her in Ethiopia while I told some body he informed me I find them met with Pastor Mistre I think they hade told you

    Now I want to hear real the sound of prophet T.B Joshua who God anointed him if it possible pleas do not to call me, I can not came to your country but I want to share your grass which the Hoy spirit anointed you and did in you

    May I ask you if it possible please answer my enquiry for I want to serve the Lord with you the new church plant without last full gospel church’s denomination within these moment I starting on the process of license

    For these

    1. Pray for me and my vision to acomplition it in His Will

    2. Send us from your church pastor or Evanjelist with hold the anointed water and clouuse which that i will serve in your grass

    3 .Send us the word of God with we are lead in Him

    I will wait you with in prayer before Him

    Evangelist Dereje Shiferaw

    Tele 251 911675539 Mobile

    251 114 344468 Home

  234. I have watched Emmanuel Tv with keen interest for the past three years and i visited the SCOAN in January 2010.My strongest conviction is that TB Joshua is the answer to this generation and a challenge to many ministers of God.The calibre of prophecies and healings we find in his ministry are uncommon and found no where else in the world ,unless im not well informed.People have been fooled by the spirit of religion to think all men of God must go through the same process before springing to the limelight like having a mentor,belonging to a church etc,but scripture clearly tells us that God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.It was in the same manner that Jesus was never accepted to be the promised messiah by the jewish leaders and religious authorities of his days.

  235. MAN OF GOD,I’m sorry to write in French.

    J’ai eu le plaisir de lire des articles sur vous, et comme on dit “on a pas besoin de voir pour y croire” moi je crois en vous et en Dieu, actuellement sur l’ile de Malabo il y a certaines rumeurs qui disent que vous avez dit qu’une ile du golf de Guinée va disparaitre et sans doute je crains bien que ce soit notre ile Malabo, donc si possible pouvons nous savoir si c’est vrai et que devant nous faire pour que cela n’arrive pas. Que DIEU soit avec vous! et nous protège.

  236. Pastor TBJ, I love you and God will show me the way to Nigeria. Your telecast programmes have changed my family> May the Lord bless you. you have a great number of followers here in Zimbabwe but they are scattered. Can you please link us as Zimbabweans for God’s sake Amen

  237. Its shocking! it is a very strong message to all;with belief and faith everything has been made possible through TB Joshua.Real chstian practices are at work at the Scoan. God bless!

  238. MAn OF GOD Prophet T.B Joshua, i said only waw ,wawww ,wawww , My beloved father MAn of God prophet T.B JOshua you preach always the Truth concepts of the Bible ( Absolute truth and General(objective) truth). My beloved father You are an Apologetic man (the DEfens and evidence for the christian faith ) like Jesus and Poul on earth. My Beloved father you are my beloved father,, i dont have enough words to explain my love up on you. MAn of God,, i want come to meet u and to stady under you , I want come to Nigeria to explain my LOve up on u.and to recive what you recived from GOd…please Daddi pray for me . Daddi i love you,,, I love you …………..

  239. I am always eager to watch Emmanuel TV via Cristal TV IN Ghana every sunday. I have no doubt that Paster T B Joshua is a real man of God. He has come at the right time to save this world that is fast falling into the hands of the devil.

    Please Paster, I love you and would very much like to see you and have the benefit of the power of God in you one day. You are the General of God of army against the devil on earth. God be with till the end of time. Amen

  240. ihave been watching emmanuel tv since 2007. since then my christian life changed. i would like to thank God for giving us a Prophet,a teacher,a cheerful giver, Man of God you are my mentor.whatever critics from the Devil, anyway as long as God is at your side who can fight against you. be blessed and live long Man of GOD.

  241. Man of GOD…
    My name is Leonardo Lopete and I ma from Equatorial Guinea (Malabo). I love watching Emmanuel TV, and I have got a lot of problems with co-worker at work about the ministry of the man of GOD,(many of my colleagues says is not true that is fake) but I know they are wrong…So I want to put them wrong. I was diagnosed to have diabetes and High blood pressure on the 4th of January 2010; Since then my life is not longer the same, duet to the worries I have started loosing weight and my wife, families and friend are asking me what’s wrong with me but i don’t know what to tell them, they will be unhappy and I don’t want any body to pity me… I am 29 years old and I believe that if you just pray for me, I will be healed…Please do so. We don’t longer have a direct flight to NGA from Malabo so to get to the Synagogue will not be easy for me…I have filled the request but up till now I have not yet received any reply I know they must be very busy in the synagogue trying to solve and to attend everybody…Please help me.
    May GOD continue to bless you.

  242. Some of us have seen with our naked eye while,some had a practical experience of the power of God in the ministery of PROPHET T B JOUSHA.i am a living example.The God that Liveth in the Synagogue church of all nation shall be my God.i came to Nigeria for Prophet TB JOshua’s Birthday in june 12,2008.15th june,2008 when i was in the thanksgiving service preparing to go back to England.Prophet TB Joshua prophecised in that service,someone is travelling abroad this night.the person will missed his flight but to the glory of God.i was astonished by the prophecy because that night i am leaving back to School in England.To God be the Glory i missed the flight and i left with next available flight(AIRFRANCE)to England.most of the student who left with the flight i was supposed to leave with earlier were denied entrance to England mainly because they’ve not paid-up the Tuition fee which is applicable to me.THAT IS HOW I ESCAPED THE PLAN OF SATAN TOWARDS MY LIFE.I am a leaving testimony to work of God in the ministry of Prophet TB Jousha.Prophet TB joshua is a farwrad looker he has left his critics far far behind,shame on dem!

  243. i like your kind person.May God shawer you with more Grace and long life and peaceful ending in Jesus Name.Amen.The best is ……….

  244. Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua, you have strengthed my life through your healing and delivarance i have watched on emmanuel tv.You have really blessed me.In need blessings in life,my family,my husband and my child to live a happy life.I want breakthroughs as i always pray for them and i know God never lets us down.I need to meet you but at the meantime i need annointed water for delivarance and breakthroughs.Please continue the good work you are doing in helping those in need.God should abundantly bless you.I need a financial break through to enable me buy my own decoder so that i may watch emmanuel tv right in my house.

    Stay blessed : Annettie Duwa from Malawi

  245. pastor i really need your prayers,am marriad for two years now,and i cant not have a child,i always dream when i sleep that am with a baby,could it be that i have a spirit husband?please help me,

  246. I am a university graduate l need a good and well pay job. Pls.assist me and pray with me.I read accounting with 2.1
    Thank you.

  247. Ireally like to meet with you pastor joshua. first of thaking you for the great work that the lord GOD IS DIRECTING YOU TO DO. mAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU. pASTOR i AM ASKING FOR DELIVERANCE IN MY LIFE FOR i CAN NOT SEE WHY AT THE AGE OF 58 YEARS i CANNOT HAVE A HOUSE OF MY OWN. i LIKE TO MEET YOU AS SOON God welling man of God. Please can you start praying for me before every I meet you? As at now I can not more pay my rents. God bless you

  248. I really love pastor Joshua for the great job that the Lord God is directing to you.for iam a siner am asking for deliverance in my life.

    Man of God pleasse Pray for me to get married to my life time partner I have been seeing for the past four years .AMEN

  249. I really love pastor Joshua for the great job that the Lord God is directing to you.for iam a siner am asking for deliverance in my life.AMEN

  250. The Prophet’s critits say that he is evil but i want to declare to the whole world that if indeed the prophet was evil, he is a good evil and i like to be identified with such evil that does men good. After all, if JESUS’ critics could call him belzebob, how much more the Prophet. My prophet,if they say you are an evil, don’t bother:we still your kind of evil,okay?

  251. My first encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua was during my two visits to Synagogue Church in 1997 and 1998 for prayers. I have attended services for prayers up to 6 times with my family between 1998 and 2009. I started watching Emannauel TV around 2006 when I got My Tv decorder. I always felt some sense of security and peace when I leave TV on Emmanuel TV and sleeps off. Between 2007 and 2009, I have been to the church about 4 times. I am highly impressed with the work of God in the Church and the direction of the Ministry of the Man in the Synagogue. I became Emmanuel TV Partner No. NG002186. I love to meet the man of God, one on one, one day. I once sent copies of my published books and a letter to him, but could not get to see him. I have not been fortunate to be called when he passes me by at services. Yet still I am thanking God for the gift of Prophet T.B. Joshua in this nation and the world at large. EMMANUEL

  252. This is the time we must believe that God is existing. He proved Himself to us through sending His Son Jesus, still we did not believe, and now He has sent us Prophet T. B. Joshua, if we again fail to believe in Him, we are hopeless and we will never see the Glory of God in our lives. May God continue blessing T. B. Joshua for the work he is doing amongst the children of God. I am watching Emmanuel channel everyday from Khartoum -Sudan and my life is changed.

  253. God bless you, Prophet T. B. Joshua. Keep up the good work you are doing. May God add more power and protection so that more souls can be saved and served. Since I started watching emmanuel tv my life has never been the same. I thank you, the man of God. Indeed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and indeed greater things are happening now fulfilling God’s word. I consider myself blessed be born in this era, to experience the mighty power of God.

  254. i think people should not just concentrate on attacking prophet TB Joshua. if he is a real man of God its between him and God. remember that even jesus was denied and many people believed that he was a son of God after he jst leave the prophet alone and pray for your own salvation because attacking him will not save your souls.but waste your time to build your relationship with your creator.

  255. Prophet you are highly wonderful and there is no doubt that God is backing you. please continue your good work.i wath emmanuel tv everyday every minute. please i need your prayer that God should cancelled every sprit of failure in my life.

  256. Those who critizise don’t understand the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of Prophet T B Joshua and it is not man that they insult but the Holy Spirit they blaspheme and the Bible says that whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. I advise those critics to please stop.

    By Seke Kabuka Zambia

  257. The critics of the Prophet should leave him alone to do what God has assigned him to do on earth. They should also perform their miracles and deliver poeple. God can fight for himselve and does not need them anyway to do so.
    My prayer for so many years have been answered when i got to know Prophet TB Joshua on 31st December 2007 through the Emmanuel TV candle night. I am a Ghanaian from the Northern part. From a tv viewer i become a serious Emmauel tv partner and now a member of the SCOAN Ghana branch.Glory be to God. Amen

  258. Prophet T.B Joshua is a global phenomenon. God has sent this man to salvage our souls and the lord is mightily using him through his various ministries. Also those who are envious of him should seek forgiveness from God. No matter what they do prophet T.B Joshua, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV shall continued to receive anointing from God because they are Daddy’s pet.

    Long Live Prophet T.B Joshua
    Long Live Emmanuel T.v
    Long Live SCOAN

    Lasisi Bisiriyu

  259. indeed i donot know actaully what to say because to see people like prophet t.b joshua now our days is very difficult.but i will like to say that i am a cameroonian but like to study under prophet t.b joshua so that i he can direct me on how to go about it.for i love him with all my heart but i need him every moment to teach me how to be great.above all i will like to become a pastor under i donot know what to do.please you people should tell me how to go about.God bless you all.


  261. Young man of God, i want to tell you that you are too much choosen by God to help us carry out the mantle of gospel of jesus christ to the end, do not slack, fear no scandal and blasphemy for God will reward,
    God bless you.
    Dr Elvis.

  262. ça fait quelques semaines que je suis les enseignements et le service du dimanche sur,je peux dire que je suis vraiment beni et l’homme de Dieu TB Joshua est vraiment un serviteur de Dieu,ce qui m’a plu en lui c’est sa simplicité,ça se vois qu’il m’aime les autres,qu’il ne cherche pas sa propre gloire,Que Dieu te benisse abondament,amen

  263. Prophet, I thank God for availing yourselve to be used by God ALMIGHTY.I watch you almost every Sunday and I wish you were in Ghana.

    Don’t be mindful of what people with no SPIRITUAL insight say about your Ministry. Most of us are trying to be in that position but find it difficult to forgo the desires of the world.people don’t know the price you have paid before getting this far.God richly bless you. Amen.

    • i love your ministry may the LORD JESUS protect you and make you excell in your ministry, i need prayers from therw is something UNIQUE GOD has put into my heart i want to serve him hardly and without giving up,be blessed alot

    • i real love your ministry may THE LORD JESUS protect and uplift you,i need your prayers for iwant to serve GOD hardly because has put something UNIQUE in my HEART,be excell in everything

  264. My life has improved a great deal ever since l began watching emmanuel tv.I adore the Man of God and would want him to be my mentor. Help me achieve my dream come true.God Bless

  265. Profet T.B.Joshua : You are really a man of GOD .You practice what the word of GOD says.Whenever i watch your program i learn something about the word of GOD ,understand why certain things happen in Life and that i must appreciate what GOD is doing in my Life.I also learned the importance of forgiving no matter what the issue is.May GOD almighty continue to bless you.

    Remain Blessed
    Boshielo .Modile

  266. Since I started watching the Emmanuel TV I truly believe that God never said Goodbye,the time has come for the nation to believe that God is still alive. Thanks to Almighty God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua.
    Glory be to God

  267. The day I started watching Prophet TB Joshua, I realised that he is indeed a true man of The Living God, God of Israel.

    However,I have a number of things which are troubling me, I have a problem in my head which make me confused whenever I am working(some mental disorder). I fear that I might lose my job one day because of that.

    The second thing is that my wife and my second child is asthmatic.

    The third thing is that I and my family need deliverance. I have watched the Prophet for sometime now but I always feel empty before God. I feel am not worth to be forgiven for my sins.

    I very much need a prayer for my children so that they become children of God

    Please man of God have mercy upon me and my family.
    I also need annointed water.

  268. greetings inthe mighty name of our LORD jesus christ,can a person like myself speak with the prophet telephonical as i cannot afford to came to nigeria.i dream facing myself with the prophet and he was looking serious and talking to me i cannot figureout exactly what was all about ,but i know he was telling me something.please can u please forward these message to him.iam from south cell no +27829523084

  269. Pastor TB Joshua, I thank you for healing my eyes through my dream, in my dream you touch my eyes and the following day I found my eyes healed. I always watch Immanuel TV. God bless you more and more.

    From: Anna Sithole South Africa.

  270. What a wonderful GIFT to the world today is this humble man Prophet T B Joshua. There is no need asking for comparative measures in his Ministry to that of his critics. His humility, giving, love, selflessmess ETC, are second to none in the Priesthood circuit. Let others who criticize be aware as only God is the Supreme Judge.
    Dear Prophet, my family’s prayer to God is that you go from strength to strength daily. What a wonderful ministry to be affiliated with.

  271. I admire the man of God’s simplicity and humbleness. And his stimina too, is amazing, the way he goes around all day long on those last Fridays healing session amazes me. Not even the devil with his fake power can make those rounds. For sure the stimina can only come from Heavenly above.

  272. I really love pastor Joshua for the great job that the Lord God is directing to you.for iam a siner am asking for deliverance in my life.AMEN

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