Every week during the SCOAN Sunday Service broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, there are scores of pinpoint prophecies to individuals in attendance, revealing details beyond the natural light of human reason and always accompaned by the solution thereafter. This is one such testimony…

It was an eruption of euphoria in Delta State, Nigeria, as a baby girl was born amidst supernatural circumstances…

Mrs Joy Everbright had carried her pregnancy for 11 months. Awaiting a caesarean operation, necessary due to the wrong position of her baby in the womb, Joy had all but lost hope of delivering her child naturally. However, fearing the doctor’s scalpel and hungry for divine solution, Mrs Everbright boldly made her way to a church in Lagos where miracles were said to happen. She received more than she bargained for.

In the midst of the large crowd at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations on Sunday June 7th 2009, Pastor TB Joshua spotted Joy out with a pinpoint prophetic revelation. “There is a woman here – you are due. This is 11 months. Come out. You have been booked for operation. This is a baby girl.” Evidently shocked, Joy rushed forward. TB Joshua then prayed with her, telling her directly: “You will deliver your baby on Wednesday.”

Mrs Joy Everbright - Prophetic Birth!!

Mrs Joy Everbright - Prophetic Birth!!

The next week, Joy returned to the church to share her remarkable testimony. She had safely delivered her baby girl on Wednesday at 9:30am, precisely as the pastor had said. A medical doctor from the Bahamas who was present during the service confirmed, “This is indeed a miracle”, stating that an operation was the only medical option available in such a circumstance. What baffled the crowd most was the pastor’s prediction of the exact day of the baby’s birth, a declaration evidently made under divine influence.

Joshua used the occasion to explain the function of a pastor, saying: “Pastors are sent to utter the deep things of God for the conviction of sin, and for edification and comfort.” He further lamented “ministries of empty talk”, stating that many pastors don’t dabble into the area of prophecy today for fear that it will expose their lack of authenticity and authority. He reminded the congregation of the biblical standard in Deuteronomy 18:22 – “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken.”

In the same service which was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, a couple from South Africa shared a similar testimony. Barren for 10 years due to a low sperm count and inverted womb, Mr Pieter and Mrs Gene Van Zyl joyfully explained how prayer from Pastor Joshua had wrought an incredible miracle. Now several months pregnant, Gene spoke of how the pastor had told them two years earlier that she would conceive, and admonished them to hold fast to God and His promises. “God can definitely do it for you” she encouraged the excited crowd, now that the promise had become a reality.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua has garnered a reputation for his prophetic prowess on both a personal and international level. Recently, he is said to have prophesied the death of former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyn, the tragic plane crash in New York on Feb 13 and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungle last year. The President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, has publically acknowledged Joshua’s prophetic ministry, stating he had accurately revealed to him details of his three-round election victory.

Concluding his sermon, Pastor Joshua said: “The prophecies of the prophets of old became signs. Each prophecy said: ‘These men are from God; their message is true; believe their words.’ ”

SOURCE: Africa News


  1. i always feel the relief and clammess when ever am viewing or reading about the man of God,i have no doubt he is God sent.i had a dream were i was in the Garden with him and he was showing me the field,naming some of the crops and so on.i have been trying to come up with the meaning of the email is attached please help me with the meaning of the dream.

  2. I am on the net but blessed by what i have read Iat times dream him especially when am broke and i know God has heard my cry .Its normal to cry but without God we cant make it in life Ithank GOD for him.Iam sure God will use him to close my case of hiv/aids and cancer which is eating me up am always lonenly .Believe with me for him to come to Malawi

  3. I as well thank GOD for pastor JOSHUA We really need strong,dedicated,faithful,passionate to those in need with a listening ear and understanding heart this is done by GODs grace .Those who receive a prophet because he is a prophet they will get a prophet reward.I am blessed with this pastor we need to learn from his example He is a man of GOD REALLY.

  4. Thanks to our living GOD .
    Prophet t.b. joshua is a Man of God,many things have charged in my life since i know that their is a Man of God who use to pray for people ,i had many problems in my life when i start writing to prophet t.b joshua concerning my problems all of them runs away , May our living GOd continue using you prophet t.b joshua this is my humble prayer to Jesus christ.


  5. jesus is alive today tomorow and forever and hes working through tb id love to meet this man of god be blessd may the lord continue to use you….amen

  6. im glad to know that jesus is alive and the hes is the same today tomorow and forever,i would love to meet the blesd man Tb joshua,may the lord continue to be with you and use you……amen

  7. keep on using the gift you have being given by the Creator our Father who is in Heaven, to serve our fellow souls(friends) from the snear of the devil and helping them to know the truthy of whom they are in Christ Jesus. Heavenly Father keep on strengthing Your servant TB Joshua,because You said that,If we belive in Christ Jesus, we will be able to do even greater things (John 14vs12-13). In Jesus Name. Amen.

  8. All glory be givem to God. He has really use this man
    to do his work, we all need to be like him, and if we
    can’t do what we can to change people live. I am american and have be following him online thru strem of faith and have seem so many miracles and was shock that
    not only do we here about n the bible but now get to witness it n the pysical. I pray that he continue to be
    stead fast n the lord that all this fam will not change
    he from when he first started. I do also wish to visit
    him at ths scoan we will leave it n Gods hands.

  9. i am asking god just to give thanku with my hands to tb joshua uncle. i am praying that one day i must see him really with my eyes before my death.

    i am samuel paul from india. i like joshua uncle if i see him i can see to persons the next second person is nothing but holy ghost amen.

  10. To God be the glory for his goodness over us , for the past few& weeks nom i have being the member of this ministry though the inter net ;and at the same time i have a testimony night mare is over ,spritiual marriage,poverty isn every area if my life
    iwill like to sayglory to God and to the man of God i will like GOood bless him ,please tell man of God that he looks very Good.

  11. For sure Jesus is at work in the man of Prophet TB Joshua, To fulfil his words that said, those who believe will do greater things than those you are seeing now. Accordingly to records, we have at hand, Jesus never predicted the sex of the unborn child, but he is doing it now, through Prohet TB Joshua, THATS GREATER THINGS!

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