A moving story of a woman pursued by death who finally found freedom.

As Mrs. Gloria Okhae calmly crossed the road, little did she know that the trip from her home to a local chemist and an innocent purchase of medicine would result in a calamity that would send her out of her matrimonial home and into a living nightmare. Her stepson, the son of her husband had fallen sick and Mrs. Gloria had purchased the medicine with every intent to nurse him back to health.

Returning to the house, she gave the child a dose of the medicine, which was to result in his death – the drug from the store being both fake and fatal. Instead of his death leading to arrest and the eventual prosecution of the seller, this innocent woman was falsely accused of having deliberately killed the boy. That was the beginning of her nightmare, a terrifying experience that was to take her beyond the realm of the living: a journey to the land of the dead.

With dreams filled with visits from the dead, nights were dreaded and sleep troubled. After some time, the visions started becoming a reality and the nightmare went beyond the night. Daily life became deadly life as eating, bathing or walking down the street to the market were tormented by the faces of the dead haunting her and their voices disturbing her.

For Gloria Okhae, an indigene of Edo State in the southern part of Nigeria, it was a depressing and miserable life. She travelled through every nook and cranny of the state in search of a solution, finding none. Doctors informed her that her case was beyond medical solution. In Gloria’s own words: “It has been a life of struggle… it has been a life of battle with death.”

“I was being confronted with death. I sleep seeing this child in my dream and some other dead people. If I go to the market, what I see is death. If I am in the house, it is death. If am in the bathroom, it is death. I keep seeing dead people, even when I am in a car, all of a sudden the people in the car will turn to dead people. It has been a life of living among the dead.”

Gloria Okhae - Delivered From Death...

Gloria Okhae - Delivered From Death...

“When I am in the market and I want to buy something from somebody, before I get there, the person may initially be looking normal, but the moment I say: ‘How much is this commodity?’ suddenly the person would just change to a known dead person. Then I would leave. I would not buy what I wanted to buy again. Another experience is that, if I want to eat, I will see dead people. They would want to put their hands on the plate, then I would be afraid and would not eat again, and at the same time, I was getting skinny, because the moment they appear, I have to drop the food… They look like normal human beings, but in my heart, I know that they are dead. …They are familiar dead people… They will show me the time. They will tell me your time is up.”

Medical efforts defied and human solution insufficient, the woman slept one night in a state of utter despair, on the verge of giving up the struggle. However, that night proved to be a turning point as in her dream Prophet T.B. Joshua, whom she had never met in her life, appeared to her. Upon awaking, she packed her baggage and headed for Lagos, the vision spurring her on to search for The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations.

Her first encounter with the one who appeared in her dream was during The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Sunday Service, 12th August, 2007 where in front of the entire church – he spoke directly to her.

Following the time of prayer, led by the Holy Spirit, the General Overseer of the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “There is a woman here, a little child died through her mistakenly. The child was sick and you went to a local chemist to buy some tablets and these tablets resulted in the death of the child. The case later became a controversy, and the Lord saved you out of it, but later you left the place. I am telling you, you are facing the spirit of death. You keep seeing this child and some dead people in your dream. You are light in complexion and tall. Stand up – among the newcomers.”

It seemed like a dream. Rationality suggested that this was not reality. Within three hours of her entering The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Mrs. Gloria Okhae received a message from a man she had never met about a situation she had never disclosed to him, in a context she never expected. ‘God’s wisdom’ was at work!

Even before the conclusion of the prophecy, Mrs. Okhae stood up from the midst of the newcomers, stepped out and moved towards the altar, her hands raised in utter amazement.
Narrating her ordeal to the church, she concluded by saying, “As I was coming here today, they were also coming with me. But when I got to the gate, they could not enter”. As the congregation cheered, the man of God prayed for Mrs. Okhae in the power of the Holy Spirit and she received the deliverance she had been crying for.

The following Sunday, Mrs. Okhae returned to share her testimony with the entire congregation: “When I was delivered by the man of God last Sunday, I went to the shop right inside the church and asked the woman to give me some snacks and soft drinks. I came back inside the auditorium and started eating and watching to see whether there would be any negative reaction, but I did not see dead people”.

She said further: “So I went home a happy woman. When I got home…I thought maybe it is because I took the snacks inside the church – that is why the dead people did not come around me. I now asked for food to be served again in the house to know whether they would surface again. When the food was served, I was watching, because they normally come. This time, I didn’t see anything. How relieved I was, how bold and confident I became. That marked the end of the threat of death. To God be the glory”.

After her deliverance, for the first time in years, her sleep was uninterrupted and peaceful: “I lay down; I slept for the first time in my life for many years. In fact, my sister said she came to find out if I was sleeping and she discovered that I was having a sound sleep. So, since that deliverance, it has been a life of glorious liberty and no more death”.

Mrs. Gloria has indeed come a long way full of danger, trial, tribulation and great threat to her life. What more is there to say: Where, oh death is your victory? Where, oh death is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory (1 Corinthians 15:54-55).

The following Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua had a conversation with Mrs. Okhae concerning her ordeal.
Okhae: I see dead people.
Prophet: You mean you see them physically?
Okhae: Yes
Prophet: Okay! How do they look like?
Okhae: They look like normal human beings, but in my heart I know that they are dead.
Prophet: How do you know they are dead?
Okhae: Because they are familiar dead people.
Prophet: You know that they are dead?
Okhae: Yes, they are dead.

Okhae: The moment the dead people appear, I have to drop the food.
Prophet: Why?
Okhae: I don’t want to eat with the dead.
Prophet: Can you remember the day you started seeing these people?
Okhae: It started in the dream.
Prophet: In the dream?
Okhae: I will just see dead people in my dream and I will say this dream is frightening Oh! I say, thank God it is a dream. But very soon, I started seeing them in the physical.
Prophet: What of that child that died?
Okhae: I was seeing him and some other dead people.


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