Is T.B. Joshua A Prophet Among Us?

Check out this article analysing the life and ministry of TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV and the debates that ensue thereof.

Is TB Joshua a prophet among us?

THERE has been so much controversy surrounding Nigerian prophet TB Joshua, a man renowned world over yet most vilified over for his miracle healing services and predictions.

The controversies have been raging ever since TB Joshua’s ministry stormed into the public domain bringing into question the legitimacy of his works.

In talking about legitimacy, I am referring to the standards as set forth in the scriptures, which would help us, identify a genuine prophet.
Who then is TB Joshua?

TB Joshua whose full names are Temitope Balogun Joshua was born on June 12, 1963, in a village called Arigidi, in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State of Nigeria. He is married to Evelyn and has four children.

TB Joshua, the founder and pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations is said to have sparked controversy starting with his mysterious birth. He allegedly remained in his mother’s womb for 15 months before he was born.

He attended primary school at St Steven Anglican school from 1971-1977, but failed to complete one year of secondary school.

But as he was growing up, he was known as a “small pastor” because of his love for the Bible and ability to predict things to come in his community.

He further gained reputation for spiritual prowess after confronting and disarming a madman who was wielding a machete in the school premises.
While in school he was the leader of a scripture union.

When Joshua started the Synagogue Church of All Nations in 1987, he just had a handful of members but since then the church has grown far beyond the shores of Nigeria.

More than 15,000 members attend the weekly Sunday service. Numerous videos have been produced documenting the healing of incurable sickness, cancer, paralysis, AIDS, showing people’s conditions before, during and after prayer.

Medical doctors have examined the patients before and after and have testified to a supernatural activity beyond medical science. TB Joshua does not even claim to be healer but says, “I am just God’s servant”.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua

TB Joshua has made phenomenal predictions in full view of a global audience on the satellite Christian Television, Emmanuel TV and all of them have come to pass.

He predicted the death of president Levy Mwanawasa a month before it happened, the disastrous cyclone in Myanmar, the attempted assassination of the prime minister of Lesotho Pakalitha Mosisili, resignation of Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf, the comet slam into planet Jupiter which caused quite a fray in the scientific community and more recently the death of American pop star Michael Jackson.

On Michael Jackson’s death, the prophet was seen by a global audience via his television network saying, “I see a star being rushed to the hospital but he wont come back home, the whole world will be shocked. He is a great star in his world”.

To add mystery to this prediction, TB Joshua sent a message through the pop star’s associates to let Michael come for prayer and deliverance in Nigeria.

The associates thought the message a bit misplaced, because Michael was declared medically fit by his doctors and he was billed for a world concert tour beginning July 13. But alas! That was not to be, he died on June 25 before seeing prophet TB Joshua.

Despite all these happenings prophet TB Joshua has come under heavy attack from many, some of whom have labelled him a false prophet.

And the debate about the authenticity of his ministry unfortunately has been orchestrated by a section of the clergy within the charismatic Pentecostal brand of Christendom.

This has left many lay people unfamiliar with scriptures, let alone issues of Christian theology confused, as reverends or bishops are keener to criticise prophet TB Joshua than providing Biblical counsel.

Since the beaming of Emmanuel TV on free channel stations in most parts of Zambia, we have witnessed an unprecedented following of TB Joshua’s programmes.  As a result, emotive debates have emerged from the pulpits to the pews, between clergy and lay people. The man has arrived on the scene, should we dismiss him or his utterances as the ravings of a madman? How do we know for sure that we have a prophet among us?

This article is written on the assumption that the readers hold to the sacredness of the Bible as the inspired scriptures from whence we would draw our authority in judging a matter as heresy or sound doctrine. It is against this background that we seek to examine the ministry of this man, in the light of scriptures.

There are fundamental rules in the scriptures, which must be used to judge whether something is of God, or not.

In the absence of this knowledge, one would easily find themselves opposing God or abetting apostasy. To begin with, if one does not subscribe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, they will have nothing to do with this subject at hand because there would be no basis by which any meaningful discourse can rest upon.

But if we want to find out if he is a fraud as some are claiming, or a true servant of the Lord, we can only do so with the aid of scriptures. Let’s examine for example the standards used in the scriptures to test a prophet. Deuteronomy 18:20;

“But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. You may say to yourselves, ‘how can we when a message has been spoken by the Lord? If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, do not be afraid of him”.(New International Version)

The precise knowledge of the future according to this scripture, is a preserve of the Most High God, and only God can reveal detailed events to happen in the future to His servants. Therefore, if a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the events take place, then you need to pay heed lest you find yourself opposing the Holy Spirit.

In the book of 1 John 4:2 :“This is how you can recognise the Spirit of God; every spirit that acknowledges Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the anti-christ which you head is coming and even now is already in the world”.

The authenticity of any ministry is tested by how they profess about who Jesus Christ is.
From all accounts, TB Joshua proclaims Jesus Christ to have come in the flesh hence his motto “Emmanuel” which translates God with us. His messages and sermons lift Jesus as the Christ! And what more?

Signs and wonders are a daily phenomena in his ministry, just the way it was as recorded in the book of Mark16:20: “then the disciples went and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by signs that accompanied it”.

It is amazing that some of the most fearsome critics of TB Joshua have no signs and wonders in their ministry and they want to take it upon themselves to persecute this great man of God.

Is it not surprising, that even Jesus in his earthly ministry was accused of casting evil spirits by the powers of Beelzebub? Can these same critics who call themselves bishops, reverends, pastors and all manner of description show us one thing they are doing in their ministries that can fit into God’s compassion for humanity?

TB Joshua’s humanitarian effort touches the needs of widows. The physically challenged and orphans have benefited in his educational support projects.

Recently the federal President of Nigeria, Musa Yar’Adua, a Muslim himself awarded him with “Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic” in recognition of his humanitarian efforts.

Most people who persecute Joshua, particularly clergymen are moved by jealous and envy as he seems to expose fake ministries by his tremendous charities without begging for money.

Anyone who is a true seeker of truth can know in the light of scriptures that for sure there is a prophet among us.


Source: Times Of Zambia

29 thoughts on “Is T.B. Joshua A Prophet Among Us?

  1. Note: man of God tb Joshua or the wise man never communicated with people via face book,or tel,beware of impostors.
    Also Scoan team never send out the anointing water or any spirituals items to people via post to reach them,people outside Nigeria aski someone who are going to collect it for you and it’s for free.😄
    To visit scoan Google to :
    Beware of fraudsters,I was one of theirs victims don’t be the next,warn others as well,together we can stop them.☎️☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞📞😳😳😳😳😳☎️☎️☎️☎️



    2 Corinthians 9:14-15
    14. And in their prayers for you in their hearts will go out to you because of the surpassing grace God has given you. 15. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.

    The Holy Bible informs us that the prayers for you which are in the hearts of people will go out to because of the surpassing grace Almighty God has given you the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua. I thank the Almighty God for his priceless and amazing gift of prophecy he gave to you. Many people are being healed, delivered, redeemed, blessed with all Gods blessings through prophesying to them.
    The Lord Jesus Christ have shown his wonderful deeds through prophecy. And because of the proof of the Prophetic Service at SCOAN not only meets the needs of Gods people but also produces an outpouring of grateful thanks to our Everlasting Father and his beloved Son Lord Jesus Christ. And because of the proof, of which this amazing Prophetic Service brings. Many will give glory to the Most High God for your loyalty to the gospel of Christ Jesus, which you are doing and for your generosity in sharing with everyone else
    And because of this deep affection of this amazing gift of prophecy. I encourage the people of Almighty God to pray for you because of this extraordinary grace God has given you. So that the Lord Jesus Christ will keep strengthening you and keep talking to you. So that this extraordinary grace of the gift of prophecy he has given you will continue to manifest.
    I bless and glorify the Everlasting Father for his acts of power and for the things he has done for his surpassing grace of the amazing gift of prophecy he has given you. I praise him for his supreme and surpassing greatness.
    There is no surpassing greatness of knowing Lord Jesus Christ our Savior through his servants which he uses, and which he anointed and commissioned to do his wonderful deeds

  3. To me,TB Joshua is a true prophet of GOD those that are cynically motivated,eny and jealous about his ministry are standing in people’s blessings.He is not called by man but by divine GOD.My wife and I enjoys his ministry for it reflects the true picture of Jesus Christ when he walked on earth,signs and wonders performed are seen today in him as the power of GOD moves in peoples’ lives at present.He who has eyes and ears ,let him see and hear what the LORD of prophet TB Joshua he is saying.The bible says touch not the anointed one.Actually my wife desires to meet Prophet TB Joshua in person and shake hands with him,l pray for that time to come soon,Amen!

  4. Thank u man of God for availing urself to the deep things of the Almighty God. Can u prophesied into my life? Please, assist me and my family in prayer. Thanks to u and all the labourers of God.

  5. Wow,i am moved by the signs and wonders displayed here, the flesh will not learn and be submissive to that which can not be seen until expieranced,i certainly wish to see this man because he is trully a man inspired,annointed by God,oh what manner of man is this?but thank u mightily setting such a good example,know this we love,papa.4rm Nic.

  6. Wow,i am moved by the signs and wonders displayed here, the flesh will not learn and be submissive to that which can not be seen until expieranced,i certainly wish to see this man because he is trully a man inspired,annointed by God,oh what manner of man is this?but thank u mightily setting such a good example,know this we love,

  7. man of God we realy appreciate your works we need you in zambia M ay the good Lord add more days to ur life.make me your daughter i want to visit you.

  8. Man of God- I am a parent from Zambia who has child, who has problem which us parent will fail to understand. He nornamlly being attacked by evil spirit he go to sleep for two nights without waking up. Trying by all means to wake him up until after he has been released by this power. Man of God help me. My cell no. 0977 531118, Lusaka Zambia

    Parent (mrs Chanda)

  9. i am touched by this blog that really goes deep into the Word to prove everyday occurences. God bless you man of GOD.


  10. What i really need is a prayer from Prophet TB Joshua i have been working for about 29 years now but still at one place even at this particular moment i have been contract from MTN Ghana that im looking for a loan from INTER CONTINENTAL BANK GHANA and it is delaying. I NEED THE FAVOUR OF GOD. I also need the prayer lines contact.2010 04 15

  11. Indeed, I’ve followed most of his disclosed activities both here in Nigeria and abroad; and came to conclusion that this man “Prophet T.B. Joshua” is truly the real man of God.

    If you still doubt it, watch his live Sunday Service and listen to his talks. Each time I listens to him, I always hear the Lord talks. You can NEVER hear him say any thing that is contrary to the WORD.

    To me, Prophet T.B. Joshua indeed is a Real Prophet of God Among Us.

  12. when will the man of God starts visiting those who are poor and sick, and cannot afford transport to the SCOAN,I learn one need to apply before seeing him,….that not fair he should do the work of God and see to it that he visit different countries.
    However am happy for the works he has been doing,i pray he lives long to fulfill his call.
    I will also like to meet with the man of God.
    Advice me on what to do, to meet him.
    Thanks and may our good lord guide and protect us all.
    Waiting for your prompt and kind response.

  13. prophet tb joshua is a prophet of this generation and we are blessed people of this generation may God bless him we pray for long life

  14. I believe Prophet TB Joshua is God sent.We need this kind of a person, don,t we? Especially in these days when the God of this age has blinded the eyes of many so that they can not see the light that shines in JESUS CHRIST.Those who think other wise may just fall under this category of people whose eyes the god of this age has blinded. I pray GOD deliver them.

  15. I would like to thank God for bringing such a prophet amoung our mist.prophet TB Joshua is reaaly doing a great job around the whole world.he care for every1,the needy,destitude,phyisically challenged,widows and dwarfs.Who else beside the real man of God can do what our profet is doing….
    May God Almighty countinue to bless him as we need him more than we realize,so that the best can continue to happen in peoples lives.

  16. REf 01
    We have been trying to send the requested information includng pictures, but each time we did so the message failed to reach the destination. We would appreciate if you will advise us on the right email address which we can use to send the information.

  17. Emmanuel! Yes God is with us. May God continue to bless Prophet T.B Joshua. He is a true Man of God.
    Humble, kind, God fearing and you name all the good qualities of a good prophet.
    Long live man of God, SCOAN, and Emmanuel TV.

  18. Emmanual,i know every word that comes from his mouth, every healing done and all his deeds are surely from God. Emmanual , we want you to come to Zambia. We need Gods touch in our nation and Africa as a whole.There are a lot of wrongs happening in this continent of Africa. I think God is still saying something to us. We need the light. We love you

  19. Oh, ye the prophet is an amazing man. i am grateful to know him. its such an amazing experience for the first time to just want to watch one channer,Emmanuel Tv. I truly want to meet the man of God personaly and to visit the scoan one day, i like Prophet TB Joshua. he is doing Miracles. his preaching are simple,touching, and understandable. I dont miss his sunday service ever.

    Better is not good enough, The best is yet to come!!

  20. Man of God my request is for to first visit all the African countries where you are needed most, before you venture into visiting the far east and another nations, because the Bible says start from Jeruselem,Judea and all nations.


    • TB Joshua says God takes unlikely people, He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1:25-31). I believe the western world should come off its high horse and acknowledge those who God is using for His glory.

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