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RESURRECTION: How Anointing Sticker Restored Life To Dead Baby!!!

August 25, 2014

The following testimony comes from a Ghanaian whose faith was put to the test when her young son inexplicably lost consciousness while in hospital for a seemingly routine treatment. Declared clinically dead after several frantic attempts at resuscitation, an Anointing Sticker was suddenly brought by a random onlooker of the tragedy…

“Emmanuel! My name is Loritta Obison and i live in Ghana.I want to thank God for what He did for me through the medium of the Anointing Sticker and praying with Prophet T.B Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“When my four-month old baby suddenly became ill, I decided to take him to the hospital. The doctor sent us to do a test which revealed that my baby had malaria and we were admitted accordingly. At this time, my baby was not in a critical condition. He was even playing with me and laughing. However, as soon as we got into the room in the hospital where my baby was to be treated, he suddenly turned white and could not move again. In fact, he passed out!

“His tongue and eyes turned white and then he became stiff. Doctors tried to resuscitate him but there was no way. They quickly brought out oxygen and put it on his nose. After further efforts, the doctor turned to me and shook his head. He said my baby was ‘blue’, which is a medical term for a dead baby. Upon seeing this, I burst into tears and began calling on the God of T.B Joshua to come and rescue my son. A woman who was in the same ward and saw me playing with my son outside before the sudden tragedy happened immediately brought out something from her bag upon hearing my desperate prayer and rushed toward me. It was an Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN!!!

“She placed it on my baby’s forehead. What followed next was MIRACULOUS! Colour started flushing back into his cold, blue face. Moments later, his eyes opened and consciousness was regained! He came back to life in that glorious moment! This was a baby that still had an oxygen mask fixed on his face. The doctor had inserted it into his nose for more than 15 minutes without any signs of life but as soon as the Anointing Sticker was placed on him, life returned! After more checks from the astonished doctors, we were finally discharged from the hospital. The miracle amazed everyone there and they glorified the Lord with us. I thank God for not allowing me to leave the hospital with the corpse of my baby but a healthy boy!

“I also have a testimony about Emmanuel TV. I am a graduate who never worked with her certificate since graduation 10 years ago. However, on Sunday, I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV where he said: “I release you from a life of hardship! I release you from a life of failure!” The next day on Monday, I received a call from a big financial institution in Ghana inviting me for a job interview where 250 applicants from all over Ghana were interviewed. Only 12 people were selected and I happened to be one of them. I was offered the position of “Head of Marketing” with a very beautiful salary package, a car and other incentives. Only the God of SCOAN can do this! To God be the glory. Emmanuel!!!

Loritta Obison, Ghana



February 24, 2014

Survival was a daily struggle for Lucky Susa, a young man from Delta State, Nigeria. Pushing a local trolley around the busy Mile 12 Market in the heart of Lagos, he scavenged an occasional N100 or N200 by assisting market customers to transport their items to the nearest bus stop. With these stipends, he barely managed to feed and fend for himself. As dawn broke on the morning of December 9th 2008, Lucky arose from slumber and headed for the market as usual. Little did he know that an event was about to transpire that would forever change his life.

“I brought two bags of rice and beans to the bus stop,” he reminisced. “Across the tarmac, there were some people gathering. I crossed over to look at what was happening.” The sight that Lucky beheld was heart-breaking. An elderly lady lying in a pool of her own blood. “I began to shout that people should help this woman. They told me, ‘The car that hit this woman has already run off. Don’t you know this is Lagos?’ ” Moved at the despicable sight and angered by the hardheartedness of the gathering crowd, he decided to take action.

“I felt for the woman and said I should save her life. I took the money I had suffered to work for and manage with my family to take a taxi and rush her to a clinic at Ojota.” However, her condition was beyond recovery. On reaching the hospital, the woman gave up. Instead of being lauded for his life-saving efforts, the unthinkable opposite happened for the ‘wheel-barrow pusher’. “The doctor called the police and they arrested me. I was charged with her murder and sent straight to prison.”

Five and a half years later, Lucky was still languishing in the Maximum Security Prison in Ikoyi for a crime he never committed. Transferred to a cell where only armed robbers and murderers were incarcerated, he knew his day of judgement was nigh. “One man came to visit the prisoners on Friday. I explained myself to the man that I had not stolen or killed anyone and asked him to keep me in prayer.” The man took off a small bracelet he had on his hand and gave it to Lucky to hold. “The man said that the bracelet in this hand was from T.B. Joshua and that I should pray with it.”

Lucky had never been to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations but he grabbed onto the bracelet in desperate faith. “I prayed, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, if You are really alive and You really work, please remove me from this problem because I am innocent.’ ” Thereafter, a truly remarkable chain of events was triggered. “That night, when I slept, T.B. Joshua appeared to me in the dream. He told me, ‘My son – the tears you have cried, God has seen them – you are innocent. Continue doing good to others; don’t stop just because you suffered. You will be released tomorrow.’ ”

Just after 3pm the following day, Lucky’s name was called out by the prison wardens. “They brought me to the gate, told me I didn’t have a case to answer and released me!” Lucky walked out of the prison gates, a free man! Begging a lady for money, he was given N150 which he used to transport himself to The SCOAN. Looking bedraggled and tattered with the clothing he had on in prison, Lucky tried to enter the church on Sunday 23rd February 2014 but was directed to return for the prayer line as his appearance matched that of a lunatic. Tears began flowing.

“One man called me and asked why I was crying. I explained my story to him and he asked me to follow him. He gave me soap, told me not to cry and took me to the bathroom to take a shower. After I bathed, the same man came and brought me new trousers, a new shirt and shoes. He gave me N500 to keep in my pocket in case I wanted to buy anything.”

Upon entering The SCOAN, Lucky’s case was brought to the attention of T.B. Joshua. Visibly moved at his story and the compassionate gesture of the ‘Good Samaritan’, he asked Lucky if he could still identify the man. Minutes later, Lucky returned with the gentleman, remarkably revealed to be one of the security men in The SCOAN by the name of Chuks.

Addressing the congregation, T.B. Joshua said the selfless efforts of the security man were a great lesson to everyone, stating that people should never stop doing good to others. “When many look back at their experiences in doing good, they have said they will never do good again. Nothing can separate me from doing good! Continue doing good until then, when you see light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

When asked why he had gone to such lengths to help Lucky, the security man stated, “Man of God, we need to follow your footsteps,” citing T.B. Joshua’s humanitarian activities as his inspiration. To the astonishment of the congregation, T.B. Joshua proceeded to announce that N5,000,000 ($30,000) would be given to the security man to encourage him in his charitable endeavours.

He said this was just the beginning of a new initiative to support people who are selflessly engaging in works of charity worldwide. “If you are into charity, what can we do to support you? I can be visiting you all over the world when you want to launch these charities – giving scholarships to deserving children, supporting the widows and helping the needy all over the world. Rescue them; go all the way to help mankind.”

Counselling Lucky, T.B. Joshua continued, “Don’t stop doing good because God is aware. What you passed through was as it should be by Divine will. If God is aware of your challenges, they will not destroy you but prepare you. I was pushing a trolley in the past in the same market he’s talking about. It was in the midst of all of this that the Lord took me to the place where He could use me.”

As a cheque with the huge amount was presented to Mr Chuks, the impromptu millionaire could barely withhold his tears. “I never expected this today; I was discharging my duty as I normally do. I will continue to help the less privileged.”





October 30, 2013

Where the light of God is, darkness has no hiding place…

“My name is Sniko Lennox Mbangatha from South Africa. First of all, I would like to thank Mr Milton Marire for showing me this station of Emmanuel TV which God used to save my life and rescue me from the clutches of darkness. My mother died when I was very young, so I was raised by family members through the years. Last year, my uncle passed away and he was the one who had really been taking up responsibility for me. After his passing, so many negative things began happening in the family. People started doing rituals and visiting traditional healers, known as ‘sangomas’ in my language.

“As a result of this, I was given a small rope to keep around my waist at all times for protection. My wife really didn’t want it in the house and we fought over it many times. However, at this point a friend introduced me to Emmanuel TV and I began to watch. Shortly afterwards, a friend of my wife came to our house with Anointing Water and ministered it to us. Right from childhood, I had been plagued with demonic attacks; it was so hard for me to sleep at night because I kept hearing these strange voices the whole night. However, after using the Anointing Water, the following day when I woke up, to my greatest surprise, the rope was gone in my waist! I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was removed by God Himself! I thank God and T.B. Joshua for the blessings He gave me because now I can sleep at night peacefully without hearing these strange voices. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I pray that I would come to Lagos one day to thank T.B. Joshua personally for saving my life.”

Sniko Mbangatha, South Africa



October 23, 2013

Here is yet another powerful testimony concerning the Anointing Water from the nation of Malawi…

“My name is Mrs Wema Mizwa; I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I write to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus for the great things He has done to my family through the medium of the Anointing Water. Indeed, God does everything according to His words. He said, “You shall drink deadly poison and shall not die; you shall step on snakes and scorpions and nothing shall harm you”. In the book of Acts, it happened to Paul on that Island of Malta when a viper did no harm to him.

“Last Saturday, I had made up some fire from wood to heat up water for the family to take their bath. As I was trying to collect some firewood which was heaped under a tree within our courtyard, a snake just came out of the woods and I moved backwards screaming to alert my husband and my brother who were just nearby. At this time my 11 year old daughter was playing some distance from where I was and got interested to see what was happening. As she rushed towards us, she too stepped on another snake which was lying underneath some dry grass along a path.

“Since she could not see it she stepped on it with all her force. The snake immediately lept up and bit her on her left foot. It then started to run away at high speed. A neighbour who was just nearby also saw the snake. He ran over, shocked, saying that it was a very poisonous type and my daughter needed immediate medical attention. She started crying and blood was oozing from the bitten area. Knowing how serious it is to be bitten by a snake, I knew that only faith in Jesus and His Grace was the way my daughter would survive. We had heard several cases in my area of people losing their lives through such poisonous bites.

“Before any first aid was given to her, I quickly took out my Anointing Water, sprayed it on the affected area and made her drink some in the name of Jesus. I was doing that while praying and meditating on the words and promises of God, remembering what happened to Paul on that island. I knew with faith in my heart that through the Anointing Water, all the snake poison had been neutralized and no harm would come upon my daughter. We decided to take her to the hospital so that she can receive an anti-venom injection.

“While we were driving to the hospital, I kept on praying and reading the Word. Surprisingly, I felt very relaxed as if nothing serious has happened; even my daughter kept asking me why we were taking her to the hospital after ministering the Anointing Water because all her pain had gone! I told her that there was no need for her to worry as I didn’t want me and her father to argue about the issue. I encouraged her just to wait and see how things would end up.

“We arrived at the first hospital but did not get any treatment as they said they did not have any treatment for snake bites; they only referred us to other clinics and pharmacies. We spent two and a half hours going around clinics, pharmacies and other veterinary clinics looking for the anti-venom drug to no avail. We were advised to go to the government central hospital where they put her on a fast running drip as they had no anti-venom drugs in stock.

“The clinician told us that normally all patients with snake bites are admitted into the wards for observations to check for any effects associated with snake poisons like swelling, shocks, headaches, heart running very fast and the like. However, my daughter had none of these symptoms. After running the drip for less than an hour, the clinician said he saw no reason of keeping her admitted in the hospital so he discharged her and gave her some antibiotics to take for some days.

“To the glory of God, she is completely fine – no swelling, no headaches, not even a single side effect! My daughter even refused to take the antibiotics; she only ministered the Anointing Water. Indeed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the one who rescued Paul and He has rescued my daughter today. There is nothing too hard for my God: Praise be to His Holy Name. May God continue to strengthen and bless you Prophet TB Joshua and your ministry in Jesus’ name. Without the grace of God in the Anointing Water from your ministry, we would have been saying something else about my daughter.”

Mrs Wema Mizwa, Malawi



October 11, 2013

Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The challenges many Christians face today is the problem of urge behind closed doors.” This is particularly true of people struggling with the spirit of lust. Here is a testimony of a young man who was set free from a spirit that had pushed him to masturbation for 14 long years. We believe you will be encouraged in your faith as you read:

“Emmanuel! May God be praised eternally! I am Desmond Kwaku Tsewu from Ghana and I wish to testify to the glory of God. For as far back as I can recollect – since 1997 – I started flirting with female age mates. Gradually, this habit gained momentum even after I completed junior high school in 1999. In the year 2000 when I got to SS1, aged 15, I started masturbation in the absence of intercourse. Although intermittently I used to have intercourse with young ladies, masturbation became the alternative almost on a daily basis. I could not go to bed easily if I never masturbated.

“Even during my private studies either day or night, I had to satisfy that urge once it crossed my mind. Sometimes I could do it more than thrice in a day. This continued from my secondary school days to my undergraduate cum post-graduate studies which I have just finished recently with a Masters in Peace Studies. Even then, I was still doing it until the Lord’s appointed time; 5th August, 2013 when my sister returned from SCOAN Nigeria and handed me the Anointing Water along with the booklet.

“After cautiously reading and praying with the instructions, I ministered with faith and cast out the evil spirit behind that devilish habit which had engulfed my faculties for over 14 years. I prayed for forgiveness, sought Divine intervention and slept. That night I had the soundest sleep I had had in many years! I woke up to see a discharge in my pants but could not remember sleeping with anyone in my sleep which could have led to such. So, I told myself that was the last unnatural discharge I would have.

“Behold since then, I have never had the urge nor the thought of even masturbating. I can go to bed normally and catch my sleep freely. Since 6th August, I do not lust after ladies anymore. That feeling is gone. That urge is no more. I thank God for redeeming me from that lustful cage where I was incarcerated for over 14 yrs. I thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for availing himself to be used by God to transform my life and countless thousands of others. God bless you all. Emmanuel!”

Desmond Kwaku Tsewu, Ghana



October 9, 2013

Here is another testimony, just one of the countless thousands of people who have been healed, blessed and delivered through watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“Last month, the doctor diagnosed me with tuberculosis, although at that time I had no signs of symptoms of the virus. They referred me to a radiology centre to undergo a heart scan to enable them to know how much effect the virus would have on me when it started manifesting. I was not happy about the information but believed that the radiology centre would not find anything after the scan because of my faith in God.

“Upon getting home, I prayed to God to cleanse me from any sickness and disease in my system. On 29th July 2013, the day I was going to undergo the scan, I logged onto the Emmanuel TV website. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers all over the world and I immediately joined the prayer and placed my hand on the screen of my computer. The last words I remember him saying was, ‘Your case has been settled!’ I believed it and went for the scan.

“Two weeks later, my dad asked me to go there to collect the results; I never wanted to go because I believed they would find nothing. I went there and took the result. Opening the result outside the radiology centre showed that they could find no trace of the tuberculosis; everything was normal. Even the images on the scan revealed that nothing was wrong. I thank God for my healing through Emmanuel TV!”

Mr. Eloge Lumisa, Canada

What is your own case? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and receive a touch from Heaven!



September 19, 2012

Emmanuel! We thank God for how HE is using the Anointing Water to bring healing, deliverance and restoration to people all over the world. Here is another testimony from a couple in Zimbabwe whose lives and the lives of those close to them have been tremendously blessed through ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. Glory be to God!

“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr and Mrs Tawanda Mubvakure from Zimbabwe. We visited the SCOAN during the week from 26th June to 4th July 2012 and had the privilege of receiving the Anointing Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. We have great testimonies to share for the glory of God.

“Firstly, my mother had a painful arm which had lasted over a month. We prayed and applied the Anointing Water and she received an instant healing! In fact, since giving her the Anointing Water, there has been a miraculous transformation in her. We used to have indecent quarrels, fights and misunderstandings with my mother but now she is converted, loving, prayerful and understanding. She even confesses that Jesus assured her in a dream that ‘She shall not be alone but Jesus shall be with her always’. She now sees us as her children whereas before she had disowned us on several occasions, even regretting why ‘she didn’t strangle us to death before we grew up’. It was nasty! But now we can happily converse and peace is reigning in the family. Thank You, Jesus, for my mother’s freedom!

“Secondly, my brother stopped his smoking and drinking habits that he had been addicted to for the past 12 years. Glory be to Jesus! Thirdly, my mother in-law received healing from shoulder pains. Fourthly, my friend’s wife was healed from chest pains. The testimonies are too many! We have seen proof that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. All this was through the ministration of the Anointing Water.

“My wife has also been healed from a poor appetite and mouth odour. She hated all types of foods and was visibly skinny. She can now eat anything that she comes across and se also has fresh breath! I can now enjoy kissing her! Thank You, Jesus, for destroying the work of the evil one! Thank you, Jesus!”

Mr and Mrs Tawanda Mubvakure, Zimbabwe


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