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February 28, 2014

Embedded with a 10-pound tumour in her uterus, filled with 28-pounds of fluid in her body and virtually incapacitated by a swollen body, US-based Eritrean-born Ms Lamlam Kassa battled to come to terms with the 2009 backbreaking prognosis. A professional Nursing Assistant in charge of seeing to the wellbeing of homicide and suicide patients, Lamlam would find herself enduring six separate gruelling medical examinations converging at the same dreadful diagnosis and recommendation. Subdued by a dramatically fast-growing tumour, each of the six doctors she visited in the United States recommended for her to undergo surgical removal of her uterus. Terrified by this, Lamlam asked as to whether the doctors could recommend alternative treatments instead of the surgical operation. Alas, the doctors did not know of any other alternative to alleviate her predicament.

As if the mental torture her ill-health condition exerted on her mind was not grave enough, Lamlam could not lie down properly for a normal sleep that would have given her mental faculty the tranquility it needed to survive each night undisturbed. The rate at which the fibroid was growing in her body compromised the full functionality of her vital organs. As the fluid in her body increased with respect to the growth rate of the tumour, the combined mass competed for space against her organs. For example, the sheer size of the fibroid continued to squeeze her urinary bladder, making it difficult for her to retain urine for a reasonable time period. If she had to ease herself and did not hurry up, then she wet herself before she made it to the toilet. Given her state, it was impossible for her to run fast enough to make it to the toilet. To compound the situation, Lamlam would visit the toilet about 18 to 20 times in the night. This forced her to wear sanitary pads. The urinary case was, however, different from that of her bowels which became hardened by the pressures the fibroid mounted. Although it would turn out to be futile, she resorted to consuming organic food and raw vegetables to stimulate free bowels.

With her condition exacerbated by the volume of the fibroid and fluid in her body, Lamlam’s heart rate fluctuated, tilting towards a slow beat; she could neither lie on her left or right side; she vomited intermittently; she became anaemic as the tumour competed for the blood her general body needed; she lost strength by the hour, as thyroid problems also set in; and her general health deteriorated by the day. Cushioned with several pillows for stability and to ease pains, the advancing complications would force Lamlam to sleep in a sitting position for several months.

What could have been responsible for all these misfortunes in Lamlam’s life at the time she should have been enjoying her life? Could the various spiritual attacks she had had through demonic dreams be of any significance? Of all the many questions there were to seek answers for, why did she often dream of seeing herself caged inside an enclosure? Born into a polygamous family – in which her father married four women, had twenty children and lost five – Lamlam is among the fifteen surviving siblings. Two of her siblings were killed in the Eritrean-Ethiopian war. Among her ten surviving sisters, six got married and two of them later became divorcees. At forty-one, Lamlam counted herself as one of the unmarried remaining four siblings.

Although she could not easily identify what to attribute her health complications to or trace anyone in her family who may have gone through what she had endured, Lamlam learned that when her 26 years old mother died all of a sudden, she, then a 6 month old, was made to suck her dead mother’s breasts for milk.

“While she was lying dead, I drank a lot of milk from her,” said Lamlam. Was this part of her ancestral ethical foundation to allow a baby to suck the inert mother’s breasts under the guise of quieting a crying baby? Could this be responsible for poisoning Lamlam’s tender body? What actually killed Lamlam’s mother just six months after giving birth? While several questions loomed in her head, Lamlam would come to understand from her aunt, who raised her and the nine other sisters, that she hailed from a deeply rooted traditionalist family or idol worshipping background and that her deceased mother used to experience countless evil attacks, including a spiritual husband who constantly slept with her.

Lamlam remembered how her aunt cherished idol worshipping and performed sacrifices in the house. Growing up in an idol worshipping home, Lamlam watched as her aunt offered sacrificed chicken and goat to the idols. Whenever, as a toddler, Lamlam was very sick, she recalled, “A lot of my family thought that I would not make it; that I would die. They took me to witch doctors, and did a lot of things.”

As Lamlam continued to battle her life-threatening ailment in the United States, her family back home mobilised others to pray for her. Her family was saddened by the sheer scale of her illness that they did not think she would pull through it. It also became difficult to continue her work, causing her to lose her house. She could not mingle with others anymore because she felt embarrassed and uncomfortable with whatever she had to wear.

One and half years into her battle against the tumour and associated health complications, Lamlam’s brother, upon hearing about the recommended surgical operation, told his sister, “You are not going to do that, (for) the LORD will heal you. You have to go to Nigeria.” “To do what?” she asked him. “To see the man of GOD, Prophet TB Joshua,” he said.

Introduced to the Emmanuel TV cable by her brother, Lamlam started to watch the telecast to increase her faith while she waited patiently to travel to The Synagogue of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Arranged for the prayer line, Prophet TB Joshua laid his hand on her and gave her four parting bottles of the Anointing Water. Following this, Lamlam had a dream in which the Prophet asked a Wise Man to enquire as to why she was crying out for help. When Lamlam explained her plight, he requested of the Wise Man to get him a razor blade. When the Wise Man handed Prophet TB Joshua the razor blade, the latter used it to cut through Lamlam’s body. As God used him spiritually to perform the Divine operation, the Prophet brought out a human head-like object that he threw away, before finally declaring, “There is nothing wrong with you; you are free.”

Immediately after this remarkable revelation, Lamlams health started to rapidly and miraculously improve. Upon returning to the United States after being spiritually uncaged, she continued to watch Emmanuel TV and minister the Anointing Water. Understanding her dream to be the spiritual indication of what was to be manifested physically, she decided to go ahead with the operation, confident that God was in complete control. Upon going for the pre-operation medical check up, the medical report revealed a remarkable fact – the tumour was no longer in her uterus! The puzzled doctors could not understand how the huge tumour had moved ‘by itself.’ It’s new position in the body was one the doctors marvelled at as it simplified the operation and enabled them to do so without removing her uterus! Just as God revealed to her in the dream, the doctors proceeded to surgically and successfully remove the mass of tumour from Lamlam’s body without disturbing her uterus.

The test was not over yet, however. In the aftermath of the operation, Lamlam developed a low blood pressure. Again. However, while in the post-surgery recovery room, she dreamt she saw Prophet TB Joshua hand her a decorated colourful cup bearing a number of positive inscriptions and pray for her. He then instructed her to drink from a cup, which she did. When the nurses came by to monitor her blood pressure, they reported that her system was normal. In addition to this, she was subsequently cleared of the thyroid and anaemic condition, leading to her next day’s discharge from the hospital.

Lamlam excitingly talked about how total peace has now overwhelmed her body. She has also found assurance in everything she’d endeavoured to accomplish in her life. With the tumour, swollen body, back pain, discomfort in her general body, weak urinary bladder, compromised vital body organs, low blood pressure, etc, now all completely gone, the Lord went on to level every mountain in her and family’s life. Her family began to mend broken relationships by forgiving one another and harvest what God had in store for them. Countless breakthroughs!

Based on her experiential insights and lessons learned, Lamlam had a word for the world: “What I can tell the world is that, first of all, have faith in the Lord! When things happen to us, they are not (meant) to destroy us, but to shape us. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hold on to the Lord, don’t give up. Know that doctors treat, (for) they cannot cure ‒ only God Almighty can cure.

“(For) people in my situation, it’s not easy for your uterus to be taken away. Because of frustration and a difficult-to-endure pain, a lot of people don’t wait. Because they cannot handle the pain, they just go ahead and do what they just have to do. But whatever we go through in life, the Lord is so merciful He gives us the grace to handle the pain and everything. We (have to) wait on the Lord, and believe that He is God (and) is able. Have faith in the Lord, trust in Him, and wait. If He has done it for me, He will do it for anybody else. So hold on in the Lord, pray and never give up.

“Things happen in life to make us realise that sometimes we take everything for granted. What I learnt from my experience is how to trust the Lord; how to be patient; how to be grateful for everything. We take everything for granted ― to open our eyes, to swallow the food, to go to the bathroom easily, to sit and get up… we take everything for granted. It’s God’s grace and mercy. This is a gift from the Lord so we have to be grateful for everything that we have, and not (concentrate on) the things we don’t have. We should always ask the Lord, ‘whatever I am going through, what are You teaching me?’ So we can learn from our experiences. If there is no test, there is no testimony.”



February 25, 2014

When a then 8 to 9 year-old Carolien was sexually abused against her will for a period of one year , little did she know that she would grow up having to endure the devil’s persistent torments. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, and married with two children, Carolien Coetzee would suffer rejection, develop a strained relationship with her mother and find blemishes in her matrimonial home. Carolien’s relationship with both her husband and daughter Carla knew no peace until her deliverance at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) exposed the spirit of lust and the spirit of abuse that had been responsible for the torments she’d suffered.

“I didn’t know there was a spirit behind my problems,” said Carolien. In the aftermath of the abuse, Carolien always felt rejected. Whenever she was among people, whether she knew them or not, she always felt she was never good enough. She thought she was the worse in the midst of others. Thinking of herself as being ugly, she would constantly compare herself with other women. A voice in her mind constantly occupied her thoughts with such self-degrading pronouncements. In order to compensate for this, Carolien explored ways and means by which to please everyone. She would browse through magazines in order to search for models or celebrities whose lifestyle she could emulate. This was tantamount to seeking acceptability among others. In her attempt to attract the attention of others, she even thought the friends she had were only being kind to her or considerate. The tormenting voice within wired her to think that she was never good enough for anyone.

Corolien Recieved Deliverance From Sexual AbuseDuring Carolien’s school days up to her post-marriage era, she has had dreams or nightmares that usually had something to do with a body of water. There were times when a large wave appeared to engulf her, but then she would find herself floating away on the waves. Sometimes, she found herself in the midst of others at the beach, where a large wave appeared ready to consume the beach goers. She would then find herself desperately directing the attention of the beach goers to the gigantic wave in an attempt to avoid what seemed to be the inevitable in the spiritual realm.

Married and blessed with a son and a daughter, Carolien’s problematic antics excluded her son but pestered her husband and daughter Carla. She constantly picked and fussed with Carla. She found her dealing with the 4 to 5 years old little girl was rather frustrating. Whenever she asked Carla to accompany her to the shops, the little girl would refuse but prefer to go with the father instead. This always left Carolien feeling dejected. If she asked Carla to sit on her lap to stimulate a mother-daughter bonding at home, her daughter would prefer her father’s. Whenever Carolien requested her daughter to make up her bed, she expected the 4 – 5 year-old to take a Yes mum! approach. However, if the little girl would not say Yes mummy! Right mummy! her mother, then Carolien would yell, “Carla, come, come, you’re being disobedient.”

If Carolien chose a dress for little Carla to wear on a particular day and the latter refused the mother’s selection, then the voice within Carolien told her, “She is not listening to you; she’s not obedient enough.” This would then cause anger to rise in Carolien, triggering another commotion.

Carolien recalled that she too never had a good mother-daughter relationship with her own mother. In the past, when she was frustrated by something, she chose to share it with her father and not the mother. She sparsely met her mother – once every three months. Carolien would learn from her mother that her birth was not planned due to financial constraints. However, she would later in life reconcile with her mother, creating room for the pair to talk over their differences and forgive each other.

Overwhelmed by the spirit of lust and controlled by the voice within, Carolien’s post-marriage affection for her husband dwindled by the day. Whenever her husband advanced to meet her as husband and wife, she would concoct excuses to avoid being intimate with her husband. However, if she ever yielded, then the spirit of lust projected unavoidable graphic and visible pornographic images to occupy her mind. Following this, the voice within dictated for her to remain locked in the images in order to enjoy the act. She would then go through the intimacy without any attachment, because the whole experience made her feel violated, tortured, abused and used. She felt like a prostitute, and reckoned that if such would be the situation throughout the marriage, then it would be best she rather not go through it in her marriage. This unhealthy marital circumstance stimulated series of altercations to a despicable degree.

Questioning her thoughts on the extent to which the spirit of lust compromised her marital bliss, Carolien said, “It affected our relationship and compromised the attraction between us. I’d felt used and did not want to feel used again. It was like you wanted attention and when the attention comes, you don’t want it. You don’t feel like it is something that you want. You will rather want to run away from that. But I never felt like I would rather attract other men’s attention. I wanted his (husband) attention, but then I reject him. This compromised peace in the house. I don’t know whether he went outside of our relationship, but he confessed to getting addicted to porn. The house was constantly at war, for one could not return to a peaceful house.”

To compound her domestic problems, Carolien developed a drive that would rob her of the quality time-biased attention she could have given to her husband, children and herself. She would seek to have everything in perfect order. When she picked up the Bible to read, the voice within reminded her of an outstanding laundry. She would then drop the Bible and immediately occupy herself with doing the laundry. While sorting out the laundry, she would start to worry about other household chores simply to seek something to do to occupy herself. She could not stay still, for even whenever she was seated with her family, her thoughts would be dominated by things she needed to get done perfectly and impressively. Another mechanism to subscribe to a shared attention between family and other things was to visit the shopping mall to shop on both what she needed and others on impulse.

Describing the demonic controlling voice as a non-audible one that did not come from her heart but rather invaded her mind, Carolien recalled the role that voice played whenever she had a row with her husband. While she quarreled with her husband, the voice would tell her, “He’s very selfish.” Carolien agreed and told her husband he was selfish. “He’s lazy; men are typically selfish, and will fall into self-pity,” said the voice. Carolien agreed and echoed it back to her husband. The more she communicated what the voice told her, the more the voice shaped her personality. As a consequence of this, Carolien’s anger and frustration increased violently. Although she would reconcile within her reasoning intellectual faculty that her husband was not selfish, that such reaction to an ensuing domestic altercation was not what God had intended for her and that it was wrong to carry on like that, she had no control in helping herself out of the bondage.

In the midst of the troubling web that engulfed her matrimonial home, Carolien’s husband was also battling his own personal issues. He struggled to get out of ungodly dreams and an intense interest in pornography, which compromised his spiritual life. He could not escape from the addiction. As a result of this, his spiritual life became erratic. His addiction to pornography started in primary school when someone showed him a pornographic picture. He also recalled another occurrence in which an exposure to a sexual introduction negatively impacted his life. The pornographic habit became the core distraction that subjected him to the act of masturbation coupled with a sense of guilt. His life digressed from making progress.
Carolien’s sensitive husband likened his marriage to walking on eggs to avoid confrontation. As such, altercations put him in a dilemma. In order to resolve some of the domestic conflicts, Carolien’s husband implied that he would virtually take the responsibility as the source of the conflict by saying ‘sorry’ to his wife. Although such an approach was never an ultimate solution, it did provide temporary cessation to the conflict.

In an attempt to normalize her relationship with her family, Carolien would fast, pray, read the Bible and seek counselling along with her husband. She visited other churches in search of solution to her family’s plight, without any success. However, when the couple finally renewed their interest in watching Emmanuel TV in June 2012 and saw how people with similar problems fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit and were eventually delivered, Carolien humbly accepted that the voice she had thought was part of her genetic wiring might after all not be hers. She questioned herself as to whether the voice she had listened to from childhood to mid-2012 was actually part of her character. That voice must have come from another source, she reckoned. Encouraged by the deliverance exercises she witnessed, Carolien prayed thus: “God do in me what I’d seen in The SCOAN. God I am ready. I am not willing to go on with this. I cannot go on with this,” she continued, poised to be freed from the devil’s grip.

Carolien and her husband decided to open up and seek deliverance. As December 2012 approached for the 2013 New Year service in The SCOAN, Carolien decided to be a part of the event. However, just a week before she and daughter Carla left Cape Town for Lagos, she had another demonic dream. “I was walking on the beach and a big wave was coming at me when a shell (with a venus-like figure) emerged and opened. The figure came out as a woman, who spoke to me. She appeared beautiful but at the same time evil. She was something of the type you would not want to look at but the beauty draws you to it. ‘You will never escape me,’ the venus-like figure told me,” she narrated.

When Carolien and her daughter arrived at The SCOAN Nigeria to fulfil her quest to seek more blessings, little did she know what God had in store for her and the family. Wise Man Daniel prayed for her, and the spirit of lust, anger and rejection within her manifested. The evil spirit did not only confess that it originated from the ocean, but also stated that it had wanted to destroy the relationship between Carolien and her daughter.

In her own words, she recounted the spiritual experience: “I saw Wise Man Daniel standing in front of me, but the experience I had showed that there was the Power of God in my presence. A good electricity shot through me, for God located me that day using Wise Man Daniel. The first time he put his hand on me, I felt a bolt of electricity shot through me and the thing (evil spirit) started speaking through me and I had no control. I was aware of the voice but I could not control it. During the deliverance, one feels the Power of God. What spoke through me, I had no control over.

“My immediate reaction was that I was shocked but relieved. It took me about thirty minutes to compose myself. I was blank in terms of that voice which disappeared and I felt that inner peace. “I never figured there was a spirit (of lust) behind it (marital problem), for I’d thought it was one of those things a husband and wife go through in marriage as part of life. These were all from the voice within me, and after my deliverance, I never heard that voice again.

“After the deliverance, I could feel the peace in me settling in. I could feel the voice is gone, (for) I realized there was nothing any more in my thoughts. And now, I have the affection a wife should have towards her husband. We don’t have the quarrels any more. We do occasionally argue over a few things but those are over trivial issues and never escalated into any of the previous domestic fights.

“Even the frustrations I had with my daughter over the trivial of things have disappeared. The nagging over her being disobedient and the like are no longer issues with me. She wants to be with me now. I look at my child and I feel love towards her. She goes to the shops with me and the other day when I picked her up from school, she told me: ‘Mummy you are the best mummy in the world’.”

Carolien had formerly thought that her husband was always in her space, but nowadays, they can sit together and touch each other without any sense of hatred between them. Above all, she is no longer hysterical about the must-do domestic to-do chores. If any of such chores crossed her mind, she said to herself: “This can wait till tomorrow.”

“It is peaceful and everything is relaxed at home,” Carolien continued. “The SCOAN? Life changing, definitely. If it was not for the ministry, if it was not for the Man of God, if it was not for the Wise Men that came out of this ministry, if it was not for the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker… I could go on and on, our lives would still have been the same. We would have probably ended up being part of the divorced statistics. I probably would have been on medication to cope with life. I thank God it (The SCOAN) changed our life for good.”

On lessons learned, Carolien presented that, “I have learned that spirits can come into your life uninvited. But sometimes there are the generational elements (too). Sexual abuse is not something people want to open up to because one feels ashamed and guilty as though it is always one’s fault; as if it was one who caused it to happen to one. I wish I had opened up much earlier to get these things out of my life and out of my marriage. Now, I have the power to choose, (for) in the past I did not have any control because something was driving or forcing me. Now my thoughts are clean and so I can say no or yes. I rather have God instruct me when to do the laundry. Unlike previously, while reading the Bible I would suddenly remember to do the laundry. (As an element) of distraction, I would drop the Bible to go do the laundry. But now I am wonderfully doing what I want, such as having a quiet time with the Bible.”

On his part, Carolien’s husband maintained that everyone has a past for which they were encouraged to seek deliverance. “In my wife’s case,” he said, “She did not choose what happened to her. It was not a choice she made. It is not a personal thing. One cannot say ‘It is my thing, I cannot share it with the world’. We have to expose satan of his garbage because it is not about us. We do need deliverance because it is very necessary in our time. Our relationship with Jesus is ever improving.”

Carolien advised that, “I would really encourage them (victims of sexual abuse) to open up, (for) it is never your fault. I went through twenty-nine years of the evil spirit’s torments, which even opened the door to the spirit of lust. If you open up your heart to God, He can take you from where you are now to where He wants you to be. It is that confession that brings you freedom.

“Over here (at The SCOAN) it is not only about your deliverance, but they also teach you how to maintain it. Because the world will always be the world, and so maintenance is important. Better is not good enough; the best is yet to come!”

Having been subjected to years of the demonic spirit’s torments, Carolien’s husband also advised that men and people in general must maintain a life of humility and piousness. He stressed that regardless of the fact that every Christian is eager to read the Bible, speak in tongues, prophesy and do all the good things expected of a Christian, one should revisit one’s spiritual life. Going back behind the scene to do pornography, expand unclean thoughts, among others, while projecting oneself positively in front of unsuspecting people, are the elements that can question one’s spiritual level. “I would say, as a man, you need to humble yourself, open up to your weaknesses, go to a place where there is Anointing of God or Power of God,” he said. “We’ve been through counseling and (visited) churches, but it was only when we came to this place of the Power of God and Anointing that we received our deliverance. People need to find a living Church where there is Power of God. For us, we follow Emmanuel TV and its various media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. We’ve come to a point where our lives now depend on it. My advice is: ‘pursue Godliness, find a Living Church of God, get involved with The SCOAN for the Man of God is a Prophet of our times. He’s a gift of mankind’.”

We thank God for this wonderful testimony and we believe you were blessed by reading this testimony. Please share it with others for the glory of God!



February 24, 2014

Survival was a daily struggle for Lucky Susa, a young man from Delta State, Nigeria. Pushing a local trolley around the busy Mile 12 Market in the heart of Lagos, he scavenged an occasional N100 or N200 by assisting market customers to transport their items to the nearest bus stop. With these stipends, he barely managed to feed and fend for himself. As dawn broke on the morning of December 9th 2008, Lucky arose from slumber and headed for the market as usual. Little did he know that an event was about to transpire that would forever change his life.

“I brought two bags of rice and beans to the bus stop,” he reminisced. “Across the tarmac, there were some people gathering. I crossed over to look at what was happening.” The sight that Lucky beheld was heart-breaking. An elderly lady lying in a pool of her own blood. “I began to shout that people should help this woman. They told me, ‘The car that hit this woman has already run off. Don’t you know this is Lagos?’ ” Moved at the despicable sight and angered by the hardheartedness of the gathering crowd, he decided to take action.

“I felt for the woman and said I should save her life. I took the money I had suffered to work for and manage with my family to take a taxi and rush her to a clinic at Ojota.” However, her condition was beyond recovery. On reaching the hospital, the woman gave up. Instead of being lauded for his life-saving efforts, the unthinkable opposite happened for the ‘wheel-barrow pusher’. “The doctor called the police and they arrested me. I was charged with her murder and sent straight to prison.”

Five and a half years later, Lucky was still languishing in the Maximum Security Prison in Ikoyi for a crime he never committed. Transferred to a cell where only armed robbers and murderers were incarcerated, he knew his day of judgement was nigh. “One man came to visit the prisoners on Friday. I explained myself to the man that I had not stolen or killed anyone and asked him to keep me in prayer.” The man took off a small bracelet he had on his hand and gave it to Lucky to hold. “The man said that the bracelet in this hand was from T.B. Joshua and that I should pray with it.”

Lucky had never been to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations but he grabbed onto the bracelet in desperate faith. “I prayed, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, if You are really alive and You really work, please remove me from this problem because I am innocent.’ ” Thereafter, a truly remarkable chain of events was triggered. “That night, when I slept, T.B. Joshua appeared to me in the dream. He told me, ‘My son – the tears you have cried, God has seen them – you are innocent. Continue doing good to others; don’t stop just because you suffered. You will be released tomorrow.’ ”

Just after 3pm the following day, Lucky’s name was called out by the prison wardens. “They brought me to the gate, told me I didn’t have a case to answer and released me!” Lucky walked out of the prison gates, a free man! Begging a lady for money, he was given N150 which he used to transport himself to The SCOAN. Looking bedraggled and tattered with the clothing he had on in prison, Lucky tried to enter the church on Sunday 23rd February 2014 but was directed to return for the prayer line as his appearance matched that of a lunatic. Tears began flowing.

“One man called me and asked why I was crying. I explained my story to him and he asked me to follow him. He gave me soap, told me not to cry and took me to the bathroom to take a shower. After I bathed, the same man came and brought me new trousers, a new shirt and shoes. He gave me N500 to keep in my pocket in case I wanted to buy anything.”

Upon entering The SCOAN, Lucky’s case was brought to the attention of T.B. Joshua. Visibly moved at his story and the compassionate gesture of the ‘Good Samaritan’, he asked Lucky if he could still identify the man. Minutes later, Lucky returned with the gentleman, remarkably revealed to be one of the security men in The SCOAN by the name of Chuks.

Addressing the congregation, T.B. Joshua said the selfless efforts of the security man were a great lesson to everyone, stating that people should never stop doing good to others. “When many look back at their experiences in doing good, they have said they will never do good again. Nothing can separate me from doing good! Continue doing good until then, when you see light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

When asked why he had gone to such lengths to help Lucky, the security man stated, “Man of God, we need to follow your footsteps,” citing T.B. Joshua’s humanitarian activities as his inspiration. To the astonishment of the congregation, T.B. Joshua proceeded to announce that N5,000,000 ($30,000) would be given to the security man to encourage him in his charitable endeavours.

He said this was just the beginning of a new initiative to support people who are selflessly engaging in works of charity worldwide. “If you are into charity, what can we do to support you? I can be visiting you all over the world when you want to launch these charities – giving scholarships to deserving children, supporting the widows and helping the needy all over the world. Rescue them; go all the way to help mankind.”

Counselling Lucky, T.B. Joshua continued, “Don’t stop doing good because God is aware. What you passed through was as it should be by Divine will. If God is aware of your challenges, they will not destroy you but prepare you. I was pushing a trolley in the past in the same market he’s talking about. It was in the midst of all of this that the Lord took me to the place where He could use me.”

As a cheque with the huge amount was presented to Mr Chuks, the impromptu millionaire could barely withhold his tears. “I never expected this today; I was discharging my duty as I normally do. I will continue to help the less privileged.”





October 18, 2013

When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Redeemer, He will do it again and again. Be inspired in your faith as you read this awesome testimony:

“Emmanuel! My name is Liberty Akpan and I am a Nigerian. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life! First of all, I thank the Almighty God and I also thank Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing God to use him. I was having the problem of ceased menstruation for 12 years from 2000 to 2012. I had gone to hospitals, done evacuation on numerous occasions and taken many herbal roots they had given to me yet it was all to no avail. I had prayed and fasted about this problem but everything I tried seemed to yield no result.

“Last year, I was introduced to Emmanuel TV and saw what God was using Prophet T.B. Joshua to do in the lives of people. I went and bought a decoder and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. During this period, a friend came and gave me some Anointing Water which I also ministered to myself. Shortly afterwards in August 2012, I started seeing my menstruation! Incredibly, the cycle was complete, just as it supposed to be. Since that month until the present, my menstruation has been flowing normally! To God be the glory!”

Liberty Akpan, Nigeria


“I HADN’T BEEN TO CHURCH FOR 13 YEARS” – A Sceptic’s Remarkable Testimony

October 14, 2013

Here is yet another faith-building testimony from a lady who only accepted to come to The SCOAN because her husband-to-be insisted that she attend before concluding their wedding arrangements. That visit proved to be a turning point in her life, health and entire family!

“Emmanuel! God is with us. I have so many testimonies to share! I used to hear about T.B. Joshua in 2003 when I went for holiday at my uncle’s house 10 years ago but I never believed him. I was actually introduced to The SCOAN by my husband. When we were about to get married, he told me we must go to The SCOAN to seek the face of God in our union before he would marry me. I refused to go because of the terrible things I had heard about the man of God in the past. I told him to go with my name and that if Prophet T.B. Joshua was truly a man of God, he would see me through him or even my photo. However, he insisted that I must go with him or else we wouldn’t marry. I told him to give me a time-frame two years to go with him but he kept insisting. I hadn’t been to church for 13 years; I didn’t believe in churches, pastors or prophets. He was saying the man of God was real but I told him he was fake and using charms to deceive people.

“Eventually, in August last year I agreed to follow him on the promise that I wouldn’t stay in Lagos more than three days. He agreed and we came to Lagos. On Sunday, we came to The SCOAN and I was prayed for by Wise Man Daniel. We ended up staying for 3 weeks because I refused to go! I saw the miraculous handwork of God in The SCOAN such that I refused to leave. It was incredible! I was having a skin disease for 3 years and had taken every medication prescribed to me but all to no avail. The doctors said it was in my blood and couldn’t be cured. This skin problem caused me great discomfort and itching everywhere I went. I couldn’t wear tight clothes or inner wears because they would cause my body to swell up. When I say itching, it was like being tortured with sharp objects – it was unbearable! At The SCOAN, I received the Anointing Water from the man of God and sprayed it inside my cream and my bathing water. For the first time in many years, I slept in peace. Till date, I have never had any itching sensation and my skin has been completely restored!

“The second testimony is about my mother whom I had also sent the Anointing Water to. In February 2013, my aunt rang me on the phone to tell me that my mother’s body was found in the entrance of the bathroom door, lying lifeless. I told them to immediately use the Anointing Water I gave them to spray on her. They said her teeth were stiff and they couldn’t even open their mouth. I told them to use spoon to force the mouth open which they did and gave her the Anointing Water. After a few minutes they called me again to say that she had woken up but seemed to have had some sort of stroke. They rushed her to the hospital where they doctors said she had a stroke, the veins in her body were very weak and the blood pressure was very high. They further said the stroke had caused her brain damage. I was shocked but immediately begin praying to the God of T.B. Joshua. I told my aunt to continue ministering Anointing Water to her.

“Even when the Anointing Water had finished, I told them to pour water into the empty bottle and continue giving it to her. That day, to the surprise of the doctors, she was discharged to come home. They continued giving her Anointing Water both in her food and the water she drinks. After one week, she began to walk and make use of her hands again. The following week, she was able to talk and respond well, bath herself and wear clothes by herself. The doctors came to check and declared her blood pressure was normal; they were astonished at her recovery!

“The third testimony is about my younger brother who had an attack that almost claimed his life. According to my mother, they were eating when he started shaking, convulsing and having a seizure. At this juncture, he actually stopped breathing and lay lifeless on the floor. They called me on phone, crying and telling me that Michael was dead. I had just returned home from a Sunday Service at The SCOAN. I asked them how they could say my brother was dead when I had just returned from the arena of liberty! I immediately knelt down with my husband, brought out the Anointing Water and our Bible and called them on phone. We told them to put the phone on speaker and place it against his ear, which they did.

“I prayed, ‘Lord, You said that distance is not a barrier! Your Word was sent forth and it healed every manner of disease. Lord, You resurrected Lazarus from the dead – do the same right now for Michael!’ I used myself as point of contact to him and sprayed the Anointing Water on my mouth. I have a record Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer on my other phone and placed it on the phone. Immediately the man of God had finished praying on the phone, Michael woke up! I could hear him ask those there what happened to him and why people had gathered and were crying.

“He said that he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream where he was walking down a narrow road. The prophet stood before him and asked where he was going. He said that he was just walking forward in no specific direction. Prophet T.B. Joshua then told him to go back home as his family were crying and there was no road for him to walk ahead. Immediately he turned back to go in his dream, he sneezed and woke up to the glory of God! Thank You Jesus for Your miraculous work in my family!”

Mrs. Amaka Uchendu, Nigeria 



October 7, 2013

Emmanuel! Here is another wonderful testimony concerning the power of God at work through the Anointing Water in the lives of God’s people worldwide!

“Praise the Lord! My name is Rehema Robert Mwakajila from Tanzania. On 16th July 2013, my sister’s son called Isack suddenly fainted in the house. He was gone for more than 6 hours. I was alone at home and so scared with his condition. I tried everything I could to resuscitate him but every attempt was unsuccessful. With hope slowly fading, I went into my room and spoke to God in a way I had never spoken to Him before.

I prayed, “God who has been healing others through this Anointing Water from the man of God, T.B. Joshua, please do the same to this boy!” I then brought out the Anointing Water and ministered it to Isack. People of God, behold – literally a second after I ministered the Anointing Water onto the boy he woke up and regained his consciousness! This was after six hours! I was so happy because this was my first time I had ever seen a miracle with my own two eyes. I am weak in faith, so that healing to me was a very big miracle and boost in my faith. Isack is now completely strong and healthy! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Rehema Robert Mwakajila, Tanzania


20 Years Of Smoking Ended Through Anointing Water!

December 19, 2012

Here is a wonderful testimony from someone who was privileged to come to The SCOAN and receive the Anointing Water, after which he was delivered from the spirit of smoking that had plagued his life for 20 long years. To God be the glory!

“Emmanuel. Let all the honour, glory, majesty, adoration, worship, praise, hallelujah, amen and thanksgiving be unto our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as all kneel continually and continuously bow down to Him, now and forever more!

“I want to testify to the world about the power of God in the Anointing Water. I was opportune to get the Anointing Water on Tuesday 30th October when I visited The SCOAN. After reading the booklet, I prayed and then ministered it in Jesus’ name. When I ministered it, I didn’t feel any specific sensation but believed that God had touched me.

“The following day I noticed that the urge to smoke cigarettes just disappeared from me. I have been a chain smoker for more than 20 years and couldn’t pass a day without smoking at least a packet of cigarettes. But the moment I ministered the Anointing Water up until now, I have not tasted or touched cigarettes. It is a miracle! To really confirm my deliverance, I still stay in the midst of people that smoke but I will just be looking at them – no urge, no pull, nothing. Emmanuel!”

Uzoo Udeagha – Nigeria


‘They Didn’t Even Knock At Our Door…’

December 14, 2012

This is a testimony of a couple who experienced God’s Divine protection in their lives after placing the Anointing Sticker on the door of their house. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onuorah. We are Nigerians but reside in Benin Republic. We want to testify about the goodness of God in our lives. On Friday 7th December 2012, armed robbers came to our house around 3:30am. They entered into the compound, robbed every flat in that house and took their valuable things away. However, to everybody’s surprise, they didn’t even knock at our door or steal anything – and we had the Anointing Sticker on our door!

“Everybody who knew about the incident was astonished when they saw how everyone else had been robbed except us. Even the police men that came after the robbery were asking us what happened and why such ruthless and notorious robbers didn’t enter our house. We showed them the Anointing Sticker we received last time we came to The SCOAN and testified how God protected us from the attack.

“We want to thank God for what He has done to us through the medium of this Anointing Sticker. Right now, as I am talking to you, all the neighbours in that building – both Muslims and Christians – are asking us to give them the Anointing Sticker one by one. They are even begging me to place it on the gate. In fact, it’s really a reminder for us to remember the message from Prophet T.B. Joshua on that Sticker – ‘Let love lead.’ I pray God would give us the grace to let love lead in our lives. Emmanuel! Indeed, God is with us.”

Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onouorah – Benin Republic


RESURRECTION! Life Restored Through Anointing Water!

December 14, 2012

Here is the remarkable testimony of Afolabi Ogunmola, a man whose Anointing Water he had kept in his car saved the life of an innocent girl from almost certain death…

“Children of God, help me to shout, “Hallelujah!” Praise be to the Almighty God for not causing me to be killer. I was in Lokoja, Kogi state for an appointment on the 13/14th November, 2012. On my way returning back to Abuja from Lokoja at about 10.00am, I was entering a small village and, as is usual with me, I reduced my speed.

“However, to my horror, a seven year old girl ran onto the highway from the opposite side without checking to ensure the road was free before crossing. I swerved violently but all efforts I made to avoid this little girl failed and I hit her head on, knocking her off the highway. The impact was so heavy that my windscreen was totally shattered and there were several other damages to the front grill and bonnet of my car.

“I was still able to bring the car to a halt and immediately the villagers surrounded me. I was helpless and the body of this little girl was there on the ground, completely lifeless. My sister who was with me picked up the lifeless body and began crying, asking God why this had happened to us. Immediately, the police arrived on the scene and asked me what I was going to do. I told them I was going to handle it with the girl’s family and they all left without further questioning, which was the first miracle that happened that day!

“Among the crowd that gathered, one good Samaritan just approached me and suggested we take the little girl to a nearby health center to see if anything could be done to revive her. At this time, I had not seen the parents of the girl. I agreed and we took the little girl to the health center  On reaching there, the local nurses examined her and declared her gone, saying it was only God who could resuscitate the girl because she had no pulse.

“There and then, I remembered that I had TB Joshua’s Anointing Water inside the car! I immediately ran to collect it, prayed and administered it all over the girl’s body, rebuking the spirit of death. Behold, people of God, the girl started moving her body! The nurses and medical staff there couldn’t believe it! Colour began flushing back into her once lifeless cheeks and the nurses then found her pulse. Everyone who had witnessed the incident began rejoicing and praising God.

“She began responding well to the medical treatment given her and was transferred to another hospital in Gwagwalada, Abuja for further treatment. I was able to meet her parents and explain everything that had happened to them. After just two precautionary weeks in the hospital, the little girl has been discharged and gone back home to be with her family, alive and well!

“Please help thank God with me, for I give all the praises and honour to Him for what He has done for me through the medium of the Anointing Water. God bless you all!”

Afolabi Ogunmola – Kogi, Nigeria


‘Devil, You Cannot Touch This!’

December 12, 2012

The following account is a miraculous testimony of a family saved in the midst of a terrible storm from almost certain loss of life and destruction of their belongings… To God be the glory!!!

“Good morning my friends in Christ! I don’t know where to start my testimony because God has done so many wonders in my life after I encountered The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. I am so excited and thankful! We really serve a living God!

“It all happened on the night of 26th November 2012. A heavy wind with torrential rain fell in our city, Lilongwe, Malawi. The storm was so severe that it destroyed schools, homes and offices. On that very same night, we went to bed and around 10pm when this destructive wind and rain came upon us with lightning and thunder. At around 11pm we heard heavy lightning but kept praying and trusting God for Divine protection. At the time of this frightening lightning, a big tree near our bedroom uprooted and fell straight onto the house.

“Another tree also came crashing down and landed on our car. In the process of falling, it also hit electricity poles and wires and there was a black out in our area. At this time, none of us knew the full extent of what had happened; we were only hearing the noise of the lightning and thunder. God sent us back to sleep, resting in His strong arms. We were awakened by neighbours and passers-by between 4 and 5 am shouting that a tree had fallen all over our properties. Saints, we could not believe it when we opened the window curtains to see our car covered by this huge tree. We immediately thought the car was a write-off and would never be used again. The tree that fell was so large that it also covered the house’s main entrance as well as the main gate entrance; it was huge!

“To our greatest surprise, when we went outside to check the car, it was completely undamaged – an absolute impossibility considering the size of the tree and the force with which it fell! In the same way, the tree that fell in our house and should have destroyed it and probably killed us had just fallen to the ground next to our house, as if moved by an invisible hand. It was then we realised how God had protected us through the Anointing Stickers!

“We had put Anointing Stickers both on the car and on the door of our house. God protected us, like He put His own hand on our car and the house to say to the devil, ‘You cannot touch this!’ Our family is so overwhelmed by this act of God; we have a new meaning to the song, “Come and see what the Lord has done”. If not for God, the whole family, our house and car would surely have perished on the night of 26th November 2012.

“At present, people around and afar who heard about this miracle are coming to our house to witness the evidence for what God has done. We believe God will use this miracle to minister His love to the lost in our country. Praise be to God Almighty, our Alpha and Omega!

Mrs Nancilia Mrewa – Lilongwe, Malawi


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