December 7, 2012

Here is yet another powerful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer about how she was delivered from an addiction to taking snuff after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Let your faith be lifted up as you read!

“I am Nemauluma Ntanganedzeni Lorraine from South Africa. The problem I had was that I was addicted to snuff from 2002. It is a family curse because my mother and my grandmother are also addicted and we used to believe that it is a gift from ancestors. My mom always told me that I would never quit in this life. The addiction was very serious. I couldn’t even eat until I had taken snuff. The moment I got it, I would use the whole container non-stop and I would not perform any duty until I finished it completely.

“I am a fan of Emmanuel TV and the more I watched people’s testimonies and listened to God’s Word preached by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the more my faith began to grow. One day on Emmanuel TV, I saw several testimonies of people who were addicted to eating many strange things who received deliverance. I then saw the testimony of a woman who was healed while touching the screen and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua. I started believing that the same thing could happen to me!

“Then, one Sunday, as I was praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua during the live service, I felt a strange sensation in my body, as if something was cooling me from within. I immediately felt the change! As I was so engrossed watching the service, I forgot to take the snuff for five hours until my mum reminded me and I opened the snuff container. As soon as I took it, it tasted completely different! I lost interest and desire for it in that powerful moment of prayer. I have now spent several months and I am free from snuff! My mum still doesn’t believe and is telling me that it won’t last – but I know the changes in my body! I want to thank God for this mighty deliverance and encourage viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prays for the viewers. God’s power is real! My case is a living testimony.”

Nemauluma Lorraine, South Africa

There are many prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua uploaded on our official YouTube channel. Whatever situation you may be facing, join in these prayers in faith and expect a touch from Heaven!

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  1. Oh that God would bless me indeed, that over 120,000 people around the world would visit http://pi3dtab.co.uk to order 3D tablets this year and that God would protect me from evil.

  2. i have been addicted since 2009 by snuff now am a born again christian. av tried to quit so many timed but fail. now i need God all mighty to help me. becouse ds thing is draining my spiritual life. i lov taking snuff am so weak to it. but i knw it is unclean. am afraid becouse no one knws the hour of Jesus coming. i want to be ready for. this thing rule my life it become a gods to me. i want out now. #very heart broken#

  3. Pls man of God pray for my husband we have being married for three yrs no child d doctor said he has a low spame count.pls pray for us

  4. wonders shall never end, if you dont like him/emanuel tv’ i like and love him,MaY he live long ok?all adictions are demonic ooooo!!! tuffyaakwa!!!!!

  5. wonders shall never end, if you dont like him/emanuel tv’ i like and love him,MaY he live long ok?

  6. I love u JESUS

  7. Prayer request for my brother sonnyboy sebogodi he is currently in hospital and he is loosing his memory his blood pressure is uncontrolable it causes head aches that are terrible please man of God pray for my brother on behalf of Kate south Africa

  8. My marriage is not working man of God pliz help me

  9. Glory be Lord Jesus. May also deliver my husband. He is addicted to snuff

  10. i love you daddy

  11. Man of God please pray for my brother Patrick spirit of drunkenness, smoking and short temperd please pray for him in Jesus Name.

  12. Wow blessed his holy!!my fellow brothers and sister always remember to pray for emmanuel tv….team for such a blessing.

  13. May the Almighty God bless Prophet T.B Joshua for accepting to be used by God. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  14. Prais the Lord,God is gud all the time

  15. I can’t wait to receive my own deliverance from the demon of gambling that is eating my finances,I am sure and certain that it won’t be long before I share my own testimmony,all to the glory of God!God bless Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV.

  16. […] is a powerful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer taken from the blog site, distance is not a barrier. about how she was delivered from an addiction to taking snuff after praying along with Prophet T.B. […]

  17. I want to thank God for the life of the man of God i am delivered from the spirit of drunkness since praying with him through emmanuel TV its true distance is not a barrier may the Almighty be praised Amen!

  18. God i know you love me . You still have something to say about my life especially my heath and my marriage. I conceive your silence to be positive and greater things are about to happen in my life. Thank you Jesus for making me victorious. Amen!!

  19. Distance can never be a barrier to my healing and deliverance. As long as God live all will come to an end in Jesus name i pray

  20. Allelluah! He has done it again!

  21. Have faith, believe and trust in HIM and solutions to any predicament is ready. Glory to GOD. Amen

  22. Please help me with anointing water and sticker..in Zambia and traveling would not be easy 4me..If all are being delivered why cant i..I will receive one day..



  25. We thank God for your deliverance, the name of God will forever be glorified in Jesus Name. Emmanuel

  26. man of God pls pray for me to receive ur anointing water man of God , pray for me . thanks

  27. Is there anything too hard for our GOD. Everything is possible to him who believes. Emmanuel

  28. please pray for me I want to get married Iam facing dissappointment .

  29. Pls pray 4 me i wat 2 b by GOD side am a siner i alway sin agains GOD i need his grace on me an am goyin to be free by next year pls sir help me an pray for me pls let GOD forgive me and help me out i know it is by my faith sir pls pray for me.

  30. Yes Lord i receive your anointing, your manifasting of your presence in my life in Jesus Christ name Amen

  31. Hi, hw can i get annoyting water, and much wil it cost

  32. Congrats sister Lorraine,your faith has done it for you.
    To God be the glory. what a mighty God we serve.
    Man of God prophet T.B.Joshua, may God bless you and keep you always. you are doing wonders ,thank you for touching my life in a special way.

  33. Haleluya!! We serve a miracle working God. Thank you Jesus…


  35. Thank you Jesus.

  36. Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us! EMMANUEL TV is my motto! I am happy because iam connected to the channel, thank you lord for my mother who showed the way to my. To all emmanuel tv viewers, lets keep on watching.

  37. with god all things are possible if we believe.

  38. Emmanuel
    w. mathewe

  39. Thank you Lord for Your mighty deliverance, healing that You are giving to the worldwide through Emmanuel TV. We thank You Lord for the life of Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel

  40. i love JESUS so much he is alive he never said goodbye he watches over us day and night my dear friend you are not alone he knows were we are coming from and where we are going

  41. lord may i thirst for your word so that i can know you more in the name of Jesus Amen.

  42. I know Iam what Iam because of JESUS. I will always praise Him.

  43. the faithful can do everything like the bible said it.may we hav faith and all will be possiblefor us. TB JOSHUA may God continue to bless you for his good work your are always doing. Nestor

  44. Praise be to God

  45. God is indeed awesome. May God continue 2 bless d Man of God

  46. wit GOD evrything as posibble glory be to HIM

    avec DIEU tout est possible que tout la gloire lui revien au non de JESUS

  47. Please lord deliver me from our family curses, sins of our family. So that i will have my own testimony in jesus name.

  48. TB Joshua is a God given gift for the world.plz man of god,there is need for yor emergence intavaition in my life.i see many people,given schoolaships.my wish is to come there, but for the money for fright .pls,i’m poor i cant aford a fright frm zambia.sir, help me,in any way.make me able to travel to scoan or by sending anointing,water, house sticker ,car stiker or by mantioning my name as u pray for me,(milimo victor) my problems are spirit of lust(serious one)porvat,weak faith,low sperm count,(no issue)sicknesses throughout. pls respond me through ,,Ab bank zm ltd plot no,7393 chainda place southend off cairo rd ,,po box 38173 lsk zambia.please man of god resque me now!!!!


  50. I thank God for your deliverance my dear sister.

  51. Thank you lord jesus for every think you do for me

  52. I thank God for what he is doing to mylife and I pray that my husband can get a permanent job I bellive God will do it Amen!

  53. Thankyou Jesus

  54. He is a convenant keepin God we thank u 4 our sister oh lord increase my faith to recieve from u in jesus name amen

  55. When GOD is with us who can be agaist us? Everything is possible with GOD, the only key is BELIEVE AND TRUST IN GOD.

  56. Glory be to God, Prophert T.B Joshua i love you may God bless you sir.

  57. Emmanuel!

  58. More anointing to ur life. Amen.

  59. Blessed by this website.GOD shud really bless for the lost souls who r back 2 JESUS CHRIST. M also a sinner bt GOD has showed me the way!

  60. Man of God.plz heal us 4rum spiritual husband,drank,snuff,many sickness and curse.we want to spiritual grow,finance and get our own wrk.god bless also our childrens.amen amen.i believe there wil be breakthrough

  61. There is power in the name of Jesus and he has something good for our lives .

  62. God is great

  63. The devil keeps threatening, but Surely God is Our Salvation, in Him let us trust and not be afraid of any thing else. Isaiah 12 :2

  64. please man of God I know You can help me From Zim I need anionting stickers, CDs and many more. People say give me money.

  65. i need to have faith like this,im praying that God should guide me. and give me so what i long for should com to pass.

  66. Praise the Lord for His love endure forever

  67. Thank you Jesus Christ for the deliverance, God of TB Joshua has done it again. The power of our living God is real, just have faith and everyting else will follow, the blessings will follow you everywhere you step on. My life too changed completely after keeping Emmanuel tv 24/7 and watching it.

  68. I am really confident that next year i will share my testimony and it’s my year of deliverance and breakthrough in jesus name amen

  69. the power of God is indeed real! All who have faith & believe shall be saved Amen.

  70. Jesus never said there will be no more deliverance or miracle. My bible says at the mention of his name every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. In the same manner I was delivered from eating soil commonly call (KALABA CHALK), eating of ice block for years and drinking of alcohol through Emmanuel TV screen, my elder sister was delivered through Tonto Dikeh’s testimony through distance is not a barrier. I immediately cease that testimony for my elder sister who has been smoking for almost 40years. And since that day, she has forgotten about cigarettes. For one who uses to smoke more than a packet of cigarette. We just need to believe in the word and the rest is done. Its only last week she knew the truth and she is so happy. So we can stand for someone else. Thank you LORD, thank you JESUS.

  71. Lord l thank u for the life u give me father as l ask u to bless me with faith and wisdom amen

  72. I thank God for the life he give me the things he give me Father bless me with faith and wisdom as l pray for a good paying job amen

  73. Jesus is great for our lives,be blessed


  74. This tells the whole wide world that Jesus is still working through a medium and this medium is Pro. T.B. Joshua

  75. Jesus is alive, He never said goodbye.

  76. I always desire want to go to Nigeria ,but am financially hand camp .If wish to help please do so ,am Hiv positive or just to give me anointing water all will be well with me.

  77. I like the king jesus

  78. Thank You Lord in Jesus name amen!

  79. To God b the glory, distance indeed z nt a barrier. What a God we serve

  80. Thank you Lord for your mercy

  81. amen , distance is not a barrier , my faith has been lifted up , the mother to lorraine ur miracle is on de way. Emmanuel.

  82. thankx you for the life of our prophet amen

  83. I really thank God For His Grace in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua in his Ministry. May He even give him more grace to do more in Jesus Christ’s Name – AMEN!

  84. Nothing is impossible for God to do. I thank God for your deliverance in Jesus’s Name. May His name alone be glorified – Amen!

  85. I thank God for being released in your situation to God be the glory

  86. Glorry be to God in the highest, for blessing this generation with Prophet TB JOSHUA and the entire ministry. Imagine people get healed of deadly deases ,Family problem setled, Broken home brougth back to life,Lost hope were made to be hopefull,and most impotantly people are tunning from idol worship to Almighty God. More anointing in Jesus name,May u live long as u bring others up to be a blessing to this generation.

  87. Amen and Amen, Halleluia and Glory be to God in the highest.

  88. the hand of God is still at work in the mist of those that believe, Glory to God for what He’s using Emmanu el TV to do in our time

  89. I thank ALMIGHTY GOD for HIS mighty work all around the world,let his name be highly EXALTED,IN JESUS NAME,AMEN

  90. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more Amen. He never said bye but he said He will be with us till the end of time or when he comes as king of kings.

  91. what a GOD we have to worship, believing dat HE who did it 4 u shall restore d health d health of my legs back (IJN) amen.

  92. I am really confident that next year I will share my own testimony and its my year of deliverance and breakthrough.

  93. God help have such faith.


  95. God is good all the time

  96. Distance is not a barrier,jesus still lives he never said no more healing,he never said goodbye.TB JOSHUA IS NOT THE HEALER BUT HE KNOWS THE HEALER AND THE HEALER KNOWS HIM AND HONOURS HIS WORDS.THE BEST IS YET TO COME.THANK U JESUS

  97. God wil bles me too

  98. Distance is not a barrier.”JESUS STILL LIVES AND HE NEVER SAID NO MORE HEALING,HE NEVER SAID GOOD BYE.TB JOSHUA KNOWS THE HEALER AND THE HEALER KNOWS HIM AS WELL. Thank u jesus,unexpected testimony are stil cuming in jesus name amen.

  99. Thank you man of god for the prayers,i hope and believe one day god will diliver and bless me and my family.


  101. God I tank u ooo! for the life of our sis U hav deliverd .may it happen to others who truly seek Him. amen

  102. i wnt.god to diliver
    me 4rm spirit of lost setback limitation in progress. Ilossies milions of naira every time i lusse more than thirty milions year i god to diliver me

  103. i like the healings at Emmanuel tv Nigeria.but why not such miracles in zambia that we can manage moving within country? i like this.

  104. Emmanuel! Am a lover of SCOAN and Emmanuel TV, infact its my favourite TV channel. I partake in almost all the serveice programs and am believing God that soonest my change will come. As miracles happens to people through their testimonies, such will happen to me in Jesus name. Amen. Am praying for God’s favor and visitation in my life and that of my family. Amen.

  105. anoited water save my life and two of my brothers.dat was last month.one night i sleep an wake up in d morning.i dnt.understant my dream.where i pray with anoiting water.b4 i left house 2 benin were am robbers atack me no bulet touch me.praise master jesus

  106. Amazing.God is Great!

  107. He is the same God yesterday,today and forever

  108. God is good all the time

  109. God is great

  110. Yahweh Jehova still in work and Jesus Christ never seized fЯ̩̥̊O̶̲̥̅̊M̶̲̥̅ sending us the Holy spirit. Thank Ʊ Jesus I need Ʊ more and more Lord.

  111. lord jesus l pray ad wish to get the annoiting water this decemb ,ad those who owe me to give me my money bck

  112. God of Prophet is my God and Healer.He said that He will accomplish that which He has started.Thank You Lord for restoring my health and I know the best is yet to come.Amen.Will forever more worship and glorify the God of Prophet T B Joshua.

  113. Congratulation…… Terima kasih TUHAN YESUS atas kesembuhan, berkat dan kasih MU. HALLELUJAH………HALLELUJAH………HALLELUJAH

  114. I love this emmanuel tv is my life since i dicurver e.tv my life change i wich longe life to joshua

  115. Our faith in the word of God made us well.

  116. Brother, Cover Prophet wit all the grace because you are bless.In jesus Name.

  117. Congratulations Lorraine from being delivered from the addiction of snuff . Lord Jesus is good all the time all the time he is good. But when he the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.

  118. Amen

  119. Since l watched Emmanuel Tv my life has changed,Jesus is the healer!

  120. He is God who makes everything beautiful in their own times

  121. am pray God everyday for giving to me a same grace on the man of God TB JOSHUA ! its true there any barrier for the faith ! i pray with a Mman of God since France here ! God is Good for his people !GOD bless you MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA ! evangelist valerie

  122. The same God wl do it to me hence distance is nt a barrier .

  123. Man of God i need your prayer sir, i have been looking for Job pass three years ago. I am a graduate since 14/oct/ 2010 Pray for me sir befor new coming year2013 to get new sweetable Job.my name is OYEWALE OLAOLU E. Thank sir

  124. may the power of God extend to my life as I start my journey to quit the addiction to smoking and drunkardness,so help me God.

  125. I thank God for your deliverence through the medium of Emmanuel Tv and senior prophet TB Joshua,may the mercy of God speak for me and my family,lord remove the spirit of unbelief within me,i believe God will touch my case as i touch the screen and pray along with father in the lord senior prophet TB Joshua

  126. Waw! what an awesome God we serve….. to his power distance is not a barrier. Thank you, Jesus! Emmanuel……………..!

  127. Amen

  128. Papa God you too much. Grant my heart desire just as you did to d lady in Jesus Name Amen

  129. Glory to Jesus Christ. We thank God for TB Josua he’s Gods chosen one. I believe God will deliver me and my husband as well in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  130. Thank you Jesus, i am healed,Jesus is my healer, i am delivered,Jesus is my deliverer, i am saved, Jesus is my saviour, i am redeemed, Jesus is my redeemer.

  131. Thank You Father God for making the impossible possible. Thank You Jesus being there for us and touched the needy souls. Please grow my faith and restore me from this serious spinal cord injuries caused by car accident after 6 years as I pray along with Prophet TB Joshua! O God I need your touch!

  132. Thank you Lord for the delieverance

  133. Glory be the God and HIS Son Jesus Christ for this Miracle and l pray God that it remain permanent in Jesus Name. Amen

  134. I thank Jesus for your deliverance and senior prophet TB Joshua,May God remove the spirit of unbelief within me,I believe God will touch my case one day as i touch the screen and pray along with man of God.Emmanuel

  135. Pass me not ho! Gentle saviour, hear my humble cry.

  136. I thank God for you. God helped you through the medium of watching Emmanuel television. Your earnest desire to quit snuffing and the release of your faith worked together to bring our Lord Jesus Christ on the scene enabling your freedom from the addiction of snuffing tobaco. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. To maintain your miracle, see to it that you abide in God’s Word. I am happy for you and to God be the Glory!

  137. may the almighty continue to lead and control me in Jesus name

  138. Finacial breakthrough,deliverance,irregular menstraution.

  139. I am delivered with my family in Jesus.

  140. He is worthy to be praised! I want to be healed!!!

  141. In the name of JESUS,I THANK U LORD AMEN

  142. Praise be in the name of Jesus ,I know God is about to intervine in my situation too


  144. It’s a wonderful thing that God always answers our requests/needs, most of the times we fail a test of our patience. He always comes at the time we are not expecting Him.


  146. My God i need admission dis year in auchipoly 4 my HND and i thank u 4 d great work u are doing in my families.

  147. our father prophet tb joshua said if you see it happen to you friend just know that you are also blessed through your brother or sister am blessed through that testimony in Jesus name amen. i thank God for sending prophet tb joshua in our time am very blessed i know one day i shall see him face to face.

  148. I would like to thank God for his great miracles and mercy thru his humbled servant prophet TB Joshua

  149. lord jesus christ never say goodbye, he is still saying something in our life. Trust him no sickness he will never cure. He is our deliverer, our healer our proctetor. Thank you jesus.

  150. Thank God for your life,the Lord that deliver you will also deliver and also blessing my family in Jesus name Amen.

  151. Sir please I need ur help and deliver me from H.I.V AIDS i want get married soon b/cos of that knowone want to marri me help me man of god them sideme outyesterday from the church but am in lagos now sir deliver me

  152. Power of the Almighty God at work

  153. Halleluja. Our God is a God of all impossibilties. Praise be to His Holy name. Man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua may God continue to bless and expand your ministry for this great work you are doing for His kingdom. I am also trusting God for my problems l put before Him to do it for me and give me a living testimony as well to His glory in Jesus name.Amen.


  155. God is great.Thank you Jesus.

  156. TB Joshua sermorns are my daily bread. I give glory to God , wish i can be @ scoan any day any time

  157. May the God of TB Joshua grant us all our heart desires in the mighty name of Jesus. Distance is not a barrier!

  158. Pls man of God pray me; i think i need deliverance cos am facing series of disappointments in my life; every relationship i go into result 2 disappointments and am tired of this kind of life please pray 4 me and i want my own husband i want 2 settle down please pray 4 me!

  159. Sir help me am in the church now help me and deliver me from sickness

  160. If it can happen to someone who touches the screen, it can happen to me I need the total delieverance for my financial because I believe what God says it will happen. Man of God I need your hand to touch to my relationship I am a heart broken I love this man indeed

  161. God is powerful.glory to God this testmonie is lifted my faith,lord help me to make a heart decision,in jesus name.

  162. Plz pastor help wth a prayer I went for an interview on tuesday. Pray for me man of God to help me found dis job thank you!

  163. God l thank u for what u’ve done 2 my sister, & it’s my prayer that as u r touching others Lord, do not pass me by.

  164. In the name of Jesus Amen

  165. Glory to the father for the deliverance. Longing for my deliverance. Am enjoying the sermons on the importance of FAITH. Am praying for the growth of my FAITH. Emmanuel

  166. I see my self privilage to have Prophet T. B. Joshua in my life cause since I pray with my life has changed for better. Be blessed man of God

  167. Prophet pray for me my relationship is not going well and the painfull thing is iam pregnent my husband he’s cross for me and I don’t know why

  168. with God all things are possible.

  169. God is good, lets exalt him all the days of our lives. amen

  170. Thank u Prophet T.B Joshua for healing the sick through God’s power.

  171. God of prophet tb joshua is a mighty deliverer, may his name be lifted up in jesus name Amen

  172. I trust and believe in Jesus, s name Amen.

  173. I do believe this testimony is true in Jesus name.

  174. i thank the lord for the life of my sister and i beleve that never this demon never return back again in her life in Jesus name

  175. I was deliver from bad habbit of on eating nail for over 30years after touching the hand of Senior Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV.i am greatful for this marvelous deliverance.God Bless man of God.

  176. God is great all the times and lets continue to follow the holy spirit. AMEN

  177. May the Almighty God give me more than the faith he gave you which change your life for better in Jesus name i pray…Amen.

  178. Praise be to God,distance is nt abarrier..ibelieve God cn do the same way to me in jesus name ipray Amen!.
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  179. Amen m so touched glory b to God

  180. I know God is about to do some thing wonderful in my life also because i know my God and He know me. Praise the mord

    • God I know you love me. Defeat and failure are things of the past.

      • Yes God’s power is so real that even if you go underneath or deepest ocean HE is right there. He knows my name and that it is engraved in his hands. Something wonderful and so powerful is gonna happen in my life and I will also come and testify on this page. AMEN

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