June 1, 2012

Enow shares his wonderful testimony about how he was completely delivered and disconnected from a spirit of masturbation that had plagued his life for many years. Coming to the realisation that he was facing a spiritual problem, he cried unto God for Divine intervention and prayed along with the Wise Men on Emmanuel TV. The results speak for themselves!

“Emmanuel! My name is Enow and I want to testify to the deliverance I received through Emmanuel TV! Before I had the spirit of masturbation and I was not comfortable each time i did it. I had been struggling with this sin for many years and it was really affecting my Christian life and my relationship with God. I always used to condemn myself and feel weighed down by guilt. So, one day I made up my mind that I would never do it again. I stopped doing it but about two weeks later, I started finding myself seeing people naked in my dream, causing me to masturbate in my dreams. When I woke up, I would find that I had discharged. I realised that this was not just an ordinary situation; it was spiritual.

“I was very unhappy about the situation so I wrote a prayer request to The SCOAN. That same day, I prayed along with the Wise Men during the Rebroadcast of a Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV. I began casting out every spirit in me. God touched me mightily during that prayer! That night, before sleeping, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would direct me in my dreams and be with me. I slept peacefully without any disturbance and when I woke up, nothing had happened! Thank You Jesus!

“From that moment onwards, I no longer see those nasty things in my dreams and I have never been troubled by that spirit of masturbation again. Praise the LORD! The best thing about sending a prayer request to The SCOAN and praying along with Emmanuel TV is that after doing so, you feel at ease because you know that you are nothing fighting the battle alone. I thank the Emmanuel TV Prayer Warriors and Prophet T.B. Joshua for being there for us. May God continue to give you the grace and power to continue to do what you are doing now!”

Hallelujah! Remember what Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Satan uses bad habits to connect us to himself.” We encourage all those experiencing similar problems to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men. Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit to deliver you and set you free!

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  1. I really need a breakthrough in my life and my family. I need a permanent job .Also enemies has been an obstacle in my life, people hate me for no reason they don’t want me progress in my life. I try hard for everything but I come up with nothing. In my family there is no one who is employed. I need to know the plan of god for me and my family ask that you pray for god to flood his blessings upon us. DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER. Please I really need breakthrough in my life. THANKS BY KELVIN KALUA, MALAWI.

  2. God of Prophet TB Joshua deliver me from spirit of madturbation and lost, as you have done to others. Let me be the next person to testify on Deliverance from masturbation, something that has tormented me for over thirty years.

  3. Please pray for me to free from masturbation n from watching porns please

  4. Am addicted to masturbation pls I need prayers

  5. please pray for me as well to our Lord jesus to get rid of the musturbation spirit..

  6. Oh that God would bless me indeed, that over 120,000 people around the world would visit http://pi3dtab.co.uk to order 3D tablets this year and that God would protect me from evil.

  7. I need prayer for my masterbuation addiction ,

    • I need a prayer for my masturbation and gambling habits,also a prayer for a better future,my business,my heath,my family and finding true human love and hapiness.

      • 11 For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.
        All of you have my prayers and Jesus is at the right hand of the Father right now interceding for you all=))

    • I need a prayer for deliverance in materbation in Jesus Name

  8. There are many things the devil has released into our lives in order for we to lose the promises of God in our various lives masturbation is a spirit casted into man so that he may lose eternity but with prayers and studiny the word of God we shall all over come this demonic stain in our lives help us lord we pray thee your children.

  9. I ned a prayr man of God,am a 18yrs virgin and i want 2 houner jesus ,and hav sex only wth ma wife,i hv ben baptise,murstibation,finnacial shotage,my father is a drunkered doesn’t work,mom she is trying by olmeans God bles her and dad, we realy in need of money 4 a living,i ask God and wish 2 b at de top 10 of Swaziland 2016,may ma 2 sistes find God n job,heal ma grandmother,lord hav mersy on me

  10. Please am with a spirit of masturbation so please I need ur prayers (please this is contact 0241652328)man of TB Joshua please help in players

  11. Please am with a spirit of masturbation so please I need ur prayers (please this is contact 0241652328

  12. Please am with a spirit of masturbation so please I need ur prayers

  13. man of God, pray for me and my entire family… nothing work for us we need the grace of God in my family…
    man of God pray for me i have a similar spirit of masturbation and i want to stop it… pray for me… i want to be delivered from that dirty spirit…Amen.

  14. God deliver me frm spiritual wife manipulations God hear my cry.

  15. I have a been facing this challenge (misturbating)in my life im begging for a prayer…i need diliverance please man of God… I hate doing these,it makes me unhappy all the time ..please pray for me this. I cannot overcome alone but by your prayers i can, i bilieve”.my contacts numbers is 0848318905.

  16. I have a big diturbuence in my life im begging for a prayer…i need diliverance…something is happening in my life that makes me unhappy..please pray for me all those who recieve this message.”im facing a very big challenge which i cannot overcome alone but by your prayers i can, i bilieve”.my contacts number if you want to ask me that problem which makes me unhappy is 0848318905.

  17. I have a big diturbuence in my life im begging for a prayer…i need diliverance…something is happening in my life that makes me unhappy..please pray for me all those who recieve this message.”im facing a very big challenge which i cannot overcome alone but by your prayers i can, i bilieve”.

  18. pls I need a load of prayer this habite is becoming very combersom for me. if i say i want top masturbate i will still find myself in the same situation. pls man of God i need deliverance pray for me.i was a prayer worriou before but not now.

  19. Am Patrick , l want to pray to deliver from spirit of masterbation.

    • please man of GOD prophet tb joshua, pray for me, to be delivered from masturbating it is now too much in me, detroy every spirit of mastubating in my life, since over 5years ago till now. please pray for me, i want to stop it there is no gain in it, please man of God help me out.

  20. Prophet joshua pls pray for me to succed in my life i hv a lot of debts I’m blacklisted I can’t find a job of my choice I’m always broke but I’m working I always borrow money always when I’m about to succeed in something there a setback I think there is an evil dark spirit after me pls pray for me to see my success and stay out of misery

  21. Greetings in the name of jesus christ our Lord, I believe that this gonna be my last station. I have suffered a lot of setbacks as result of spiritual attacks making my life so difficult in finances,career,business & growth in the things of God. As I write 2 u wise men & our father prophet T.B Joshua, am saying yes 2 the power of the holy spirit 2 deliver us /me of all darkness. Please pray 4 me & my family

  22. please MAN OF GOD PRAY FOR ME i have been masturbating my self for so long now it have destroy my self on to the extend i can not control my self i’m lost i can not focus in any thing i do in my education, business, career, please please pray for me man of GOD, i now distance is not a problem i will be hill in the NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS , I have been look for way to come to Nigeria for live service i do not know how to start about please tell how i can do it because i am in north Cyprus and also am a Cameroonian tanks very much.

    • Prayers sent brother

  23. pls help me i dnt want to masturbate and watch porn any more

  24. i need prayers guys about this evil spirit of masterbation,,,i jst did it an hour ago..

  25. pray with me people of God I want to quit masturbation it is really a problem in my life

  26. prayer request !! Man of God please allow me to come to the Scoan , I have been applying now for the past 4years ,, my life is tormented by an evil spirit ! There is stagnation in all of my family members , there is failure and disappoitment with all of our endevours ,, the thoughts of suicide are with me all the time ,, please help with prayer and invitation to the Scoan.. Please Reply ,I pray

  27. I am writing to make it clear that I don’t want the spirit of masturbation. It attacks me also when I am sleeping. I have stopped completely doing it when I am awake, but now I find it attacks me when I sleep. Please pray for me. I declare to God and man that I do not want this spirit and I caste it at the foot of the cross where it will be judged. Amen.

  28. Man of God please pray for me am having the spirit of anger which is hindering me to serve God in truth l have been denying this spirit but it is still coming back to me and also dreaming of my late husband l need your prayer. Last week l dreamt Prophet TB Joshua was ministering and he gave me some money l was confused l did not know the meaning of that dream.

  29. i need your help . im nolonger controling my life.. my performance in school is poor . can you pray for me , i need Jesus in my life .

  30. thank you jesus

  31. hi please help . i’ am sufering due to habbit of masterbation since childhood. now I’m at 25 please help i get so tempted to masterbate ,, every time i thought of stooping it but i cant. please pray for me to get free from this curse & masterbation spirit coz i’m suffering through stress, emptyness & guilt. please pray for me

  32. Man of God please help me i have the same problem of masturbation addiction and and now it seems i can’t have i child because i have lost interest in woman, and also i have the tendency of using traditional charms from traditional doctors, so man of God i need to be born again i want to belong to God because ever since using this medicines my life have never been good, i m a poor man even though i have a University Degree my life haven’t change please man of God pray for me, i want my life to change from poor to better, and also man of God it seems i can’t have a child because i tried with different woman but still nothing happened, some one told me that my reproductive muscles have blocked please man of God pray for me so that i can have a child and better living with a good family, another problem that i have is alcohol and drug abuse which has been destroying my life for almost 13 years please man of God pray for me because i want to leave this things and follow God.

    • Healing in the name of Jesus! His Holy, just, good, amd perfect will ne done.

  33. oh mighty people of God..,i’ve been suffering all over since 2011~2014,nw ts three year m an addicted masturbato and watch porn regullary..i always wake up with one agenda in my mind…i know u all guessed..,that would one day quite masturbation and pornography..i pleadge everytime and i find myself watching internet porn…since i am almost 19 and still a virgin cause i know this is the right way for me i please myself through masturbation…at timesi masturbate thrice a day and this has all reduced my mind to some kinda porn website,i think nothing else apart from porn..my dad is also a porn viewer,,.we r together in this with my brother but both do not know that i know of their deeds…,i realy want this to stop..if there is someone reading this.,,i request for prayers…its an addiction that is nw getting out of hand,sometimes i fantasize hving sexwith my mom nd my female cousin…please breatherens.,pray for my family….

  34. please pray with me to forrever ve delivered from this demons. I am asking all true believets to help me pray.

  35. Emmanuel! Please, pray for me to be fully delivered and healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I want to carry a deliverance, healing and salvation anointing with me to Japan and help bring about revival there by the spirit of the living God to the whole nation. I have had this calling on me for years now, but the devil has been trying to slow me down. I don’t claim the bondage anymore in Jesus name. No more lust or infirmity in my body in Jesus name. Amen.

  36. Question, what prayer video did you use? Because I have had this same issue, and I need to stop it, and stop it now in the name of Jesus!

  37. God is the Almighty and All knowing God has mercy to His sons and daughters who has similar problems. May in His Mercy visits those in needs and touches them with the same healing power. May His Powerful Name be Praised for ever.

  38. Thank you God for the man of God.
    God bless prophet TB JOSHUA.

  39. Glory be to the ALMIGHY!

  40. i want to be with you always when you are praying because i know that i have a bad spritual i request on yahoo because to come there it is far away to me so may help me to be with Jesus Christ when i sow you i am feelling well and when you are healin

  41. I,m here to share how I survive with the job I do, am into illegal job which I earns a living a job I never desire to do in life, one day I was caught in a crime that could leads me death and my boss noted that I was caught he went to consults a spiritual FATHER from Indian, know as Dr. Ojaresolutiontemple who rescue me from the mess, if you have any problems as well please contact Dr, ojaresolutiontemple@gmail.com

    • Steven! Do u know which wall you are writing? Who is this doctor you are you talking about? Here we acknowledge and talk about JESUS THE GREATEST! The living God! The same yesterday today and forever!

  42. I was tormented by d devil but i believe that i am healed before the text goes out of my phone and that was why I used ‘was’ @ 1st place ,, and this i must achieve through Jesus Christ my lord the same God of prophet T.B joshua, Amen, my pending result must be released and I must excel

  43. I’ve not had sex before but I learnt of masturbation
    From watching
    Porn A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ for five it has been tormenting my life. I’ve tried to stop it naturally but It can’t let go. I’m J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ 19 A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ an undergraduate in one of the Nigerian Universities. I’m very brilliant but I recently noticed that I now suffer from lost of memory A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ backpains A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ because of this problem I can’t read for more than one hour again. Please prophet , wise men A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ emmanuel TV assist ƺ in prayers. This torment has been unbearable A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ it’s seriously hampering my career. I use to be very brilliant but now i’m J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ a little above average. Come to my rescue. Please!!! #crying.

  44. i’m affecting also with the urge of doing masturbation. It started when i slept with one women, since then i masturbate like crazy and i feel my body becoming weak. I don’t have feeling for girls (sexually) and i still don’t understand if is spiritual attack or just myself. most of the time before i do masturbation i just recall porn pictures and some women i had sex with. I just don’t feel myself again since then. Please Jesus deliver me i’m tired with all of this!

  45. He is always at work, ready to deliver us from any kind of sickness. man of God,pray for me i have being married for about five years now and no child. I believe He will not pass me by.

    • Thank you Jesus for this brother and sister in Jesus’ name, Lord I pray for their Healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name, by this time next year they’ll be rejoicing of a new life on earth according to your faithfulness in Jesus’ name. No miscarriages in Jesus’ name. Amen

  46. My father in christ pray 4 me with the spirit against poverty.

  47. Dear Man of ALMIGHTY GOD,
    I’ve been in the same situation of spirit of musterbation n lust, please guide and pray for me!!


  49. i need prayer help me man of God,im troubled by feeling of lust

  50. Man of god I have a problem with my wife, unemployment, career, cast group my future pls deliver me from evil spirits

  51. God pls deliver me4rm dat ugly spirit

  52. I hv bn disturbd by d same of masturbation. I want the people of God to pray 4me so God can deliver from d spirit through His Spirit

  53. i hav the same problm of masterbation, i post this after 10 min of masterbation, pleees God make me free from this crap habit pleeeees

  54. Amen Lord I thank you in our life christ give me the power to overcome all power of darkness in my life Lord help me to love u more in my life I need christ to upen my eyes to see things in spirit true to power of his resurreccion Amen

  55. Thank you jesus

      ZAMBIA 260968519561.

  56. Man of god please for me I need. A breakthrough in my career,I’m curently studying geology I’m doing de research an its realy dificult,pray 4me so dat I can finish my research and get a job

  57. Man of God pray for me i have this spirit of masturbating nd many disappontments nd failures that is troubling me Lord have mercy on me

  58. Pls i masturbate, i wnt it to cast away

  59. i want to be deliver from masterbating and lost after women

  60. Name Percy Sarpong,pray for me MAN of GOD.i was shot in dream,eating,having sex,swiming,low sperm count,flowing of white fluid off my penis after visitin toillet.bad dreams all time.pray for me,deliver me please!!!.I belive distance is not a barrier.

  61. Hello viewers, i want to use this little of my testimony to tell everybody about how Dr. Moses help me make my home…
    My name is Anna from Australia, to caught it all shot i was having a family problems my husband left me because i was not able to give him a child, i have know other solution than to start sicking for help praying and fasting for God to help me bring back my husband and to have a child of my own, so one day i saw Dr. Moses name on the internet with his email address (thegodsofsolution@gmail.com) when i saw this email address i never loose any hope again, i contacted him for help, to end the story he help me bring back my husband to me under four days and to my greatest surprise he prophesied and said i we have my own child and celebrate with others as a mother, am three months pregnant now and my husband is now with me without any problem, please viewers help me to thank Dr. Moses Iyere for making my home a happy one. Please contact Dr. Moses Iyere at (thegodsofsolution@gmail.com) he is a good man and a prophet, he can help
    you in any kind of problems please don’t pass this email address if you really want your problems to be solved thanks..

  62. Jesus bless me and my family..becouse we lost arwa mathar last mounth,and she was a breadwinar in our family…now we are left with arwa fathar and he is not working…in jesus name i pray

  63. Man of God am haveing the same problem please help me I don’t know what to do

  64. dear men of God im a girl of 19 doing my grade12 this year and ask you with all th respect to pray for me so i get good marks to make my family proud and put all the peope to shame tht never believed in me. I want to keep this relationship alive with my friend free form all troubles and go along way together. Have an infection at side of my lips that dnt go away i ask for a healing in jesus name. I dont want to dissappoint my family in any way lord especialy geting pregnant .i ask for success through evry step of my life and family , protection, strength friends ask these al in your name..

  65. dear men of God im a girl of 19 doing my grade12 this year and ask you with all th respect to pray for me so i get good marks to make my family proud and put all the peope to shame tht never believed in me. I want to keep this relationship alive with my friend free form all troubles and go along way together. Have an infection at side of my lips that dnt go away i ask for a healing in jesus name.

  66. Masturation is a sin to God.for i have heard this testimony about our brother who has been masturbating,when i saw that it came up in his dreams when he tried to stop it.than i realised that satan was trying to take place.Masturbation is a sin according to our Christianity,for us to keep on having a good relashion with God,we should stop it.Amen!!! Emmanuel

  67. emmanuel! Pls man of God help me things ve not been well with me since i lost my parent n my only sister at the age of five, have been having spiritual problem, ve never been favour people ve been rejecting me, hatred everywhere i go even my husband hate me. Ve been seeing myself making love in my dream, n my marraige is at crumbling level. please my father i need your help please am dying gradually, evryday i cry to God for help and am having eye problem. Please man of God help me

  68. Man of God, i have married for about four years now and no child. prophet of God, pray for me and i believed that distance is not a barrier. I am a Cameroonian living in Cameroon and i believed that if you stretch you hand on me, my situation change.

  69. God is love and we need to love other because He love us so much that He sent His only begotten son to come and die for our sins. He that doesn’t love is not from God. And he that pretend that he love God without loving his or her fellow brother or sister is not from God as the bible teaches.

  70. Pls pray for me that God will deliver me from spirit of masturbation,adulatory,and lust

  71. the Scoan is a living church with the spirit of the almighty God

  72. a living church with the spirit of the almighty God

  73. Can u please pray for me.? I am a christian, but i have sinful life. May be God doesnt likes me because of lustful life. I was tried to stop this but cannot. Please pray for me. I want live a good life for Jesus.

  74. I thank God for delivring Enow. And i pray that the God that deliver him wil also deliver me from the same problem in Jesus name. Amen

  75. Its a rare privilege to pray along with prophet tb joshua.i rily need god’s intervation in my lyf & family.may god almighty add more to yo lyf man of god.in jesus’name.

  76. Please man of God, pray for me to be healed from a crippling pain on my knees, legs and joints.

  77. Ive also sufferred the same problem as Enow for a long time. I believe in God’s servant, prophet T.B. Joshua &the wise men & that Jesus still heals, saves & delivers today. Pls agree with me. I recieve my miracle by faith in Jesus Name. Amen! Thanks & may God continue strengthen you.

  78. plz pastor i need ur prayers how can i get it

  79. My exams results are around the corner so help me in prayers man of God.

  80. We need to confess our sins everyday when we pray and God will forgive and give us his holy anointing.When we pray, whatever we ask from God, we must ask it in the name of Jesus Christ

  81. Please help me i also facing the same problem.

  82. Man of God,deliver me from masturbation its been 10 years now.

  83. Man of God, please pray for me to be delivered from the spirit of masturbation and spiritual sex. When i sleep before i wake up i would just discovered that my body is wet and a times immediate effect this thing takes place i would wake up and pray and it is affecting my spiritual life because i am a devoted christain.

  84. My father in the Lord I need you to pray for me. I need deliverances from all the things that are bothering me. Amen

  85. Help I need delivered from masterbation and addictive personality

  86. I‘m married for nine years without a child. God has made my pregnant last year december,but today is 8/12/2012 she pass her recommended due day october 2. Please man of God join us in prayers, so that my wife can deliver safetly in JESUS NAME.

  87. It’s done.




  90. Prophet TB Joshua u are my hero my mentor my role model and a father im a young pastor in south africa one day il come to the scoan

  91. Please, I need prayer too…I know the truth but yet I continue to deceive myslf. I also have been experiencing shortness of breath for a year now. I also have been seeing visions or maybe dreams of the END of the WORLD. THE SUNS RAY WILL BURN UP THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEA WILL COVER THE LAND AND PEOPLE WILL BE RUNNING FOR HIGHER GROUNDS.

    • Need Prayer! I’m from Papua New Guinea.

  92. Please, I need prayer too…I know the truth but yet I continue to deceive myslf. I also have been experiencing shortness of breath for a year now.

  93. Having u as our spiritual @ de head is most important thing.more oil to keep de ministry going.God empowers u more sir.

  94. T.B. Joshua, men of God and wise men, I’m the worst sinner of all and only God’s mercy and intervention can save me. Please pray for my complete deliverance from every sin. I’m desperate for help and can’t live with this self-condemnation and shame anymore. I really want more faith, love and a changed heart. God bless you mightily in every way.

  95. Pray for me Dickson K.Banda malawi i have problems with my promotion as shift safety coordinator .And I belive JESUS alone can assist me please man of God. . .

  96. I,M allso having the same proble of mastibetion, which cause me h I v. I want you people of god to help me with my wife. We are both, afected.please man of god prophet TB JOSHUA pray for us. May god bless you.

  97. I have a problem with masturbation, every time I am by myself or in a bathroom I am always seduced by a strong desire to masturbate, I really need change in this area.
    father lord deliever me formhis of spirit of masturbate Jesus Amen

  98. Our GOD is unconqurable light, he is glorious and permanent.

  99. Please i have reached the age to marry but cant find a life partner.pls pray for me to identify my wife for marriage.

  100. Thank you Jesus.Thank you man of God- TB Joshua for being used to spread the true gospel to all nations. Be blessed.


  101. praise the name of the Living God. our God is still in the business of healing and deliverance.
    if we believe and connect with faith. every mountain would be moved out of our life. to God be the Glory.

  102. emmanuel tank u very much for posting this testimony.i am under the same habit for 7 to 8yrs nw.but reading your testimoney i believe my deliverance is on the way.i believe if The God that delivered u is still alive and did not hold u guilty for your sins of masturbation but hed u and delivered u then i believe am also delivered.

  103. may the Lord extend your life

  104. Man of God please deliver me.

  105. I am female, single, I have been a victim of masturbation since 2003, that is for about 10 years. This bad habit has brought me all sorts of problems like procrastination, hatred, love of sleep, disappointment, rudeness, uselessness, delays, unemployment…and so many bad feelings… Please man of God, T.B. joshua and the wisemen come to my aid by helping me pray over this big problem… my heart is open, i am tired of this bad habit and its effects… i know that everything is possible and that distance is not a barrier… i have been to a number of pastors for deliverance but everytime i go, something closes my mouth not to reveal about this bad and devilish habit… as a result i only talk of the surface problems or the effects of this masturbation as a result once i stop doing it, it doesnot take long for me to return to it… my spiritual life has been eroded greatly… i also see sleep with different men in my dreams and even animals like monkeys, cats…i no longer pray as i used to such that even church has become my enemy… i don’t go to church on Sundays. Since 2010, i can count the number of Sundays (less than 15) i have been going to church and on these Sundays i was even forced by relations to go to church. i am struggling with unemployment, i used to be a very bright lady with a very bright future but i dont know where all these have gone to… and all the good things and blessings that had been flowing to me before my fate (before this bad habit) are rarely falling upon me… Distance is not a barrier, i know that God will deliver me in jesus christ name.. i am tired, am a lady of vision but things are not working out for me, but I know God will have mercy upon me and He will forgive me for this sinful habit… I EVEN NEED YOUR COUNSELLING probably through e-mail…Thanks in advance..

  106. This is very good and nice may this testimony be maintained in Jesus name.
    God bless

  107. Emmanuel…I thanks d God of TBJOUHUA 4 his delivry.this God that delivered me wil also prov a job 4 me.EMMANUEL

  108. Glory be to God for you T.B.Joshua that God is still saying something to us but we are not yet understand him,even some don’t belive that there is God and they confuse others.What can I do to have him and work in me? If you can pray for me please do it because time He say He will come seems is near,Please man of God help me in prayers,I have problems but I can’t tell God the big of the problem but I near to tell the problem the of God.Help me Man of God…..

  109. Glory halelujah.god has done it again.me and my dad have little problem.but it was a twinkles of eyes.and l was feed myself 4 good 3weeks.l sent a requeste yestaday about d problems am passing through and d one dat is coming.bt l see dat as my dad returns from village.and greated him it was a surprise l here him thank u.oh dat y l sey l will surly give dis thanks 2 god who done dis miracles 4 mi.and there’s more dat remain 2 give wen d time came. L wil give .glory emmaneul.

  110. God is Stil saying something via wise men, Pls Man of God pray for me I have got the same problem,(Masterbatiom spirit),I have try to stop this situation but without any sucsess.

  111. Please Man of God T.b. Joshua and the wise men, please pray for me to be deliver from spirit of masturbation, alcoholic and smoking habit, night men every night i sleep. I believe i will be believer.

  112. Please T. b. Joshua and the wise men, please back up this prayer with mine i need to help me and favor me with great men and women,give me money to build the Automobile assembling plant my company want to build.

  113. Thank u jesus 4 ur love and mercies,am also havin issues with masturbation,bt I know one day God will deliver me in jesus name.

  114. Hallelua ,Thank you Jesus for your deliverance to your child

  115. I strugle with this spirit of masturbation and am a born again christian

  116. Please t. b. joshua and the wise men, please back up this prayer with mine. I need the Lords forgiveness and mercy. Dear Heavenly Father, Please forgive me and heal me of lust, laciviousnes, masterbation, immorality, cursing and swearing, selfishness, idolatry of pornography, perversion, adultery, fornication, of hate and anger and a root of bitterness, and please baptise me or fill me with Your Holy Spirit with the ability to speak with the gift of tongues from heaven. Please restore to me my first love of you Lord Jesus. In Jesus name i pray… amen

  117. I do go through the same thing.When it happened I get shy to talk about it because it’s an embarrassing then.Immediately after it happens I get a terrible pain down my tummy that lasts only for a couple of minutes.I get angry with myself after this and at the same time feeling sorry foruself.Please pray for me that whatever the devil stole from me through this will be returned back to me man of God.

  118. emmanuel pls help me i want a family to settle,pls pray for me man of god i know that distance is not a barrier,pls jesus help me man of god,even my young brother is not working pls pray for me man of god.

  119. thank u jesus,man of god pls help me i had a problem with my two ears they have got sores,inside and bed smell and i want to come to ur church but problem i dnt have funds man of god,pls i want promotion,salarie increase and yard to settle pls man of god.

  120. Pls sir u are my last hope for this incurable disease,i know via u am heal. In Jesus name Amen

  121. thank u 4 the men of God.i hope and pray that they help me, over come my problems.indeed distance is not a barrier. Amen

  122. thank u 4 the men of God.

  123. Man of God help me to pray for a good and stable marriage , since I’m planning to marry this year and I know that outside God I can do nothing. I need prayer in Jesus’s name. For distance is not a barrier.

  124. praise the Lord!

  125. he is able more than able..thank you Jesus Christ.

  126. Pleas man of God prophet Tb Joshua deliver me am having the same problem

  127. We give God all the Glory.

  128. ame amen God ur indeed able

  129. What a wonderful testimony my brother shame belongs to the devil and his co horts. You are free indeed now.

  130. Thank you LORD for giving us Prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel tv

  131. Pls heal my body sicknesses

  132. Glory be to God

  133. Hello Man of God, am young cameroonian, 33 yrs old lady not yet married, no proposals. no baby. also i hav a challenge with the spirit of anger hav prayed about but to no avail. I also have this question, I know is true Jehovah is God, all knowing, Souveraign but how can He give me by prophecy a man who is not yet born again, who is stuck in the world being a member of the catholic church… to be my husband to be, am 33 you know. am so tired, please help me. I believe in you daddy Joshua, talk to Your Father on my behalf, ‘coz at times i feel He isn’t hearing me. right now am even unable to pray for about a month now

  134. Masturbation

  135. I have been in love with Emmanuel TV for broadcasting the mighty ways in which our God is moving thriugh Prophet T. B. Joshua and his team. I thank God always for their lives and the life of the President of Ghana. Your ministry is saving millions and God surely will continue to bless you.

  136. pliz continue praying 4 us with da same addiction.God bless u man of faith.

  137. Amen to Jesus Christ. Thank you man of God i receive in Jesus Mighty Name. MEN Truly distance is not a barrier. Thank you Lord.


  139. Thank you lord for giving us a wonderful man to direct us AMEN..prophet pray for my sentimental life nd financial

  140. Help me,ples sir, i dont have money,i dont have work, pls sir help me.

  141. I Join others in saying Amen to your case.All glory be to God.

  142. Thank you jesus for everything you’re doing through prophet T.B joshua.emmanuel!

  143. I thank God for the man of God whom God have use in taking away my spirit of masterbation i thank God for the New thingsto happen in my life Emmanuel Nwachukwu

  144. God can do all things


  146. My father in d lord said that distance is not a baria i bliv that i can be delived trough dis midium 4rm d spirit of distruction in jesus name amen and amen.

  147. Emmanuel! Thank you Jesus. I had the same problem but i blv that Jesus is my saviour,healer my everything & i say 4rm 2day i will not mustarbat in Jesus’ name Amen!

  148. i thank God for what he is using man of God TB JOSHUA for please pray for me agaisnt spirit of limitation and family curses.God bless everyone at SCOAN
    Emmanuel amuzu

  149. Prophet TB Josuah i love you so much i really like to see you in my life time ,i have sin agist the lord and man right now i hv bn detained at the airport for the past 8days but i know God of TB Josuah will rescue me and take me home sefely oh yes even thank for yr teachings and everything


  151. Praise God ! Man of God TB Joshua May your hand touch my Life

  152. Prophet, pls deliver me.

  153. Prophet, pls deliver me from any bad spirit that is trumbling my life.

  154. Man of God pray for me l have abdominal pain

  155. All i can say is that i want to go and experience the same deliverance and give my own testimonies. I am really blessed by the annointing in Scoan. The testimonies they make me believe that the purpoe that the son of God was manifested to destry the works of the Devil is happening

  156. Praise the Lord!
    Everytime God speaks to us through his word, dreams, visions and testimonies. This testimony is not only for the people with the spirit of masturbation but for all kinds of spirits through which we are connected to Satan. Senior Prophet T.B.Joshua and the wise men are sent by the Heavenly Father for us so that we get delievered by the precious blood of JESUS. CHRIST from all kinds of boundages of Satan. So, stay in faith, keep praying and get healed according to your faith.

  157. Praise the Lord!

  158. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, please man of God Prophet TB Joshua pray for me and my family. this spirit of marry and remarry and eating from the dream sleeping with different men from the dream. please man of God help me from zambia

  159. Thank you Phophet T.B Joshua ,5 wise man and Emmanuel T.V may the Lord continue to bless you, pray for my relationship with my partner may the Lord re-unite,reconcile and restore our relationship we have 2 kids our seperation affect them God almighty help me i need you Jesus christ deliver us

  160. When you watch Emmanuel TV you will never go wrong, it delivers, reconciles and heals in Jesus Christ name.

  161. Hallelujah, I was also delivered from constant masturbation in late 2010 and the whole of 2011 I never did it however unfortunately this year I almost let it go But to God be the glory I have declared never again in Jesus name. I am now looking forward to finding a lady to marry ASAP.

  162. What a mighty God we serve,my brother God loves you so much and all the brothers there wil know that masturbation is an an evil spirit attack.Glory be to God.May God continue using our prophet T.B. Joshua and his crew.How i love Emmanuel T.V.God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen

  163. Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus for the wonderful Miracles. May God Continue to Bless the Ministry( SCOAN) and Emmanul TV Team.

  164. I believe that God will give me success in my exams by his infinite mercy man of God Tb Joshua i pray that God will through you give me break through in my live in Jesus name amen emmanuel!

  165. I thank God for his macy upone my life and for deliverance from the spirite of set back


  167. Wow ,what a mighty God we serve, thank you Jesus with these wonderful testimonies.His word is powerful,There is power in the name of Jesus. I believe Jesus is alive. Emmanuel!

  168. Emmanuel,i also have a spirit of masturbution and porngraphy watch on computer.I started masturberting when was 16 years old.I am 38 years and cant stop this evil act.I had put in a prayer request but i have not been answered.I started watch porn from a work computer in 1998 upto now i can not stop.I think this is demonic.God deliver me from this evil spirit before i am fired or charged with watching obsence materials.I await your answer.I ve not married at my age.I am a very handsome tall guy with a good job.

  169. I have a similar problem, I have been battling with masturbation for the past 14yrs and I feel guilty each time i do this. I need help!!!

  170. Thank you Jesus for give me this day

  171. Let’s thank for that.

  172. My prophet pray for me my wife left me for another man but the man dumped her and she cnt come back but I need her back am facing a lot of problems coz of this I lost a job coz of this pliz help me

  173. Praize the lord i pray 4 maself 2 pass ma exams starts 2morro

  174. thanks god

  175. I needed brackthrought in mylife an my farmily.

  176. Amen! I believe today i ll heal also from the spirits of bad habits wich have affected me for many years,

  177. BUDI TAYOH DIDIER from Cameroon

    is a mighty
    good thing the lord has done in your life we give him all the praise

  178. Man of God please help me and my familly. My familly is curse destroyed,my younger brother is accounted whus life is hell his name is petrus kamatoto.whu stole from our 74year old mothers money from her bank account. I go in to relationships but fails.I want to get a white man but must be man of God.please help me.

  179. I also want this deliverance man of god

  180. Plz man of God senior prophet TB joshua I need help yo intervain In my sitiuation I living a life of hand to mouth the only accese is watch emmanuel tv and I say thank you jesus to have this station wat I mean is I can’t affoid air ticket and I don’t have a passport and I’m using a phone to post my request I have already posted my requests if those people are getting deliverence wat about me plz man of God deliver me through this media. If I have money and passport I could have come long time ago the problem is I don’t have all this. Z problem is HIV/AIDS being as pastor it has affected me a lot, z ministry is not moving,bad dreams, eating in dream, seeing difference people in dream and lust which is pushing everywhere I go plz senior prophet TB joshua I see God almighty is working in you where can I go? Help me I’m crying

  181. jesus is great distance can’t be a barrier to receive tb joshua’s blessings. plis pray for me so that i can be blessed in the name of the mighty name of jesus.bles me and my family..bring peace and the holy spirit.Goitsemang Rapelang from Botswana.contact:(267)73484010 adress:PO BOX 114 Motokwe Botswana.

  182. Pray for aswel am having same problem

  183. my name is suleiman mikail, a student of kogi state university. Who also hail from kogi state. I have been masturbating right from childhood and for the last six month i have been noticen one kind of problem…am afraid to have contact hiv-aids, please i need your prayer.

  184. ManofGod. Pray. For me idreaM bad dreams spiritual breakthru

  185. please man of God pray for me also i have been masturbating for mostly 4 years now please pray for me ..the spirit masturbation as effect my education in such away that i cannot study my books iam going my grade 12 this year please pray for me of God..this spirit as effect my christian life ….. I speak in tongues….i cast out demons…and i do preach the word of God in zambia please man of God iam on knees please iam suffring spiritual please please. i have been watching emmaunel tv since 2006 my name is Reagan nswana

  186. Thank you Jesus, I’m delivered with the same problem while watching Emmanuel TV in 2009 and ever since the forces of darkness doesn’t have power over me anymore

    Thank you Jesus

  187. Amen! our God is gud

  188. Please man of God i have been outside the country for getting to three years now and i have not been able to send one naira to my people please my of God pray that the lord will remember me because my boss in nigeria whom i have served for year since i left have not called me for 2 and many years now but to my surprice he called on last sunday i want God to change his mind on me and call me to the good news. please man of God i am depending on God to anwser me quick .please you all should pray for me sir

  189. Man of God pls pray with me.I’m 37yrs old,no wife.there is a girl I love so much and I want to make her my wife .If this girl is the right one to be my wife,pls my Lord,make her agree to marry me.If she is not for me,pls my God show me the one to be my wife Through a dream.I believe that u shall do this in Jesus’name. Amen

  190. Our God is all knowing with prophet TB Joshua, may have mercy and deliver me from hotness of the body and noisy stomach with a parasite called chymidia

  191. emmanuel! i stil believe that their is NO weapon formed against us that will ever prosper…..Man of God my prayer is to come to nigeria SCOAN

  192. Its true man of God distance is nt a barrier may you please pray for me am writing exams in July as well as my grp members and may you bless my family thank you man of God

  193. Pray for me to get a job have been applying but not getting one

  194. The unfolding of thy words give light it imparts understanding unto the simple so Prophet TB Joshua i wanna thank you for being a good leader u lead by example that’s why the spirit of God never leaves u alone caz u are sent to re-light the world.

  195. My son Agbessi Mawuélom Elvis is not feeling ok sence ,he has a sekness which i don’t know realy know the name ,i went to the hospital in Lagos and i did ur the text and no answer and some doctor said is an epilepcy and some said is from the brene and try my best but noting and last february i go back to Togo and i ur the text and scan but my son style sofring and i come back To Nigeria and a friend of my talk to me about the Prophet and i wont to come there my boy but i know the way to reche prophet .my son is 4 years this january .I Was there befor in 2011 and nobody atend to boy because i don’t have the of the text paper but now i have it {please help my son for me please}tank you evreyone God bless

  196. I too suffering from this spirit of mastrubation since i was ten year old. I am nw 42 year of age. Nt married had a boyfriend who promise mariage plz man of god i need mariage with hm this time it cnt pass . At my work place i stand a change to be promoted nw plz man of god pray for my deliverance ,spiritual,sentimantle and my prosperty. Euery thing is possi.ble.

  197. Praise be to God. Some of the things which we do, we just don’t know that is evil. Man of God and wise men please help me I am of these people, sometimes I find myself wet even when I haven’t met with my husband. How can I recieve holy water in Zambia? It is my prayer that God can deliver me today because I am about to loss my marriage (HUSBAND) because of my behaviour which sometimes even myself hate it but I don’t know what makes me doing these things.

  198. Man of God,i want 2 com 2 receive my own total freedom by septemer, i pray it shall be posible by God’s grace.pls pray 4 my life and family.

  199. Thank You Jesus Christ. Your grace is all that we christians need. Thank You for giving our generation Your servant T.B Joshua. I wonder where would l, my nation and the world be by now if not him and Emmanuel tv. Thank You for raising me up from the dust. I know the best is yet to come. Amen.

  200. Thank You Jesus Christ. Your grace is all that we christians need. Thank You for giving our generation Your servant T.B Joshua. I wonder where would l be by now if not him and Emmanuel tv. Thank You for raising me up from the dust. I know the best is yet to come. Amen.

  201. God really works wonders, man of God prophet TB Joshua pray for me, I need the same deliverance. Praise be to God Father Almighty!!!

  202. Only we have to say THANK YOU LORD. What a mighty GOD we serve. I bless the name of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for the deliverance over my brother through Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier indeed. Praise GOD. Holy SPIRIT l thank you. TB Joshua you are blessed. Amen.

  203. I m Benedict Ezemadu i m an ophan in a strange land . I m in d point of death I wnt God 2 help me, things are deficult 4 me nw i am in the mist of confusion.

  204. Almighty God be exalted for what you have done in the life of this man. God is good all the time all time he is good.
    Be exalted O god above the Heavens’s let your glory be over all the earth.

  205. i thank God for using the prophet

  206. Man of God help me my brother have got cancer and the doctors are saying there are no longer able to treat him

  207. TB Joshua and the five wisemen may you ask your God to heal me from testcle pain,body heat,financial breakthrough.I faith in Jesus christ,am standing on this African land.

  208. I will reveal myself even to them who didn’t seek me. it’s written and the time is now

  209. Everything is possible with God. To Him be the Glory!

  210. I want to be delivered from spiritual bondages such as failures in life,setbacks,spiritual masturbation and unprogressive in life. Help me spiritual one.

  211. Man of God deliver my family from the spirit of death my sisters lost there child while there still babies

  212. God i thank you, for what your doing in the life of your people, thanks so much.

  213. I like all service from SCOAN

  214. I Live to see that which God promised me.Let that door be opened for me in Jesus name. My God Jehovah as you bless and deliver others through Prophet TB Joshua do not leave me.

  215. Emmanuel.

  216. emmanuel!God with us.plz TB deliver me in drms

  217. praise God!!!!!!!!!

  218. Emmanuel, pls god deliver me from lower back pains and abdominal pain and bleeding and safe delivery in jesus name. Amen

  219. Praaaaaaaaaaise be to God!!!!!!!!!

  220. I thank God 4 using T.B Joshua 2 break the power of satan over man. 2 God be all the glory. Amen.

  221. Im delivered also in the name of jesus christ

  222. TB Joshua is a REAL and TRUE Man of Jesus. He is operating Christianity at the highest level currently in this world! Lets just observe him and read the bible(mark 9v38, acts 5v33-42, matthew 7v15, 1john 4v1) and we will see that he is working for Jesus! He is a True almost 100% allround christian and he doesnt only talk but he acts! Continue being used by Jesus TB Joshua and i love every moment i see you on Emmanuel TV! AMEN



  223. When you are connected with the Heavenly frequency, distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus and man of GOD.

  224. praise the living God, the Holy Ghost. im in Swaziland and i have been looking for a job for the past years. may the Man of God pray fo me, distance is not a barrier indeed.
    God bless.

  225. I believe so much in God using people to do his work. And I want to thank prophet TB joshua for making himself available. I have a prayer request.

  226. I nid a deliverance 4rm the spirit of masturbation

  227. man of God please praye with me, need to be deliverd from Generational curses , I am qualified for job but noting camin up,only if i have money only i tink abt is to came ther for my break throughs, i love Tb JOSHUA AND HIS WISEMANS

  228. My is kenneth odidika i,am from IMO STATE my story goes like this it all started 1996 when i have problem with my OGA who is late now he drive me out of his house and i,am then staying with my UNCLE in the same ABA so i was all alone everyday in the house so one day one spirit inter me asking me to masturbat my self as at that time i don,t no anything about masturbation that is how i started masturbating up till today this thing has cost me a lot of damage in my christain life i have come to SCOAN twice for me to be delivered from this problem but to no avail please man of God i need a deliverance this has cost me so many sins in my life i can,t pray the way i suppose to pray spirit of fair, woman of different type, not doing well in besiness, no steady relationship, so many of them like that Please sir i want to no the (RUT COST) of my problem and be delivered from it. I so much love SCOAN i hate seeing people talking against SCOAN because is the only church i see that is practicing the true christainity, all my believe is that when next i will step into SCOAN my case will be mention in jesus name Amen.

  229. Thank You Jesus!!!!!
    Distance is NEVER a Barrier…
    Just Pray Along With FAITH…
    This Testimony Has Really Moved My Faith To a Higher Level…EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!


  231. My son is battling with a severe stomach ache.we need ur prayers.

  232. God is greater than all Satan’s bondages. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for teaching us that the devil uses bad habits to disconnect people from God. Praise God. You are worth our praises Lord Jesus.

  233. That was the works of our Lord Jesus to deliver us. We thank God about yo gift Man of God.

  234. we thank god for that he has for as.i thank god for the love that has given to as.my the light ofgod upon my life.pray for my headeck in jesus name

  235. we thank god for that he has for as.i thank god for the love that has given to as.my the light of light upon my life

  236. Woooooooow!!!! What else if not a big praise to our God for Him no matter how bad or how long but when we cry to Him as a father He is always there for us

  237. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  238. I thank God almighty for given us (this generation) such a great prophet. Hmmmm, the book of Acts is in display in SCOAN. God bless prephet T b Joshua

  239. My greating to you man of God

  240. Psalms51v6 truth in the inward part is a prayer to be perfect 5+1=6. thankyou for yr ministry yr humble servant james. pls pray for me

  241. D Lord is indeed, showing his mighty hands tru ds ministry

  242. Every time i watch Emmanuel Tv i feel moved please keep up the good work of the Lord Even if they judge,talk and even whisper bad things about you i know definately that you are truly a man of God Thank you Father

  243. pls pray for me man of God i have the same problem.

  244. I am blessed,I am delievered,I am healed,I am saved. Jesus is my delieverer and healer. Glory be to God. Amen. Man of God pliz pray for me at my work place,my finances and my smoking nd drinking addictions nd all the devil is using against me to block me from serving my lord Jesus Christ.

  245. man of god,may almighty god continue 2 bless u an ur family.man of god, pls pray 4 me i need delivance,in my education.when i read i dont understand and i can not remenber what i have ready.pls sir help!!!Sir

  246. my spiritual lyf is down,i have thirsted my holy spirit,it thirst 4 GODS word opliz pray 4 me

  247. Thank you jesus for your wonderful miracles.Amen.

  248. To God be the glory,for that mighty deliverance for my brother,emmanuel God with us

  249. Enam i thank God 4 u,i knw that D same God that deliver u wil equaly see me through.prophet TB may God continue 2 strenghten u and ur ministries and also put me in ur prayers.i thank God 4 a man lyk u praise God

  250. Peacefull spiritual life and growth.protection from spirit of lust,musturbation,anger,hatred,sickness.

  251. Pray 4 me man of god ceased mensturation

  252. Thanks to GOD 4 a man like PROPHET T.B who have saved,delivered and imparted many lives.i thank GOD 4 this testimony i know that all my prayer request GOD is working it 4 me i know my testimony is on the way am jst testy of coming to scoan live but i know that distance is not a barrier with faith i shall make it .AMEN.

  253. I dont hav money to go to scoan,bt by faith we are healed,i believe God wil heal me frm d spirit of lust.i am delieved thank u jesus.

  254. Man of god,pray for me,release my career,my health,my marriege and my house,deliver me fron the sprit of bitterness,amen

  255. Glory be to God

  256. I’m ogbu Sunday, what am passing through for more than 15 years is not different from ENOW’s testimony please i need deliverance , man of God. This sin of masturbation is killing me spiritualy and physicaly. I also have sex in my dreams, eating and flying as well, i can not help myself any longer, i know that distance is not a barrier, call my name and pray for me man of God.

  257. Man God pls pray 4 us???

  258. i need to be delivered also in Jesus name

  259. Thank you God for loving us by your Son Lord Jesus Christ, may your divine love prevail on earth forever for the benefit of your Kingdom. Personally i entrust my general life, family n friends in your hands in Jesus name., Amen. ( Thank you Prophert TB Joshua for allowing the Holly Spirit to use you reach the nations -Emmanuel)

  260. We love God???

  261. distance is not a barrier fo sho, Pliz God be with us always in Jesus’ Christ name.

  262. im very hapi Enow has been diliverd god is great!!Amen!

  263. pray for me also men of GOD for i have a similar problem also.

  264. hai prof tb.joshua nd emmanuel tv team i would lyk u 2 help us we need breakthrough in our family we ave stayd bckward enough nd healin my dad hs sugar,bp,stroke nd diabets we nid yo prayz..

  265. Pls pray God to deliver me also from masturbation spirit

  266. Thank God

  267. Thank God!

  268. Glory be to our God who has set you free from the schemes of the devil,always hold unto him and he will beautify you.

  269. from now i will take time to watch the pray from T.BJOSHUA until i receive gift from (GOD)

  270. from now i will take time to watch the pray from T.B until i receive gift from (GOD)

  271. May the Lord deliver my brother from the illness.I also pray that he intervene in my family problems and my musical career

  272. Thank you Lord, forgiving me everythng in my life,your owesome Jehova,you are faiththful,thank you for givng me prophet TB Joshua.Lord continue bless him.

  273. Thank you Lord, forgiving me everythng in my life,your owesome Jehova,you are faiththful,thank for me prophet TB Joshua.Lord continue bless him.

  274. Thanks Lord 4 giving us people who can make us understand u Lord. It’s our hope that with emmanuel tv our love, faith & hope will b raised.

  275. The just shall live by faith.We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.To God b the glory.RESIST the DEVIL and HE will FLEE frm YOU.

  276. emanuel.am a man from malawi living in zimbabwe in a had life while my granmother is sufering in malawi.i jumped bolder to zimbabwe when my zimbabwean girlfriend was pregnant in the name of saving the situation that was in 2010.now am stuck i cant find my way out.please help with player coz right now things are wose for me.my grany needs my help,i my self am stuck here.pliz-pliz pray for me and my granny coz the wose about my grany is that she can not walk,she had an accident in 1964.

  277. lord I thank for your invocation.I believe we are all delivered glory be to the almight

  278. Thank you,man of God. I’m touched. Help me God

  279. If God says Yes who can say No.He is a miracle working God who keeps revealing His glory through Prophet TB Joshua.Powerful are God’s words.

  280. About your service no one like ur church jesus work .the synagog church have the real God.bless u .

  281. may lord be the glory, thank you many of God

  282. emanuel:God’s name be praised.

  283. Thank God for the life of Pastor Tb Joshuah, may God Almighty continue to strenghteen him.

  284. i have this problem of masturbation please pray for me to be delivered in Jesus name amen

  285. God is always there for us Glory be to God

  286. with god everything is possible.

  287. Ths is a marvellous story,teaching us hw faith works w God,l also thank God and T.B joshua and the wise men l hve been watching the channel too and l had deliverance.


  289. Thank God of t.b.joshua for dat deliverance.

  290. Man of God pray fr my business,my marital life deliever me in jesus name.

  291. Man of God deliver me. I am experiencing thesame thing that happend to enow. God shall continue to strengthen you in ur ministration.

  292. Man God pray for me and my wife for a child.we have married for years without child.i believe when you pray to God us,God will ans our pray this month of june

  293. man of God deliver me frm lonliness ;anger;limitation nd evil spirits

  294. l thank God for my brother and hope one day it will be my turn becos somethings l used to exprence the same problem

  295. Jesus is lord indeed

  296. AMEN.

  297. wow this is rilli the finger of GOD!!!

  298. “Dear God, help all who feel rejected.”All who have lost their job or can get no job,all who feel abandoned or whose LOVE is spurned. Make dem aware of your boundless LOVE and help dem to realise dat what matters is to LOVE rather than to be LOVED. And take away,I beg you,O lord, my own sense of rejection and despair.Amen thank you lord.

  299. Amen! Man of God pliz help me i need to be delivered by you my life is in shambles right now! I desparately need your help

  300. Am having the same experience but believe that am delivered. Pls still pray for me for complete deliverance.

  301. Pls prophet TB Joshua I make this prayer request I v been trying ti join my wife and kids in europe since last year and to no avail I v spent all I have…as at now I don’t even have job no business and I have not seen my wife since 2009 since the last visit …I want you to pray along with me so that help can come my way so I can join my family before this year end and I am believing God to provide me with the means and finance last year I was refused visa ……please respond to this mail………I know its a comment secton but I have tried to send the mail via your tv website no luck cos of traffic on your website ………..concerned guy from edo state

  302. Please Man of God i want to pass through deliverance through one of this wise men i want to come to Lagos want will i do 4 me be deliver,because i want to known who i am because i did not known who i am?

  303. “FOR THE REJECTED ONES” Dear God, help all who feel rejected. All who have lost their job or can get no job, all who feel abandoned or whose LOVE is spurned. Make dem aware of your boundless LOVE and heple dem to realise dat what matters is to LOVE rather than to be LOVED. And take away,I beg you,O lord,my own sence of rejection and despair.Amen thank you lord.

  304. To God be the Glory may our lord jesus CHRiST continue to bless prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel tv

  305. Thanku jesus for seeing me through complete write my exams without difficalties.amen

  306. man of God i want to be deliver.
    And i need God’s power in my live .want my ugily situation to change in Jesus nam(Amen)

  307. man of god pray for me i’m looking for job

  308. man of god pray i’m looking for job.

  309. Thank u Jesus for this u had done hallelujah.

  310. I thank God 4 d life of our sister distance is not a barrier even me i am a regular viewer of emmanuel tv i also pray along with Prophet Tb Joshua.but there one thing in my mind i have planning to visite the churche any time i make that step i discourage my self again. Man of God please help me with prayer so that i may be there this month of june.

  311. Indeed God you are Lord who answers prayers.thank Lord for the deliverance …you are worthy to be praised.God bless profet TB Joshua and his ministry in jesus name of nazareth…Amen!!

  312. Thank God for his grace.

  313. .Pray 4 me i ceased menstration 5yrs ago deliver plz man of god.thank you jesus 4 gvng us ths man.distance is not a barrier i knw one day i wil be delivered.

  314. thanx u jesus 4 leveling this mountain

  315. Plse pray for me. I have a court case coming up in the supreme court in Zambia aganist a business partner. The fight is over 2 trucks, 2 jeeps and 4 laptops. Let the Almighty rule in my favor. Also pray that the person bears all the costs pertaining to the judgement.

  316. To GOD be glory

  317. Our God is great amen.

  318. Thank yu for everything may God continue to use yu.I fatsed for ten days in December asking God to enable me to visit Scoan and come face to face with the man of God TB Joshua and am still waiting for God’s answer.I need a breakthrough in my life

  319. Thank you man of God for the great job u are doing.Pray for me man of God my life is in shumbles.

  320. Indeed God is working and may he also work in my life mightly in jesus name.

  321. His faith has made him well.

    Praise the Lord.


  322. Indeed we save a living God

  323. It is wonderful! Truly our God is good. God wuold contineu to annoint you more pastos T B Joshuah.Amen.

  324. God of T.B Joshua will also deliver me, I will concive this month in Jesus name. Please pray for me.

  325. Our God is never fails, every problem has a solution wen you call upon him. Indeed distant is not a barrier. We also ask God to continue blessing T.B Joshua and the entire clue in Jesus name. Iam also healed.

  326. I’m struggling about wet dreams. I do not know is naturally or what.


  328. Our God is so great, still GOD is saying something. We love u Emanuels

  329. Man of God you said distance is not a barrier. Please deliver me my family

  330. i love emmanuel tv and would like GOD to stop me from masturbating also bcause it troubles my mind

  331. By faith we are victors in christ

  332. Emmanuel. Man of God please pray for my pregnant girlfriend with twins, another kid they said is not positioned properly. their mother is not well aslo since the beginin of the pregnacy now she is to deliver ths month pliz help us in the name of Jesus Christ.

  333. Am really impressed by what Snr.Prophet T.B. Joshua, The Wise Men n Emmanuel TV is doing the life of peple all over the world, i am a truly fan n lover of Emmanuel Family. I hv some prayer request, how do i go about it? Where n how do i send it? God is stil with us, His neva say goodbye

  334. Thank u jesus for the deliverance may GOD also deliver me from the spirit of limitation,setback and failire i need breakthrough i believe that with GOD all things a possible distance is not a barrier

  335. Man of god , i have been merried, 4 12 yrs now but no baby and my husband want to send me out , pls man of god pery 4 me help me i am at UYO.

  336. Emmanuel TV is our family station. It inspires me!

  337. Thank u Jesus for sending your servant in our time

  338. Man of God plz deliver me and pray for, i need a very strong prayer. Am just suffering from to manythings, tht is in mybody and soul.

  339. Our God is awesome , thank u Jesus for sending your servant in our generation

  340. Pls, i submitted application for the ongoing recruitment exercise of FCSC for the post of Foreign Affair Officer (Environmental Issuer).pls Emmanuel T.V Prayer worrior pray for me to get the job. I want good frm God.

  341. Thank You Jesus!!!!!

  342. I believe in God,and i believe my testimony is on the way.

  343. am happy 4 the man my wish is 2 mit the man of God but can not afford.

  344. O like it when you say that you send a prayer request ,and than prayed with the wise man.
    We need to do our part as Christians.

  345. Thanks-2-jesus.


  347. im experiencing a similar a problem and it haunted me for years now. Im aged 25 and am in zimbabwe. I’ve no tv bt have access to internet. May i request a prayer line.

  348. i never know that musturbation is a spirit.im truly touched by this testimony.i pray that God can delive me through emanueltv becouse i also a victim please man of God pray for me.i dnt want this spirit anymore

  349. ..i have a similar problem
    i hve tried calling tha prayer line..al i get is voice_mail.
    i am in tanzania..
    man of God deliver me

  350. Man of God,i have a dislocation in my hand since october.I have gone to many places so as to put it back but no one could put it back.Please man of God pray for me.

  351. Thank you Lord Jesus. Am touched. My faith is lifted up. Am nw holding fast to my faith.

  352. I praise the Lord God of the Prophet TB JOSHUA for the wonders.

  353. May God bless and protect you all the time!

  354. Distance is not a barrear for sure many things have changed in my life l thank god for this and prophet TB Joshua and the wise man praise the lord!!

  355. Am bless wit Gods wrd tro de man of God.may God increase u wit his anointn.

  356. Thank u Jesus for the grate deliverance. Lord i need your deliverance, i know you will not pass me bye in Jesus name i pray Amen.

  357. Glory to God in the Mighty name of Jesus im Blessed!

  358. Thank to GOD through Jesus name. Me too i was in that situation but i promise to God not to do this again. Halleluah!

  359. Emmanuel! Please lord, i want you to deliver me from the spirit of masturbation, hatred, failure, disapointment, delay of blessings, delay of travelling documents. I pray that the God of T.B. Joshua should deliver me and set me free from every spiritual and physical bondage. God should please send helpers to my life for breakthrough, miracles, travelling documents to Canada, financial and spiritual blessings. Above all, God should give me the power and knowledge to serve Him better, and God should continue to empower T.B Joshua, and give him more power, grace, zeal and anointing to carry and sustain the good work he is doing in Jesus name. Amen.

  360. God pls help me of all ma bad habbit o god

  361. Thank you Jesus for the life of prophet TB Joshua

  362. Halleluiah,thank god Almighty who touched our fellow. For sure distance is not a barrier i pray god to touch my family and deliver us all.

  363. Amen.

  364. God i thank you for useing pastor TB JOSHUA in touching many people life n delivering them from uncountable ordeal..may God continue to blessed you in Jesus mighty name

  365. Emmanuel, thank you Jesus for the life of Prophet TB Joshua he is a blessing to us

  366. indeed distance is not a barrier even these postings we do get every time change our lives . To God be the glory

  367. My name is Iris kiet,I am 30 years woman,single mother of 3 beautiful daughters, I am from South Africa, My Pastor preach about unbroken curses, and I think those curses, I am saying this because the of my first born baby he once put a ring on my marriage finger,forcing. After sleeping with me he took it out and he told me dat his traditonal healer told him to do so,And now we are separetated,after that incident I started to hate marriage with all my heart and everytime when I meet a meet a guy in my live and he told me that he want to marry me a got angry and I started to hate him or I even leave him! This curse left me of being a slut, my soul is dying, and eveytime one I am alone mention his name/ or I said it out loud[ ex boyfriend] the second thin is I am trying so to get my Matric certificate but I can’t, its been 13 years now,every time wen I hv 2 write it somethin came up to disturb me not writing it,Please Man of God deliver help me deliverd from those evil curses, Amen.

  368. Cld u plz pray 4 me man of God,im gettng married nxt mnth i wnt my marriage 2 b sucessful wthout satan interfering in ma life,thank may God continue blessing u gvng u da strength 2 help us,i kw wth God evrythng iz possble

  369. Pliz man of god pray me: my life is in dangar

  370. like the teaching of man God.

  371. Thank you my Lord,the Lord of my father TB Joshua..although i am weak & frail i know by faith i will be delivered.i thank you for my pregnancy,by yo grace i knw very soon i’l be holding my healthy baby..in th book of Timothy yo word says a born again woman is saved from th pain of childbearing because she is no longer cursed..AMEN

  372. Pls Man of God prey for me and my family and also give me the furit of the womb. Thank u Juses.

  373. Let’s giv thanks to God coz I’m also touchd by yo tstmny!!! Praise be to God

  374. Halelujah glory be to God.Spirit of masturbation out in the name of Jesus!!praise God.

  375. thank you Lord

  376. There’s no gr8ter god thn our God who can heal all sicknesses n deseases.Your time oh Lord is a perfect time even for our requests in Jesus Christ’s name

  377. Your faith have saved you, we praise the almighty for the mighty deliverance he has given you in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen

  378. l’m also experiencing that,but its not complicated like that,oh!man of God deliver me thru Jesus Christ,Amen.

  379. pls pray for me…

  380. Man of God , i have been married 4 12 yrs now but no baby , and my husband want to send me out from the house , pls man of God pery 4 me help me , i am at UYO , pls pls.

  381. I need prayers and I can’t access d emmanuel tv presently. I want 2 be delivered 2.

  382. Thank U Lord for evry thing

  383. It’s the same God dat spares our up till 2day.shows us His mercy n guides our steps. He is worth to be praised.

  384. To God be all th Glory.Emmanuel

  385. Most Young christian men are struggling with that issue, pray for our deliverence!

  386. Thank u jesus for setting Him free and me also I need a prayer to set me free from spirits of lost.Amen in jesus Name

  387. God almighty father thank for the deliverance of this brother, may the passion i shared during going through his tistimony bring difference to my life through christ our lord. Amen.

  388. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!

  389. Thank you Jesus

  390. I thank God for this testimony cause I hv ben delivered 2 from the some spirit,I told my God if u can deliver this man,so do it for me,and I jst felt something come upon me and I run to the bathroom and vomited,I shamed the devil right away and told him I was so free and he was going down the drain,I feel so happy and free,thank God for the man of power prophate TB Joshua and his wise men and the entire team,God bless you emmanuel…<3

  391. Man of God , i have been married 4 12 yrs now but no baby , and my husband to send me out from the house , pls man of God pery 4 me help , i am at UYO , pls pls.

  392. thax TB Joshua u change ma lyf.Plz deliva me

  393. I Know that the God of our father Tb Joshua will mercy and surely me from sickness and disease. Amen

  394. Thank u for this spiritual programme may the almighty be praised

  395. Please Man of God pray for me so that i may be rightous & have faith in God.deliver me from masturbation & i want to succed in everything i do.i believe that with God all things are posible.

  396. i hav d sam prblm bt wit God m fytng dz… I knw i wl b delivered

  397. To God be the Glory

  398. im from south africa and as i write this im experincing same thing as Enow, i always watch sex videos via phone or DVD movies, I also need help on overcoming this situation…I believe God want to use me to do His work, please pray for me.

  399. Amen holy spirit touch my sister Jacque kobe who is admitted to the hospital coz of anemia a dead baby in her womb so that she can be delivered frm the spirit of DEATH

  400. i want2appriciate God4 d life of prophet t.b joshua i pray God will increase his ministry and shower him with greater anointing emmanuel God be with us

  401. I sent a prayer request and i believe God is at work over me and my family.

  402. I really thank God for the life of that man,i pray to God and ask you people to pray for me,that God should have his way in my life

  403. Man of God help me…

  404. i pray to God to deliver me also coz am also experiencing it. I also pray for total healing from any kind of disease or sickness in Jesus Name (Amen) Emmanuel… Pls man of God, let my prayer come through… God bless

  405. Man of God, i surrender to u and ur God, Tb Joshua, U are wonderful and pray to God almighty to keep u for us becos ur type is scarce in this world. I love u man of God

  406. Thank u Lord for using our daddy senior prophent TB Joshua, also thanking God for live of mr Enow that was delivered, i pray that one day God will also locate me in Jesus Name Amen.

  407. Thank u Lord for deliverin yo people,the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob

  408. I love emmanuel tv. May God open doors 4 me finacially to be in Scoan one day. God bless U

  409. Good day my honourable Prophet,sir i want you to help me in prayer because i have serve my earthly master which is friday chime for twelve years(12years)now and no settlement. Please prophet help me i need him to settle me.THANK YOU SIR AND GOD CONTINUE TO REWARD YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WORK TOWARDS PEOPLE.

  410. U are a wonderful God u a always by our side thank u Jesus for delivering people

  411. Please man of God, i need ur prayers and deliverance,becos within me am nt ok. Pls i need God’s intervention in my life

  412. It is well,God has also as deliver me.May d amighty God continue to increase prophet TB Joshua anointing.In Jesus name,Amen

  413. i pray to God to deliver me also coz am also experiencing it. I also pray for total healing from any kind of disease or sickness in Jesus Name (Amen) Emmanuel… Pls man of God, let my prayer come through.

  414. God is good all the time

  415. I thank God that I’m still alive.Man of God pray for me.Im suffered from asthrma from childhood &any negative spirit that satan has use to connect me to himself.distance is not barrier.also my marital life
    Christopher mulwani

  416. Daxs 2 be 2 god for he is doing his sign & wonder,i jst wish it could be me delivered form this evil & bad spirit where by pipo said i wil nt prospar in life pliz man of god help me in prayerz.

  417. Faith is a force. With in God & its word nothing is imposible

  418. Thank God for the deliverance that took place.”honestly,the spirit of masturbation is not a small issue at all.” i’am one of the victim tormented over and over again.the guiltless u feel afterwards is so bad that you would even think of killing yourself man.I think this must be taken very serious.it is very easy to start doing it but very had to stop man.! Please do not even try doing it..!thank u.

  419. Faith is a force. With in God & its word nothing is inposible

  420. man of god pray for i want to marry am 35yrs old and i saw a lady named birikisu hassan and we agreed together and her mum also and her said no but i realy need her to marry pls help me in prayer for his father agreed pls

    • Please do not be in a hurry marriage is a spiritual experience and there angels and demons envolved that you do not see. God knows what is best and right for you and He is working all things out for your good. Remember God’s promises to you will always be tested to see if you really believe and will wait on it’s fulfilment. May our Lord continue to bless you. Bro. Eddie

  421. If jesus say yes! Who can say no!… Thnk u jesus 4yr dlvrnc

  422. I thank God for what he has been using daddy senior prophet TB JOSHUA to be doing in the live of many people, i pray that he will also touch my live because i use to dream were i am naked in the dream and were i use to have sex in the dream. i pray that he will deliver me from it in Jesus name amen.

  423. EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!! Lord Jesus, stretch yr mighty hand over my life

  424. God is able.

  425. Oooh how i wish to be in Nigeria right now cause im also expriencing bad dreams seeing dead people sumtyms fighting eating and also having sex in my dreams sumtyms i wil see my self flying or walking in the dark need to be touched by the man of god and i know i wil no longer have those kind of dreams…

  426. I have been suffering from this habit for about 7 years now. I pray and make up my mind not to do it again but I keep finding myself in the act. I suffer from this masturbation and lust and I am tired. I want deliverance. May God have mercy on me.

    • Beloved thank you for your honesty you are on the right track continue to believe and wait in expectation also when the urge comes begain to praise Jesus for HIS strength and say Sin shall not have dominion over me in Jesus Name. Keep saying this until the urge is gone. This fulfills the scripture, Humble yourself under the Mighty Hand of God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Remember to all always give Jesus Praise in the mist of everything. The Lord continue to bless you. Bro. Eddie

  427. ah God is exceedingly great “he is our deliver

  428. O! Lord reach me please on my situations?

  429. Wth God evrythng iz possible

  430. Thank God 4 the deliverance;HE the same God today nd 4 ever. Amen

  431. Amen

  432. I am boy aged 21 i ve got the same problem of masterburtion so wat can i do to stop it.

  433. Powerful

  434. I truly need deliverance from the spirit of masterbution in Jesus Name whom I blve he can do it…

  435. I thank papa TB Joshua for being used of God to break bonds of wickedness and undo heavy burdens in mankind. May God increase him,may God multiply him! In papa TB Joshua’s ministry I see that the word is indeed alive and that Jesus never said goodbye! Halellujah!!

  436. I trust God that he will stl answr me bcz distnce is nt a barrier.

  437. In God everything is possible $ juses said truth shall sat u free. God is with as anytime averyday imediatily we belive in him we will be daliverd.

  438. distance is not a barrier thank you man of god for your deliverance amen

  439. please help me, am also suffering from similar problem for almost 15 years. I have been trying to stop maself from doing this but things are not changing. But I believe with this testimony i may get deliverance too. Please Man of God help me in Jesus name.

  440. Thank You Lord for this miracle that shows you are still and you will be alive until,God’s power is power that we can not measure.I wish I am the one delivered from spirits of body desire,self control and have power of God.I like the word that TB joshua say that distance is not a barrier and the situation we are should not discourage us.In the almighty name of Jesus christ I said Amen.

  441. Dat is the wil of God. man of God deliver me,am sick.

  442. thank u jesus christ for using prophet T.B JOSHUA and i pray that located me in any arear of my life

  443. Indeed distance is not a barrier! Praise God for his awsome POWER!

  444. Thank you lord

  445. I thank God for this day

  446. I have been struggling with this habit for more than 7years. I pray, I make up my mind but I still keep repeating the act. I pray may God deliver me from this spirit of lust and masturbation. I want to get rid of this habit.

  447. Emmanuel ,please man of. God deliver me from spirit of anger and ignorance,I hope to be delivered in Jesus’s name

  448. i do ave the same problem,i got rid of the masterbation problem bt naked pipo appear in my dreams and after wakin up i find tht i ave discharged.pliz help me man of god

  449. Indeed distance is not a barrier! Praise God for his awsome power.

  450. To God be the Glory! I had financial problems but I know one day God will open doors for me and my family…in Jesus name!!

  451. All signs & wonders belong to you o lord God, thank you Jesus!.

  452. This is good news to brother, son, uncle, cousin etc. So you are free at last. i thank God for that. Almighty God let your servant live long, lack nothing as he takes care of us your sheep in Jesus name.

  453. anything is posible to whom that believe praise God

  454. i thank God for sending the prophet to save my generation from these terrible situations that hitherto were taken for granted.
    i pray one day i myself will be freed from the spiritual that has tormented for more than 22yrs. i did not know what it was untill i started watching emmanuel tv,
    please pray for me

  455. Our God is all knowing with prophet TB Joshua, may have mercy and deliver me from hotness of the body and noisy stomach with a parasite called chymidia

  456. I want to be faithful to God all the days of my life

  457. i want d man of GOD pray 4 my up coming exmas

  458. Thank you Jesus for your mighty deliverance. He is aour master deliverer. He is worthy to be praised and to be worshipped. All the glory goes to the most High God

  459. Sigh….

  460. Praise and Glory be to Him in Jesus Name!!!! Amen

  461. Am also strugling with that problem,may u pray 4m pliz!

  462. i’m having a problem with my girlfriend and i would like Prophet to pray with me so that may God shine his light upon her life so that she can see that she is making a mistake by what she is doing,God be with us

  463. Distance is not a barrier indeed.

  464. The Lord we serve has got the power 2 deliever me also 4rm that spirit of masturbation and all the evil spirits.please man of God help me and deliever me now

  465. thank u prophet for allowing God to use u for our deliverance and brekthru thru watching emanuel tv nd using anöinting

  466. Distance is not a barrier indeed…No faking.

  467. Glory be to the almighty God for inspiring and invigorating our faith through man of God TB Joshua and his team. Ockens Chipeta Malawi

  468. To GOD be the glory and we thank him for the salvation.I thank GOD of TB JOSHUA.

  469. I need deliverce 4rm man of God. Man of God please deliverce me.

  470. Im blessed with this site wish you to come to zimbabwe soon

  471. Thank you Jesus for your mercy

  472. Man of God pliz pray for me i v a lot of problems pliz i beg.

  473. I belive that touching the screen of my phone with man of God TB JOSHUA, am healing from an incurable disease. Amen

  474. Thank You Lord for this miracle. I wish I am the one being delivered from the spirits of hatred, rejection and social insaults. Our God will stop at not thing, until he delivers us all from these yokes, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen. Thank You Lord again and again, Amen.

  475. Thank you Jesus for delivring my brother. i hope one day is my turn in Jesus name .May the lord bless my papa Senior prophet TB JOSHUA a hundred-fold

  476. Praise the lord of tb joshua. Thank u jesus!!!!!!!!!!! Emmanuel god with us.

  477. Our God is answering God , Thank you prophet TB Joshua for this programme Amen. As of us We don’t have money to go there but by faith we are healed.

    • Thank you God for the life of prophet TB Joshua, may the Lord, strenghting him, the wise man and all the minister of God more and more. Lyne

      • Dear Father in the Lord. May you pray for me to be totally released from all sins and financial problems.

    • My father in the Lord i want u pray for me and my family

    • My father in the Lord i want u pray for me and my family againt the spirit of death

      • May u pray for me wth the spirit of death because everytime i think about tested i thnk bout death

    • Amen by his grace we’ve been saved through faith…in his wounds we are healed.God bless profet TB Joshua and his ministry…Amen!!

    • Hello man of God my Name is Emmanuel Nwachukwu am having the same SPIRIT OF MASTURBATION and it have taken all my life as a christian as i pray with you now i know that you will ask the lord in heaven to see me through so that my problems will be over sir please man of God pray for me

  478. Amen distance is not a barrier and may God continue to heal many like that


    • Man of GOD pray for my sister to get her third part money, since she was involved in an accident they havent paid her and she is crippled and always in pain.and pray for me and my 4 kids for a break through epecially the kids on their studies man of GOD help us iam still putting money together to come to the scoan im from South Africa

    • Let me testify this to the whole world. I was desperate to get freed from whatever is hacking my life. While watching this clip over youtube and started praying with him. I felt right away a great heat in my head and my heat started beating hard. Something from has left from my head and I head aslight sound right at I my door which I heard it even while still the headphones were over my ears. Something from me has left me through the door of my room. Haleluja. I feel happy now. I am writing this just 1o minutes after this experience. I feel happy and content now. What a difference between where I was just 15 minutes a go and now. Haleluja. Praise the Lord. Jesus is the only savior. Without Jesus no one can save his life. This is an authentic testimony and in Jesus name I invite you to pray along T.B. Jeshua and your life will be changed. Praise the Lord.

    • Men of God please pray for me. I have a masturbation addiction. I’ve struggled off and on over the years but now it’s the worst its ever been. I know its wrong to do but I’m unable to stop. I don’t look at porn or females. It’s just in my head. I need full deliverance from this addiction oppression. Desperate need of help! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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